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the ultimate talk therapy: bridging mental health with spiritual mediumship


THE GIFT OF AWARENESS As so much transpires thousands of miles from our homes in the United States, the extraordinarily heavy energy is felt. Life has forever changed for so many millions of people. We continue to pray. We continue to send love + light to all those in need. We especially do not take our freedom or our moments of joy for granted. Karen and I both acknowledged that we were purposefully more present with friends and family this past weekend. It's these times in life that make us keenly aware that no day is promised -- and that we must appreciate the NOW. Awareness is a gift. Presence is a gift. Are you giving these gifts to yourself? Maybe this is your little reminder to do just that. And in the spirit of presence, in this very moment you should know that we appreciate YOU. SCORPIO SEASON HAS ARRIVED We're now officially in the Scorpio mansion. According to Astrologer Michael Lennox, "This is where we first understand death and rebirth, as this Pluto-ruled sign is where all transformation takes place. In the elegance of how the signs were created in the northern hemisphere, this darker mansion follows the Sun quite literally. At the end of the next mansion of Sagittarius, we pass through the winter solstice, and the true darkest moment in our solar journey. Scorpio is where we prepare for that, where we organically and willingly allow for change to happen, at the level of death and rebirth."


We're ending a two-year cycle of major evolution on Saturday, October 28 with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Take a look back to November 2021 -- what has transpired? According to Refinery29, this eclipse "could lead to passionate expressions of love, hate, and everything in between coming to the surface of our lives. If this energy feels too much to handle, it’s because we’re at a tipping point — a point of no return. The cosmos wants us to purge the mindsets and limiting beliefs that have held us back from ascending into who we’re meant to be. And that process can be uncomfortable. But we will make it through, breath by breath, through being mindful, courageous, and present."

This feels like a hold onto your hat moment. We're here for support!

We're sharing our daily practices that get through the most challenging of times. While you may not have control of the world around you, you do have control of your own energy. Your new go-to awareness + journal practice await you. Watch now.

In this session, we’re focusing on the fear of being left out. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Ugh, it's one of the worst feelings. It can send you down a not-enoughness spiral and layer in many more upsetting emotions. Let's banish that for good. It's time to really know your tremendous worth. Lizzi Cutler is going to help us dig into that block and release it so that next time you feel that fear coming on, you're empowered to push right past it because you know you're one spectacular soul! Join us this Friday, December 8 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

What if you could talk to a licensed clinical social worker and an evidential medium at the same time? Well, YOU CAN!! Meet Kate Stacom who is a licensed clinical social worker, evidential medium and founder of Clinical Mediumship™, the practice of bridging mental health skills and mediumship to support life-changing healing and growth. Kate combines her clinical skills with evidential mediumship to help others reduce barriers and live more soul-centered lives. By combining the spirit of intuitive sessions with the processing, safe space and evidence based clinical skills of traditional mental health. She has seen her clients heal lifetimes of emotional, behavioral, and relational patterns, which has given them the freedom, clarity and confidence to live out their soul’s purpose. It is POWERFUL! We experienced a session with Kate and were blown away. If you have ever experienced a spiritual medium or intuitive session…and have experienced traditional therapy – you can imagine this being a transformative combo! We’re digging into how this all works – and why you may want to consider Clinical Mediumship™ for yourself. Here are a few highlights from this transformative conversation: Kate Stacom: In 2020, the pandemic started and I had shifted my therapy practice to Telehealth. One day between sessions, I was experiencing a migraine and I closed my eyes and my Grandfather stepped forward like a movie reel! I have chills again talking about this, because I will never forget this moment. He was communicating to me telepathically. His mouth wasn't moving, but I knew exactly what he was saying. It was love. It was comfort. It was his presence. It was very much me feeling, “Wow, this is awesome! This is fantastic!” My soul was ready to step forward and to begin to use Spirit in my sessions. And that's how we started. R+K: Wow! It's incredible that your Grandfather came forward from the other side to help you to open up to this work! What did you do next? Kate: Every single day I would sit for 30 minutes in meditation and just write down everything Spirit was telling me. That was an opening for so much more. I learned how to communicate with my Guides. I learned to get messages for other loved ones. Family members were coming forward and giving validations that they were there and they were ever present. It was a beautiful experience. I started my formal training very soon after that through Spiritualists. It's a very traditional way to learn mediumship. At that time I stepped into being a professional medium. I was doing one-to-one mediumship sessions along with intuitive sessions as well, while also still doing therapy. It was very black and white and, ethically, that is how I could make sense of it and how I was using both. Over time, as I sat with people in one-to-one mediumship sessions, I realized that I would close the session and I would add, “Oh, there's this too.” My throat chakra would hurt. I realized I was not doing it all. The work was beautiful, but it wasn't all me. It finally took a lot for me to say, "we're going to do this differently. I'm going to be a bit of a trailblazer and I'm being called to bring this in also using my clinical skills." And that's when Clinical Mediumship™ came to fruition. R+K: We love how this came to you Kate! What is your definition of Clinical Mediumship? Kate: Clinical Mediumship™ is the practice of combining clinical skills and traditional mental health interventions along with evidential mediumship. So using those clinical processes along with messages from loved ones in Spirit to guide the healing. What I found that was so transformational, was that Spirit was uncovering and doing far more than just providing healing. Of course, the messages are healing, knowing that they're there, that they love you, that they're seeing all this, but there was more. Spirit was bringing in subconscious things. Clients were saying, “Oh my goodness. I never even made that connection. I didn't even know I still lived with that!” There were these aha! moments where they uncovered even more than what I originally planned on. This continues to unfold and has been so beautiful to be a witness to. I'm hoping one day that the mental health field adopts this in an ethically centered, clinically informed way. R+K: Kate, thank you for being brave enough to be open and follow this calling. It's certainly your purpose. And we're so grateful that we get to amplify it to others because we know how powerful it is and can be. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM KATE STACOM

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SECRET POWER: How Brushing Your Teeth Help You Tune In To Your Soul

One of the things that Kate Stacom teaches is what she calls “Soul Centered Living.” This is the idea of being intentional on how are we living throughout our day and being connected to our soul, our innermost compass. According to Kate, “We all have the ability to connect with the spirit world. Finding this connection means connecting to your soul. Asking your mind, body, and spirit, what it needs.” How do you make this a daily practice? Kate suggests setting aside time each and every single day just to listen. Listening doesn't have to be meditating, but it has to be intentional. Your daily listening practice can be as simple as linking it with something that you are already doing, or with a daily task to use the time differently. “For some people, I even say each time you brush your teeth, listen, ask your mind, body, and spirit what it's communicating to you and what it needs today and respond.” We need to show our souls. We need to also show our Spirit Teams that we are here. We are open. And that we're working with them to heal and to be our fullest selves to do the work that we came here to do. Thanks Kate! We know that our teeth will be a little whiter, and our souls a little lighter if we can use this guidance to really tune in and listen!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOADYou are here to experience all that being human has to offer. This consists of so many different emotions. WE only know love and that is key. At your core you are love. It is hard for you to see this as you go about your day to day. You will encounter so many different energies and many of these energies do no not feel like love. You turn on your news and you see what can only feel like evil and unjust and that too does not feel like love. Yet at your core as a soul you are love. What do you do with this knowledge? You do everything you can to keep yourself at that vibration of love. If you are reading this you are someone who desires to be at that frequency -- you would not be seeking if you did do not compare yourself to others who are not on this path. They aren't at that point and may not be in this lifetime - it is not of your concern. You need to be only of your concern, because that is the only thing you can have any impact upon truly. And what does it mean to be love or to really feel love? It is that feeling of the sun shining about your face and the warmth and joy -- even if it's fleeting. And if you can remember that feeling and pulse it out -- you are contributing to raising the vibration of your planet. You have so much power and you only use some of it for love. So much of your power and energy is going into worrying and fear and disappointment. What if you could make an effort to use that energy toward being and showing love? How does that change your day and your life? It is a choice and a practice...and after a while it then becomes the norm. Your life can feel overwhelming. It is important to notice what and whom you are surrounding yourself with. Remember you are energy. You are made up of water. Water conducts you whatever you are surrounding yourself with is absorbed into your BEING and you are charged in that way. You must work to remove anything that is unwanted to get out of your being and system. It is all possible, as you are able to change your energy and therefore the charge you put out in the world. Here's your reminder to focus and to feel. How far away from love are you? We say this again, you would not be reading this if you are very far away from it. Your curiosity and your openness means that you are capable to transcend current emotions that may be holding you back from truly feeling, giving and being love. You are love. You are LOVED. Spread it because the world needs you and your love right at this very moment. We support you. We are grateful for you. You are loved. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD If you have moments when you are feeling unsure of what to do next, remember that you are always allowed to PAUSE. Pause is an action, a pro-activity, a state of being…A CHOICE that you can make any time and in any situation. Pause allows you to stop doing. Pause allows you to stop thinking. Pause allows you TO BE. With no connection to outcome, or decision or feeling. Pause is stepping out of any situation and looking at it from the perspective of your higher self. Can you try this now? Can you take a moment to close your eyes, exhale and imagine pressing a virtual Pause button in your mind and letting the world around you just stop for a moment. Exhale fully. What comes to you? It is ok if you see nothing. Your body and mind may just be craving a few seconds of pure shut off in order to reset itself. Allow your subconscious to embrace the relief of this quiet stillness. Fully immerse in it. Use this time to simply DO NOTHING. Just Breathe. Feel how your body soothes into this juncture in time of having no thought. No expectation. No creation. No obligation. It is relief. It is peace. Be right there in the Pause. Feel how good it is to disengage for just a moment. To freeze frame life, purpose and expectation and just release yourself from all activity. No energy is required. Just quiet, stationary, surrender. Feel it wash over you. This is a place you are allowed to visit any time you need a time out. And you are ALLOWED this. It is the perfect CHOICE to make for yourself at any moment. And yet we have not learned this. We are coached and schooled and encouraged to DO. That our lives and worth revolve around the stories of our actions and accomplishments. How much of who we are as souls are the opposite? It is when we let go of these activities that we can truly hear ourselves. When we can fully immerse in who we are, what we want and how we need to move forward. Pause is the meditation that we so often deprive ourselves of. So for just today, give yourself this gift. Set an alarm to remember if you need to. Do this for yourself today. To mark the clock for stopping time - to give yourself the time that matters. Because you are here to imprint the world with the glorious, blazing light of you. You are the incredible reflection of the Universe in human form. Being here at this very moment in time is so very important. You are an amplification of love in human form. Your energetic frequency is literally changing the world within every second of every hour of every day. Pause and remember who you are.



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