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how to ready your furry friend’s mind

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

THE PULSE: Start Making Your Plans Now

We just had the Spring Equinox…and today will be the last day that the days and nights are of equal length. We go into the week with the theme of balance at the forefront. It’s a time to reflect on how rooted you are into your everyday life and also to assess how open you are to the energy and messages that are coming to you on a daily basis as well.

And this week we enter the house of Aries, so h

ere come the good vibes and the energy to put dreams into action. Use this momentum to make your plan and go for it. Now is the time!

Side note: Synchronicity at its best! Karen and Robyn’s download (below) ties into Aries season perfectly!

TELEPATHY + YOUR PET: How to Ready Your Furry Friend’s Mind

Don't you wish you could understand what your pet was thinking? Now you can! In this week’s "Seeking Center" Podcast, we sat down with Jaime Breeze. Not only is Jaime an incredibly gifted spiritual medium and psychic, she also has an exceptional ability to connect with animals, both here in the physical world as well as on the other side. She shared her story and how to help us connect with our furry friends.

Jaime, you first learned you had a gift for communicating with animals at a very young age. How did you realize you had this special gift?

Jaime: I started connecting with my cat at the age of three. Growing up, we would have deep conversations and it wasn't till I started speaking with my parents about my conversations with my cat, that I realized they didn't talk to her.I thought that was very strange and it took me by surprise, like “you don't talk to animals too?” During this same time, I was seeing spirits. I was seeing angels and I was able to predict people's futures in some sort of way. But again, I felt that this was quite a normal thing and everyone was doing it.

When you say you have conversations, what does that actually mean? Are you literally hearing them speaking words or is it a knowing?

Jaime: With animal communication, it's all based on telepathy. Telepathy is the world's oldest form of language. All creatures on this planet are telepathic. However, when we’re children, as we’re learning a verbal language, many of us stop using that side of our brain.

We all have telepathic ability. It's just a muscle in our brain that can be retrained. When we receive telepathic messages, it's in the form of a thought, a feeling, a color, and it's just coming to you in your mind's eye. That's how the information is transferred from an animal to humans. If you're really close to your animal, chances are that you're being telepathic with them on a daily basis. When your dog needs something, and you “just know”, that's telepathy.

Losing a pet can be just as big of a loss as a human family member. Can you talk about how we can use this same type of communication with our pets on the other side?

Jaime: When I lost my dog Breeze, I was terrified that I would never see her again, but then she started communicating with me from the other side. I realized that our relationship is not over. I want to help people grieving understand that your relationship is never over. It's just in a different form. We just need to bridge the gap between the physical and the non-physical world in order for that relationship to continue. It might sound crazy, but when our animal is on the other side, we can strengthen that bond. We can make it even stronger than it was. And I've been shown this so many times with clients and animals who are on the other side.

For more about Jaime, check out this week’s podcast.You can find out more about Jaime, book a session with her, or take one of her courses at You can also follow her at @themountainmedium on Instagram.

SECRET POWER: Start Communicating with Your Pet

Want to try a fun and simple way to connect with your pet? Here’s an idea from Jaime on how you can sharpen your communication skills to deepen your relationship with your furry fam.

Jaime: Animals understand our language so much more than we give them credit for it. They understand everything we're saying. So whether you want to speak to your animal out loud or in your head, the animal is going to receive your message.


Jaime: Here’s a good way to start. Give them a rundown for the day. For instance, tell them “Mom has to go to work and then we'll go for another walk after dinner. Giving them a layout is a perfect first step in communicating with them.

Meditation is also a powerful tool you can use. Set the intention to communicate with your pet. Then take a few minutes to calm your mind and allow any imagery, thoughts, or words to flow into your mind. Trust is the big thing. If you get a download of a picture or even feel a conversation starting between you and your pet, go with it. Trust that your animal wants to send you this message. You might be surprised with what you hear!

After you try it, let us know how it goes. Do you see a difference in your communication with your pet? Do you feel you understand them better?

THE DOWNLOAD: Live Your Dream Unapologetically

Your BEING is Purpose enough!

This week, our downloads were done on separate days so we didn’t have the chance to compare and unpack the messages the way that we usually do. Nevertheless, the Universe did not disappoint! As always, our intention is to receive insights that will be helpful for all, for this specific week. And, as always, both downloads have a unified theme of letting go of the “shoulds,” and just “be.”.

Karen’s Theme: Remembering the Free in “Carefree”

Karen’s vision put her back on her college campus, heading to the library on a beautiful Spring day. On her way, she passed some friends who were out on the lawn sitting on blankets enjoying the sunshine. She hated going inside but finals were right around the corner. The feeling was that of being a prisoner, wasting time, working for a report card that didn’t really matter.

As she studied inside the library, she spotted a kitten in one of the book aisles. Telepathically she heard it say “Just be like me. I am always free.”

The librarian then brought over a stack of Astrology books and said “you’ll like reading these, so much more.” Karen took the books back outside and took off her shoes in the grass. She had a flashback to when she was a child running along the beach barefoot. It was a time when she was carefree and not ruled by time. She let herself savor the memory…to breathe and just “be.”

Robyn’s Theme: Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul

Robyn’s message came less visually, but with a similar theme. Surrounded by her guides and angels, here was her download: “Listen and receive. Be patient. Listen to the voice inside. A lot has happened over the last few weeks. Use this week to process. Be still. How do you want to move forward? Create what you want, not what you think everyone wants or what you think things “should be”. Trust your inner wisdom.


There is no wrong way, just do something. Make a plan and take action. You are loved and supported. There is no right or wrong, you have to just do.

Are you listening to the call of your soul? To the whispers? Don’t wait for permission. Trust the knowing. Use the information. Set the intention. Your being is purpose enough!

In both messages, clearly the message was one for all of us to listen to the calls of our souls. To get out and savor what means most to us – individually. To create what we want and not what everyone else wants or thinks “should” be.

In the coming week in those moments where you are frustrated, take a moment and think about the “what if.” “What if” you made a different choice? And in that moment of frustration what if you choose to focus on a carefree thought to boost your energy up a notch? Or take your laundry list of “shoulds” and flip them into “coulds?” Are the” coulds” lining up with your soul’s whispers? In every moment, we can take our power back and own our choices. This is a time to be kind to ourselves. We are all doing our best. It REALLY is “just life,” and we’re here to just “be” our truest selves.

So go ahead…get out there and live your dream….that is this life!



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