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the meditation breakthrough for non-meditators

THE PULSE: Summer Lovin'


Ok, somehow we're approaching the official end of Summer and it's making us want to spend every minute that we can outside. Isn't that the truth? Even though for most of us it will be warm for a while longer -- having the end seem near makes us appreciate the present even more. It's a perfect analogy for life! Make the most of each day NOW. Don't wait until it feels too late! Follow your heart and soul...or at least start to explore what fulfills you TODAY.

You're reading this on purpose at this very moment. What is it that you most want to do? What would it take to do it? Begin to explore that answer. Use Seeking Center for inspiration and guidance. Let's make it feel more like summer all year round.


We're entering Virgo season on Wednesday, August 23, which is the same day that we start our third Mercury's retrograde of the year. Interesting enough, Virgo is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication -- so it should make for an even more "interesting" retrograde cycle.

When it comes to Mercury retrograde which will last until Friday, September 15, you've probably heard that communication overall may be wonky and to be weary of buying new electronics or signing certain contracts during this time. If you do need to sign anything, just be sure to read the fine print. And while it's not suggested to start anything new, it is a good time to pick up a project that has been in the works, bring it to fruition and prepare for new beginnings!

Refinery 29's forecast, also says "you may suddenly change your mind about something you previously thought was set in stone. If that happens, release the need to control everything and simply allow yourself to start over."


In our next free session together, we’re focusing on unapologetically stepping into the light of your truest self. We're tackling the fear of being confident. It's time for you to be your boldest self. No more hiding your awesomeness. Our work together will have you unabashedly being who you really are.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release old energy (that you didn't even know you are carrying around)! It's time to live your best life yet!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, September 15 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW. Miss our previous sessions or want to experience it again? Getting Unstuck: Free Yourself from What Other People Think Getting Unstuck: Take Your Power Back Getting Unstuck: You Are Not Broken Getting Unstuck: Clear the Way to Get Everything You Want

LATEST PODCAST: The Meditation Breakthrough for Non-Meditators

Meet Ashley Wray. She is the founder and CEO of Mala Collective which works with artisans from Bali, India and Nepal to create beautiful and powerful products supporting a mindfulness and meditation practice. The inception of it is a story in and of itself that we'll be it is a mindfulness resource for all of us. Seriously, we had never used a Mala and now understand the power! It may be just what you need to make meditation work for you.

Ashley is also a sought after meditation and mindfulness coach for high performers. She helps C-suite incorporate mindfulness into their roles to reduce stress, prevent burnout, build confidence, and create clarity for decision-making and effective leadership. Ashley partners with companies including TED, Google, and VaynerX to bring wellness to corporate settings as well as universities, recently teaching at Oxford Saïd Business School in collaboration with the Institute for Real Growth.

Ashley leads you through a simple and short, yet impactful meditation during this episode...and she's sharing easy practices that may make a huge difference in your everyday life.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Ashley, you went from a journalist to a meditation coach – it’s quite the leap! What role did serendipity play in the launching of the Mala Collective?

Ashley Wray: Most people think I started this business because I was so in love with a practice of mindfulness meditation. But the reality is I had never sat and done a meditation before! It actually scared the life out of me that I would be doing it wrong!

When I went to Bali, I fell in love with Mala Beads. I thought they were so beautiful! I bought a whole bunch of them when I was flying from Bali to Thailand, and this beautiful woman came up to me and said, “I love your aura. Can I sit and talk to you?” She ended up being the woman that made the very same mala beads that we had bought while on the island!

That moment of serendipity completely transformed me and changed my life path. And while I do appreciate and love that story, it’s also about the realization of how much one meeting of two souls can change your life. And it's the trust and the surrendering to let it unfold into what it's meant to be.

That’s what meditation is all about. And that's how my life shifted from being a journalist into meditation and mindfulness.

R+K: Tell us more about Mala Beads. What are they and what is the tradition behind them?

Ashley: The intention behind a Mala is rooted in Buddhism and in Hinduism. It's a physical, tactile tool that you use in meditation to hold your focus and your attention. Visualize a string of 108 beads with a tassel on one end that looks very similar to a rosary.

When your mind starts to wander in meditation, we use the Mala Beads to come back to this thing in our fingers, in our hands. We turn each bead. Inhale. Exhale. Turn the bead. Inhale. Exhale. And when you go all the way around back to the tassel, that symbolizes a full meditation.

So Mala is this thing that you can hold to ground you and bring you back to the present moment over and over again. And it’s such a special way to connect beauty and intentionality and practice.

R+K: It sounds like at its basics, meditation is really all about giving yourself the space and time to just listen to your inner self, right?

Ashley: Absolutely, that is it! I believe we already know deep down everything that we need to know. We already know our purpose. We know what we need to do. We know how we want to feel, who we want to be, how we want to show up, how we want to be seen, what we believe we're worthy of.

I think meditation creates that space for us to listen to that.

R+K: Ashley thank you! And for those who may have seen the term meditation when they saw this episode and thought, “I can't do that,” you’ve now been introduced to a beautiful practice and new way to start!


SECRET POWER: The Powerful Journaling Practice You Have to Start

Ashley Wray is sharing her practical wisdom to set up a post mediation journaling practice you will want to keep. This simple exercise can help enhance meditation benefits by capturing inspired thoughts, feelings and “aha moments!” as well. Ashley Wray: “After I complete my meditation practice, I do 10 minutes of gratitude journaling and 10 minutes of reflective journaling. Here’s how I set that up: The left page in my journal is dedicated to gratitude. My right page is dedicated to my reflections. LEFT PAGE = GRATITUDE With my gratitude page, I write out the things that I am grateful for. It can be free flowing, run on sentences or bullet points.If you’re feeling grumpy or not in the mood to be doing gratitude, your gratitude list can start with more generic, physical objects around you.

  • I'm grateful for this coffee.

  • I'm grateful for this chair.

  • I'm grateful for my home.

  • I'm grateful for my friends.

It can also include more specific people, experiences and reflections:

  • I’m grateful that [insert name] remembered my birthday

  • I’m grateful that [insert name] was able to have lunch with me today

And if you’re feeling expansive, it can also include the harder things to be grateful for like:

  • I'm grateful that I went through that really hard breakup

  • I’m grateful for that huge thing that I thought that I wanted that didn't come true for me.”

Ashley reminds us that the benefits of gratitude extend well beyond what we capture in our journals. “I do think the beautiful thing about gratitude is that it shifts us into a mindset of possibility and opportunity and abundance.” RIGHT PAGE = REFLECTION For the reflection exercise, Ashley suggests pulling one thing out of the gratitude page and writing about it for 10 minutes. “Often we seek out others for advice for ourselves but I do believe we know best about who we really are and what we need to do. This part of the practice really allows that inner voice within ourselves to speak.” So much needed wisdom does indeed come from ourselves! Thank you Ashley for showing us this simple practice to help us hear these inner truths that want to speak to us.


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week, Robyn shares messages to light your way. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD There is so much light guiding you on the path that you are meant to walk. You just have to be open to looking for the signs that constantly pointing you in the direction that is most aligned with your highest good. If you are reading this then you are open to looking for signs and have the awareness that you have support. As you look for the light a the path, know that the light resides within you as ell. You are a light Being. So remember to BE light. Life isn’t meant to feel so heavy. You may say that you are burdened with too much responsibility or tragedy or illness, and we hear you. We do not say that all of that does not matter, however you have the capability to approach all with love and with your light. It does not mean it all goes away…however the more you choose to use your lightness, you will attract more light and the burdens will lighten as well. You have this power within you and have the ability to attract it all around you. Take little steps each day to BE light, to feel light, to spread light. Picture light coming from within and radiating out of you. In that moment you are attracting light back to you. Add in a smile with it…even at times that feel tremendously dark, you can be your own light and attract the light and the guidance that you seek. It’s all within, you must believe it to be so. We will show you the way. Ask for signs as well. You may be surprised at how they show up. Let’s have fun with it together. Remember you chose to be where you are right now. You chose to have this human experience. It is a soul gift. You are innately made of love and of light. Imagine that everyone is made from love and light. That may blow your mind. You may observe that not everyone lives from that place of love and light at this time…that is to be expected during this experience — however you know better because you have chosen to seek the more and to awaken to your light…that is why you are reading this right now. You are choosing to be more of you who really are. We will continue to show you the true essence of magnificent you. We can see your beautiful light and hope you can see it too.


JULY 25: The Adventure Your Soul Has Been Waiting For AUGUST 1: Calling All Empaths: Release the Hidden Emotions That Are Holding You Back AUGUST 8: Mystical Experiences Explained: Spiritual Portals, Realms, Timelines + Astral Travel AUGUST 15: Messages from Your Angels + Spirit Guides: How to Tune In AUGUST 22: The Meditation Breakthrough for Non-MeditatorsWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you. Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about? Email us: And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial. And, get to know us better.

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