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the mind, body, home connection with sabrina soto

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Own Your Choices. As we continue on in Aries season, we are focused on who we are…and using this particular Aries season’s energy to move ideas into action.

As we reflect on ourselves, the team at Seeking Center has been discussing the power that we have in our own lives each and every day.We are able to make our own choices on a daily basis. If you are reading this newsletter, you are too. We are fortunate. We may not be conscious of it, but we have the opportunity to make a choice at almost every moment of our day. They can be seemingly little choices (think what you’re eating for breakfast, sleeping an extra five minutes, answering a text), or choices that feel monumental (where to live, quitting your job, starting a new relationship). Whatever the choice may be, it’s your choice. Take responsibility for it. So often we make excuses to both ourselves or to others for the choices we make. When you take ownership, you claim more of your beautiful self. You declare that you are the one who is walking your walk through this life. You learn from each choice that you make. Remember that. All of our choices may not be “perfect,” but they are our choices…and they lead us on our own unique path. How does it get better than that?

Another note for this week, while the sun remains in Aries, Venus, the planet of relationships, moves through Pisces starting today through May 2. According to Madi Murphy, co-founder of CosmicRX, "We all have a chance to experience more magic and miracles in our relationships, finances, and sense of self-worth and belonging. "Venus in Pisces feels like the energy of falling in love on vacation — everything can feel extra charmed and magical, but we also have to ask ourselves: Am I really in love with this person or is it just the sunshine, palm trees, and frozen rosé talking?" Murphy says that while this transit can be beautiful and healing, we must practice discernment and energy protection.

Again, it comes back to owning your choices. :-)


You know when you meet someone and instantly know that they're family? In this week’s Seeking Center Podcast, we sit down with Sabrina Soto, who is without a doubt, one of our soul sisters. You may know her from her show The High Low Project on HGTV and most recently her show Secret Celebrity Home Renovation on CBS. It’s her belief that any space you live in can and should be a representation of who you are regardless of budget. Sabrina is the queen of all things: holistic living, wellness and DIY. She is also deeply spiritual and a fellow seeker. Sabrina is also on a mission to share and inspire everything that she learns to lead a more fulfilling life with others.

Sabrina, how did you know that you wanted to do something around home or food? How did that come into your world?

Sabrina: Home is so important to me for a really big reason. Growing up we went from being financially comfortable to being so poor that I would have to break into my neighbor's homes to get food. My mom would wake up early to turn on the oven because it was the only heat we had in the house. It went from being great to horrible, and no one in my school knew how poor we were. My mom always taught me that no matter how little we have in our bank account, you could still have a beautiful well-kept home. And it really is true. Even if you only have a chair and a table, your house can be clean, and you can make little touches to make it personalized.

So growing up and seeing that and seeing it exercised in real-time has become a passion for me to share that

with other people. I would never say I'm a “frou-frou” designer. Every show that I've ever had on HGTV has been about budget design. Anybody could buy a $10,000 couch and make it look good. It's about buying the $500 couch, finding the right toss pillows and the right throw and making it beautiful.

Can we talk about your definition of what holistic wellness is? How do you integrate that into your life?

Sabrina: For me, it's mind, body, soul. I take care of this meat suit and the things that I put in my body…like the food that I consume, the things that I drink…I want to make sure that it's serving me. I try to meditate every day. I try to be mindful in my daily life of being present because I am a Cuban Capricorn who completely future-casts everything in my life. Being a creative actually sometimes can get crazy because then I create all these crazy stories of what's going to happen. None of them are true. So just staying present, and being in the moment is something that I practice a lot.

That’s so important! Staying present and “listening” for what the universe might be telling us can be so challenging. What helps you?

Sabrina: Yes, it’s true. One thing I love to do is use quotes to inspire me. I have quotes all over my work area to remind me. There's one quote that I love that reads: “when you're on the right path, the universe will conspire to help you.” (by Paulo Coelho) Another one is “Don't worry about the how, that is not your business, that's the universe’s business.” Be in the space where you are and release the thoughts of how it will come to you. Because whatever you think is the solution, might be much smaller than what the universe had in mind.

Yes! Love that Sabrina!

Sabrina's Go-To Face Cleansers

For those that listen to the podcast, you can find the face oils that Sabrina mentions as part of her daily ritual here:

Season Two of Secret Celebrity Renovation comes back July 16th on CBS. You can stream the first season on Paramount Plus and you can subscribe to Sabrina's podcast, Redesigning Life, wherever you listen to podcasts. Sabrina shares daily guidance for all aspects of living on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

SECRET POWER: The Energy in “Stuff” + The Self-Talk Experiment

This week we have two for you!


Want an even bigger reason to purge during Spring-cleaning season?

Sabrina: I would say eight out of 10 people who are listening to this podcast have too much stuff and clutter. I know this is going to sound woo woo, so brace yourselves, but it is the things that you're keeping around that you no longer need, that are no longer serving you, that are weighing your energy down. So that sweater that you haven't worn in four years, that is completely dusty. The Valentine's day card, your crappy ex gave you 15 years ago, get rid of it.

Robyn: It's energy.

Sabrina: Yes, energy.

Robyn: And so you have love letters from someone else while you're sleeping next to your fiance. Obviously you're not consciously thinking of that, but just removing that is going to make the relationship lighter, it's going to make your home lighter.

Karen: I always think about the unseen stuff. Like the things in the basement are like taking up all that space or your attic or stuffed in your drawers. all of that stuff is adding to that. Almost blocking your energy in a way.

Sabrina: You can probably make money if you have valuable things that you want to sell. And you know what? You'll never miss it.

So, clearing clutter is a super power! It’s free and you can change the energy all around you.


How is what you're saying to yourself or even thinking, impacting your whole being?

Sabrina suggests doing this experiment based on Masaru Emoto's water experiment.

Take two flowers and put them in two different rooms. Make sure they have the same amount of water and will receive the same amount of sunlight. Over the next few days to a week, speak poorly to one flower and speak nicely to the other flower. See which one wilts the fastest.

It’s astonishing. You can tangibly see how your words and energy impact something in the physical world.

And then think about how you talk to yourself. Are you speaking nicely to yourself or poorly? See how the flower reacts – and then apply that to your mind, body and soul. If you aren’t loving to yourself, how is this impacting your overall being? Can you commit to speaking with love and kindness to yourself?

And, make sure to take a look at Masaru Emoto’s work with water.

THE DOWNLOAD: Now is the time!

This week, as we set our intention for our download, the theme that came through was about the power we have “in the now.” As much as we feel the stress and expectations of life, letting go and being present (as we also heard from Sabrina) also opens us up to the possibilities of receiving even more that the universe is wanting to give to us.

Full downloads are here for you below. As always, we know that these messages are as much for us, as everyone reading our newsletter. We hope you’ll find a nugget of inspiration that speaks directly to you.

KAREN'S DOWNLOAD: You Are in the Here + Now

The first words Karen heard in her download were “You are in the here and now.”

And you’ll see in Robyn’s, the theme, “now is the time” came through numerous times.

You are in the here and now. A golden sunrise is about to come up over the horizon. You are light and the light is ready to connect with you and create a golden orb that will illuminate the world.

Be not of the world as you dream your dreams. It is as if your whole being is hovering just above the earth - in it, but not connected to it. The ritual of waiting is a practice. It is a letting go. Be in a relaxed state of grace as there is no time.

You are a yearner. Your energy is strong and unwavering. Don’t allow what isn’t seen to be your evidence that it isn’t there. Feel the knowing expectation that your intention will find manifestation. Do the dance of life as the light rises. Be in the body just for the joy of it - knowing that your spirit is never confined. Trust in this evidence - that your soul IS - Time is not real. You were born at the exact right time of your choosing - you are in control and yet there is no control - only the vast allowing that your being has always known and always will know.

Your fortune has been written by your intentions. Your beautiful light that is on the rise.

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD: The Universe Has Your Back

We meet again.

I am shown the Yellow Brick road and linking arms to get to Emerald City. I am reminded that the journey is the point, not the destination.

Now is the time.

There is so much momentum right now. The Universe truly has your back. You can achieve just about anything right now because you are being backed by the Universe.

Ask yourself what would make your heart sing?

What would make you excited to get up every day?

Do an inventory on yourself.

Do an assessment on you.

For every single person this wish will be different. If you believe it, feel it — and take actions to work towards it, it will happen.

If you believe and feel it and start putting the steps to do it —just about anything is possible.

Don’t be tied to the exact outcome you think needs to be achieved, be clear about the feeling of what you want.

Be clear about your intention and wish. Speak it to someone else. It adds more energy to it and will make it happen more powerfully.

Community matters.

Lock arms and move forward

You can leap far if you know where you are giong

You don’t have to know where you’ll end up - you just need to know the next step.

Set your focus on that and jump.

Now we’re skipping down the Yellow Brick Road.

Picture yourself being grounded both to the Earth and also with your head to the sky. Receive energy from both the ground and Mother Earth and also with energy all around you.

Know that what you ask with conviction and belief, will happen.

And you don’t need to do it alone. We aren’t meant to be alone.

There are soul friends to help.

Do the work and be unwavering. Just map out that next step and make this leap. The energy right now is like wormhole energy, it doesn’t happen frequently and now is the time.

Always remember that the Universe has your back. You are being asked to harness the power of where you are, right in the moment. Set your intentions for all that you want, and all you can be. We can’t wait to hear all that comes your way.


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We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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