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spiritual portals, realms, timelines + astral travel

THE PULSE: Embrace Your Strength


How did last week’s energy treat you? We talked to a number of you – and it felt like a doozy of a week all around! The full moon energy definitely seemed to impact a lot of people. This week’s podcast guest and our dear friend Elizabeth Furest said, “it was an excavation!” No matter how it played out in your life, we hope that you were able to find your flow by the end of the week.

We’ve also been discussing how overall, these last few weeks have provided (lots of) opportunities to push past your comfort zone to discover the depths of your strength. What has challenged you? What have you overcome? What’s

something new that came into your life as a result of the last few weeks?

HAPPY 8/8 + LAMMAS + KAREN'S BIRTHDAY! It's super fitting that today is also known as the Lion's Gate 8-8 portal...considering that we are talking all about portal's on this week's podcast. (Plus, it also happens to be Karen's birthday!! Happy Birthday!) A magical day all around. Our go-to astrologer, Stevie Calista breaks down the significance of this portal, a sacred celebration that is new to us (and maybe will be to you as well?!) and Venus starting her new cycle over the upcoming weekend. Here's what Stevie says, There is a lot of information flying around about the Lions Gate 8-8 portal! I love that the collective focuses on this time as being so powerful, because it is, but there is also a lot of information that is incorrect astrologically. Let’s break down what is true. As the fiery Sun blazes through the zodiac sign of Leo, it reaches a pivotal point at 15°, bringing the sacred occasion of Lammas. This celestial alignment offers a potent and joyous energy, inviting us to celebrate the abundance of the season and honor the spirit of giving and gratitude. Happy Lammas! This is when the Sun is exactly halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and that marks a powerful point on the Sun’s descent into the darkness. This is the time of year we start to harvest, we celebrate the last bit of summer Sun and we start to think about the change of season. This is the time of year when we start to notice the light changing. In astrology, Leo is symbolized by the mighty lion, exuding confidence, courage, and leadership. At 15° of Leo, the Sun's influence is amplified, empowering us to embrace our unique strengths and shine brightly in the world. This positioning calls for boldness and creativity as we pursue our passions and share our talents with others. Leo's ruling element, fire, ignites our spirits, urging us to embrace a sense of enthusiasm and zest for life. At this celestial juncture, we are encouraged to live authentically, express ourselves fearlessly, and ignite the flames of inspiration within our hearts. One of the most enchanting astronomical events of the summer is the heliacal rising of Sirius. Around mid to late summer (not just on August 8th), depending on the observer's location, Sirius makes its grand entrance, rising above the horizon just before the Sun. Throughout history, Sirius held immense cultural and spiritual significance for various civilizations. In ancient Egypt, the annual rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile River, a pivotal event that ensured fertile lands and abundant crops. The Egyptians associated Sirius with the goddess Isis, symbolizing motherly nurturing and life-giving properties. During this time, the energy of Sirius converges with the Earth, allowing for heightened intuition, spiritual awakening, and a deeper connection to the cosmos. It is a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms appears thinner, inviting seekers to embark on inner journeys of self-discovery and soul exploration. How is this energy showing up for you? Venus Moves Forward Venus will meet up with the Sun on Sunday, August 13 and start an entirely new Venus cycle (think like a New Moon but for Venus). Her cycle will last 584 days. This means she is being rebirthed… right now she is in her “dark moon phase”, she is meeting up with the cosmic rays of the Sun, purifying herself. As we are all connected to each planet, we are one with them, we feel this deeply. This can make big feelings surface or cause confusion with what we want. This can cause relationship re-evaluation and hardship. What is no longer in alignment becomes apparent. This invitation is to slow all the way down and let it work through us. Clarity will come. Stevie suggests calling upon the energy of Opal during this time. Opal holds a special place in the realm of metaphysical properties, offering a myriad of enchanting benefits to those who embrace its mystical energies. Check out Stevie’s Opal collection.

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You know when we have our dear friend, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive and Reiki Master, Elizabeth Furest back on the podcast, the conversation is going to be juicy! If you're curious about the existence of portals between spiritual realms and how people travel between them or why Spirit may be tied to specific land and how to work with them, then this episode is for you. We're also covering astral travel! Elizabeth is giving you her step by step process to help you navigate safely. Plus, she's sharing her go-to protocol to clear any space. You don't want to miss it! The catalyst for this episode was a conversation we had with Elizabeth that was so mind blowing, we decided to dedicate time and record it. We knew if we were interested, you would be too. We promise you won't be disappointed! Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Elizabeth, you have such a special ability to help us understand what we can't see. Tell us, what is your definition of a portal? Elizabeth Furest: A portal is an access point to another realm. It’s access to information that exists on another plane outside of what we’re experiencing in the physical form. There are many different energetic realms and they exist all around us. Anyone who's even ever had a dream has accessed a portal. Even daydreaming is a portal. If you've ever created a space in your imagination, or have been reading a book where a part of you is so into that story that you forget where you are, I would argue that you are accessing a different timeline or a different energetic space. R+K: So in your definition, a portal is almost like a passageway into another time-space reality, right? Elizabeth: Yes. We all know about portals from sci-fi movies and fiction novels, but they're actually not fictional. They are the ability to move into a different energetic plane and connect with what's existing in that plane. It's that energetic part of your body that is leaving, whether it's in a meditative state or in a dream state, that is able to get information, meet up with someone who isn't physically present with you or meet up with a spirit that's in another realm, that is being able to access a portal. R+K: And how do portals work with astral travel? Elizabeth: Astral traveling is using our energetic body. We have our physical human form, flesh and bones, and then there's all these different energetic layers. We have an emotional layer. We have a mental layer and it goes out around our body. The astral body is attached through the third chakra, which is the power center of the body in the upper diaphragm where the rib cage comes together. And in that power center, there is a connection with a silver cord that attaches to the astral body. And so basically the astral body is the part of the energy body that is able to safely leave and travel and access other realms or portals, while the physical body is either asleep or in a meditative state or a relaxed state. The most important part if one is going to learn to astral travel or to access different realms is after they access the information to come back into themselves and close out that space so they are not co-existing in those portals to be able to come back into the physical form. You want to be able to come back in and wake up and integrate it. And so the most important part, even though portals are super exciting, is how to travel safely. R+K: Elizabeth, you’ve reminded to us that we all have the power to have experiences like astral travel and visiting portals to learn what we need and bring it back to our present. Elizabeth: Those spaces are important because our analytical mind is so powerful. In the daytime, we can't necessarily access our souls on that level, but if we're daydreaming or in a meditative state, stuff can come to us that we wouldn’t necessarily have access to and we get the answers because we're in a place of surrender. And that is the ability to heal. To say, now I have this new information. What can I learn from? What can I let go of? And when we travel out and we bring information back into the present, everything else we don't want drops off.

And then new pathways form, new portals form, because we're not lugging around all this “stuff.” There's a lightness in that joy, because we're receiving the information that we need by just letting go. And then life becomes more fun and not as challenging, which is the goal. R+K: Thank you Elizabeth for helping us to remember that we always have this power within ourselves. And if we want to heal and we want to travel places, the biggest lesson is to pack light! Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM ELIZABETH FUREST

  • We highly recommend working with Elizabeth. You can find out more about her offerings on her website

  • You can also follow her on Instagram @solitaryconnection


Preparing for Take-Off: How to Astral Travel Safely

Have we got you inspired to set off on your own Astral Travel adventure? According to Elizabeth Furest, we all have the power to explore portals of divine energy for the information and inspiration to help us on our soul’s journey. If you’re ready to take off on your own astral flight, here’s Elizabeth’s step-by-step instructions to ground your energy, body and intention to receive wisdom and create experiences for your highest good. Step One: Hold the intention that all of your Spirit is present in the moment, and that you are connected to the Earth. Step Two: Visualize the energetic bubble that surrounds you, which is also called your “auric field.” See that this field is grounded and secure and has safely tethered your body to the physical plane. Step Three: Now, whether it is a meditative state that you’re going into, or if you’re going to sleep, hold the intention that you only access realms that are for you highest and best good, and that you experience only things that you are prepared to see or to explore. Step Four: Hold the intention that you have a beautiful butterfly net. You can cast it out across all space and time, across all planes, and collect any of your energy or wisdom that needs to return to you now. It’s attracting in your essence which is always the highest healed present version of yourself. Cast that net out and then pull this beautiful energy fully back into your body. Step Five: Then re-ground and hold the intention that this new energetic frequency is your new setting in present time. You are fully immersed in wholeness. Now you have Elizabeth's protocol! Follow this process to allow your dream state to give you the wisdom that you need in that moment. Then hold the intention that when you’re complete and have everything that you need, you will only bring back the wisdom that best serves you. Happy travels!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD It is time for you to remember why you came. This purpose you seek has always been within you. Listen for the whispers of your soul. Letting go of what you “see” and tune into how you “feel.” This is the clearest way for you to recall the sound of your inner voice. Inspiration. Aspiration. Inclination. They are your Wisdom Counsel who await your attention. They know who you are. And they are there to guide your path. Synchronicity, Serendipity, Serenity are the co-creative signals from the universe that you are indeed remembering. They are the signs that you are in flow with your intentions and desires. What would it mean for you to be truly self-ish in the moment? Meaning, truly immersed in the truth of yourself? What would your world look like? A new adventure awaits you now. You will see the unseen - the invisible will be made visible. You are breathing in to the love and light that you are and a a completely new “reality” is unfolding. It is indeed like visiting a new portal of life…of creating a new timeline for yourself to experience. The path has always been there. Now it will unfold for you. Prepare for takeoff to a new experience of you. The one that IS you. The one that has always been you. The new, the infinite, the everlasting awaits! ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD There is light all around you. It is your choice if you want to receive the light and the love. It is always there for you. Oh how you try to complicate things on Earth. We use the word simplify to help you get in a different mindset. Life can be so much simpler. The world in which you live right now has so many distractions and so many ways to make things more challenging. It can be so simple. Just live in the moment. We know that sounds silly and overused to many of you. However it really is the key to living a more joy filled life. You can catch yourself when you are living in the past and come back to the present moment. Like right now you are reading this message and this guidance. Stay present. What are you doing as you read. Are you sitting? Standing? Are your feet on the ground? Are they in shoes? How do you feel? Focus on these words. We ask for you to feel your heart beating. It is giving you this opportunity to experience this present moment. This life in a human body. You chose to be here and you were chosen to be here. Isn't that cool? So much choice!! You can also choose to stay present as much as possible. We know that you still need to do some planning and also some reliving of past moments to evolve and expand your soul. That is expected. However as much as you can come back to the NOW and receive each moment as it comes...the more you will receive from this life experience. Don't overthink everything. Don't give into the should. Follow the feeling. Feel that heart beating. Feel the feelings in your gut. That is simplifying. That is living in the present. You are a miracle. Remember that. You are a miracle. Your existence is miraculous. You are special. You are chosen. Each one of you on the planet is chosen. That may be hard to accept because you look at people as good, bad, wrong, right. However all plays a role and is here on purpose. Continue to explore all possibilities. Continue to become more in touch with the essence of you. Consider each moment precious...because it is. How will you spend these precious moments? Will you spend them learning? Soaking it all in? Being present? Or will you spend it always living in the future and in the past? We encourage you to set intentions and specific time for planning for the future. And only use the past to grow. Do your best to not dwell on the upsetting times. If certain times fill you with love and joy...use those to bring you into present happiness and joy. All we want for you is to LOVE your experience here. Make the most of this time. We love you and we remind you of the miracle in this miraculous moment.



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