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the real estate agent that will get you meditating

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

THE PULSE: All the Feels

Ok, August, we feel you. Woah. We’re getting all of the feels in our neck of the woods. The biggest push though is to dig deep and then make a major move in the direction of our dream, even if it feels a bit out of our comfort zone. Serendipitously our momentum ties right into The Download for the week, as well as the theme of this week’s full supermoon on August 11.

First of all, a supermoon takes place when the moon is closest to Earth, making it appear larger in size — this is the fourth and last one of the year.

On the Astrology front, according to Elite Daily, this week’s full moon in Aquarius “takes place in a fixed air sign, aiming to reveal some of the outdated rules, systems, and structures you’ve been abiding by (whether you’re aware of them or not), while also encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone altogether. Since this lunation is square Uranus in Taurus, there’s a strong sense of disruption present now, but not in the areas where you’re used to being flexible. You’re being called to make changes in the parts of your life where you prioritize stability, and while this isn’t always easy, these changes have been a long time coming. The good thing is, the airy energy of this full moon will allow you to brainstorm, and come up with some brilliant, unconventional ways to innovate the Aquarius-ruled house in your birth chart now, so be sure to remain open-minded.”

How’s August treating you so far?

THE PODCAST: Cary Tamura

The Not-So-Woo Woo Real Estate Agent That Will Get You Meditating

On this week’s podcast, Karen and I had just been talking about wanting to find someone who could speak to using mindfulness in real estate, and that very next morning Karen stumbled upon an article in New York Magazine aptly named "The Woo-Woo Agents of Real Estate: Can Unblocking Your Chakras Get You a House? Maybe!" In it we were introduced to New York City real estate agent Cary Tamura with the Corcoran Group. Cary is ranked within the top 1% out of 50,000 of real estate agents nationwide within the NRT group which includes companies such as Corcoran, Sothebys, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA and others. In addition to his work as a real estate agent in New York City, Cary has been a meditator for over 17 years and a teacher of meditation for a good portion of those years. He has been credited by Corcoran VP, Ida Fields as being responsible for bringing meditation to the company. He trains Corcoran real estate agents in mindfulness-awareness meditation as well as teaching at other meditation centers, schools and businesses in and around New York. Cary says “The benefits of that in your business, be it dealing with difficult clients or a negotiation, are being keyed into the stuff in between the words." We know our connection with Cary is divine. He brings a grounding and helpful perspective to the fiercely demanding real estate market and to the importance of mindfulness in our everyday lives. If you’re interested in meditating, Cary shares an easy way to begin – and inspiring resources for you. If you’re buying, renting or selling a house, Cary shares mindful ways of approaching the real estate market. Can you talk about your philosophy and how that not only helps realtors, but also your clients and what that helps you bring to your work every day? And many people listening might not think that real estate and meditation, mindfulness go together. It seems like they're almost an Oxymoron, right? I've heard this from certain people, how can one be a meditator and teach meditation and do real estate? And to me actually it's not really a question so much. It's interesting. The assumptions that are going on underneath that question are typically going on is somehow that if you meditate you can't be involved with material concerns, like where somebody lives for example. And then if you're involved in Manhattan or New York City real estate, which is multimillion dollar real estate, that somehow that is exclusive of the ability to have a spiritual practice or practice of mind, or to want to be a better, more fulfilled and happy person. So I laugh at that when I hear those kinds of questions, not at the people who are asking it, but I see why people are sometimes confused. I think it's because they don't understand that, I think with any profession, anything that we do in the world, most professions that we have are absolutely necessary for society. In your life, you can do it in a mindful, compassionate and aware way, or you can do it in a selfish and, closed way as well. And what mindfulness and meditation does, is they help you go about your life in a way that is a little more aware, a little more awake, hopefully a little more patient, a little more happy. And that awareness part, which I think we're going to talk a bit about, particularly in the context of real estate, is that's part of the thing that really helps you interact skillfully with whatever you're dealing with professionally or personally or both. Tell us how you started on this whole journey with mindfulness and meditation. I remember coming home one night. I sat down on my couch and I looked around at this big empty apartment that I had. And I was like, I'm not happy. This sucks. My life, it sucks. And the thing is that it's not anybody else's fault. I had this realization that my life was the way I had chosen to make it. I decided to try and figure out some way to make better decisions in my life. And the way I would describe it now is what I was really looking to do was I was seeking, I was seeking center. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said to go to the bookstore, because bookstores were a thing back then, and go to the self-help section and read all the book titles. Choose two of the book titles that resonate with you and buy them. And I went up this self-help section, and I was looking at the different book titles and none of them were really speaking to me. And right next to the self-help section was the Eastern religion section. And there were a bunch of books on Buddhism and meditation. And I just found myself in this section. And I was looking through and I found this book and it was called Buddhism, Plain and Simple by a guy named Steve Hagen, who is a Zen guy from Minnesota. I took it home and I read it–and it was everything that I thought about the universe, my place in it, and the way the world works and the way we work as human beings to me – all of it was outlined in this book. And it was this thing called meditation or Buddhism or both. And from the moment I finished this book, I was like, I have to know more about this meditation stuff. Do you ever introduce meditation and mindfulness to your clients? I don't proselytize the meditation stuff in my real estate practice. I'm hoping that people who are open – that this thinking resonates with them – will track me down and say, “Hey, let's talk about working together.” And then we can do a little bit of mindfulness meditation prior to a showing, which is one of the things that I do offer to anybody who's interested. It's so easy. And especially if you're looking at six properties in a row, 15 minutes at a time, it's very easy for details to get jumbled up together…to miss details. For instance, in New York City, there are certain apartments where you can feel the subway rumble right underneath your feet. But it's very easy to miss that. I've seen so many people miss that. I had an apartment that was that listing. It was every few minutes, the 6 train rolled by, or the 4, 5, or both would roll by. And you would feel the rumble in this low first floor apartment, and yet so few people actually noticed that. And the ability to take a breath and have a little silence and relax into that moment is the kind of thing where it helps you not miss details. Thanks for sharing Cary! There’s so much more with Cary in this week’s podcast episode. For more from Cary Tamura visit:

SECRET POWER: Give Meditation a Chance

For people who might be thinking they may finally want to give meditation a try or for those that have tried--and want to give it another go, is there a specific practice or way that you practice your meditation?

Yes. So the kind of meditation that I typically practice and teach is a mindfulness awareness hybrid meditation, which is to learn to sit in place. I typically do it with my eyes open, although sometimes I start out with my eyes closed. I work on relaxing my body, after a few minutes, once I've relaxed my body a little bit, I try to maintain a light attention on my breath and a greater awareness of the space. I notice the feeling of the breath without changing it. And then the awareness part, or the passion part, is sitting and being aware of the space around you. And as you develop your awareness, it also comes to being aware of what's happening in your mind as well.

As I sit what I do is I try to keep that light attention on the breath, 30% of my attention is on my breath and 70% of my attention on my awareness of the space of what's happening in the moment.

And what's interesting is when you do that, you realize very quickly how easy it is to get distracted. And then the instruction is when you notice that you're distracted, usually it means that you're thinking about something that either hasn't happened yet or has happened in the past, you're having some kind of mental chatter in your head. So when you notice that you're chattering away and that you're distracted from the present, just notice it, let it go and bring your attention back to the breath and back to the present. And that's it in a nutshell.

Remember the key is to just sit. And keep returning, keep coming back. Notice when you're distracted and then keep coming back to the present as a mental curl, you're strengthening your mind's ability to be present.

THE DOWNLOAD: Focus + Make Your Dreams Come True

This week, Robyn shares her download, which synchronistically relates to both the energy of full moon this week, as well as how Robyn and Karen were instinctually and intuitively feeling. Love the validation.

Hopefully this download from Spirit will resonate with you as well! Let's travel out of the Earth's plane. There is so much to discuss. As we look back at the Earth, we realize the grandness of the Universe and we can see the big picture. We can use the energy that is truly everywhere and harness it to create the life you are meant to live. Think of yourself looking down at Earth. What are your Earthly worries? Write them down.Then rip that paper up. You got it out of your system. Now write down your wishes. Let’s keep this list. And remember for a moment that you are way outside and above the Earth looking down and acknowledging that you are a powerful energetic being that can harness this energy to focus on your wishes, rather than using that energy on that piece of paper that you ripped up. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have Earthy worries, but you don’t have to give them the amount of attention that you “think” that you need to. Problem solve. Come up with a plan to deal with the issues and then refocus on the dreams and desires the you wish to focus on…that bring your joy rather than pain, worry, guilt. The more you focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want, the more you will get what you want. They ask that I share my story of my recent strip to Sedona, Arizona. As I started a full day of hiking amidst magical vortexes of the Earth, I sat on a cactus. For real. I can laugh about it now, but those first few moments were painful and a little scary--as I’ve never sat on a cactus before. LOL. It hurts!! I had to decide in that moment how I would respond and carry on with my day. Thanks to Shaman Jim (our guide for the day) and my hubby, I was able to get many of the needles out with a tweezer (thanks to Shaman Jim) and our eyesight. (And yess I had to bare my butt on Cathedral Rock…quite unforgettable.) I then made the decision that this would not ruin the 6 more hours we had of hiking, meditating and reconnecting with each other, the Earth and our souls. Shaman Jim said you can choose what you want to focus on, the pain or the experience and the beauty around you. I chose the latter and I’m so grateful that I did. While I was in some pain, it didn’t take away from the magical day that revealed itself to me. The revelations that I made and the reconnection were and are soul inspiring. I tell you this story so that you can see that you have a choice in every moment on what you put your attention to — what you focus on. What will choose to focus on today? This hour? This moment? What will be on that wish list? And what will you choose tomorrow? Now back to Earth with the reminder that the entire Universe of energy has your back--and wants to help you achieve those wishes. Use that this week. With all of the love imaginable we wish you well.


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