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taoism + your untapped potential

THE PULSE: Ok December, We Feel You.


We made it to December! We. Made. It. To. December. Can you believe it? It's been a year, rigggghttt? And these last few weeks of 2022 are going to fly by! So, we're here to be your reminder to take the quiet moments where you can find them and reflect.


Our December has started off a little wonky. How about you? It's a bit overwhelming and the energy has a certain kick to it.

There's a Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday -- and you'll have the opportunity to let go of something that is holding you back from moving forward with what you really want to do. Let it go! Explore a new path -- maybe that's what you've been leading up to this whole year?

If you are feeling a bit stressy -- know that you are not alone. This week is a bit EXTRA all it's not just you. You have the tools to anchor into yourself and breathe. Bring on that holiday spirit. There are brighter weeks ahead!

This week's podcast with Tisha Morris couldn't be more timely! Keep reading.

We love having conversations with people that can help all of us unlock our hidden potential because isn't that one of the major goals of this lifetime? And how cool is it when someone is able to put a modern spin on ancient wisdom?

Tisha Morris does just that in her latest book, "Missing Element, Hidden Strength." While all five Chinese elements, water, wood, fire, earth, and metal are contained within our energy system, we each embody a primary element which defines our natural strengths and a weak or missing element, which reflects our untapped potential.

When you embrace your missing element, you can pull yourself out of a rut and bring more harmony and success into your life and work. Moving your desk to the power position and expressing your energy with clothing are just a couple of the ways to awaken dormant aspects of yourself and integrate your creative right-brain with your business left-brain.

Author, life coach, feng shui expert and entertainment lawyer Tisha Morris teaches how to apply the ancient wisdom of Taoist Principles, so you can identify and improve your most challenging element.

Here are some highlights from this week's powerful conversation:

ROBYN + KAREN: We loved how you were able to capture this ancient wisdom and put it into modern terms. What inspired you to write this book?

TISHA: It was really during the pandemic when I felt like it was time for this book to be born because of the times that we're in, but more importantly, the times that we're moving into as a result of everything we have been through.

I think we are definitely becoming a more conscious community. We're all trying to put together all of our talents and skills that we've learned and use it to create something new. We’re ready to up-level. We're done doing things the way that we've been doing them in the past. And so I want this book to help people create that up-leveling experience for themselves. And that’s by looking back to nature and to these ancient wisdom principles that really are about co-creating with the earth, co-creating with each other, and finding harmony with the planet. If there was ever a time to bring in this ancient wisdom, it is now.

R+K: Can you give us an overview of the Five Elements and what they mean?

TISHA: The Five Elements are based on Taoist principles, which is an ancient philosophy that’s actually too old to measure. Taoist principles at their core say that all of us are all a mini-Universe made up of the same ingredients. And those ingredients are the five elements: water, wood, fire, metal and earth.

Our organ systems contain the five elements. That's what Chinese medicine and acupuncture are about –and feng shui, which is about balancing the five elements in a space. They also show up symbolically and in our personalities and how we run our energy. I call them your inner Board of Directors. You call upon your water element which is your guru, it's the element that's closest to the Spirit world. You can call on your wood element which is the leader and the pioneer. You can call on your fire element when you need enthusiasm and that boost of energy. You can call on your inner metal element when you need more precision and focus. And you call on the earth element when you need to rest and think more on the material, practical earth plane.

R+K: So how do we identify our “missing element” and how does that lead you to our hidden strength?

TISHA: We have all of the elements within us and they are at our disposal, but there's one that we really lead with. And then there's one that's a little uncomfortable or, it's not really what we would consider our strong suit..that's your missing element. What happens is we usually put all of our eggs in our strong basket and then we end up having kind of a shadow of this other element that gets unused or dormant. And if you start integrating that in, and it could be something as simple stories that we start to make up, like, “I'm just not a good speaker.” or “I’m not organized.” These are our missing elements…this shadow that we can lean in and learn from.

So as we actually start to identify and embrace this element, we can start to bring it into our awareness. Once you start having more awareness over this, you can begin to use it for manifesting with more ease and understand more about yourself and your interactions with others.

You can also follow her at @TishaLMorris on Instagram.

SECRET POWER: What’s Your Missing Element?

We were so fascinated by Tisha’s book and ideas for how to use the five elements in our daily practice that we wanted to pass along some of her ideas for you to try for this week. To begin, we suggest you take The Five Elements Quiz on Tisha’s website. This will show your rank amongst the five elements, as well as the ones that you might want to experiment leaning into yourself. For context, here’s a quick snapshot of the 5 Elements and each of their corresponding characteristics and colors (Tisha’s book goes into much greater detail on all of these elements). Water: (Characteristic) - The Creative (Color) - Black/Grey Wood: (Characteristic) - The Leader (Color) - Shades of Green Fire: (Characteristic) - The Motivator (Color) - Red/Orange/Yellow - Bright colors Metal: (Characteristic) - The Organizer (Color) - Silver, Gold, Bronze, Metallic colors Earth: (Characteristic) - The Stabilizer (Color) - Browns, Beige, Earth tones To help you get started, Tisha shares a few ways to incorporate the five elements into your every day.

  1. Using the Five Elements in Your Relationships: Tisha has a whole chapter on how to work with the five elements in our partnerships and relationships. She also walks through these energies and the element pairings that are opposite of one another. For example, in the fire and water elements: Water can put out a fire. So it’s important to find how to recognize and balance both of those elements, so that they can complement versus complicate each other. It’s also helpful to partner with others that can complement elements that are not as strong for you. For example, if your missing element is metal, then it's great to pair with someone who has metal as their strength.

  2. Using the Five Elements in Your Spaces: According to Tisha, any of the elements that surround yourself with has an influence on your environment. This is where the Feng Shui principles come into play. So if metal, for example, is your missing element, she suggests bringing some metal element items into your space. Metal doesn't necessarily have to be a metal object. Rocks and gemstones are also considered metal elements.

  3. In Your Wardrobe: For your wardrobe, you can always incorporate one of the five color elements to help counterbalance a missing element or energetically add to an element that you want to compliment. Like the power red tie for an interview. Red represents the fire element. If you go into an interview, you want a lot of fire energy. However, if you're going to meditation class, you might want to wear black, the water element.

Thank you Tisha for taking this ancient wisdom and translating it in a way that we can all use it in our every day!

THE DOWNLOAD: Coming Home + Becoming More of Who You Are

Karen goes home literally and figuratively, and Robyn feels the support and celebration for all of us as we enter the last month of 2022. Both lead us back to who we really are on our soul level. It is definitely a “coming home” on all levels.


This week, Karen had the opportunity to go home and have an early Christmas with her parents in New Jersey. She says,”it’s an experience that has helped me remember and rekindle the feeling of my childhood and what that definition of “home” means for me. In my download this week, I asked for clarity on the significance and symbolism of home in the journey of our soul.”

You ask the definition of home and it is as it has always been

Home is where your heart is.

As you come upon the holiday milestones that replay old memories and capture new ones, it can be both joyful and bittersweet as we compare our journey from one year to the next.

The places we have gone or have not yet visited

The people who are with us or who have may have left us

The experiences we remember or have yet to fulfill

The years that have gone by or have yet to be counted.

If home is where your heart is, where are you?

Where are you sitting now?

Are you living in the past or the future?

Are you yearning for everything but the present?

Can you for a moment…look around and see where you are.

No matter where it is - you are never alone.

You are at home because you are always with your heart.

You are with all aspects of your multi-dimensional, multi-experiential self.

You are with everything you have done. Everywhere you’ve been and with everyone you have ever known.

They are all you and of you. Even in those things that may seem lost or untenable…they are still you. They have lived in your heart. And therefore they can never be lost.

Be with all of it. See that movie of your life replay - take the rollercoaster ride. Be proud of the bravery of going on this journey. You came here for that experience. And you have enriched your soul with all of it. None of it is wrong or worthless. Do not judge within the confined rules of earth and what you have been taught.

You are a magical, dynamical soul who has played hard in this playground of life. In the “holy-day” spirit, celebrate the kaleidoscope that is you - your collage of lifelong experiences that have tattooed your heart. Your home is there and here. Then and now. Your home is where your heart is. It is love and forever-after.


There is a a band marching us down a path. There is excitements and celebration. "You’ve come so far," they are saying. "Don’t give up now. Don’t give up!"

I hear, "Oh when the Saints go marching in. Oh, when the Saints go marching in. Oh, yes, I want to be in that number (in that number), When the Saints go marching in."

…and there is cheering and a lot of love. I can feel the support and it is for ALL of us.

They are cheering us on as we finishing out this year.

Take the moments to reflect on the year. If you set any goals at the beginning of the year, what have you achieved so far? Where have you changed or transformed this year? These don’t have to be huge transformations they can be little improvements — anything that has help to improve your life. Where can you acknowledge the little wins?

You’ll have time in the coming weeks to start to think about 2023, but for now celebrate this past year.

Where have you been more present? What has brought you the most joy on a consistent basis? What can you do more of in 2023?

Where do you find support? Who has been cheering you on throughout this past year?

What has surprised you the most?

Use these questions as you do your own assessment of this past year and set your intentions for 2023. It is a helpful exercise.

We have been in the awe of you. We acknowledge the little moments and the big moments, for they are all expressions of you. You continue to become more of who you are. We love the unfolding of you. That is the point of being here on Earth. Become more of who you are. Find love. Be love. Give love. Be of service. Follow these principles. They will guide you well. You co-create your life.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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