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wishwork: make your wishes come true

THE PULSE: Do the Damn Thing!

We mean it!! If there's something you've been dreaming about...use the energy this week to set wheels in motion. You have lots of cosmic backup. Here's the breakdown.


We're kicking off eclipse season with a rare hybrid Solar eclipse on April 20 at 12:12 am ET. Chani Nicholas refers to this as the "go big or go home" eclipse. She breaks it all down, and the top-line is that most likely this week will feel like a turning point in your life. You may feel empowered in a way that you haven't in a long time with the opportunity to take action to make real transformation in your life.

And astronomically speaking, a hybrid eclipse is a combination of an annular and total eclipse, where the former becomes the latter and then it reverses back. An annular eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. A total eclipse is when the new Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and totally blocks out the Sun. The hybrid is due to the natural curve of the Earth's surface as the Moon's shadow moves across the globe. There are only a few in a century -- the next one is in 2031 and then the next one wouldn't be for another 133 years!

This eclipse is also a new Moon -- and it's the second new Moon in fire sign Aries, which is another rare occurrence. According to Refinery 29, "new moons don’t often repeat themselves consecutively in the same sign, so the fact that we’re having back-to-back Aries new moon energy, combined with Jupiter and Chiron’s presence in Aries, is quite significant for all zodiac signs."

Use this special energy to set meaningful intentions -- and make your wishes come true. It's no coincidence we are posting our podcast with Wishbeads founder and Wishwork author Alexa Fischer this week.


Another note is that Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, April 21. So the next three weeks may bring some delays or interference when it comes to communication, electronics, travel and contracts. Just keep that in mind -- and we'll be sure to remind you.

We'll be entering Taurus season by the end of the week -- more on that next week!


For those that listened to our latest episode with Lizzi Cutler -- we announced that we'd be offering a transformative series to help you get unstuck. The offering will be FREE, virtual and we'll be live with Lizzi on Friday, May 19 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT for an hour. We can’t wait to work with and experience it with all of you. Details to come.

We are obsessed with sharing any and all ways that will help you live your most fulfilling life. On this week’s podcast, we introduce you to a kindred spirit entrepreneur who has found a way to bridge the tangible and intangible in order to help you attain whatever you most desire. Alexa Fischer is the creator of the goal-setting, wish-granting jewelry company Wishbeads and author of the book Wishwork: 21 Day Journey. She’s also an online educator, coach, and speaker whose work shares the common goal of helping people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. Plus, Alexa guides you through a kick-ass visualization. It absolutely blew us away – and we now listen to it regularly! You’ll be doing your soul a favor by listening to this episode! Here are just a few highlights from our “wish-inspired” conversation:

Robyn + Karen: What is your definition of a wish? Alexa Fischer: For me, a wish is like a whisper from your heart. It's gentle, it's kind, it is almost beckoning you to see what you desire and be inspired to finally take action towards it. R+K: That’s a beautiful way to look at a wish! Did you always look at wishes that way? Alexa: No, not at all! I think I was like most everybody else, I thought about wishing when it was time to blow out my birthday candles. I picked something and I never thought about it again. In fact, I wasn't even someone to throw a penny into a fountain because I felt like it was throwing money away. R+K: So what made you change the way you looked at wishes? Alexa: I have always really loved people. My first career was as a professional actress on stage and on TV and film. I would often watch people get in their own way. I would watch them put a celebrity up on a pedestal, and they would simultaneously put themselves down. So, I pivoted from my acting career and ended up teaching people how to step into their lives as if they were the star of their own life. I began teaching people how to unlock their own light. What I found was that a wish was actually no different from a goal. Which is actually, ironically, no different from what an actor is doing in a play or film. In acting, you have a goal. So I transitioned to confidence coaching and communication coaching, which was so similar to acting. I would say, what's your goal? What do you want? How do you want to express yourself? What fear is stopping you? And so truthfully, I think that a wish is a much more playful version of a goal. It's still rooted in the question, what do I desire? What do I want? How do I want to feel? And then it's the spark that moves you forward. R+K: So how did this lead you to creating Wishbeads? Alexa: I had just started this new chapter of my career with coaching – and then out of nowhere in the shower, I had the entire download for Wishbeads. I heard the name and I saw an intention setting experience. So taking your goals, wishes and dreams, writing them down in detail, rolling them up on paper, gluing them, and creating paper beads with your wishes inside. That was the first signature idea. And it literally came to me in like a holographic instant “wackadoo” moment! And of course, the entrepreneurial side of my brain thought, there's no way the domain name for Wishbeads is going to be available. So I ran out of the shower in my towel to the computer. And the trademark was available! And I was like, okay Universe, you have a new adventure in store for me and you know that I'll do it. So let's go! And then my next chapter started. R+K: Wow! Thank you for that download, Universe! So tell us how WishBeads work. Alexa: Wishbeads has since evolved from that initial bracelet making kit to an intention setting jewelry line using gorgeous semi-precious gemstones. You write your wish on a tiny piece of paper and you roll it up and you tuck it inside the cylinder of the jewelry. In 2019, because I was committed to teaching people about the process of wishing, I had my book, Wishwork published, which is a 21 day journey. You develop a new relationship to your wish – and to yourself in 21 days by taking really simple steps to bring your awareness and speaking your wish out loud. You are developing this relationship of keeping your wish top of mind and you're taking action in addition to seeing your wish on your wrist every single day, which is the key. R+K: So note to ourselves, never underestimate the power of a shower as a download for incredible ideas from the Universe! Alexa: Exactly! At this point, I literally actually ask a question before I get into the shower! It’s brilliant because it’s not just the physical cleansing of your body. Water is a very wonderful neutralizer. And so you are washing away some of that negative energy that we're picking up because we live on the planet. That idea is going to come to you. And it's never the perfect time! There’s this combination of really having to be strategic about not chasing every idea that comes to you in the shower, but question where does this strategically make sense in your life and in your life's work? And where can you mindfully put yourself to be the receiving end of that inspired energy? What is that for you? Is it dancing on the beach in Santa Monica? Or is it a yoga class? Is it in nature with your family? Is it going to an amazing workshop connecting with people? It can be so many things but it is always unique to you. R+K: What would you say is the main thing that holds people back from seeing their wishes come true? Alexa: Fear. They're afraid to even see their wish come true because they might be epically disappointed. But I would say not doing it, not taking action: that is far worse than just trying it. But if we can look at the fear and say, “okay, I might do this wrong, but let's do it anyway and see what happens. It's wildly liberating! Go do your thing with curiosity and kindness and see where it takes you. Nobody's watching you. When we radically wake up to the fact that you’re the gatekeeper to your desires, to the life that you want to build, that's exciting and a little intimidating, but it could be fun! I come here to learn and experience and grow and be challenged. If we just embrace that, and we start to say, “Oh, what's the best case scenario? What's the best that can happen? What would the impact look like on my family, on my community, on the world?” Let's go after that! That’s where I am beating the drum of possibility! Thank you Alexa! And we are beating the wish drum right along with you! MORE FROM ALEXA You can find out more about Wishbeads at And you can learn about working with Alexa at BOOK Wishwork: 21 Day Journey SOCIAL IG: @wishbeads.official FB: @wishbeads Listen to the full episode – including the guided visualization.

SECRET POWER: Expressing Your Wish into the World

According to Alexa Fischer, it feels miraculous when we clarify exactly what we want, write it down, wear it, live it, work on it, and say it to other people too. In her book, Wishwork: A 21 Day Journey, Alexa gives easy yet powerful daily exercises for affirming your wish into reality. She even has a Free Wishbeads App to help you stay on track. One exercise that Alexa offers is a way of amplifying your wish out into the world. It’s called “Say It.” It’s a two part activity that energizes your manifestation power by sharing your wish with others. Give it a try! The result most likely will surprise you! Step 1: Witness - Today, tell three people about your wish. Tell your barista, your neighbor, or maybe even your partner. If you are feeling brave, post about it on social media. Say it to the world. Step 2: Write - What happened? How did you feel? How did other people respond? Do you feel a shift (more excitement, more energy, a new spring in your step?) now that the truth is out there in the world? Sometimes saying your wish out loud is the hardest part. We urge you to be brave and just do it. Watch what happens next! Remember, your wish is an opportunity for you to discover just how powerful you are!

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Receive Clear Messages

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. Our messages this week guide us to receive clarity and whispers from our soul. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD You seek clarity. Clarity comes in so many forms. Are you open to see the signs? The sun is shining down to shed light on your path forward. Walk towards the light always. Do not get sucked into the darkness — it can be manipulative, but at the core it doesn’t feel right with your soul. The light feels like home — it feels warm and golden and full of buoyancy. You can’t help but smile when you walk in the light. REMEMBER THAT. Clarity seeks light. Clarity comes through light. Sometimes you aren’t supposed to know the whole picture —it’s just glimmers to get you to the next step…the next day even. And your faith is tested. Always choose faith over fear. You are a living breathing human — your soul chose to come in as this living, breathing human. Do you know that it took to come in as this being, at this specific time. It wasn’t an accident. REMEMBER THAT. You are a miracle. THAT IS CLEAR. So as you seek guidance and clarity remember you are a miracle and miracles exist. There is so much light that exists and is coming your way — even though some days do not feel full of light or clear in any way you can understand…have faith that you are light and that light exists. There is so much support surrounding you. Can you hear the whispers and the music from the Universe? It comes through different ways but it is calling to your soul. There is clarity in this music -- in frequency — in vibration. Listen for it. Feel it. These are the markers, the validations. You can dance with this music, with this light. Allow yourself to dance when no one is looking. It will get you to the frequency that your soul so desperately needs. It’s a tool that you can use daily. It is a source of love. Of clarity. remember the answers are always within. There your soul speaks — and harmonizes with your soul’s path. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Clearing your mind can be the best way to get answers to life’s biggest questions. We are taught to do otherwise. We are taught to weigh the pros and cons. We are taught to make lists and do our research. To let the calculations, reasons and implications guide us. What we are not taught is how to tune into our hearts and out of our heads. That is where real clarity lies. How often have you craved to just sit in stillness? To let a beautiful view - a sunset, the sea, a thicket of grass be all that consumes you? Where there is nothing to consider except for the present moment. To be with yourself. With no decisions, judgments or to-do lists. That is when the whisper of inspiration comes. When we are not numbing it away with habits, devices or idle conversations When we are truly free and open to hearing the messages from our souls. It will show up without a warning. You will feel it in a quick unexpected breath of surprise. It will bring both happiness and curiosity - a knowing that you have received a truth from seemingly out of nowhere. And you will know it with utmost certainty because it comes from within the heart of you. A happy discovery gifted from your higher self. This is the time for you to let go of all expectations from any belief, decision or plan that you hold. Release it and allow your wishes and dreams to float freely out into the Universe. Let them grow, live and become a reflection of your truest desires without any connections to the “shoulds” or needs. Let “unconditional” become your mantra about everything. Dance with the art of true allowing and the peaceful knowing that everything is in divine order, working with you and for you. There are no missteps or mistakes you can make within this state of true being. This is living. This is alive presence. Allow yourself to radiate the true knowingness that you are love and light. And that is all that is required. Make time for this as a meditation that you give yourself every day, and your ability to manifest your teams will come easily. You will remove the barriers of time and space and expectation of how the Universe works. Wear your dreams and hopes and desires within this new paradigm of reality and watch your world change.



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