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understanding human design & plant medicine

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

THE PULSE: Keep Moving Forward

Last week was raw. The shock of what transpired in my hometown of Highland Park was in every ounce of my being. We've cried together. We've held one another. We've supported those that are grieving lost loved ones. We've rallied around those struggling to survive.

This week, we recognize there is purpose in our pain. We share trauma. Our community begins to move forward...together. We are now awake to what is happening on a daily basis within our country. We are now educating ourselves and looking to take action to make our cities safer. We support our businesses that have now reopened. We now smile and acknowledge one another even if we don't "know" each other. We are resilient.

It's no coincidence that the biggest and brightest full moon of the year is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13.

According to Michael Lennox, this Capricorn Full Moon is conjunct Pluto which is the planet of death and rebirth. He says, "the transformative and healing potential in this full moon is a big as it gets."

And @theCosmicRX says the full moon is related to money, security, investing, your definition of success or the legacy you are creating. They suggest writing a journal entry that speaks to your vision of the new world that you want to live in. And say this to yourself, “I stand tall in my truth. I trust my vision and allow my heart to be my GPS. The world needs my authentic voice.”

To top it off, Refinery 29 says this full moon is just as much about moving ahead, as it is looking back.

THE PODCAST: Understanding Human Design & Plant Medicine: Doorways to Our Truest Selves

We feel divinely guided to our guest Noel Teubner. Karen and I were looking to further understand Human Design and plant medicine -- and within a day Noel came into our lives. Noel is an Embodiment and Integration Coach who helps individuals find their way to their own “Unique Design.” By incorporating her passion for Human Design, Movement and Rituals, she offers guidance and awareness assisting her clients in connecting to the true essence of who they are at a soul level. Her work also includes her passion and belief in the power of psychedelics and plant medicines to help create powerful change in her clients lives. She has worked in Wellness and Fitness for over 20 years. She is also Co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others. Karen and I have both had the honor of having a reading with Noel and can attest she is the type of Human Design translator that we were looking for in our lives. Noel, you are a true seeker and have accumulated so much wisdom in all of the modalities you have studied and practiced! Can we start with Human Design? Can you put in simplest terms what it is and why it is such a valuable tool? Noel: I find it to be this amazing tool that can offer you insight into who you are at your soul level. I think of it as a soul map or a blueprint to who you were when you came into this world and who you are as your true, authentic self. It incorporates the principles of astrology, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, your chakras, and also quantum physics to develop this whole system of who you are. And when you learn to engage with this energy of who you are, things just start to flow more easily. For me personally, it answered so many questions and gave me such understanding on how I could make some little shifts and align with my design. Then it opened up this whole new world. So at a high level…what are the different “design types” in Human Design? Noel: There are five different design types. You have your generators, your manifestors, your manifesting generators, your projectors, and your reflectors. The generators and manifesting generators make up about 80% of the population. Those are the design types that have been around the longest.

  1. The generators are your go-getters. They can get stuff done. Their strategy in life is to respond., They're actually going to be able to accomplish what they want to get done.

  2. The manifestors are playful. Their strategy is to inform. They get these urges, these ideas, and they have to share it. But they also need the other energy types to help make their ideas happen.

  3. The manifesting generator, I think is the best of both worlds. Robyn happens to be this design type. You get this like energy of the manifestors playfulness, spontaneous, fun, and then you get generators urge to respond to life and get stuff done.

  4. The projectors are a newer type. Karen and I are projectors. We're only about 20% of the population, and we're here to guide. Projectors dropped in about 300 years ago and they are here to look at the systems that are already in place and show a better way.

  5. The reflectors are only about 1% and are literally here to reflect back to us what's going on in the world. They want us to see what’s there and reflect on what’s happening so we’re inspired to do something about it.

So between the projectors and the reflectors, we're basically taking all this energy fromthe generators, the manifestors and the generating manifestors, that's been building the world and getting us to where we're at now and now asking how can we do it all a little bit better. For a more detailed description of each Design Type - visit Noel Teubner's website.

One of the things everyone should know is when you go through the Human Design experience you not only do you get a whole write up, really breaking down all these different parts of your Human Design, but you also get an illustration which really showcases this full version you and gives you a bird's eye view of your soul. (See illustration of Karen’s Human Design below).

Noel: When you have your whole chart reading done, it can be a little overwhelming! You don't have to totally understand every nook and cranny of it to really start to utilize it. You can take some of the basic principles, and actually start to use it in your daily life right away. When I work with people, it also involves more than just human design. We get into movement and rituals and sometimes psychedelics. As you start to bring this stuff in, you really need the time to work through it. And once you choose this path of like a deeper understanding, there's gonna be a constant unveiling and a constant unrave

ling and then understanding. You learn to move through it and integrate it quicker when you have these tools underneath you. You just mentioned psychedelics, which is another part of your background. We've also been talking a lot about psychedelics and plant medicine which is becoming more prevalent and in more mainstream conversations because they can really help heal in different ways than many people understand. Noel: It's interesting because if you would've asked me three years ago if I'd be talking about psychedelics and plant medicines in my world, I wouldn’t have been as open. I think the reason it's becoming such a topic of conversation is they're having such great results, especially with psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine for PTSD, depression and severe disorders.

And it’s successful partly because it's treating the whole brain and it's helping to restructure and redefine those neural pathways in the brain. It allows you to go a little deeper, a little bit quicker, so you can get to your next step. And this can actually allow you to come up with a new feeling, a new memory, a new connection that doesn't trigger you. Thank you Noel! We have a feeling that this will be the first of many more conversations that we’ll be having together! For more from Noel and to find out how to work with her one on one, visit Noel is also co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others. You can listen to "The Bliss Project" wherever you listen to your podcasts.

YOUR SUPER POWER: Shift Your Energy

+ Go-To Rituals After talking with Noel about “human design” this week, it reminded us that superpowers are also not “one size fits all” experiences. Each practice will be a little different for everyone. Keeping our uniqueness in mind, we asked Noel for a few suggestions on how to incorporate rituals and movement to shift our energy. Even if you don’t know your human design type, see if any of these feel right to you.

Change Up Your Routine: Some people need to have set routines and do the same thing every day. Some people need to change it up. Changing your your routine can be something simple, like going outside, grounding on your feet, taking a walk and like feeling the energy of the earth. For those who have more generator energy, or are just more active, they need to go for the run!

Crank Your Favorite Tunes: One of the best tools for all energy types and that can shift your energy in the moment is just putting on some music. Dancing, jumping and moving around the room even tapping on your body can reinvigorate and calibrate your energy in minutes.

Use Your Voice: Vocally releasing stuff is huge. Most of us are afraid to use our voice. Even just vocalizing a long exhale can help you improve your energy. It just allows you to let it go.

Create a Morning and Night Routine: Having something to open and close your day is lovely way to establish a ritual, whether that is a grounding practice, like journaling, praying, or lighting a candle It’s setting an intention in the morning to opening yourself up to the day and the highest good of all. Just to say, “Here I am. Utilize me in the best way you can.” And then at the end of the day, whether it's a gratitude journal, or a closing meditation, say something like “I'm closing out my day so that whatever energy that does not need to go with me to sleep can be fully released.”

THE DOWNLOAD: Peace, Light + Frequency

KAREN'S DOWNLOAD: My intention was asking for an intervention to all of this world’s seemingly chaos and calamity. It can be hard to find good news anywhere. So I asked for a “spiritual intention” and they sent me “peace.” I was very touched by the visit. The Intervention of Peace It is time to invite peace to the table. When there is no other solution. When there seems to be no other earthly thing that we can physically due to adjust our human circumstances, it is time to step aside and let peace bring in it’s quiet, reticent, powerful presence. What does peace look like? It is a white luministic wave of light that pulses with calming energy. It does not move. It breathes. It sits. It waits. Time does not influence it magnificent beingness. It is comfortable in its stillness. Peace is approachable, ever-loving, ever-certain in it’s eternal presence.

What does peace sound like? Peace is a fathomless quiet. It is harmonious clarity. It is a blending with the tones and energy of earth. It is always heard when listened for. What does peace feel like? Oh it is like a mothers hug. Infinitely soothing. Like a cloak of cool water. It is a calm knowing. Peace is being. It is the feeling of knowing you are always safe, no matter where you are. No matter what the world looks like. Peace is the welcome mat to love and living in the moment. What is peace not? Peace is not pushing against or trying to convert or change. Peace is not war but it is power. Peace is acknowledgement without judgement. Peace is intentional and non-conditional. Peace means living anyway. Peace is always there, ushering in the light. It never wavers. Look for it everywhere. It is sitting just to right of gratitude. And just to the left of hopeI It is the answer for all that seems uncertain. Invite it back to sit with you. It is the remembering of who you are.

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD: Receive guidance and messages for the highest good for all of us during the week of July 11. We mourn. We being to pick up the pieces and start anew. We hold one another and link arms and walk togethers. We move forward in unison. We are more alike than we are different We acknowledge each other We really see each other. We hear each other. We support one another We value one another. We walk into the light so that we may find the other bright lights. Light always wins. We can shine the light on the darkest places and illuminate truths. What is something we can all do to see one another? Look into someone’s eyes when you are

talking to them. Really look. Take their presence, their soul in. You can give someone a hug — even if you don’t know them. We’re all in this together. What should we know for this full moon energy? It’s all about moving forward and putting things into action. Harness this energy. What have you been working on that needs to come to fruition? Now is that time. What have you been holding back doing?

There is no time to hold back anymore. ASK NOW. Ask now so your dream can come true in ways you didn’t know were possible. Why does the energy feel so weird right now? It does feel weird. There are so many frequencies leveling up as we like to say and in the leveling up there is some chaos. It will calm down, and in the meantime there is a shaking out and a real test for many of you. Your soul can handle them. Hang in. There is calmness coming in month or so, but things will look very different than they have looked in the first half of this year. We’re uncomfortable for a reason because our frequency is changing.

You will be aligned with other similar frequencies soon. Some will be familiar and some will be new. Trust it will be divinely connected. Remember you are loved and supported especially in

the most trying of times. Keep moving forward.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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