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Hellloooo 2023!!! Doesn’t it feel fresh? We are knee deep in the reset. How about you? The possibilities are limitless. It’s a year of opportunity and evolution for your soul — and for the collective. Can you feel it?! We thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We have so much to explore together!


Mercury and Mars are still retrograde this week…so what does this mean for you? In this case, communication and making decisions may be more off than usual this week. The day to pay attention to: Thursday, January 12. Mars, the planet of action, has been retrograde since October 30, 2022 and will finally move forward once again. Sooo you most likely will feel more pep in your step – and an infusion of energy. Bring it!!


Speaking of energy, we all need some Lizzi Cutler in our lives. Our podcast guest this week, Lizzi, will help you manage stress, remove blocks and get back into your groove. Listen now or read on.

When several people mentioned that we were “supposed to know” this person within the same week, we knew it was a sign. And when they added words like “she’s spectacular, transformative, powerful,” we knew it was even more of a reason to meet her right away.

Who is this new soul friend? It's Lizzi Cutler, and she is all that and more. With a career spanning over 15 years, Lizzi is a Healing Arts Trainer, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Using her expertise in meditation and coaching, Lizzi designs a customized path for each client to change the way they respond to mental and physical stress.

Trained in Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Lizzi’s comprehensive knowledge helps clients reduce stress and anxiety, and increase productivity. Her judgment-free practice provides the tools required to shift out of the “old stories” that keep us stuck. Through group and private sessions, Lizzie's coaching is unique and beneficial to anyone looking to explore themselves and live a more fulfilling life.

Here are some highlights from this week's powerful conversation:

R+K: Lizzi, first of all, we love the serendipity in how we met! And the work you do is so unique. Can you describe it for us?

Lizzi Cutler: I like to say that what I do is a work-in-progress for me because every title that I've given my work feels either a little bit cringey or just not quite right! I don't love the word healer, because I think that what I'm doing is showing people how to heal themselves. I don't think that I have that power to heal anybody but myself. What I do is I help people figure out what old programs are keeping them stuck in neutral and help them shift out of it and move forward.

And so if anybody has a creative title for that, please let me know!

R+K:Your sessions are truly for EVERYONE. Whether you are seasoned in the meditation, yoga, Reiki world or NOT! Or if you are someone who is finding traditional modalities may not be working, and are in the mindset of thinking, “Let me try this, but I don't want to go too far.”

Lizzi: Yes. People have said to me that what we do feels in a two hour session feels like six months of therapy. My clients come with very specific issues. For example, from some I have heard, “I'm a lawyer and I have the Sunday Scaries. I'm so depressed and miserable by Saturday afternoon thinking about what I have in the week ahead of me.” And the normal response might be, “then quit your job.” The reality is their family depends on this income and they make a ton of money, and part of that is the stress that goes with it, and it sucks! They have a mortgage or school to pay for. They have real things and people that are relying on them to keep their job. It's real stuff that can’t immediately be changed.

So, that's when I say “okay, if you're not gonna change the stressor, if you're not going to quit the corporate job that you hate, if you're not gonna stop talking to your mother, who triggers you to all end… If you're not going to leave your partner, let's figure out a way for the trigger to not be impacting you.”

So if you can't change the stressor, change the way you respond to the stress and then it all opens up.

R+K: You are also helping people identify habits that they might not even be aware they have, or that they are carrying with them. What is the reaction people have after a session or two with you?

Lizzi: When I first started doing this, I thought I would be able to help people shift patterns that they had that they didn't want to have at all anymore. But as I was working with clients, more and more, the feedback I was getting after our sessions was, I’m still in that situation, but I’m just not responding to the stress in the same way.

So as to my earlier point, what I heard from my clients was not so much “I'm going to quit my job,” but instead, “my stuff at work is still hard, but I recover after an hour instead of stewing in that mental loop thinking about everything.” Or instead of “My mother-in-law isn't driving me crazy at all anymore,” it became “My mother-in-law is still annoying, but I can acknowledge that and release it faster.”

The feedback was that this work was helping whatever that trigger was not sit for as long, and they were able to get out of that faster. And I thought that's a game-changer! And that’s where I can actually create a massive impact.

R+K:Can we talk about what a session with you is like and how you get to those insights?

Lizzi: Sure! The way that I start with clients is that I have you lay on your couch or a comfortable place (Readers Note: This is typically done remotely via ZOOM), and I just go through your body, physical, emotional and soul-self to figure out what's out of alignment. And then your higher-self and your guides and my highest-self and my guides are communicating and I'm given the language to put it into something tangible. For example, “this is why your hip is hurting.”

It's trying to get your awareness on the issue that's coming up. The next step is, what I call Energy Editing. I was taught this and I've morphed it into a different kind of a practice. In my sessions it is where I can show you where that programming came from as a little person, or it might have been a past life or whatever it is that you're carrying it from, and help you reframe it.

Normally, after two or three sessions, that's when the real massive changes really start happening. That's where it stops triggering you so much.

R+K: So it’s a really personalized application of mind, body and spirit work. That’s quite a combo Lizzi! (We know, we’ve experienced it ourselves!)

Lizzi: It is a lot, especially in that first session. It's basically an intuitive reading, but I'm reading your physical body and your energetic body. Throughout the session I'll say, is this making sense to you? Do you need more info?

I can feel it and I can see it, but I need to make sure it's landing with you. And if it's not, there's usually a reason, so we dig a little deeper. And the reason I love giving tangible, actionable items is because there is nothing more frustrating to me through my whole journey than having someone say, “Oh, just let it go. Don't let it bother you. Just don't do that anymore.” That never made sense to me.

R+K: So for those who might be interested in a session, who can benefit most by a session with you?

Lizzi: What I usually tell people is that you don't have to feel stuck in order to benefit from a session. It's more just about gaining insight in how to get into that aligned state with your soul's purpose. So that feeling that so many of us have of, “I know there's something else out there for me. There's something on the tip of my tongue and I just…I just can't put my finger on it.” I feel like a lot of the info I'm given is how to get you back into that flow and that groove with your true soul's purpose and true soul-self.

Lizzi, thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and authenticity with us and to all of the clients who get to work with you! Listen to the full conversation.

You can find out more about working with Lizzi, including private and group energy clearings, at And you can also follow her on Instagram at @lizzicutler


Start the New Year with Your Personal Year Numerology

One of the most renowned spiritual teachers of this century was Louise Hay, who was a pioneer in modernizing the principles of healing and positive thinking to the world. Among her many books, including “You Can Heal Your Life,” Louise published a tiny guide called “Colors and Numbers,” that shows how to calculate your numerological year and personalized months and days for each calendar year. These are aligned with our astrological birth months and help us provide even greater clarity into how our energetic vibration can affect and influence us. According to Louise “Colors and numbers have a lot of significance for us. We each have our own personal number vibrations and personal color vibrations. Some of these numbers such as the date of birth are permanent. We also have personal numbers that change with the calendar. To take advantage of this numerological and energetic Secret Power, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Calculate the UNIVERSAL YEAR To calculate the UNIVERSAL YEAR, you add each digit in the year = 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7. For 2023, the Universal Year is 7. Step 2 - Calculate Your PERSONAL YEAR To discover Your PERSONAL YEAR vibration add your own BIRTH MONTH and BIRTHDAY to the current UNIVERSAL YEAR. For example - if your birthday is October 24th, you add: 10 (for the month of October) +24 (for the birthday) + 7 (for the Universal Year for 2023) 41= PERSONAL YEAR Step 3 - Calculate Your PERSONAL MONTH To find your PERSONAL MONTH vibration for the current month, add your PERSONAL YEAR to the CALENDAR MONTH. 7 (your Universal Year) + 1 (January Calendar Month) 8 = PERSONAL MONTH Here’s an overview of Personal Year Themes: 1 Year: New beginnings, leadership, taking action, and inspiring others. 2 Year: Cooperation - Forming relationships of all kinds, love, business, family. 3 Year: Creative expression in all forms — art, music, writing, dancing, and speaking. 4 Year: A year of building something new; organization, perseverance, and skill. 5 Year: Embracing freedom and change as you share yourself with people and seek new opportunities. 6 Year: Responsibility + Support - Focus is with your home, loved ones and community. 7 Year: Faith and the Inner You. Spiritual and intuitive period to seek the unknown. 8 Year: Achievement - Charismatic leadership, abundance, and empowerment. 9 Year: Completion and Fulfillment - Release the old. Transformation, change, and completion. 11 Year: The master 11 year is a time of inspired ideas that make a difference. 22 Year: In the powerful 22 master year, you have the potential to strengthen or begin a relationship, build a business, or begin a dynamic project . For more about the meaning behind your personal year numbers visit Your Tango.

THE DOWNLOAD: You Hold the Power

We set the intention to receive guidance and messages for all that read Seeking Center. Here are the insights that came up for this week!

Our downloads this week are full of promise. There is so much goodness to come this year. No matter what you may have in mind for the year ahead, know that you are the captain of your own ship that has endless capacity to navigate everything that is ahead and where you want to go…and that time is on your side.

Here’s to the new energy of 2023, and more messages + guidance from the Universe!


Shown the waterfall of life.

Create the change you wish to be in this world. You are the captain of your ship. Don't let anybody else tell you differently. As you sail through the water you get to steer in the direction you choose. You have the control because you have the power within you. Don't give away your power to anyone else. There is no power that is stronger than that of your own. All of the Universe desires to make your dreams come true. Hold onto the feeling of what you wish to create and to feel once that dream is created. Act as if.

The Universe is you. You are magic. You are energy. We forget that and the challenge within this lifetime is to remember that you hold the reins to your life. You chose to come into this life in a particular place with specific people to live through various obstacles. This life is the remembering of the power you hold within yourself and the choices we made even before coming here. We serve our own souls and we serve to help others as well, in all different capacities.

Do not lose sight of the joy that can be found each day. No matter the circumstances. Even if they feel dire, look to find the joy or the gratitude in what this circumstance is bringing you.

You are a gift to this world. This world is also your gift. It is your place to evolve and grow. Once we understand that we can look at every moment differently. We can look at things as opportunities...possibilities, instead of endings or walls that are blocking us from accomplishing something.

Use this new year to change your perspective. To spread your wings. To learn how to fly. See the world as technicolor instead of black and white.

Who will you meet? What experiences will you have? What lessons will be learned? How will you help others? It feels so much better to give. Remember that.

Seek fulfillment. Seek adventure. The journey is the key.

There is so much to experience as you set out on your voyage. And you are supported with love and abundance, more than you can ever imagine.

There is nothing that you can't achieve.


We are all transitioning into another energy - some would call it another cycle. Others would call it another period, another year, another “time.”

Whatever you choose to call it, remember that measured time as you have been taught it really doesn’t exist. This is so hard to understand as almost every aspect of life and existence has some attachment to measured moments. It is difficult to disconnect this as a belief.

But if you could, even if only for this moment, let go of the clock. How could this feel? What would you do differently? What would you not do at all?

What if you could really release your relationship to the month, the hour or the season. How would you live if time didn’t matter?

It is easy to feel so caught up in how much we have to do, that we forget that precious present moment. The one where all of our power lies. Where we can lean into whatever feeling we choose. And breathe, just breathe and be. Now.

Your higher-self knows this. It is where all of your dreams, desires and manifestations live. And you can go there, and be there anytime you choose.

So in this moment, where time seems to have turned a corner on the coming of a new year, let go of the need for resolutions. Let go of any feeling of change. You need not desire yourself to be better or worse at this moment. Allow yourself to feel where you are on this planet. This human being-ness in this time space reality. Feel your beingness.

You are part of this great energy flow into a new way of experiencing. Do the things you are called to do but then most of all, allow yourself to feel the expanse of this new time - with no measurement, no anxiety or lack. Just ease into the blissful unfolding of the new. The unmeasured and the infinite.

Namaste for all that is to come.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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