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akashic records: ask your body for the answer

Updated: Sep 25, 2022


Hellooo February and goodbye to retrogrades. Mercury is moving forward once again. Phew! We also had a New Moon on January 31. Are you feeling lighter? We are! And the energy is only going to get better over the next few weeks.

Speaking of new energy, let's celebrate new beginnings! The Lunar New Year came roaring in on February 1 as the Year of the Tiger. It is considered a positive sign. Yesss! It's all about embracing courage and bravery. We read about it representing hope, amid challenges, and that it could signify a real turning point for all of us.

Oh, and did you know about Imbolc? We didn't. It's been around for thousands of years. It's the Celtic festival celebrated on February 1 and February 2 and it is the mid-point between that winter solstice and the spring equinox. The terms is believed to come from an old Irish word and reminds us that new life is sprouting even though we can't see it. It is all about new beginnings and the birth of new ideas. It welcomes the light after the darkness of winter. We say, bring it!!


AKASHIC RECORDS: Tap into the wisdom of your soul

  • THE SECRET POWER: Ask your body for the answer (literally).

  • THE DOWNLOAD: Be your own Dorothy.

  • SEEKING CENTER PODCAST: The fantastical February lineup!


We all have a soul, so who wouldn't want to have a direct line into your own soul’s database? Have you heard of the Akashic Records? If you haven’t, we’re about to blow your mind.

We sat down with Laura Coe, podcast host, author and spiritual teacher to learn more about what she calls “an energetic storehouse that holds your soul's history.”

Laura breaks down what they are, how you access them and why they are the ultimate source for guidance.


According to Laura…

It’s like an entire Google search on you. Think of it as a place where everything you've ever done over all of your lifetimes is stored. The Akashic Records is the space that is your knowing. It is that deep sense of authentic truth for you.

And an Akashic record reading is when some

body is able to access that space and give you information.

It's a system that gives you access to a ton of content specifically for you –and hopefully unlocks ways to feel better in your life on a regular basis.

There's no judgment.


An Akashic Record is similar to a cell phone. Everyone has their device with a unique phone number. With an Akashic record, Laura reads a specific set of sentences that includes a person’s name, which then energetically connects her to their record.


It’s a gateway to understanding your soul’s path. Are you on the right track? In need of healing? Trying to figure out your relationship with a partner? Overcoming trauma?

The Akashic Records are there to validate your truth or try to help you decode “a feeling” that you can’t explain.

From the nature of love, to finding your purpose; from how to keep boundaries, to finally understanding what self-love actually means — the Akashic Records offer clear, profound guidance and a spiritual education that can heal, change, and deeply transform your life.

It's wisdom that's fun, always enlightening, and — if followed — genuinely life-changing.

Want to book a session with Laura? Or do you want to learn how to open your own records? Go to Laura’s Little Soul School.

THE SECRET POWER: Ask Your Body for the Answer

This is where we get weird...again. It works and doesn't cost a thing, so who cares if it's weird?

Enter the human pendulum...

First of all, let's talk about what we mean by

pendulum. In spiritual circles it is a tool that is used to bypass our conscious mind and go directly to our intuition for answers. It is typically made with a stone or crystal that is tied to string, chain or cord. Asking a simple yes or no question, the pendulum will swing a certain way and pro

vide an answer.

Now imagine your own body as the pendulum. Stay with us.


1. Calibrate Your Body: Stand up and face North. Your body is your compass. And this is how you activate your energy and set the intention to follow your true North which is your soul's truth.

2. Establish "Yes, No, Maybe": Now you're going to ask your body to show you a specific movement to define its energetic answer to your question.Each of us responds differently. Try it. Say this out loud, "Show me Yes." How does your body move? Does it lean forward? Backward? Side-to-side? Everybody is different. Make note of the response. Now repeat this exercise to establish how your body's reacts to "Show me No," as well as "Show me Maybe." Make note of these movements.

3. Ask Away! Think of a question that you know the ans

wer with certainty. For example, Robyn dislikes pickles. She asks, "Do I like pickles?" She immediately leans backward because that is her body's response to "No."After you feel confident that you can interpret your own body's response, ask for guidance on a specific subject. Here are a few ideas for phrasing your question, "Is it time to (fill in the blank)? or "Is it in my best interest to (fill in the blank)?" or "Will I (fill in the blank)?"

You can use this anytime. It is your secret power that you can use to tune in at a moment's notice. Your body doesn't lie. The answers are within.

Let us know how it works. Email or DM us.

THE DOWNLOAD: Be Your Own Dorothy

Knowing that we were talking to Laura this week, we wanted to use the Akashic Records for our mind-meld. We used Laura’s Little Soul School "The Key" class to learn how to open our records – it exceeded our e

xpectations! We set the intention to receive messages that would resonate with all of you. What we received shocked us! We both received visuals using scenes from the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor. Since almost everyone has seen Wizard of Oz, it makes sense that the Akashic Records used that as a symbol that we can all understand. BE YOUR OWN DOROTHY

Like Dorothy, we’re all on a yellow brick that can be challenging to navigate and/or understand. There will be times when we get lost and we will need to face our fears in order to move forward. It will take heart, courage and strength. The journey will be easier (and more fun!) with frie

nds helping along the way. Now that we're in February, we're coming out of the black and white blah of the past few years, and right around the corner is the technicolor world of possibility. Your road will lead to revealing the truth within yourself.

Who or what is the Wicked Witch of the West for you? What do you feel is in your way? What are your ruby slippers? Dorothy learned that she had the power to go home all along. As Glenda the Good Witch says, “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” Don’t give your power away. Maybe this is a nudge to rewatch Wizard of Oz?

Claim your power and be your own Dorothy!



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial

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