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summer solstice activation, plus time jumping & more

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

THE PULSE: Hello Summer!Most of you are waking up to the official start of summer, the summer solstice, which means the North Pole tilted as far toward the Sun as possible, which for all of us in North America occurred at 5:14 AM ET – and it’s the longest day of the year. Are you making the most of it?

According to Marissa French the summer solstice is specifically a moment for self-reflection, given that the term "solstice" comes from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). It reminds us to look inside, reflect and work on trusting ourselves. How would you say the first six months of 2022 have been? What intentions do you want to set for the next six months?

As the sun illuminates our world, the summer solstice is a time to focus on the light within that reveals what can help us now as we continue on with this life's journey. Keep in mind that your light has the power to shine brighter than you ever imagined.

Oh, and for all of you early risers, you can catch a rare planetary occurrence that hasn’t been seen since 2004 and won’t be seen again until 2040. From now until the end of June you have the opportunity to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn without a telescope – if the weather near you is cooperating. The best chance to see them will be 45-60 minutes before sunrise. How cool is that?

In addition, we left the sign of Gemini yesterday and we’ve now entered Cancer season. According to Refinery 29, we'll feel more connected to our roots, more sentimental, and ready to connect deeper with our homes and ourselves.

There’s a lot going on during the longest day of 2022. And we dive even deeper in our podcast and secret power for this week. We hope it’s sunny where you are!


Ginette Biro is back! Talking Summer Solstice, Time Jumping + more.

We had such a magical connection with Ginette Biro on our podcast a few weeks ago — that she kept coming up in so many of our conversations. We both dove into her book “Avalon to Aurora” which chronicles her Near Death Experience that catapulted her to new levels as a medium, visionary and healer. This week, we continued our conversation around other juicy topics like “Death Walkers, Soul Aspects, Walk-ins and Fusions,” (yeah, they are really things….) Oh, and time jumping. There was that too! Ginette, when we talked with you a few weeks back on our podcast, you introduced the idea that June was going to be a month where spirit may not feel as present because time, as we think we understand it, is shifting. Now that we're in June, are you still sensing that? Ginette: What's interesting is that there's a whole restructuring of time happening right now. They're essentially restructuring the energetic model of time on our planet so that it doesn't have the ability to be manipulated as it did before. There were different levels of light beings that knew how to manipulate time. Time is not linear. We think it is, but it is not. But there are people on this planet that have that intelligence to manipulate time. We don't realize how much time has actually been messed around with. It really makes it hard for humanity when we move through time like that, when it is kind of rewound or paused. Now with June, there's something that shifts or ideally “clicks” around the solstice coming up on the 21st. I don't know what it’s going to feel like yet. My guides are telling me to just be super present and see what happens by the end of June. I'm seeing like around June 28th, we'll be able to start feeling into where we're going. One of the things that they gave me about how we will feel different is that we will have a better ability to feel into intuitions. For example, when you're trying to decide, say, should I take job A or B, it would be hard to feel into it right now because the construct of time that affects our timelines is being re-calibrated. So we can't feel into it yet, but by July, we'll have a better ability to feel into the highest probabilities of our journey. Wow, we can’t wait to track back on that one and compare notes! Another really interesting concept we talked about was “soul aspects.” It is a pretty deep concept for some of us, but you offered us a wonderful illustration of how our lives are reflections of a greater whole, which is our highest selves. Can you explain? Soul aspects are different aspects of our soul. If you think about your soul as one big circle that defines the whole you, one piece to that circle can be one “soul aspect” of you. Your Higher Self sits in the higher realms or in heaven or the other side, however you define that. And it's watching over you as a fragment of your Higher Self while you are busy doing your thing here. If your Higher Self feels that at that point in your life you would benefit from a knowing or a learning from your Higher-Self, it will essentially bring down those aspects like a download or merging a different sole aspect of you. The more that we actually grow and connect with our Higher Self and our Spiritual Self, we're connecting to more of those soul aspects. We actually have access to that all the time. Wow! Another mind-blowing insight that helps us remember that we are so much more than we think we are and that this is all possible because we’re energy. And so energy can travel, so whether we are talking about ourselves on these multiple timelines are different soul aspects of ourselves, we always have access because we are energy beings. LOVE this! Thank you Ginette for always expanding the way we see things! You can find out more from Ginette, including her book, "Avalon to Aurora" on Listen to the full podcast.

YOUR SECRET POWER: Your Summer Solstice To-Do

According to Ginette, there's a huge significance this year with the solstice energy.

She says, a good message for everybody on the solstice is anchor into your truth. Use the day of the solstice and say, “today I am going to honor who I am. I'm going to move through this day with as much peace as I can. I am gonna take the moments I need to recalibrate. I'm going to be present. I'm going to find joy and I envision anchoring this here.”

What you're doing then is providing an anchor, essentially for this timeline to click-in faster. If we're not so busy running around, missing everything, then we can help anchor it. Literally, we don't realize how much our physical bodies act as anchor points of consciousness. And when we actually embody that, we make a big difference in creating this tipping point of ascension.

THE DOWNLOAD: Fire and Water brings in the Sun

In this week’s download, we were both influenced by our conversation with Ginette around the Summer Solstice and the idea of how time (or perhaps the non-existence of it) impacts the way we perceive our life’s

journeys. As we shared the messages that came through there was a theme about following the light to find our purpose and casting out the darkness on anything that might be holding us back.


As you approach the time of the solstice, know it is the time of the sun, the highest fire and frequency. An energy light that you can connect with at any time…but now it is at its peak period for integration and manifestation.

This is a time known through the ages to set intentions that will yield the most root and fruit and will further anchor you to this earthly experience you have come into for your own personal growth. Do not seek to understand this within your “3D” earthly senses…but go within to ask and see with that inner fire…that spark that gives you clear knowing with excitement. That will be the energy that fuels you.

Ask for that solstice essence of sun energy to shine a light in any dark corner that may be hiding in your subconscious. Ask that time to slow down so that you can be truly present and be in this most clear currency…if only to see where you are. Appreciate and feel into this notion that time doesn’t exist and that you have the power to be or go to anywhere you choose. And that you most certainly can create that dream and bring it into your current reality.

Know that you always have the tools you need to grow, be and understand all that is for your highest good.

And that you can use this time to light a flame within yourself that can be your beacon to show you where to go. It is all about you remembering your inner light. To shine it. To offer it to others and create the co-creative one-ness that will amplify all of us who are seeking to bring more illumination to the world.

Feel the light which is love within….and be the flame for others to see. It is the only purpose. And this is the perfect time to shine it for all the world to see. Watch what happens next. It is the beginning of the illumination. You are all the firestarters. You are as bright as the sun.


On water...sailboat. We are sailing these seas, these open seas and we must have faith that we have the knowledge, experience and are being guided in the right direction. We must remember that as we enter this week and this new phase with the summer solstice and this new wave of energy.

It is a gift to experience

this and be aware that you are in the school of life.

You need to trust that you are being shown or being given a specific experience on purpose.

The sun is a constant in our world and as we think about this week and this time of year it is a reminder to trust that the sun will always rise. You are fortunate to wake up and get another opportunity to make new choices, experience this life in this present reality so that you can learn at your soul level.

The sun is your reminder of light, of love and even when it's cloudy you know that the sun is there it's just being disguised at the moment.

Find your way of getting clear. Water is an element that brings you clarity. For others it's feeling the earth beneath their feet. Find what works for you and get centered. So that you can continue on your path.

There is so much light now...we're flooded with light and we can further shine a light on our purpose and also what's holding us back. If we take the time to look and we're brave enough to face what is being illuminated we can gain so much understanding right now.

There is such momentum...things are coming quickly. You need to stop and make the time so you can be aware. growth comes from awareness. We are awareness, if we allow ourselves to be aware.

You are being called to rise up and meet the light.

What comes to you when you are purposefully aware?

Where are you being asked to set your sail?

Allow for it to move and change course when needed.

Sail on to your highest, brightest light this week. Embrace the solstice and embrace all you truly are!



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