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the afterlife: in the presence of proof

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Allow the Energy to Flow Through You

It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of May! It feels like the world has woken up in a way that we haven't experienced in a few years, right? It's exciting and a shock to the system all at the same time!

We just passed the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde, so keep that in mind if communication continues to be erratic.

We've been discussing how to cope with the chaotic energy of this week. How do you unplug? We're here to remind you that there is no good or bad, there just IS. Rather than focusing on what feels "bad" or "negative," catch yourself and focus on what you're learning from a specific situation. Or better yet, how do you flip things around and focus on the "good" and attract the positive aspects of a situation?

We were reminded of the book "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer. He talks about when negative thoughts come it's important to allow them to pass through, so they won't block your inner flow of energy. And we especially love this quote, "When you have fear inside of you, the events of life invariably stimulate it. Like a rock thrown into water, the world with its continuous changes creates ripples in whatever is held with in you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life creates situations that push you to your edges, all with the effect of removing what is blocked inside of you." Use this time to remove those blocks. There's only so much we can control in our daily lives, take your power back and allow energy to flow through you.

You'll hear more about this theme in our download -- and in our conversation with the extraordinary Deborah Hanlon in this week's podcast.


Experiencing the Afterlife in the Every Day

We met Deborah through what we think is always the best way to meet someone, synchronicity! Let’s just say that this conversation has been divinely orchestrated by our collective family and friends on the other side. And wait until you hear what happened at our very first meeting. Deborah refers to herself as an “intuitive medium.” Her curiosity and exploration started at an early age, and was triggered by the loss of her four-year old brother, when she was three-years-old. Since then she’s been on a life-long journey of discovery using science and self to find proof of what she knew deep inside, that life after death exists. She knew her brother was still around because she was able to communicate with him. Her commitment to deepen her awareness in science and spirituality, has led Deborah to become a trusted expert for matters of our hearts and souls. Her focus as a medium is to help the living transition their own ‘afterlife.” Her ability to translate specific messages with such clarity has already helped heal thousands during her sessions, which we have had the privilege to experience first hand. In her book, “In The Presence of Proof, A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth,” she provides guidance to find peace with loss and introduces the reality that one can experience the afterlife each and every day. There is an afterlife to every moment, situation, sadness, relationship, job and even to your former self. Think about that! Deborah wants to help lift people up in every way however she can – whether that’s through her sessions, workshops or her book. Here’s just a snippet of our conversation from this week’s podcast. Deborah, we noticed you refer to yourself as an “intuitive medium.” What do you mean by that and how is that different from a psychic? Deborah: “It's so funny, “intuitive medium,” is really born out of the fact that I hate the term “psychic.” I think that th\e word “intuitive” feels softer. Most of us can relate to the fact that we are all intuitive, but we don't all think of ourselves as psychic. Intuitive is just another word for psychic. It's just another word for being human. I believe that we all have natural born biological abilities to be intuitive. It’s part of our nature. It is not weird. It’s not some people that can do it and others can't. I really, truly firmly believe it is another sense organ that's not really developed or highlighted and should be celebrated to be developed in our society. So that's where “intuitive medium” comes from. We love how you prefer not labeling what you do as a “gift,” but is an “ability” that we all have and that can be developed. Tell us more. Deborah: I really don’t think of my intuitive traits as a gift. It is really more of an ability. We can all do it, if we decide to focus on it. I always say that any intuitive development workshop is a personal development workshop. All we are doing as mediums is being aware of what we're aware of. That is mediumship in a nutshell, for me, it's just being aware of my awareness right now. I always use the analogy of singing. Not everyone can sing and dance, like J-Lo. Everyone can sing of course. Technically I can have sound come out of my mouth and I can call it singing, but I certainly can't do it like she does it. It is the same with intuition. We do have varying degrees, but this I feel is so trainable. It’s a self-awareness discipline and practice. So we really do all have it. And if we want to learn more about it, we will. You talk a lot about the concept of proof and how important it is to have real clarity in the messages you are receiving. What was the experience that proved to you that you had the ability to do this work? Deborah: I was at a funeral for a family member who I didn't really know very well and was just there to help look after their little kids. Very suddenly in the middle of everything, I felt like this deceased woman was talking to me. She showed me detailed information about her life and was giving me a sense of how she felt when she was dying. I remember thinking that I was absolutely out of my mind and when I got home from this trip, I needed to see a doctor! During the funeral I heard the family talking about some specific things like, “Where did mom keep the family album?” and then I'd hear, “bottom drawer, left side of the dresser.” Now I've never been in this woman's house before, but I could see it in my mind. Bottom drawer, left side. And sure enough that is where they found it! There was another moment when I was sitting with the family in a room. And I kept hearing, “Look, look at the picture, look at the picture. I know about my face. I know about my face.” I kept trying to be discreet and kept looking at this picture to try to figure out like, is there a smudge on the picture? What's going on? It felt crazy. Then a family member came into the room and said to everyone, “you see that picture right there?” And he pointed to this picture and I said, “Yeah?” And he said, “Every night I kiss her face before I go to bed.” That was the moment where I said, “Okay. Wow. I'm paying attention. I hear you. I don't know why I hear you, but I hear you and you are here.” And that was the start of all of it for me. Had I not gotten validation, I don't think I ever would've pursued it. As an “Intuitive Life Coach” you are also helping people get on the path to their true selves. In this pandemic world that we live in, what advice would you give to help us realign our energy when we are feeling overwhelmed? Deborah: What is coming out of this pandemic right now is a great, “I don't know.” I know they’ve called it “the great resignation,” but I think it’s “the great I don't know.” I hear more and more, “I don't know what I want. I don't know what's important? I don't want what I have now. I don't know how to get out of it.” And that's all right. I'm getting very comfortable with the words, “ I don't know.” I'm here now and I'll know it when I know it. If we are wondering what direction is next, we're in a really good spot because at that moment, everything is fine. When we're in trauma, we can't even ask that question, you just don't know what's next. When you're not fighting for survival, you're not in the middle of some major, major entanglement in any sort of way. You're not grappling with something deep within yourself, it's a really good place to be. I'm not diminishing it, but this is a wonderful problem to have right now. I use this analogy with people, that it’s really ok not to know, because it's really freeing. It doesn't mean you're surrendering. Sometimes when we don't have answers, it just means it's not time to know yet. And we’ll know when we know, and we don’t necessarily need to know any time sooner. Well said Deborah. We love these insights! To work with Deborah, or order her book, go to her website: You can follow her on social on Facebook and Instagram: @imdeborahhanlon

THE DOWNLOAD: Week of May 23, 2022

Well, no matter how hard we try, it’s really hard to by-pass Mercury Retrograde. And while we’re finishing up what we learned last week could be a “topsy-turvy” time from a planetary perspective, it’s still looming in our energy. As we set our intention to receive messages for the highest good of all, our downloads reflected so many of the themes that have come up in this newsletter. It’s a time for us to step back from the river, that churn of activity that’s part of our lives, and for a moment embrace the “I just don’t know.” It’s a time to listen to our hearts and remember that we are never, ever alone.

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD: Rolling with the Rollercoaster of Life

The first thing I see are goats. Is that random?

Then, I see and hear the rollercoaster of emotions. It may feel very up and down. Highs and lows. All in all good, just know it will be or feel a little all over the place. And then things will settle into a rhythm. We are dancing through life. And you have to remember to literally dance or listen to music that fires you or calms you down to get through it all. Make sure to feel yourself through it all. Don’t ignore the feelings because they will catch up with you. Allow them to arise and then let them go. Feels can be good and seemingly sad or angry. Whatever they are for you — let them come up and then let them go so that you can stay constant. You can stay ready for what’s to come next. You can’t anticipate everything, but you can ready yourself to act in a consistent fashion. It’s healthier for you.

And remember you are not alone. There’s so much support and loving energy around you. Cheering you on or lifting you up.

Continue to listen to your heart and the music of your life. Pay attention to what sounds or feels right to you. Don’t confuse someone else’s likes, for your likes. You are your own frequency and don’t conform. Listen to your heartbeat. Seriously stop and feel it, listen to it. That is your soul. It isn’t anyone else’s, it is yours. Remember that. It is a miracle. You are a miracle.

(By the way, we looked up the spiritual meaning of goats. The Goat Spirit Animal “reminds you of your self-worth and how necessary it is for you to progress in life. It teaches you to move away from a stagnant life for your own mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.” Thought we should share that!)

KAREN'S DOWNLOAD: Remembering What’s Real

Images of city life – full of business – chaos, action, the hustle and bustle of activity. Cars honking, people rushing, dashing across streets in the rain. And then the volume goes silent. The sound of the movie turns off, but there are guides everywhere that we do not see. They are there to remind us that they are with us…so much of what we see isn’t “real.”

Life is so full of so much distraction. It can be easy to forget that there is so much more than our reality that we can see with our eyes. Know that the most important thing that you can ever do every day is be kind to yourself. So many of us are so busy thinking about what we need to do for others, our families, friends, bosses, even pets, we leave ourselves off the list.

Your heart is first, beating to keep your body active and present in a life that is yours. It is part of the physical you, but it is also energy…it feels, it understands. It has intuitive knowing, in addition to doing the work of keeping your amazing body alive. Catch yourself in those moments of not being loving to your own self as you give to others. Remember that the energy that you are is also part of what you are offering to the world.

Sit if you can at the end of the day and let the clutter of the day go. Be grateful for you. All that you do. All the energy that you give. And all the energy that you are. Know it is not the actions and the achievements that matter. It is you that is showing up and giving the very best you can every day. It is what you give from your heart.

And know, forever more, that you are loved by all of us who see you for all that you really are.

Such important messages that remind us to step out of the busy streets and away from the goats! Prioritize YOU. Listen to your heart. You are never alone.

SECRET POWER: Recognizing Spiritual Messages

If you are wondering how you may receive intuitive hits or could be receiving messages from Spirit, Deborah suggests, repeating the alphabet in your mind. Try it.

What do you see? Hear?

You can't hear it in the "traditional sense" of hearing it, but you know what's being said, right? So you "kind of hear it."

You may see letters and hear things in your own voice? However it shows up, you recognize it in your own way. Once you understand that, those the "intuitive hits" may become more obvious or you may start to understand messages from Spirit more easily.

Let us know what happens! (Email or DM us your results!)


Take 10 minutes and close your eyes. We use our favorite meditation music on Insight Timer, but you can use anything that helps you relax.

Then set the intention to connect with your spirit guide.

Ask to receive their name or a vision of them. And also ask them to give you guidance in a specific area of your life.

Then, allow yourself to have that movie unfold in your mind's eye. Allow it to unfold in whatever direction it takes you.

What do you see? What do you hear? Take note of anything that comes to mind over the 10 minutes.

It may be extremely surprising or it may be really affirming, even if it's just affirming your own beliefs or your own intuition.

Let us know how it goes! (Email or DM us your results!)

We believe in you.


MAY 24: Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon: Science, Spirituality + The Presence of ProofWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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