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How's May shaping up for you? We're finding it feels FULL and non-stop! Do you feel that way too?

Clarity is abundant – which just feels GOOD. However, with so much going on all at once, we're finding it imperative to use all of our Seeking Center resources to stay grounded, focused and present. And to be GRATEFUL.


Mercury is out of retrograde!! Can you hear us jumping up and down? This past weekend had the last rumblings of the communications ridiculousness and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Woohoo!

We’re entering the last week of Taurus and our go-to astrologer and Soul Blueprint Alchemist, Stevie Calista reminds us that Taurus asks us, “What do we need in the material world to feel safe?” She says, “Maybe you had to face not feeling safe in your body? Maybe you had to face where you crave more security? Maybe you had to reexamine your spending habits or money situation?” This rings true for us!

And now we have a monumental shift happening within Taurus this week! According to Stevie, “Jupiter the planet of expansion, abundance, and truth moves into Taurus where it will live for the rest of the year and into 2024.” We haven’t had this particular transit in 12 years.

Stevie says, “While Jupiter was in Aries we questioned our individual truth, our independence. We grew on the level of self. You may have started something new, pioneering a new path in your life. While Jupiter was in Aries we were a bit more brave, we were a bit more willing to chart unknown territory.

Jupiter in Taurus manifests what we started in Aries into the material world. Take what you started and stay determined, keep working, manifest your ideas into the real world. Jupiter in Taurus will bring us closer to the material world. Taurus stands its ground and doesn’t give up.”

We also have a New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 19. Set intentions to bring what you started into being. Harness this stellar energy!

Getting Unstuck: Free Yourself from What Other People Think

For those that listened to our latest episode with Lizzi Cutler -- we announced that we'd be offering a transformative series to help you get unstuck. It's here! It's time to say buh-bye to the fear of being judged and start living as your spectacular self! The offering will be FREE, virtual and we'll be live with Lizzi this Friday, May 19 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We can’t wait to work with and experience it with all of you. RSVP NOW.

Please join us for a special online workshop with Wishbeads Founder Alexa Fischer.A Wishcircle is a live online workshop that happens via Zoom. We'll get together, breathe together, meditate together, and make wishes together.

Alexa will lead us through a visualization where you can see, feel, and experience your life as if your wish has already come true. You'll be surrounded by others (and us!), just like you who are ready to make their wishes come true—and ready to support you and cheer you on! Learn more + Register.

Here are a few truths that we know for sure. We all live on this planet together and we’re all a part of Mother Earth. Even though we're spiritual beings, we chose to have this human experience right now on this planet. And so how we take care of this larger home that we call Earth matters if we care about ourselves and each other. We've all heard of the term “sustainable living,” and many of us are doing what we can to take better care of our planet and therefore humanity. However, what does that term really mean and what more can we be doing? On this week's podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome our friend Rory Rubin, co-founder and CEO of S.I. Container Builds, a company that produces functional and cost friendly living and working spaces in recycled shipping containers. Yep, we said, shipping containers! We're going to discuss how that even works, as well as the why. We’re talking to Rory about why this is an attractive alternative for promoting sustainability in our home spaces, as well as how it became the inspiration for her business. Plus, Rory gives us all ways we can show more love to Mother Earth and ourselves. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Rory, this is such an innovative way of approaching the idea of “home” because you offer creative, practical, and beautiful spaces while thinking about the planet. So tell us, why shipping containers? Rory Rubin: It’s a great question with a very practical answer. There are 23 million shipping containers on this planet that are sitting around rusting away. It's a real problem! This is partially because the U.S. is an import-driven country. Everything comes over from overseas, but they don't ship these containers back to their ports of origin. It is cheaper for them to make a container again than to ship them back. Coming from an architectural and construction family, this became my opportunity and passion for serving a real need as well as helping the planet. It also meets the sustainability piece that I love. It fits that whole genre of doing something good with something that otherwise is going to waste. R+K: Tell us a little more about what the sustainability piece means to you and how did that fit into your “S.I. dream?” Rory: The “S.I.” in our company name stands for Sustainable Imprints. So at our core, everything we do is around sustainability. Over the last ten to fifteen years, the word sustainable has become a buzzword that means something different to everybody. The premise of the word means “to coexist” in thinking about the environment, our economy and society. This is also the idea of “tiny living” and doing less with more. If you think about your own home and how much potentially wasted space you have… hallways and little nooks and things that we decorate that we really don't need. I think when people realize they need a lot less, they utilize the spaces much more efficiently. A lot of people are looking at that simplification, and this just gives them an inspiring way to do it because then they can not only have this beautiful space, but it can be a space that does good for the earth. R+K: Can you talk about your inspiration moment that motivated you to start this business? Rory: I laugh because I started off as a clinical social worker and then I went into management consulting. I woke up at 48 and I looked at my husband and I said, “I want to start a business. I'm having a midlife crisis!” And he's like, “Oh my gosh, here we go..” On a family level, I looked at our lives and knew that we would be wanting to live smaller at some point. I really began to think a lot about the idea of home. How do you define a home and what does it mean? And to me, it doesn't mean stuff. It means an environment that just feels really good. R+K: From a soul level, did you ever think that you would be an entrepreneur who’d be out there helping the planet? Rory: Absolutely not! We just started off just thinking about this as being a very creative way to live. And then realizing that it's not just creative, it's actually meaningful. It’s giving people the legacy of home. Of giving people a space that shapes their daily lives and how they feel. R+K: Rory, thank you for following through the inspiration of your vision! It takes a lot of belief, hard work and persistence to carry out such a big dream! MORE FROM RORY You can find out more about working with Rory and see some of their builds at You can also check them out on.Instagram @SIContainerBuilds

SECRET POWER: Building Your Own Dream

Do you dream about launching your own product or starting a business? If you feel like your soul is whispering to you to follow your dream and you’re looking for a little “how to” help, here are a few suggestions from Rory on how to take your big idea to the next level. 1. Find Your People: When Rory launched S.I., she admitted that it was daunting on many levels, but particularly working in a very male dominant industry. “Finding women who have either paved the way ahead of me or the mentors that I have put into place in my lives has been a huge piece of my world, as well as my husband, Dan. Having people that know you well enough to support you, even when you're not supporting yourself, is probably really what it took for me to get me this far.” So note to self, don’t be afraid to reach out to ask for help from experts and create a support system that you can count on. 2. Raise Your Hand: “You can't be afraid to ask questions,” Rory says. “If you're shy or an introvert, use the internet to talk with people. The only way to be successful is to learn from other people, because most likely someone has done it before and has some experience. You're not supposed to know it all.” 3. Trust Yourself: “At the end of the day,” Rory says, “you just have to let go and trust yourself. Just dig in and go on that journey and be on that ride and realize at times it's hard and there are moments you're going to wonder why you did in the first place. And then you have those joyous moments that keep you going knowing that you are doing what you’ve been called to do.” Rory, thank you for all that you are doing for the planet, and for the encouragement that you’ve given us to explore and trust where those moments of inspiration can lead us.

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Manifest + Receive

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week's our downloads were once again in sync and remind us the power to manifest is within us and all is possible! ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Abundance is your birthright. You are deserving of all the goodness you can imagine. Don't doubt that even if you don't see it tangibly showing up right at this moment. Know that if you desire to be of light and of service -- all that you need and dream of will come your way. You need to trust. And you can start small to earn the trust of the Universe. Ask for small things to cross your path and start to see that you are capable of manifesting and receiving what you need. Our messages this week also have to do with the river of goodness coming your way. There is so much positivity coming. We've been sifting through the darkness and the light is starting to come through and it will be rushing through -- so much so that you may feel overwhelmed by the energy coming. Remember to stay grounded. You need to keep yourself grounded to the earth as the energy comes in. Remember to breathe. Remember to move your body. It's like whatever was blocking the energetic river was finally removed -- it is unclogged and all can resume. What is it that you have been holding back from doing? What seemed impossible? Possibility is now extremely present. What opportunities are coming your way? Are you open to seeing them? What part of your life feels like it needs a reboot? Focus so that you are not overwhelmed. Talk to others...join don't need to do anything alone. This is the time to find the other like minded souls to accomplish what your soul came here to do. Be open. Be on the lookout. Listen for the sounds and the whispers -- the package may be different than you imagined, yet the heart and soul will be familiar. It is exciting. Transformation is possible. Love is possible. It starts with believing in yourself. You are always guided and cherished. You are a miracle. Listen for the rhythm of Mother Earth -- she will never steer you wrong. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Have you heard the expression, “Put Yourself In Receiving Mode”? It is often talked about within the subject of manifestation. Manifestation is a big word for many. It feels like the reward for doing the work of your soul intentions. It can also be a place where we get stuck because of fear. Fear of being unworthy. Fear of the ripple effects that may come if we get what we ask for. Fear of the realization of the power of our thoughts. Fear of what will happen if we fully step into the knowing that we truly are the creators of everything we experience. Manifestation can be all of those things. And it is true that these very feelings can shift or delay the outcome of what we wish for. So knowing this, how do we put ourselves in a place where we can lovingly and peacefully receive everything that matches our truest hearts desires? The answer is to take a deep breath, and just say yes. And then let any expectation of any results…let them go. Send them lovingly, unconditionally out into the universe. As you visualize what you are wanting, or the outcome of a certain situation, forget the actions of what it might take to acquire what you envision. Instead, lean into this feeling of the most perfect receiving of it, from the perspective of your most balanced, truest self. Is it possible for you to release the expectation of what others might think of you in this new state of being? Can you feel the true meaning for you within this new realm of consciousness? Can you shine a light on yourself that embraces this truest YOU within this experience - that reflects the manifestation of the love that you really are? You came into this lifetime for this! THIS!! To tell this story. To walk this path. To triumph. To know that you are powerful and that there is nothing you cannot do, have or overcome. So. Just for today. Lean into the hero that you are. Big or small, whatever it is you may be wanting. Know it is really, REALLY POSSIBLE! And that putting yourself in receiving mode is only about saying yes, with the full knowing that you are MORE THAN WORTHY. This is the story that you have come to do in this life. You are in charge of the narrative at all times. It’s good to add drama and emotion and suspense to it. It is what makes your experience deep and true. It is what makes your story WORTH telling! And here is the secret. The ending will never be the ending. And you can rewrite, edit and change it any time you choose. Ahhhh….that is putting yourself in a place of receiving! So just for today. BE YOUR STORY. Row, row, row your boat, GENTLY down the stream. You are the vessel and captain of your own LIFE and we are your crew. Here to support you wherever your compass leads. Manifest is just another word for “receive.” So Receive all you chose with love. Because you are loved and unconditionally loved always.


May 16: The New Type of Home: Good for You + Mother EarthWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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