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the surprising relationship between anxiety + spirituality + creativity

THE PULSE: Who Are You Channeling?

ALL HALLOW'S EVE According to the Library of Congress blog, "in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor saints. Soon after, All Saints Day came to incorporate some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve, and later, 'Halloween.'" For me (Robyn) personally, it's been an opportunity to try on a new persona for the day...and just have some pure fun. I've channeled red-headed Annie to Wonder Woman and everything in between. And while I consider myself a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive, I never chose to celebrate this specific day with that lens, yet I know that in other cultures it is steeped in tradition and true connection to the past. Will Cady, our podcast guest this week, talks about the thread of sacredness that begins across the world at the end of October and the beginning of November. We especially love what he says, "that there is a deeper story of a more connected humanity that is lurking in the shadows of our past and across the horizon of our future, and "Day of the Dead" [captures this] appropriately. Día de los Muertos itself is this kind of intersection between All Saints Day and All Hallows Eve and it's a way where traditions of lost cultures that actually aren't lost can be kept alive. And you enter the stories that made your people, your culture. Listen to all that he has to say on this subject. BUH-BYE ECLIPSE SEASON How did this past weekend's Lunar Eclipse impact you?! Could you feel the energy? Well according to Refinery 29, while it's behind us, it is "still deeply influencing us — many truths have been exposed within your own self, and the collective at large. The final days of October are particularly potent to experience, as the veil between the spiritual and physical realms becomes less and less existent. All zodiac signs would benefit from clearing space psychologically and physically as October comes to an end and November begins. This will allow us to tap into Mars in Scorpio’s focalizing energy and focus on what truly matters, rather than getting caught up in distractions meant to numb us." WHAT'S LURKING IN THE SHADOWS? Our go-to astrologer Stevie Calista reminds us that, "as we journey through the introspective autumn season, we have an invitation to dive deep into the transformative art of shadow work. Shadow work is the courageous act of confronting our hidden fears, unresolved emotions, and buried aspects of ourselves. To be brave enough to face our dark side and honor that we are 50% light AND 50% dark. This season offers the opportunity to not only see these darker parts but to integrate them and invite them to have a seat at the table. In the dim light of our shadows, we uncover our most potent sources of growth and self-discovery. It's a journey that demands honesty, but it also offers profound healing and empowerment."


In this session, we’re focusing on the fear of being left out. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Ugh, it's one of the worst feelings. It can send you down a not-enoughness spiral and layer in many more upsetting emotions. Let's banish that for good. It's time to really know your tremendous worth. Lizzi Cutler is going to help us dig into that block and release it so that next time you feel that fear coming on, you're empowered to push right past it because you know you're one spectacular soul! Join us this Friday, December 8 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.


The Surprising Relationship Between Anxiety + Spirituality + Creativity

Where does creativity come from? The answer is unique for each of us. Will Cady, Reddit’s Global Brand Ambassador and founding Head of Creative Strategy has written a book and created a system to help you unlock and embrace the powerful ingenuity and intuition that lies within you. Will has leveraged his uniquely blended approach of creativity and mysticism to counsel business leaders toward impactful, empathetic marketing of powerhouse brands including Apple, Google, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. He has consulted with entertainment leaders at Netflix, Disney, Amazon Studios, Paramount, and more. As artificial intelligence gains an increasing foothold in our work and our lives, the need to find and maintain our uniquely human creativity is growing more urgent. His new book, Which Way Is North: A Creative Compass for Makers, Marketers, and Mystics will ensure that you stay on course as you navigate through the complexity of modern times. It will help you open new pathways to creativity and equip you with tools for your personal and professional journey to becoming a conscious participant in creation. Will has developed a way for you to locate your inner authentic truths and gain an approachable way to transform anxiety into creativity so you can flourish in every part of your life. Here are a few highlights from this transformative conversation: Robyn + Karen: Let’s start by talking about your new book, Which Way Is North. How did the ideas in this book come to you? Will Cady: In my own life, the unfolding of my identity came from a place of imposter syndrome. I started out thinking I was supposed to be a musician and then I got into trouble because I was in debt. And then somehow, I was in an office and my career started growing. I thought that I was going to fail, but the opposite happened. I got to a point where I think really because of Reddit's growth as a brand and that I got to take a part in that, I was like, people seem to be listening to what I have to say. So what do I have to say? I don't think imposter syndrome ever ends, but I started to believe that I had a method for coming up with ideas that comes from a different place, that was worth sharing. I sat down and thought, how can I teach what I do intuitively? And The Seven Directions just came in like that. It came quickly. So the structure came within a matter of minutes and those in the spiritual world will call that a download, right? And then the rest of it was, how do you integrate it? R+K: You also talk in your book about the relationship between spirituality and creativity? What is that and then how can we use The Seven Directions to help us to better understand ourselves? Will: It begins with the question of where do ideas come from? Where does inspiration come from? And, what is your relationship with creation? A lot of the mystical systems talk about creation, not an act, but as everything. As a word for reality…that creation is happening right now. And the Human awakening is to take part in it. Technically, the number seven, is one example of many of where the knowledge of creativity and spirituality intersect. There's seven notes in a musical scale. There's seven chakras, there's seven planets in classical astrology. The Seven Directions are: What is in front of you? What is behind you? What do you receive to your left? What do you give to your right? What do you rest upon underneath you? What shines upon you from above? And then the seventh direction is your heart, in the middle. I would just go through that in my head and turn it around in all these different directions. And that is where I started to label the containers of those directions with questions. Because... questions are more powerful than answers. The Seven Direction system is both a system for creativity and for resolving anxiety. And then I realized that anxiety and creativity are the same thing. R+K: Wait, we need to unpack that statement! Anxiety and creativity are the same thing? Will: Anxiety is an energy in your emotional field. And that energy wants to be put into motion. Energy in motion is emotion. Especially today, where we are all consuming so much information, there is a lot of energy that is being put into us, and it stagnates and it can feel overwhelming. The Seven Directions helps you to drop in and ask, where is the anxiety? If it's in front of you, maybe it's that dinner that I have scheduled tomorrow. I'm really nervous about that. Or it might be like, 'Oh, it's that memory from my childhood that's coming back up right now.' When you are able to locate it in a specific direction, all of a sudden you're bigger than it. It is smaller than you. It's the empowered choice to say, I'm here sitting on the throne of my heart, like my own king, my own queen, and my anxieties are not my captors. They're now my servants. They are bringing me stories for me to choose what I would design to do with them. R+K: Talk about a quote of the day Will!! That’s just one of so many nuggets of wisdom in your book. Will: I hope so. That's the intent for the book. To be a software upgrade. And to invite people into the idea that our anxiety doesn't mean that there's something wrong with us, but that there's something for us to do. That it's an invitation to action. R+K: Thank you Will! We are so grateful to be connected to you and now know the way to unlock and unblock our creativity and to turn our anxiety into something beautiful. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM WILL CADY

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Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD

It all seems also confusing at times, doesn’t it? And yet the answers are always simple when you look back at things. What is swirling in your mind? What is your heart telling you? Get still and listen. Or if getting still doesn’t appeal to you, go for a walk and see what might pop in your mind. And then what flows into your heart which is how you will feel your way through this life.

You are your own compass.

You already know the answers, it’s about having them bubble up and then trusting yourself to move in the right direction for yourself.

You are your ultimate guide which can feel overwhelming because then you must take responsibility for all of your decisions..and yet that is the truth.

You always have choice, even when you think you do not. It’s about the choice in how you will react to certain situations. Choice can become very granular and yet how you choose to have perspective can be life altering. You are so very powerful and unique. There isn’t another like you and there never will be. You are your own special blend of light and energy and BEING. Can you tap into the spectacularness of you?

When you are surrounded by the confusion or the overwhelm, remember that your light is bright. You have chosen to be in this lifetime at this very moment and you are here on purpose with purpose. You can’t make a “wrong” move. You are---x doing everything exactly as it should be done FOR YOU. This journey is for YOU. You are that special. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD We are here to always remind you that you don’t have to carry everything all by yourself. So often, there comes the feeling in our human experiences that we have to bear the responsibility for everything TO HAPPEN and for everything THAT HAPPENS to us ON OUR OWN. That is it is up to our own WILL, our own ACTION, our own DOING, to MAKE things happen, to GET stuff DONE. And it is simply not the case. When you have days of overwhelm, when you feel like there just might be too much on your plate, remember that we are here to support you. You are never alone. There is a whole team that is waiting at your beck and call to help. All you need do is whisper…affirm..ask…and release any needs or worries to us. We are right here. Always. It is the human condition to feel like all of life is up to us. That we need to make things happen. That we must check off the list to get things done to prove that we are capable and worthy. This is never TRUTH. It is the illusion that we have been taught. The traditional idea of prayer is to offer that outward call to the angels, spirits and guides of light to sweep in and help when the weight gets too heavy to bear. When we feel lost and abandoned. When we just don’t know where to place our foot on the path next. So just for today, release the backpack of rocks that you carry. Imagine us taking them from you. Allow yourself to feel the light, easy, FREEDOM of what it means to allow others to take that burden off your shoulders. For just today, exhale and RELEASE, knowing that you are truly loved and taken care of. That you have a team of helpers who are ready, willing and able to not only assist you, but to CARRY you. FEEL that release of knowing that you can call upon us…KNOW we are with you no matter what…LET GO of the fear, the sadness, the overwhelm, the uncertainty. Let it all go - it will all get done. It will all be ok. For just today, TRY THE TRUST. Together we will do all the things that need to be done…and we will do so in the spirit of teamwork. For just today, breathe and remember, you are a beautiful, perfect, spirit of light, ever so temporarily in a human body, doing the very best that you can, always surrounded and supported by your ever strong, ever loving and ever committed soul family. And always, now and forever, WE GOT YOU.


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