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translate symptoms into healing

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

THE PULSE: Mid-Summer Check-In

Well here we are. We’re mid-summer and woah. Life has felt surreal and at the same time, certain aspects have had to carry on. In the Midwest, school starts well before Labor Day and therefore this past weekend was the halfway marker, which has always been a check in moment for me. How am I using the summer months to reconnect with myself? The Earth? My friends and family?

Nothing about this month has been normal — and so as I reflected on this halfway marker over the weekend…I feel motivated to help others heal and to take action to make our cities safer.

How are you using this summer so far?

And this week at Seeking Center, we take a moment to honor L Gray. The anniversary of her passing is on Friday, July 22. Her strength in life and willingness to teach us the power of Spirit continues to inspire us each and every day. For those that haven't read "Ravens + Rainbows, A Mother-Daughter Story of Grit, Courage and Love After Death," we highly suggest that you do. And you can also listen to our first of three episodes with L.'s mother Vanessa.


The Body Whisperer: A Medical Intuitive Translates Symptoms Into Truth & Healing

In this week's podcast, meet our friend, medical intuitive, energy healer and executive coach Christine Lang. She is a former attorney who discovered her intuitive and healing abilities as she pursued a cure for her own symptoms. Now Christine acts as a translator for a person’s spirit, helping people understand the messages that their spirits are sending them – through physical symptoms, patterns in their life and difficult relationships.

Christine provides guidance and healing so people can resolve issues and release stored tension, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to take over. So if you're looking for a more fulfilling job, healthier relationships, and improved health, you'll want to hear this conversation. Christine, first of all, the story of how you came to be a medical intuitive is fascinating, and our readers will have to listen to our podcast to get the full download on your story. For those who may not be familiar, can you explain why someone would come to work with a medical intuitive? Christine: The short answer to your question is it’s usually their symptoms that bring them to me. As a medical intuitive, I get some people who come because Western medicine can't figure out what their ailment is. For others, they may know what the diagnosis is, but the medicines they have to take have a lot of side effects that people don't want to deal with. Some people will come who have chronic pain or IBS (Irritated Bowel Syndrome) symptoms, food allergies and sensitivities or other chronic symptoms that Western medicine isn't really able to solve for. Others may come to me for what they call “migrating systems” which I think are actually intentional. My right shoulder might hurt, then it moves to my left hip, and the doctor's trying to pin it down and your spirit is saying, “No, no, no,” because they don't want us to just medicate over it. Now Western Medicine is great. If I'm in a car accident, don't take me to my acupuncturist, get me to the ER! But once you know what you're dealing with, and you want to get more in balance in your body and to figure out what are the mental and emotional components that are feeding into this chronic thing, you can work with somebody like me to help identify the adjustments to make to have the biggest impact. And when you're talking to Spirit and you're connecting with someone else's Spirit, are you talking to their spirit as their Spirit team? Christine: We each have a Spirit and that is another way of thinking of your Soul. It's the essence of us. In general, I speak with my Spirit. My healing guides will chime in, as well as the client’s Spirit. Your Spirit is the best therapist in the world for you. She's gonna give you this amazing advice to help you find that balance with minimal disruption in your life. So my job is to take the client's awareness and expand it out so that when you leave a session, you know yourself feel empowered to move forward and you have clarity. It's not about impressing you with what I can get, but it's more about you feeling empowered with that information. And so I teach people how to interpret their own symptoms in their body and to connect with their spirit and have that conversation. And it's so empowering! It must be so wonderful to see those moments! Although perhaps that's the other challenging part, isn’t it? Sometimes we don't want to hear that information about our truest selves. You have to be at a point to be able to actually hear the message to truly benefit from it right? Christine: Yes. Sometimes we work really hard to not know our truth because we're so afraid that that truth will require us to make big changes in our life. That scares us, so we just pretend the truth isn't the truth. I love the saying that feelings are the language of the soul, because how we first get this communication from our Spirit is through feelings. But in our culture, from the minute we enter kindergarten, we’re taught: we value what you think, we don't value what you feel. So what we feel gets pushed back further and further, until we just suppress it. And that disconnect between our feelings and our head is how we develop the symptoms. Because we're not able to live our truth because we've lost track of what it is. That's the beauty of the process of reconnecting with your inner truth. And that resonance, when people connect those dots, have the light bulb go off and then feel empowered because of it. Nothing's better than that! Thank you Christine! We know this is just the beginning of many more conversations we’ll have together. Listen to the full podcast. For more from Christine, visit to see how you can work with her one-on-one, take one of her upcoming classes or listen to one of her guided meditations. She also shares her wisdom and journey in her book, "The Body Whisperer: Your Symptoms Tell Me Your Truth" on And just a note that information in this episode is not a substitute for medical or psychological guidance. Please seek a medical professional if you have ongoing medical or psychological questions.

THE DOWNLOAD: "Float and Flow" This week’s download was another of those “WTF” moments in our lives. Our separate meditations gave us such synchronistic themes...and we knew that we had tapped into a truly universal message for us all. So while we all may be feeling that sense of unknowing about where the world is taking us, we can count on the fact that the Universe has our backs. For now at least, we can serve ourselves and each other best by “floating in the flow.”


Step through the doorway of purple and white.

Flowers…fields of


Turns into water and flow.

The tides are turning and your energy must go with the flow. You’re being called to serve and connect with one another in a way that hasn’t happened before. You have to band together as light. You must shine so bright that you attract more light because light will overcome the terror and the violence.

Our world is reaching its point of destruction. Destruction is war and it is war in a way that you couldn’t have imagined. It’s born from fear — fear and isolation and illness. It’s not “over there,” it’s here. It’s now. We’re fighting this from our very streets. It’s not “OTHER, it’s here.

We must find the people that want to be light and come from a place of love and good intention to work together to create the world in which we want to live. We need to find middle ground, we need to find peace. We can’t go backward. We must rise to the occasion. Faith over fear. Love over far. And healing can take place if we work with one another. This isn't just a my city, your city, my country, your country thing …this is global. We need to start small and find one another and then expand out and find flow together. We can’t hide from this or we’re not really living at all. We can’t live in fear, because we’re also then not really living at all. We must LIVE. We must LOVE. We must move forward. We must find compromise. We must really see one another. We must see into our soul’s. We must see how much we’re alike rather than how we are different. You will be surprised if you allow yourself to really listen to someone else, how you will hear and see yourself.

Remember to ask, what is this here to teach me? At every moment. What is this here to teach me? And when you don’t have answers — look to your neighbor. Look to your friend.

Float on the river of this life together. Together is better than alone. Show your support to one another. Smile at a stranger. Call a friend or family member. Check in with those around you — and check in with yourself.


Float is your word.

Float is the aftermath of flow

Float is about being present in the moment - being where you are. Not fighting the current. Letting go of judgement - letting go of perception. When you float - you let the water take you. It is not about drifting…it is about allowing the water to carry you versus forcing your body to do the work.

No fighting, no forcing, no setting the compass to get to a certain place at a certain time. Just being (literally) in your space and time.

Allow - allow - allow.


Being is one of the greatest acts of life you can do. Being is a welcome mat for possibility. So as you float in your being-ness, you are opening up every channel of yourself for the best possible outcome.

Play a game with the universe. For 5 minutes only, sit and imagine yourself just floating. You are nestled in the clearest, the warmest, the safest of waters. It is a beautiful sunny day, with a stunning blue open sky above you. Feel the tranquility of having absolutely nothing else for you to do, but float. Feel how your mind relaxes. How you absorb the feel of the water and the energy of the sky above you. How you all become one.

There are no questions or expectations. Just the being of be. Float in the moment know this is always where the power of every possibility rests. It is also the epicenter of new beginnings.

Clearly this is our place to just “BE” this week. Where will it take you?



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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