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what is my life purpose?

THE PULSE: Bring on the May Flowers

Well helloooo May. Does change feel like it's in the air in your world? Beginnings. Endings. In the conversations we've been having -- it feels like transition is abundant. We're reminding ourselves to take time to acknowledge and reflect, so we thought we'd share that with you too. And then let's get pumped about what's to come. Welcome the change. Change breaths in new life. Change offers opportunities to grow. Even if you don't know the exact next steps, trust that they will appear if you keep focus and put one foot in front of the other each day. And that means May flowers will be blooming in no time!


Eclipse season is still in full effect this week and now we have two planets retrograde. As you know, Mercury is retrograde (how's that going?!) communication may be wonky. And now, Pluto is retrograde as well (until October 10). It's not as intense as Mercury, however it's a good time to push past whatever has been holding you back from moving forward with your life.

Then on Friday, May 5 we have a Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse at 1:34pm ET. Lunar eclipses tend to reveal truths that may have been hidden. And this particular eclipse is in alignment to potentially surprise you with what may come to light. The Astro Twins suggest "harnessing Scorpio’s investigative powers and thoroughly research anyone you’re getting into bed with, literally or figuratively. Existing partnerships might reach a pivotal, “make it or break it” point within a month of the eclipse. If you plan to proceed, a rock-solid commitment is advised. Over the coming weeks, leave no stone unturned when mapping out the “deal points” of your exclusive arrangement."

You'll have to let us know what comes up for you!


For those that listened to our latest episode with Lizzi Cutler -- we announced that we'd be offering a transformative series to help you get unstuck. The offering will be FREE, virtual and we'll be live with Lizzi on Friday, May 19 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT for an hour. We can’t wait to work with and experience it with all of you. RSVP and link to come next week!

We have one of our soul sister’s back on this week’s podcast! Since we last had her on Seeking Center, transformational leadership coach and author Amy Eliza Wong released her first book and Amazon best seller, Living On Purpose: Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy. And it’s even won book of the year by The Magic Pen! We love this book for so many reasons. First of all, it’s an actual guidebook to discovering your purpose for being here in this lifetime. Amy helps you answer one of the most important questions someone can answer which is, are you living the life you were meant to lead? Then she shows you how to feel more connected to the people around you and how to be truly satisfied with your life. Who doesn’t want that? For more than twenty years, Amy has devoted herself to the study and practice of transformation. As a certified executive coach using expertise in transpersonal psychology, design thinking, interpersonal neurobiology and Conversational Intelligence, Amy has catalyzed transformative growth for soooo many people, including executives and teams. We dove in deep with Amy and talked about choices, intention, synchronicity and what’s really ok about procrastination. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Amy, congratulations on your book! Let’s start at the very beginning. Tell us how you define “Living on Purpose.” Amy Eliza Wong: Living on purpose is a way of being which is about harnessing choice, and being in the driver's seat of your own life. It’s owning your perception and being able to redirect and channel your thoughts and beliefs, so that you really are living the life of your own making. A choice we can make is recognizing that everything is happening for me, not to me. If we can learn to be non-resistant to what is, and to see things as gifts instead of as challenges, then asking, what is it that I have to be doing in my thinking, perceiving and interpreting, so that I can be in that driver's seat. All of that together is what it means to live on purpose. That's freedom. And that's what it means to thrive. R+K: What do we all need to know about our power to choose? Amy: Our superpower really is choice. Most of us think of choice as this level of action and behavior. I want to live a better life, so I choose eating an apple instead of a bag of chips. Sure, we want to make choices that serve us at that level, but that's not the whole story. Where we unlock our ability to flourish is when we harness choice at the level of perception. The quality of our life is born out of the meaning that we have overlaid as a result of what we've perceived. We choose that meaning. So how can I readjust the meaning so that I can experience this differently? If I don't have access to those tools, I'm going to be a victim of my own perception, and I’m not even aware of it! Your power is being able to harness the power of your choice. What am I making this mean? How am I looking at the world? We get to decide. That is a choice. R+K: Can we talk about another one of our favorite subjects, synchronicity! How do you define synchronicity and how does it factor into living on purpose? Amy: I think of synchronicity as a higher ordered, intelligent coincidence. Coincidence is fun and delightful and just feels good! But synchronicity also factors in that there's so much going on here in this experience of existence that we don’t understand. Synchronicity is a choice to look at coincidence with meaning. That there is some purpose and meaning behind these things that are happening for our highest good. And synchronicity follows when we are truly following our inspiration, which I believe is the language of our soul. R+K: Can you tell us why you believe procrastination isn’t always a bad thing when you are faced with making choices? Amy: If we decide that synchronicity is something to get excited about, and if we're bought into this idea that this feeling of inspiration is the language of our soul, and it's the path of least resistance to the most abundance. then there's an opportunity to look at procrastination in a whole new way. Most of us think of procrastination as a negative, that this is a symptom of laziness or lethargy. I don't look at it that way at all. I use the way I feel in every moment as information. If I have an intention that I'm going to produce something in the world, then that's my intention. Now my job is to trust and to know it's going to happen. So now my job is to listen to myself, to my thoughts, and to listen for the sensations in my body. Procrastination tends to feel heavy. It tends to feel like, “oh, I should be doing this and I'm not.” But maybe that's just valuable information that on some higher level is telling you that right now is not the right time. If you believe in synchronicity, then something's lining up in some other way. So now if I'm positive, I can hear and listen for those insights and inklings and opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise if I was on myself about procrastination. So now I'm open and this is where synchronicity starts to emerge. You have to trust. You have to know it is going to happen. And this is where people get tripped up because they need the control. And I say, no, it's a surrender! R+K: Amy…we really needed to hear that this week! Thank you. MORE FROM AMY Find out about working with Amy and all of her offerings. BOOK Living on Purpose: Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy Free Workshop! Buy Amy’s book and send the receipt to to receive a promo code to attend her virtual Conversational Intelligence workshop for free ($150 value)!

SECRET POWER: It’s Going to be Great!

We love Amy Eliza Wong’s simple techniques to help us better choose our thoughts to help redirect the outcome for our experiences. As Amy says, our superpower really is choice. One of Amy’s favorite (and we think most magical) go-to’s is her mantra that we’ve been practicing DAILY. And WHOA! It has helped boost our energy in ways we NEVER expected! Try it on yourself and see the power of how this declarative affirmation can shift the outcome in your world! Amy Eliza Wong: One of my favorite mantras that I always share with my clients is super fun and simple. I encourage everyone just to just play with this, and if you can live this way you will be AMAZED with how your life can transform. The mantra is, “It's going to work out and it's going to be great!” Say it to yourself, say it out loud. Write it on your hand or stick on notes around your house! Send this affirmation to the dream job, the relationship, or that accomplishment that you dream about. FEEL it, as if it was coming from your wisest bestie…or being decreed by your angels and guides. It is truth and it will be so. Feel into that again: “It's going to work out and it's going to be great!” BELIEVE it as already done. And then SURRENDER to that knowing that vision and desire came to you, so it’s yours. And if you follow that inspiration with that emotion it’s already done and with no resistance to it, it has to come to you.” Well, yes please universe! Thank you Amy! We are feeling into that and will all be living our lives on purpose. It’s going to be great!

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. Sometimes there are days where you just need to hear the words “keep going.” When the reasons to believe are being drowned in the noise of the world. This week's download reminds us that sometimes just showing up unconditionally and being ourselves is the best gift we can give the world. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD This is a time that might seem to be offering accelerated confusion to you. Where everything is speeding up and yet there is no clarity around you. Do not embrace that as “you.” It is how the energetic frequency is shifting through you. It is an opportunity, as all things are, to lean into the learning. By being present and watching it unfold while not becoming part of it or getting lost in it. Let your word for the week be “unconditional. Unconditional in the sense of letting go of trying to control. We so often forget the “being” part of our human being-ness. We are always on the hunt for the next item to add to the to do list. It is easy to forget we are here for the being. The being in the moment where all of our power lies. We ask you to lean into the unconditional, as this is the partner to being. Unconditional is without expectation. Unconditional is allowing flow. Unconditional is freedom. Unconditional is love. There is an exhale that comes in being unconditional. There is the feeling of allowing. Of gentle release. Of letting the “otherness” go its own way while you remain at ease with self. Unconditional is the release of attachment to outcome. So in all things, no matter what comes your way…offer all of it your unconditional attention. Unconditional presence. Unconditional allowing. Unconditional awareness. Unconditional acceptance. You are a divine vessel of love that always is wiser than physical form. Remember who you really are. A be-ing of light and love and unconditional knowing. Everything else is just noise. Unconditional is the path of the seeker and the lightworker. All is well. You are on the path. You are safe and supported. There is much more to come. Release your expectations and lean into this moment where love is always there to lead you. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Here is an invitation to follow your soul's path. It is not linear. You will zig and zag. You will laugh and cry. Some days you will just need to get yourself up and be your own cheerleader. However you will never be alone and your soul wants this in order to grow. Sometimes growing comes from being uncomfortable and not knowing what to do and certainly by making what you call mistakes. They aren't mistakes...they are necessary soul lessons. Know that you are protected -- there is no such thing as a mistake. When you feel discouraged, remember to have perspective. Come back to your feet planted on this earth and the miracle it took to get you here. There are no accidents. There are no BAD ideas. They are just ideas. And don't say "I am discouraged" or "I am frustrated." Acknowledge that you are feeling discouraged. You are feeling frustrated, but that is not YOU. You are love. You are light. You are not your feelings. They are just feelings and they are temporary. Picture yourself in your happiest place with the people (or animals!) that make you feel loved, secure and full of joy. Go to this place. What does that air feel like? What are you doing? Is there music? Is there any distinct sound? What do you feel? This place is always here for you when you need to reset your mood. Go there. We're here to tell you to keep going. Keep getting up each morning. You are a gift to this world. We're here to tell you so. Your BEING is enough. Your energy adds to the energy of this planet. You are important. Believe in yourself the way that we believe in you. See yourself the way that we see you. You are a shining bright star here to light up this planet. Don't let others dim your light. Picture yourself surrounded by bright white light. It's so bright that some are blinded -- and that's ok. You can help light others that aren't as bright by spreading your light to them -- and you can attract the other bright lights to do life with along the way. Continue to stay in the light and all will work out as it should. We love and support you.



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