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the magic of tea + tarot

THE PULSE: Notice the Good


We've all had a very intense few weeks. The energy has been heavy -- and at times overwhelming or confusing. You or someone you know may be working through a sudden life-changing event. We know this to be true in our own lives -- in a way that has felt different than the rest of 2022.


The uplifting news is that the energy is monumentally shifting this week! Life should start feeling lighter, with more breathing room and momentum. Bring on this Sagittarius season full of good vibes -- and a New Moon that is perfect for manifesting and staring anew.

It feels divinely aligned with American Thanksgiving -- a time where many people pause to celebrate gratitude. We love to think of gratitude as the act of noticing the good in your life. For each of us, the barometer of what is “good” in our lives may change from day to day, hour to hour or moment by moment. However, if you create a gratitude practice and see the good throughout every day, how much better will your life be? It’s contagious in the best way possible!

At a time where things may feel daunting, this is the week to to choose to be begin your gratitude practice (if you don't already!). What is bringing you joy on a daily basis? Focus on that. Choose to celebrate whatever it is that brings a smile to your face -- even if it feels small. It is something! If you're fortunate enough to be with family or friends this week -- let them know how meaningful it is to be together. We don't always take these opportunities to show our appreciation -- so use the positive energy of this week and spread gratitude. It feels INCREDIBLE.

We'll start!! We are forever grateful for YOU. Thank you for reading our weekly email. Thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for BEING.

And for this week, we are also extremely grateful to Heather Wright Fitzgerald, the owner and creator of Tea + Tarot. Ohhhh, the power you are going to uncover from these two mighty forces. Listen now or read more below.

On this week's podcast, we're honored to introduce you to Heather Wright Fitzgerald, who is the owner of Tea and Tarot. It's a small business located in Madison, CT, with mighty and far reaching energy. So much so, that we came across Tea and Tarot via Social and became obsessed with their offerings, readings and newsletter.

Heather is an herbal wellness coach and a tarot practitioner. Yep! She blends these two passions together with the goal of leading you towards greater wisdom about your life's journey. While she sells many selections of herbal teas, it is the combination of a traditional tarot card reading with herbal tea or flower essence that allows you to take the energy of your reading and feel it on a daily basis. We had to find out more about the power of tea -- and tarot, and the journey behind this magical shop. Here are some highlights from our powerful conversation: ROBYN + KAREN: Heather, what is your definition of a herbalist? HEATHER: There's a wide range of ways that people use that word. I feel that the word herbalist is reserved for somebody who spent a very long time studying. I'm very new in my journey, and my herbal education is ongoing. I use “herbal wellness coach” because I'm a certified health coach with an herbalist twist. There are thousands of plants out there. There are so many different ways to work with them safely, and there's so many different things they can do for our body, as well as possible contraindications with other medications. For some herbalists it’s “how do I make products?” For some, it's “how do I bring this home to my children and take care of my family?” For some, it's having an apothecary where you can meet with clients and do clinical type work. There are definitely a wide range of ways and paths that you can take with your herbal journey. And there's such a beautiful power in it! There are so many things that are right at our fingertips that we can use within our home that can support us depending on how we're feeling that day. It's very empowering when you realize that there's wisdom that our grandmothers and our great grandmothers knew that have been lost and we're trying to reclaim now. R+K: So tell us about how you blend tea and tarot into your readings. HEATHER: My specialty is herbal tarot. There are certain tarot decks that have herbal alignments with each one of the cards in the deck. So along with the tarot reading, I want to be able to offer a tea or flower essence or something that you can have to take with you after your reading. I've actually made it an intuitive practice. So while I'm sitting with you and I'm listening to everything that you're sharing with me, I'm also tuning into what would best support you energetically and spiritually. Intuitively, I know enough about the plants that there are just certain things that speak through. So by the time we get to the end of your reading, I usually have determined whether or not it should be a tea or a flower essence that would support you best. I ask first, and if you're okay with it, I then make the tea for you, or I make the flower essence for you to take with you. Then after everything that we've talked about you have a tool and an ally to support you beyond your reading. It’s a way for you take what we've talked about with you. So hopefully it'll have this very empowering and lasting effect beyond the time that we sit together. R+K: Can you talk about the power of tea? HEATHER: I fell in love with tea because it’s easy to make and there’s an art form to it. We, as herbal enthusiasts, believe that there are different personalities and attributes that each plant offers us based on where it grows, the color, even how it reproduces. All sorts of things will tell us a little bit about what it does energetically. I took my experience playing with different plants and thought not just about how they taste, but what kind I want to work with, depending on if I'm trying to support the physical, emotional or even spiritual body. I found that it became part of my daily ritual in thinking about what I needed each day to support myself. I actually teach a little class on how to do tea magic. One of the biggest pieces of that is asking the plant for its intended purpose to serve in the water, so that when you drink it, you're manifesting that type of energy. R+K: We love thinking about drinking tea as a ritual or a spiritual practice! HEATHER: It’s super magical. Especially because you can do it very easily each day. Many people think that any sort of ritual that they do has to be time consuming, and that you have to be super formal about it. This is such a simple practice and a beautiful way to kick off the day with whatever you need.

Find out more about Heather, and the offerings + tea from Tea and Tarot at You can also follow Heather across Social channels @theteatarotwitch and @teatarotboutique. Also, up-level your skills with Heather's "The Root of Tarot" course, the beginner Tarot course that will start your holistic tarot journey! Listen to the full episode.


Your Magic Potion: Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Heather has built part of her business on the magical art form of tea. She says brewing tea is “like baking where the subtle differences make the difference in how the tea tastes.” She has this down! Here's her advice for brewing your next cup of tea: 1. Know the Source: It’s really important to know what type of plant you're brewing. Black tea, green tea, white tea all have different brewing temperatures. Having a teapot that monitors and adjusts boiling temperatures is really impactful for how the flavor tastes. 2. Portions Matter: Less is more when it comes to tea. You only need a little bit. Usually the size of a traditional tea ball or roughly a teaspoon of tea per cup is enough. 3. Mind the Brew: You want to make sure that the water is hot enough. If you're doing root berries, anything that's rough or thick, you want the water to be hotter and you want it to sit longer. If you're doing something that has a lot of flowers, like Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, you don't want it to be quite as hot. And you actually want to pour high, so that it doesn't burn the flowers as the water hits the tea. 4. Quality Counts: Loose leaf tea is always better if you can get high quality plants. If you can grow them yourself and grab them from your garden, that's the best, or if you can get it from a local distributor. 5. Set Intention: Add your intention to the water as it infuses the tea, asking the plant for its intended purpose to serve in the water so that when you drink it, you're manifesting that type of energy.

Ahh Heather…we are definitely going to make the tea ritual part of our daily practice. For more of Heather’s special tea blends or to try one for yourself check out her website Tea and Tarot.

THE DOWNLOAD: Pre-Thanksgiving Wisdom

And oh how we love the synchronicities that come to us in our weekly downloads! It is as if the Universe is offering us some pre-Thanksgiving wisdom to help remind us to simply sit and embrace the knowing that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be in our lives, even if we don’t quite see the evidence of it…yet. Celebrate this season of gratitude and know that everything you seek is “on time, on purpose and ongoing.”


Release your connection to time and needing evidence of the unseen

What you seek is already real and manifested

You are only limited by the speed of this three-dimensional world

Where you are is not where you are going

It is temporary.

See? Already that last second is in the past and you are in the future!

Release your connection to all that seemingly “is”

It “is” not

Dance in the effortlessness of just being

Just breathing

And needing to know and see and experience the “evidence” of this dream

Be IN the journey

The dots are being connected effortlessly

Ease into the unfolding

Everything is exactly as it should be right in this very moment

It is part of what your soul intended coming into this lifetime

Visualize this all as you would a movie

You are the writer, actor and director staring in the leading role of your life

The joy, the fear, the challenges are all your triumph

What a story it is to tell!

And behind the scenes of it all is your team of soul guides

The lighting gaffers shining light

The makeup artists amplifying your beauty from the inside out

The dialogue coaches sending the inspiration of what to say

The producers who send in the experiences that create your inspirations and preferences

You are loved and lucky

You are never alone or off-track

Be like the runner who has chosen their daily frolic on their daily jog

The chosen path is never ill advised

It is all for the experience and the journey

What is prayer if it is not a good intention

And sending energy ahead from the cause to effect

It is powerful energy that is never wasted

Make it your daily practice.

On time, on purpose, ongoing.


You are supported and loved. Persevere. That is the word. Persevere. You have the ability to get whatever is needed done. We believe in you. You need to believe in you.

Hope is the other word for this week. You can find hope in every moment of every day. Hope lives within and all around us. You can turn that hope into knowing. Knowing that all will be done with your best interest in mind to serve your soul’s purpose. It may not seem that way at first, but know it is all with your best interest at heart.

Allow. Allow for the love, the healing, the promise to take place. Make room for it.

While you gather this week remember to take responsibility for the energy you bring to each moment, to each situation, to each room, to each call. How will you choose to show up?

We focus on gratitude this week — how can you show up with gratitude throughout each of your days this week? How can you approach even the most tenuous of situations with grace and gratitude? Challenge yourself.

How can you approach all of these concepts this week? Persevere, Hope, Knowing, Allowing, Energy, Gratitude? You are given opportunities each day.

Quiet the mind for moments in your day. Just for a moment. Listen to that inner voice or get in touch with that knowing — it’s always there. It’s your compass. It’s your own inner computer. It’s always talking to you. Pay attention.

We ask you to remember this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?” However you answer that question is the path you need to be on as you enter a new year.

Be well. Sending love.


NOVEMBER 22: The Magic of Tea + TarotWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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