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truth, trust + connecting with your spirit guides

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Big Energy

How are you all doing after this weekend’s lunar eclipse? Could you feel it? Could you see it?

We all will be integrating so much of the energy into our lives and our souls for the next several weeks. Let us know what feels different in your life…we want to know! And we’ll of course be sharing our experiences on our podcast, and right here in this newsletter.

This week, our downloads ended up leading to a discussion about how each of us can connect with our Spirit Guides — as in your Spirit Team, the current energy, how to do deal with it…and the importance of truth.

And don’t forget, we still have Mercury Retrograde — so if communication feels wonky…you know why.

THE DOWNLOAD: Connecting with Truth + Your Spirit Guides

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD: Trust + Be Your True Self

I was taken to a very different place than I'm typically taken. I felt like I was somewhere in Asia. I was walking barefoot down a dirt road and I kept hearing, "let us guide you."

I was focused on my bare feet on the road and the coming together of the foot and the dirt road. And I heard very clearly, "there's a coming together." The idea is to be authentically who you are with your feet planted on the ground, because it may feel topsy turvy or upside down.

I heard again, "it's a coming together of all that we know to carry you through because transformation is upon us and we must decide to fully be ourselves or not. And if we decide not to fully be ourselves, then we we will stay in a cycle that may be most unpleasant."

And then I heard, "unlock the wisdom within you and acknowledge the wisdom all around you that is within. At the core, we want to help one another because it helps us all.

We are connected through time, through space, through dimensions. It takes a lot to trust. It takes a lot to trust that we are connected because we are not shown that in our day-to-day reality.

Love is key. Love is constant. Like the sun if you look for it. You can choose to love yourself.

Be kind. See moving forward on your path. Don't look back. Trust, don't question. You are never alone. The future is bright and healing comes by trusting and moving forward. You are guided and supported."

KAREN'S DOWNLOAD: Connect with Your Spirit Guide

So many people that we talk to who are healers practitioners call upon specific spirit guides by name and have names for the guides or have their guides tell them their name. I just don't feel like I have one right now. And so I was calling in my intention for who is my guide?

I started my meditation with questions specific to me. I had this cute young guy to show up and his name was Jason, of all things, a very common name. He was just sitting with me literally on the beach, answering questions or helping me answer my own questions, which I think is what a guide probably does. They just reflect back at you things that you already know, which is kind of what happened in my experience. And yet, there's a wisdom that comes from them that I know is not from my own self or maybe it is my, "higher self?" Maybe that's what they help us channel into? And so I got that!

It felt like a conversation. So that was very affirming to me.

I'm offering my experience if you are looking for a similar experience and you're not feeling like you have that connection with an angel or guide. It can be easier than you think, if you just allow yourself to ask some really basic questions and go with it!

SECRET POWER: Get to Your True Self + Connect With Your Guide


Let's get to the real you...your authentic self. Try this exercise.

Set the intention to uncover and honor your true self.

Then over the course of a day or several days, note how many times you aren't being true to yourself.

Where are your saying something or agreeing to do something to appease someone else? Or because you think that answer will help someone like you more? Or to avoid a confrontation?

Recognize when you're not saying what you really feel. Keep track.

What do you see? What does it say about you? What needs to change for you going forward?


Take 10 minutes and close your eyes. We use our favorite meditation music on Insight Timer, but you can use anything that helps you relax.

Then set the intention to connect with your spirit guide.

Ask to receive their name or a vision of them. And also ask them to give you guidance in a specific area of your life.

Then, allow yourself to have that movie unfold in your mind's eye. Allow it to unfold in whatever direction it takes you.

What do you see? What do you hear? Take note of anything that comes to mind over the 10 minutes.

It may be extremely surprising or it may be really affirming, even if it's just affirming your own beliefs or your own intuition.

Let us know how it goes! (Email or DM us your results!)

We believe in you.


MAY 24: Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon: Science, Spirituality + The Presence of ProofWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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