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your story could be someone else’s spark

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

THE PULSE: Out-Of-This-World Manifesting Energy

Magical day on tap!! Today Jupiter (Abundance + Expansion) and Neptune (Spirit + Inspiration) come together in Pisces. It's been over 150 years in the making -- and the only time in our lifetime that we'll experience this specific energy. Can you feel the goodness in the air? What makes it even more powerful is that it is said that these planets co-rule Pisces, so they feel right at home. When we say co-rule, we mean that Jupiter used to be the home to Pisces, and when Neptune was discovered it became the modern-day ruler of Pisces.

It's no coincidence that in our weekly download, the theme of tapping into your energy and asking your soul what it is that you yearn to do, came up. What would you do if you had no other worries in the world? What sounds like a pipe dream? The energy of today and this week may show you a path to bring these lofty thoughts into reality. And this spectacular energy will last through June. So, if you start to envision what you want now, you can ride this tidal wave of magnificent energy and there's a good chance you can see your dream come to fruition in some way, shape or form over these next several months.

And to add to the standout stardust week, there's a full moon on Saturday, April 16. It takes place in Libra -- and is all about Love. Perhaps you'll experience relationships (family, romantic, friendships) that blossom more than they have in the past or you'll finally be able to release something that has been blocking you from the love you deserve and desire. Added note: Funny enough, this full moon is called the "pink moon," although it has nothing to do with the actual color. The "pink" has to do with it being the first full moon of Spring and it ties to a wildflower that blooms at this time.

We want to hear anything that arises for you during this booming astrological week!

TABITHA ROSE: Your Story Could be Someone Else’s Spark

Tabitha Rose is the founder and Chief Inspiring Officer of Life to Paper. Tabitha’s mission is rooted in legacy and connection. She’s committed to helping others put their life to paper and has founded a publishing house by the same name. And while she helps to tell other people’s stories, her own story is one that may resonate with you. She had to experience a breakdown to have a breakthrough. She ignored the whispers and had to have her walls come crumbling down to wake up to her true calling.

Now she's sharing how she picked herself up and followed how her intuition to create an ever-expanding company with a vision rooted in helping others capture and share their stories. It may just be the flame you need to see your own story...and it's path forward. We sat down with her on this week’s podcast. Here are a few sparkly highlights.

Tabitha, you had a very different life before life to paper. Can you share a little bit of your story?

Tabitha: Yes, it has very much been a shift! I graduated University (in Canada) and went straight to working in politics. I felt like politics had a prestige to it, but it was work in a way that felt really hard. There was no balance in my life. There was no sort of contentment, but I thought that's what life is about. Around that time my grandmother mentioned that she wanted someone to ghostwrite her life story. As a child, she had been in a prison labor camp in Hungary. I only knew bits and pieces of her s

tory and some of the chronology. And I said, why don't you let me do it? I still don't know why I offered because I had no idea how to do it. But it felt right.

How did writing your grandmother’s story influence the pivot in your life?

Tabitha: We started spending more time together. I worked on writing around my job, which was a lot of pressure. I was traveling a lot. I was messing up at work. I was heavily relying on drinking and socializing to escape. I felt like I was trying to stuff myself into a box and not being able to say what I needed and wanted. But I also knew that I did not want to let go of like this version of myself that I was “supposed” to be.

I still had this thing with my grandmother. She's telling me stories and I just felt so clear. So present. Like there's nowhere else I'm supposed to be.

Finally, I got fully knocked down. I collapsed on a plane one day. I believe now it was a panic attack, but I think it was just a buildup of all those things. And I had to stop and just listen. I knew then it was time for a big change.

So how did Life to Paper come to life?

Tabitha: I made a big move from Toronto to Miami.. It didn't really make sense to anyone or even to me, but I said, I’m starting this company! Mind you, I have no clients, but I was so happy. I moved into this little apartment above a jazz bar and could hear the music coming through the floor. And I had this moment where I was like, “I'm falling in love with my story!”

I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills, but it all just happened. My first official client said that it felt like serendipity because he had someone lined up to work on his book and he passed away unexpectedly. I remember finishing that book, taking it across the finish line and I felt so good! That client then referred me to another client, and then another one. And then the word spread.

Tabitha's life story is an example of following your intuition, having the courage, and finding your dream.

For more about Tabitha’s journey to Life to Paper and the books that Tabatha has published visit Life to Paper and Life to Paper on Instagram and Facebook.

SECRET POWER: 3x7 Exercise

Do you want to get clear on something? Make a decision? Or do you need to say something, but don't know how to say it? Feeling blocked? Tabitha shared this 3x7 Exercise that she swears by -- and it may be your new go-to!

1. Sit down to write or type -- whatever works for you.

2. Set your intention with what you want to achieve with this time.

3. Set your timer for seven minutes. Write! Whatever comes, write it down.

4. Take a quick break. Get up for a minute or two and walk around.

5. Set your timer again for seven minutes. Write! Whatever comes, write it down.

6. Take a quick break. Get up for a minute or two and walk around.

7. Last time, set your timer again for seven minutes. Write! Whatever comes, write it down.

Take a look at everything you've written. Do you feel you have a better idea of what you will say? Do? Point of view? Inspiration?

Use this process as often as you need it!

THE DOWNLOAD: Tap Into Your Energy to Feel What’s Real

Intention: Receive messages for the highest good of everyone reading this newsletter for the week of April 11, 2022.

This week’s download reminded us that our angels and guides are always there to help show us the way. Robyn’s message is about keeping our energy balanced and positive to manifest everything for our highest good. Karen’s was a reminder to call upon our guides as we navigate the world to help us see and remember what is “really real.” We hope you’ll find inspiration in this download for your week ahead.

Robyn’s Download: Tap Into Your Energy

Let’s get cozy. It’s going to be good. We’re sitting on a comfy couch with all of our guides and friends. Can you feel the love? It’s safe and secure and supported. It’s time to take advantage of this love and support to achieve your dreams. You are being held in this space so that you can feel confident to walk your walk and ask the big asks. Nothing is off limits here. For those of you that have done the work, things will seemingly just happen. Use the energy.

Remember to utilize different frequencies to keep your energy feeling good. Listen to music that makes you happy. Watch a show that gives you good vibes or listen to a podcast or book that inspires you…all of it will help you be at your highest level of frequency to receive all that you ask for. Remember the ask isn’t material. It’s about intention and feeling.

Do things that make you happy and more happy things will come your way. Enjoy life! Take advantage of the now and revel in the goodness rather than the sadness. It’s a choice.

Remember that childlike excitement — that’s the energy of the week, it’s exciting!!! Approach it as so. How can you authentically show up with excitement and curiosity in your life? What have you been yearning to do? Let it take over you. Ask so that you can receive.

Karen’s Download: See What’s Real

They are there…tapping on your just can’t see them.

They are virtual and they are real.

Little signs from our angels and guides are all around us.

Look for them - they are everywhere

The penny on the ground - the white bird that flies overhead - you are never ever alone

People are so blinded by a world that isn’t real.

The baby who looks up at you from the carriage with wide open eyes sees you from all you really are - and has not forgotten their essence and energy and soul.

Hold your hands above your head and reach for the sky on a sunny day and feel the sunshine - the essence of the sky that permeates your body, heart and mind - that is real.

Stand with your naked feet on the grass and let the energy of the earth fill you from the ground up. Breathe and fill your lungs with the life giving molecules that keeps your body alive - that temporary cloak to your soul.

You are not isolated from anything or anyone.

And neither is the air, the sun or the earth.

Utilize this community of souls who are invisible to the eye to help you anytime you need them. All you have to do is ask.

Trust they are as real as everything you see with your eyes. Let them do the work, carry the load for you. They are just one the other side of the glass.

We hope this week brings you positive energy and moments in the sun where you can feel your connection to earth while remembering you have the loving support of your guides always with you. All you have to do is ask!


APRIL 19: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Energy Reader: Dustin James


We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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