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heal relationships after death

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

THE PULSE: Bring on June!

Holy end of May! You made it through!! It was quite the rollercoaster month, right? Let's welcome June with open arms!

We all just experienced a New Moon yesterday which is helpful for setting intentions...that energy spills into today as well, so be sure to use it. And we'll have the end of Mercury Retrograde on Friday. Fri-YAY indeed!! Forward motion + less miscommunication mishaps are coming our way .

We're thrilled to share this week's podcast with you. Not only will you learn how to practice transpersonal journaling to connect with the other side, but you'll meet Karen's mother, the spectacular Lo Anne Mayer. Plus Lo Anne has special messages for Karen and Robyn from beyond.

Here's to a week full of light and love!


On this week’s podcast, we're connecting with Lo Anne Mayer. Not only is Lo Anne a trailblazer healer who has studied and practiced many healing modalities for over 30 years, she’s an author, teacher, and intuitive counselor who has impacted thousands with her wisdom, guidance, and positivity.

Oh, and did we mention she's Karen's mom? We're talking about astrology, mediums, meditation, channeling, and angels. Lo Anne shares the practice of “transpersonal journaling” which helped her heal her relationship with her deceased mother and daughter, and she's going to show you how to use this tool to communicate with your loved ones on the other side.

Here’s a snippet from Lo Anne’s book: "Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death" that sets the stage of her beautiful story.

One morning Lo Anne Mayer wrote a letter to her mother, who had died a year earlier. Despondent over the strained relationship they had endured in life, Lo Anne started the journal because she still longed for healing. So began a remarkable soul-to-soul correspondence that restored their bond. When Lo Anne’s daughter Cyndi died, Lo Anne started a new journal that helped soothe her grief. Now she shares her story and simple technique with bereaved people everywhere.

Your powerful book, Celestial Conversations is a little book with a big message. Can you share how this book came about and your process for having these “transpersonal conversations” with your mother and daughter?

Lo Anne: The beginning of the book is about my mother. Because even though I know that my mother was a teacher, she was not communicative with me. And when she died, a lot of my grief was about trying to understand why we could not connect in our lifetime in an intimate way.

One of my friends said to me, you really should journal, just get it out of your head, and put it on paper. And then my grief counselor offered me a similar suggestion that I should journal. So I began with the practice of quieting my mind and meditating for a bit. And I started writing letters to my mother. I would start with pen to paper, like you would write anybody, “Dear Mom” and then follow with a letter to her. And then would write whatever questions or feelings came to me.

The third time that I did this something happened. Instead of Dear Mom,” I wrote “Dear Loanne” and I remember stopping because it was written the way my mother used to write my name. I've always written my name “Lo Anne” as two separate words. And she would write it as “Loanne.”

And when I wrote that, there was this feeling that there was something going on. There was a connection. And in that first letter, which is in the book, my mother said, “I've been trying to get in touch with you for a long time. Now you know, I can write to you, and we can still have conversations.”

I couldn’t believe it. But I thought, Okay. This is a good idea. And so I continued. I remember writing all those things down word for word and thinking, what just happened there? But I spent four or five months every morning saying a prayer, meditating, and then working on writing to my mother. And I got so much information from her. It was just, it was as if she were emailing today.

And then my daughter Cyndi died suddenly and tragically. And I went back to my journal and I asked my mother had happened. And in the process of receiving my mother’s information, Cyndi jumped into the letter. And that communication continued with so much love and wisdom from her.

And I kept writing. Today I have about 15 journals, I still write to both of them. This has been my way of healing. And I told my grief counselor, and she said to me, when you write your book, I want it. I have a number of clients who would really benefit for this. And so that's what started the book.

I think when people lose someone you feel that they're gone. That you'll never see them again. Transpersonal journaling offers the possibility of having conversations with them, which anyone can do. And you don't need a medium for that. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to know that they're right on your shoulder and if you want to communicate with them, you open the portal of love there, any time you want.”

Well said Momma!

THE DOWNLOAD: Staying on the Path

This week, as we set our intentions to receive messages for the highest good of all, our download theme was about “Staying on the Path.” Universally, we are feeling momentum to keep going…and that we are close to our next chapter…and that turning in and asking for help from our guides, angels and loved ones will help us follow the light to where we need to go.


“You are free.”

Wildflowers everywhere.

Then, referring back to walking to the Emerald City within The Wizard of Oz.

“You’re almost there. Whatever you’ve been working on is almost ready to be birthed. Follow the yellow brick road. Trust your intuition. We all walk this path of uncertainty. Our soul knows though. It always knows. Trust your soul. It will always lead you.”

Then shown big heavy doors opening.

“A new chapter will begin. You are graduating to something new.

Remember to stop and smell the roses and to be in awe. There is so much love for you. Please know you are cherished. Tears of love for you. For every single person. Even if you don’t feel loved — you are. There is no doubt on that — so when you feel uncertain remember that you are loved and cherished and you can continue walking the path.

Feel the wind. Be outside. See the beauty. And related that back to your situations. Don’t feel locked into whatever you are doing. Take the steps forward because you are being supported and loved in doing so.”


Sometimes, it is nice to ask our angels and guides to just show up and share some guidance. This week, as I spent time cleaning out an old storage unit of household belongings, I felt a painful stab of regret. I took inventory of the unnecessary accumulation of “things” that were never really needed. Of the years of memories of personal items with great and not-so-great meaning. The toys and trinkets. My grandmother's dining room table. Some of my sister’s old trinkets and photos. It brought them back into the conversation with me, just like the conversation we had with my mom on this week’s podcast. So, for this weeks download, I called upon my Grandmother and Sister and asked them for their thoughts for all of us this week.

"How we love being asked and called upon for help! When people grieve for those they have lost, they focus on their loss and sorrow…for the void of what no longer is…but we are still very much here and are so ready and wanting to provide guidance. We love you still, just as much as you love us..we just see things so differently.

It can be hard for many to get their heads around angels and guides. It gets to religion and belief in spirits, which isn’t always easy. But belief in us…your loved ones…is so much easier. And many of us are your guides.

It is such a time of grief in the world. An energy weighing heavily on everyone…almost impossible to not let it permeate your being. It is like rain clouds and fog on a cold day…it can feel impossible not to feel it.

Know that we are here working behind the scenes to help the world heal. When you feel the sadness, feel it for a moment, but then let it go…release it to us. We will rekindle the dark with the light.

This heaviness is hard to avoid and for those who are sensitive, it will feel like a depression or sadness that is hard to shake. Take a moment if you must, to experience it, but release it. Don’t allow yourself to carry it in your energy. If you are reading this, you are a lightworker. You are here to infuse the planet with your inner brightness – your love…to help cast out the darkness that is the fear.

You too can write letters to us…or speak to us in your mind. We are here. We are ready to help. But you need to ask us. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into the darkness – not matter how much comes. Stand firm in the light…your light….and we will be here to help, lock arms with you and lift you up.

See the light – breathe it in and out…and know that your power is shining in it – fearlessly from the inside out. And thank you for asking!"

SECRET POWER: Transpersonal Journaling + Angels


Set your intention to have a conversation with a particular deceased loved one. Then quiet your mind or meditate if possible.

And I started writing letters to my mother. I would start with pen to paper, like you would write anybody, “Dear Mom” and then follow with a letter to her. And then would write whatever questions or feelings came to me.

Then you can decide if you'll use pen and paper or your computer. Use whatever method is most comfortable for you. Then, write whomever you'd like to hear from, "Dear _____," and write questions or feelings or however you'd like to express yourself to that person. See what comes. Do you feel a response coming? Start writing (or typing!) whatever you feel or hear in your mind.

You can also try Karen's practice which is a take on transpersonal journal. Soon after waking up, while she's still in that coming out of dream-state mindset and her mind is quiet, she picks up pen and paper. She doesn't necessarily talk to a specific person. She asks her guides or higher self to give her messages for whatever she needs to know for the day. And she literally writes whatever comes to mind. The information that comes is loving wisdom that she knows can't just be her human self.


We're not talking about angels from religion -- we're talking about loving frequencies. According to Lo Anne, "Angels have never been in human form, they have never lived in a body, whereas spirits guides have. I think the angels are stuck with you even, even if you don't believe in them."

If you want to talk to them or know more about them, Lo Anne says to just ask like you would talk to a friend. Ask them to help you understand more about them. She says, "most likely someone will come into your life and talk about angels, or a book will come into your hands or something like that. Just pay attention because sometimes they'll come right in front of you -- human beings can be an angel in front of you."



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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