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sound healing: tuning into the vibration of your soul

THE PULSE: Even the Sun is Smiling!

Well, October came and went quickly. We’re grateful we can welcome in November together!

We found this picture posted by Nasa over this past week -- and it felt like the perfect way to welcome in November together. A smiling sun?! Yasss!


We also get to celebrate Samhain today, which is a Gaelic celebration that started last night on Halloween. According to Chani Nicholas, "traditionally, Samhain honored the end of the growing season. Samhain reminds us of the fragility of life. That the more we can embrace what spooks us, and even play with the notion of death and decay itself, the less likely we are to take ourselves too seriously. When we do this, we grow less afraid and are better able to appreciate that darkness and death are not ends — but transition points in a greater cycle." (The smiling sun is even more fitting!)


From what we read from all of our astrology reports, emotions this week are going to be all over the place. Mars retrograde began on October 30 and goes through Jan 12. You may find your energy may be impacted -- and that you are quick to react or get frustrated more easily over this timeframe. Try to keep this knowing in mind, so that you can take a pause if your emotions flare up.


We also want to give a shout out to one of our recent guests, Jess Cording, who just released her latest book Her new book: The Farewell Tour: A Caregiver's Guide to Stress Management, Sane Nutrition, and Better Sleep


And we are bursting with excitement over this week's podcast with Sound Healing Practitioner, Koko T. Bear. Get ready to look at sound in a whole new way!

THE PODCAST - Sound Healing: Tuning into the Vibration of Your Soul

On this week's episode we are honored and excited to introduce you to Sound Healing Practitioner Koko T. Bear. Robyn met Koko earlier this year at Blackberry Mountain in Walland, Tennessee. The Sound Bath she experienced there with Koko was transformative and beyond anything she had ever experienced. So of course, we knew we had to have them on the podcast to learn more about sound healing, Koko’s journey and their connection to spirit. Here are some highlights. Robyn + Karen: KoKo, for those who might not know what sound healing or what a sound bath is, how do you define it? Koko: My elevator pitch is, a sound bath is the simplest and quickest meditation that I've ever done, because it's so easy! It’s the body's natural reaction to sound frequency and vibration. In a sound bath we're surrounding the body with very intentional sounds. And we're letting the body focus in and absorb those sounds while tuning into the instruments in the room. We remind the body to let go and reset itself to the infinite frequency of the Universe. So, it's a very gentle practice that doesn't really require you to do anything and yet I keep seeing huge effects in myself and in others. R+K: Can you explain the way you create a sound bath healing experience? Koko: Sure! I try to burn some sage 30 minutes before anybody walks in. I set up the room with soft pillows and blankets, just comfortable spaces for everyone to lie down or sit. And then when everyone settles in, I like to break down all of the instruments that I use, and show everybody what they look like and sound like. I try not to set too many expectations because you never know what an individual’s experience will be in a sound bath. Then, after getting everybody mentally ready and physically comfortable, I try to get them breathing. I start with a guided meditation with some chimes and some tuning forks. These work at getting into your body and opening you up at a muscular level. I guide the breathwork and as we breathe in rhythm, our hearts beat in rhythm. In that soft space, you can get everybody vibrating at a circulatory level. And then we start bringing in instruments that really remind the body to just let everything go. R+K: Can you tell us about the instruments you use? Koko: I have tuning forks, singing bowls, a gong and metal instruments. Tuning forks bring the body to this slow spot reminding the body that when we were a heart rate, a brain, a nervous system that we could regenerate. The gong will show you what it has found. The gong is like a proud dog or a proud cat, whichever one you're more apt to. They're like, "Hey, I found this garbage inside your nervous system. I wanted to show it to you." The metal instruments give you an expanding feel and the crystal bowls offer up sounds that swirl around the top of the room that for me can send me into an astral plane or into an out-of-body experience. I also use chimes that help to open up the memory center of the brain.

R+K: Can you talk about your connection to spirit. You can really feel and interpret other people's energies. How did that develop through this work? Koko: I grew up here in Tennessee and I spent a lot of time in the mountains in my teenage years. That's where I learned how to be quiet. Without even realizing it, I was practicing the language of the rivers and streams. I'm really glad I had that foundation of growing up in the south, especially finding community and how important a strong community is, no matter what is bringing that community together. And when they do come together, it is always so powerful. That it just makes that connection together to a higher plane even stronger. So through sound vibration we can all connect together to the same frequency. And when there's no other intention behind it other than connecting to the frequency, it brings everyone together on a higher plane. That's what sound connection does. You can follow and reach out to Koko on Instagram at @koktbear. See where Koko will be next! Listen to the full episode.

SECRET POWER: Integrate Sound Healing into Your Daily Routine

Koko’s got you covered – no gong, singing bowl or tuning fork required! Here are a few easy ways Koko suggests that can help you immerse yourself in your own sound bath anywhere you may be.

  1. Try the Solfeggio Frequencies: Koko’s says it’s challenging to capture Sound Bath effects on a digital recording, however the Solfeggio Frequencies are ancient musical notes that have proven energetic effects on vibration. Soothing compilations of all kinds can be found on Youtube and are a nice, supportive way to put sound into your life.

  2. Indulge in Humming: Self-humming is probably the most active tool Koko shares with people. Not only does it feel good, you can do it whenever you want. Most of us don’t like the sound of our own voices, so it doesn’t have to be a tune that you sing. Just find a tone or note that feels comfortable to you and release it with a long exhale. And, if you relax into it, into yourself, you’ll find humming is a good soothing tool.

  3. Explore Cymatics: Koko recommends this mind-blowing way to see the actual physical effects of music on matter. Again, YouTube has some great videos where you can watch the effects of sand, water and rice as musical tones are played. It’s really mind blowing as they snap into these beautiful mandala, almost chakra looking shapes. So you can imagine how your cells look during a sound bath. We're getting our whole body to transform into these very sacred, geometric vibrations.

  4. Feel the Vibe: Koko also suggests using a Bluetooth speaker as you listen to the Solfeggio frequencies healing music. Let it physically touch your body to feel the vibrational flow of the tones. When you listen with just your ears it is very cerebral. With the BlueTooth speaker vibration really permeating your body you can feel more of the energetic flow of the experience.

THE DOWNLOAD: Powerful Vibes

This week’s download is all about leaning into our senses and allowing ourselves to really feel the flow of the vibrational energy of our own lifeforce. It’s easy to forget how powerful we are and how much power we have within ourselves to transform anything on our path. And no matter what comes our way, we are surrounded by the soul team that we cannot see, who are always there to guide us.


The spark of inspiration comes when you can allow yourself to be the most quiet. When you can hear the rise and fall of your breath and feel the gentle flow of energy pass through your lungs and back into the air. Allow yourself to visualize your loving team of angels and guides sitting gently beside you. Sending you their omniscient love and support for everything you are and are becoming.

Can you feel us? We are here. Always.

It can be so hard to understand with only your 5 senses. They are your bodily tools to help you navigate the earthly plane but they are not your real compass for knowing where to go…or for knowing yourself.

To really see, you must close your eyes and witness your own wisdom.

To really hear, you must listen beyond words and amplify the sound of your own intuition.

To really feel, you must go within and let your heart be your touchstone of love and flow.

To really taste, you must nourish yourself with self love and savor positive expectations.

To really smell, you must breathe in the power of your life force and release anything that no longer serves you.

Know that your body is the instrument you use to shine the light of your soul in the world. It is an energetic and vibrational amplifier of all that you are. Your senses are your intuitive guideposts of your spiritual intentions.

Feel that buzz of the everlasting life that you are

You are a frequency that radiates the power of the universe

Never forget who you really are

You are no less than the stars, the majesty of the heavens itself

You are love, You are light, You are timeless.

You are infinite wisdom and timeless spirit being on earth.

How lucky the earth is to have you here at this moment.

Shine your light from the inside out.

Let nothing and no one stop you today.

You are here to be bold and brave.

Exuberant in your life force.

Step into this moment of endless moments

And dance to the sound of your soul.


Feel the swirling energy of change and transformation. There is so much moving around you and you are being asked to stand and take it all in. Think about your next move because soon you will need to make the move in a direction towards something new. You may feel nervous but you're being supported towards this new direction. You can’t make a wrong decision…know that. Be reminded of that. Each decision you make always leads to an outcome of learning in some way, shape or form.

You can expect the week to fly by, yet there will be an intensity to this week that you can feel in a tangible way. We will all be finding our way in this new sense of self. Where will you let it take you? And how will you allow it to help you grow? What layers can you shed in this process? What can you leave behind in order to start to take off and allow your wings to carry you? What is it that is weighing you down? Causing any confusion? It’s time to let that go. You know it deep down.

Without that weight, you now have the energy to actually go and soar. What was it that you are leaving behind? You have time. Not everyone has time to think this through, but you do. What a blessing.

Feel the full support of the team around you. The team that you can’t see. They are there. Lean into them. Talk to them. Ask for their help and guidance. They enjoy being around you too.


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NOVEMBER 1: Sound Healing: Tuning into the Vibration of Your SoulWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

Email us:

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And, get to know us better.

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