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dreams, shamanism & spirit communication

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

THE PULSE: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The energy of this week continues to feel buzzy. It reminds us of that energy that's typically around the "holiday season," yet here we are at the end of April. Take the moments needed to take a deep breath, tune into your inner voice -- and listen. Do you need to change your perspective? Can you take a walk or have a one-minute dance party to shift the energy around you? Just make sure to do what is necessary, wherever you can, to recharge your battery.

Change is in the air.

You have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse coming on up this Saturday, April 30. Think of an eclipse as a supercharged new moon. When the Moon moves in between the Sun and Earth there will be new beginnings, endings -- and lots of unexpected events that will pop up.

The eclipse is in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. Venus loves LOVE. And this eclipse and full moon also have a dose of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, so there is the opportunity for love and abundance as you use this powerful energy to set intentions, as well as handle anything out of the ordinary that may come your way. It's one of the most positive astrological meet-ups of the dream into possibility over this weekend.


Walk with the Unseen: Dreams, Shamanism + Spirit Communication

In this week’s podcast, we were honored to have Mimi Young as our guest. Mimi is a Taiwanese Canadian spirit communicator and the founder of Ceremonie, an esoteric brand focused on imparting practical ancient wisdom so you can actively receive support from spirits, break negative patterns, and celebrate your path. Mimi works at the intersection of animism and core shamanism, ancestral wisdom, dreamwork, chaos magik, and other Chinese mystic practices to communicate with the Unseen. She offers private readings, education and mentorship, as well as made-to-order skin and aura care.

We covered sooooo much during our conversation, here are a few highlights.

You offer such a unique brand of spiritual offerings that stem from your own unique spiritual gifts. When you were young, you experienced what’s called “synesthesia.” What is that exactly?

Mimi: Synesthesia is the ability to perceive the world in a multi-sensory way. Someone who experiences synesthesia may also see colors as they hear music, or they may taste something or smell something as they experience music.

For me, I would say things like, “the number five is alw

ays blue,” and people would not understand what I meant by that. When I was very young, I had assumed everyone experienced these things. When I started sharing about it with people, I felt crazy. Like everyone, I wanted to feel approved and validated and supported in my community. And so I learned to just diminish that, dismiss and hide it.

What was your spiritual crossroads point when you decided you could no longer deny all that you felt, saw and knew?

Mimi: Through my adolescence and early and mid-twenties I did everything that a “successful woman” would do. I got married and had my first child. And then, boom, I realized that life wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I felt ill-equipped to be a mother. I thought, I'm just teaching this human being to follow all the rules and march to the beat of somebody else's drum? That certainly didn't bring me happiness. And so for me, that crossroad was becoming reacquainted with myself and realizing how much of myself I had forgotten.

And then, deciding to question. That was really the very first step, because I had actually turned that off in my head. It was this interesting inner struggle of learning how to rebel against myself, against all the rules that I had lived by. It was really examining what I really wanted to do and how I wanted to spend my time. And of course, once you start challenging ideas, your intuition is going to start knocking on your door. Actually not even knocking, intuition kicked my door down.

You then began a spiritual practice focused on dreamwork. Tell us about how that opened you for even a deeper level of self-understanding.

Mimi:I was having intense nightly dreams. And I starte

d a dream practice. Back then, I didn't even have the words to describe what I was doing. I just knew, listen to your dreams. Don't deny them. Write them down. And then over the course of days and weeks and then months, I realized that I wanted to develop a better dream symbol vocabulary. I decided to keep a spreadsheet on my phone and track my key dream symbols and my working interpretations. And then I started seeing consistent symbols and consistent themes and consistent emotions show up.

I gained the understanding that if I have a dream, and these are the feelings and the themes, chances are, my ancestors or other spirit beings are trying to communicate with me. And that was the beginning of my soul work. It was teaching me how to speak, but to speak in a language of dreams.

Can you share what a session is like with you? And how do you utilize shamanic practices in your work?

Mimi: Core shamanism is a universal practice. In a shamanic state you go into a trance to travel and work with spirit energies in the spirit world. The point is to come back with insight to make changes or make appeals in the spirit plane for harmony, peace, and resolution.

Right before a session, I enter into a shamanic state and go spirit traveling. I'll go on that journey, speak with the spirits and then share that experience. It’s very visual and loaded with symbolism. I take notes on any animals or plants that show up, the kind of landscape we’re in and what happens there. Then I break down the symbology of what it means.

Sometimes, it's very physical or nutritional information. And other times it's more thematic around specific personal changes the person is going through. What's amazing is the spirits speak to the person's needs each and every time.

Thank you to Mimi!! We are so grateful. Listen to the full podcast.

You can find out more about Mimi and her offerings at

You can follow her on social at

Clubhouse: @shopceremonie

You can sign up for Mimi's free Substack.

Mimi is offering $50 off of her Remote Shamanic Readings for "Seeking Center" listeners by using the promo code Seek50off.

You also will want to check out her upcoming Shamanic Journeying to Soothe and Rest offering on April 26 + 28 from 6-8PM PST.

And her Managing Our Energy + Psychic Bodies two-part series on June 7 + 9 from 6-8PM PST.

SECRET POWER: Casting a Dream Spell

Are you looking for an answer to a question or guidance on a specific topic? As we mentioned above, during our conversation with Mimi Young, she talks about the power of dreams. And what we loved, is she introduces the ides of casting a dream spell. Yep! A dream spell. Here's how to do it.

1. Light a candle.

2. Call in your Spirit Team.

3. Ask your question or set the intention for the guidance that you wish to receive.

4. Blow out the candle.

5. Go to sleep.

6. When you wake up, write down what you can recall right away. If you don’t remember any of your dream, recall the question you asked or intention you set, and give yourself a moment. Tune in to yourself. What comes to your mind?

Did you receive the guidance you were looking for? (Email or DM us.)

THE DOWNLOAD: Endurance!

Synchronicity abounded our download this week! As we set our intention to receive messages for the highest good of all, we were in awe and inspired by the Universal theme that came to us. In a word: Endurance!

Endurance is about moving forward…walking tall…without hesitation..going the distance. As we round out the month of April and venture towards the coming summer months, we do so with the confidence that will lead us exactly to where we need to go. We need only listen to our own internal intuition and follow our instincts. Our soul knows where to go. We have what it takes to make the journey.

Karen’s Download: Pep Talk from Our Soul Guides

Endurance. You have what it takes….when the going gets tough the tough get going!

There are days when we all question whether or not we have the strength to continue…to go the distance. But sometimes it takes getting to the other side before we can truly see how far we have come.

Think about a time in your life when you went through a difficult challenge and didn’t see any way out of the situation that you were in. Perhaps an illness, a failed relationship, a death. Life at that time might have seemed to have stood still…and yet, you prevailed…you got through it. And in retrospect, think how much you’ve learned.

Having the strength to continue through challenges, to have faith in yourself and an outcome can be some of the biggest hurdles you face in life…but it can also be the opportunity for you to triumph over fear.

Know that you are always guided and have unseen support always around you. Get out in nature. Look to the trees and the sky for inspiration. Ask for whispers of intuition to come to you in the shower. You are an eternal will endure…you are stronger than you know. Keep your eye on the mountain and don’t get caught up on the pebbles on the road.

Robyn’s Download: After the Rain Comes Rainbows

So much energy coming your way.

Leave the door open for change.

Abundance is available.

Storms may be coming, but we are equipped to handle them, and they make us stronger. After the rain comes rainbows.

Sending love. Embody love.

Walk tall.

Strut your stuff.

Own your confidence.

And indulge, don’t wait to do things…now is the time.

Do you feel it? The energy is like a wave…ride this wave to move things forward.

You don’t have to have it all figured out…you just need the breadcrumb.

The team is assembling.

The vision is created.

Rest where you can.

Feel the beams of energy and love supporting every move.

You must make the time even for a few minutes to stop and feel them.

Connect in and around you so that you can ultimately be more connected to everyone around you, it’s like mountains with peaks and valleys that is what life is all about you. It’s up and down and up and down. That is the idea and experience it’s not a straight line.

Trust that you signed up for this.

You are equipped.

Stay calm.

Spread love and support. Walk together up the mountain and down. Experience the peaks and valleys.

Have a beautiful week!


MAY 3: Spiritual Medium Ginette Biro + Lessons from the Other Side


We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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