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tapping into body code to release the past + heal

THE PULSE: My Personal Holiday


How are you doing? From the conversations we’ve had — as well as the DMs and emails we received, last week did indeed deliver sudden and unexpected changes as forecasted by so many. If you’re needing a ginormous hug right now…we’re giving one to you. And for those that had the breakthrough they were looking for — we’re high-fiving. We’re supporting you wherever you are on your journey.


This week is my own personal holiday. 11/17 was my dad’s birthday. When I was younger I would want to stay under the covers and wait for it to be 11/18. As I grew up and my Uncle Bruce became the constant father figure in my life, the sadness around 11/17 began to subside somewhat. When I reconnected with my dad through a Spiritual Medium in 2010 and then started receiving signs with 11/17 as the major link — my view on 11/17 radically changed. And now that I can connect with my dad on my own and see 11/17 as a guiding force in my life — this Thursday, 11/17 has become a celebration once again. It’s a magical number for me and I feel grateful to know it is a way of communication and validation with the other side.

I share in the hope that maybe it helps you look at something in your own life differently. And at the very least if you need a reason to raise a glass this Thursday, toast to Bob Miller!


OMG this week’s podcast. Woah! There is SO much to insight and potential for your own healing. Listen to Felicia Garret.

THE PODCAST: Tapping into Emotion + Body Code to Release the Past + Heal

As Felicia Garrett says, if you ever had the thought that, “There has to be more to life than this,” you are right! If you are a regular listener, then you know that is what we are obsessed with on Seeking Center. There is soooo much more than we can see within, and all around us.

On this week’s podcast, we caught up with the extraordinary Felicia Garrett. Felicia is a certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner and Life Transformational/Happiness Coach. Felicia's goal is to get you unstuck so that you can grow into your highest potential and thrive to live the life you are born to live.

In order to get unstuck, you must heal wounds from your past and go deeeep. Felicia’s able to identify behind-the-scenes factors that can play a dysfunctional role in your emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical body, or even your financial or relationship experiences.

Felicia has used these practices in her own life and felt so transformed, she needed to learn them to help heal others.

Here are some highlights from our powerful conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Felicia, Emotion Code/Body Code work was a completely new concept for us. We’re so grateful we had the chance to experience it with you first hand. Woah! We were blown away! Can you share a little bit about what you do and why it is such a helpful modality to help heal?

Felicia: I help people get unstuck by helping them to identify trapped emotions within their body that can stem from trauma…even trauma that they may have experienced trapped in their mother's womb all the way up until now.

I work to help to identify specific emotions that may be trapped in the organs, the tissues, the muscles of the body, and then clearing that energy to give them a reset. I also help with mindset because mindset is so important. Even if you release emotions that have been trapped within the body, but if you don't adjust how you perceive your life and your situation, you can stay stuck.

So I help people clear that energy emotionally and then reset mentally.

R+K: When you talk about emotions being “stuck in the body,” that may be a new concept for people. What does that mean? And how does that tie into this whole idea of Emotion Code and Body Code?

Felicia: Everything is energy and everything resonates at a vibration and a frequency. Negative emotions like anger, frustration or fear can get stuck within particular organs or places in the body.

Take anger for example. If you've ever gotten really angry before, you can feel that energy. Our cheeks can get hot, our ears can get hot. We can actually feel the anger on the inside of us. There are certain organs in the body that associate with particular emotions. For anger, it’s the liver. The liver has that same vibrational frequency and energy as the vibration of anger and frustration.

So when you feel that emotion, that energy can get trapped within that particular organ of the body or within the tissue or wherever there's a weakness. You can forgive and let bygones be bygones, and go on with your life, but that energy can stay trapped because of that vibration and frequency.

And then you can experience anger again, and it can activate that energy that's already trapped within the organ, the tissue, the weak spot within that body, and then it can continue to grow.

R+K: And that can be the source of disease, right?

Felicia: Yes. Our body is amazing. It can replenish itself. For example, every seven years, your liver can reset and rejuvenate itself. People tend to focus on the physical aspects of their health. What am I eating? What am I drinking? Am I getting exercise? But they can negate the trapped emotions that can affect that organ. Just as what you're taking in physically, our mental state and our emotional state can affect the body just as much.

R+K: So how do you help people identify that negative energy imprint?

Felicia: Through Emotion Code and Cody Code, I energetically connect with people. I focus primarily on what we call “the heart wall.” The heart wall is energy that can be trapped around the heart. The heart is so important because it's giving that blood flow to all of your organs. It is the center of our life. It is what some people call our “second brain.” In some ways, it’s where the soul resonates. It connects our upper chakras and our lower chakras.

When we have negative, low vibrational energy trapped around the heart, it's hard for us to live a balanced and aligned life. So what I do is help people to clear that energy around the heart.

R+K: So talk us through what a session with you is like.

Felicia: We use a technique called muscle testing which is a form of kinesiology. What we're doing is just connecting energetically, connecting spiritually, because we're all connected vibrationally. Through muscle testing, we can ask specific “yes” or “no” questions of the subconscious and get responses to identify specific emotions that can be trapped within the body. And once we identify those emotions, we use magnets to clear that energy from the energetic blueprint. So we can clear it from our emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, physical body, and different levels of our energetic bodies to move that energy out.

We use magnets because it is actual energy that's firing off within our body. Then we apply intention, such as: “I want to clear and release this energy from my body.” As we apply the magnet to the body, it helps to neutralize that energy. It doesn't mean that you'll never experience that heartache or the anger or the fear again. But it clears it from a build up, so now you can get less triggered by that emotion.

R+K: Thank you Felicia! We're so grateful that we experienced your work and we continue to utilize what we've learned from you in our everyday lives. And now we have even more ideas of what to do on a daily basis to keep ourselves and our energies and our souls in a place to receive and heal.

To find out more about working with Felicia visit You can even schedule a free consultation with her right from her website. We highly recommend it!

Listen to the full episode.

SECRET POWER: Ho'oponopono Therapy

This week’s secret power is super special. Felicia shared many wonderful modalities with us, but this week’s secret power is one of our favorites so far. It is a simple practice called “Ho'oponopono Therapy” a centuries old native Hawaiian method of apology and forgiveness still practiced today. The word Ho'oponopono roughly means “to cause things to move back into balance” or “to make things right.” Ho'oponopono Therapy uses four simple statements. Those statements are:

  1. I love you.

  2. I'm sorry.

  3. Please forgive me.

  4. Thank you.

The idea is to set an intention in your mind and use the four statements as affirmations. You can use this for others or on yourself! For example:

  1. I love you because of who you are. I love you because you are connected to me. I love you because you are a child of the Universe.

  2. I'm sorry for what you're experiencing. I'm sorry for whatever has led you to this place. I’m sorry that you feel alone.

  3. Please forgive me. Because we're all energetically connected in some way, please forgive me for any role, vibrationally, energetically that I'm playing in your life to be in this position.

  4. Thank you. Thank you for being. Thank you for living. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for the role you are playing in my life and what you are teaching me.

You can use this practice with virtually any intention or situation in your life right now. Try it and find out just how powerful this practice (and YOU) can be!

THE DOWNLOAD: BEing Instead of DOing: Practice Allowing

As usual our downloads were in sync – and the messages remind us all to be in the practice of allowing. We definitely needed to hear this, and you may too!


Just for today

Allow yourself to let go of all your expectations

Of all your “shoulds” and “musts”

Of your wanting manifestation

Of wanting to be somewhere other than where you are.

Let go of anything that looks like lack or unwanted outcomes.

Release the lists and the actions and to do’s.

Just for today

Allow yourself to sit in a state of pure being

Think not of all the people, places and emotions of your day

Close your eyes and just breathe deeply

Feel the invisible wave of consciousness fill your lungs and release back into the air.


Let this be your only action for just a few minutes.

Allow yourself to consciously be alive.

Allow yourself to just breathe.

It isn’t necessary to try so hard

To yearn so much.

You are more than enough just as you are.

Your power is in your allowing yourself to “be.”

You don’t need to accumulate, action or acquire.

You don’t need validation or reciprocation from anyone or anything.

You ARE.

The more that you connect to being in this present moment,

To feel fully,

To listen carefully,

(Regardless if this is a time of pain or happiness,)

The more you will be at one with yourself,

The universe,

And ALL that is.

The more “you” will shine through.

The more “you” that is brave and joyful and fully present with life.

Begin here.

Reach for the ever-lasting wonder that is you

And watch the miracles happen.


There is so much support all around you. And the light around you is shining so bright — can you feel it? We come to light the way as your year comes to an end and a New Year begins. There is still some time and you need to be efficient with this time.

There is a river of energy coming toward you. Get on the raft and float — you will see that you are carried and things will be miraculous. So much will come to fruition and it will feel effortless. You will see that all of the work that you have put in for these months and years pays off and you won’t have to work hard for it. If you surrender and float — it happens. It sounds too good to be true, but we are here to tell you that this is the way. Don’t push your way up this river of energy. Let it carry you. You won’t even need to paddle, it will carry itself. You will feel this force and let it drive you forward. It will prepare you for the new year to come.

As the clock strikes midnight in the New Year, you will feel a seismic shift and you will be prepared and have a knowing for the next window of your life. You will have a mini-plan. Oh what sweetness is to come. We are excited to be with you as all unfolds, but you must remember to allow it to unfold. Awareness and BEing, instead of DOing are required.

There is connection coming your way.

It will be beyond what you imagined. Remember the Universe can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself as Oprah says. Flow freely. Flow happily. Flow confidently.

What else must we know this week? Remember to allow yourself to be silly sometimes. Don’t take everything so seriously. It’s almost easier to be serious than it is to be silly and laugh. Make the time to be silly. To be free. To laugh. To dance. To allow the energy to move through you and send that energy to others in your orbit. That fun and free energy is contagious and can truly help heal Allow yourself those moments each day this week. What makes you laugh?! Incorporate that into your day. Is it a memory? A video? A person? A song? Laugh! Dance. And be strong. You can be strong — and silly — and free — all at the same time. There is strength in allowing yourself to be free.


OCTOBER 18:Living with Intention: Support from Our Angels + Guides

OCTOBER 25:Water Wisdom: The Healer + Teacher That Unifies Us All

NOVEMBER 1: Sound Healing: Tuning into the Vibration of Your Soul

NOVEMBER 8: Intuition 101 + Prepping For A Psychic/Medium Reading

NOVEMBER 15: Tapping into Emotion + Body Code to Release the Past + HealWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

Email us:

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

And, get to know us better.

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