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reiki, the divine rays & sound healing

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays, + Sound Healing

THE PULSE: Hello Virgo Season!

School is back in session in our neck of the woods. And if it's not in your neighborhood, then the countdown has begun. Even if you don't have a child, there's something in the air. It may also be that it's officially Virgo season?! What does that mean?

Virgo is down-to-earth, detail-oriented, and is all about self-improvement. According to Refinery29, we often reconnect with routines and habits that we may have lost track of or left behind. "Cleaning, purging, organizing, and getting granular all serve us as we move through Virgo season," says astrologer Stephanie Campos. "Small changes often lead to the biggest breakthroughs over time. Our habits matter, and Virgo season reminds us that there is magic in the mundane."

And another note, there’s a new moon on Saturday, August 27. The energy is a bit different than other new moons that we've had of late. New moons are all about planting new seeds. In this particular new moon, if you're using it to set goals for yourself, visualize the goal and come up with multiple ways of attaining it. There's always more than one path. Focus on the feeing of what it means to achieve that goal, rather than a one outcome.

The energy of that day and the new moon is about being ready for plans to change! And if they do, how can you be flexible? How can you go with the flow? How do these changes help you in the long run? How can you change your perspective if things don't go exactly as you plan?

And this week's podcast is perfectly timed! It's all about energy -- with ways to balance, transmute and tap your way into more harmony.

Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood are a dynamic duo who’ve been Reiki Master Practitioners for over 10 years. Our podcast conversation with them is juicy! We dive into Reiki, intuition, Oracle cards, sound healing, and even holistic eating. They are bot

h also intuitive and have channeled “The Divine Rays Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook." What is that, you ask? You'll get the full explanation. Plus, you'll hear them in action as they give Robyn and Karen an intuitive reading.

They also reveal the chakra that can help improve your immune system--and they'll share a practice that you can integrate into your every day. And they share their surprising journey that led them to each other -- and Reiki. Here’s just a snippet of our soul connecting conversation. Robyn + Karen: Danielle and Britney, we just love how you approach your Reiki practice as a couple. How do you define Reiki? Brittany: When you break the word Reiki down, “ki” is actually the universal energy that's flowing through everything. “Rei,” really means universal spiritual energy. And when you put them together, it's a universal, spiritually guided, life force energy. Every healer uses ki, the energy that's available within us, around us. And the practice of reiki comes from the intention to make that energy move and manipulate it into doing what it’s meant to do, which is to empower your own system to kick in and heal itself. R + K: You both also incorporate sound healing into your sessions. How does sound help enhance Reiki? Brittany + Danielle: Sound, just like Reiki, is an energy frequency. We both feel that sound and Reiki are complementary and they go hand-in-hand to help harmonize our energy fields. Sound healing helps trigger the body into healing itself. It normalizes imbalances and helps bring everything back into a harmonized state of alignment. We all have auras. The aura itself can also be referred to as our “harmonics.” There are layers within an aura and each layer has its own frequency and its own vibration. So when you're listening to music, you're accepting those frequency waves, and it's literally changing your vibration and your cells, so that you're more in harmony with how your system should be aligned and your natural state of being. That's similar to what Reiki does too. R + K: In addition to being Reiki healers, you're both intuitive and able to channel “The Divine Rays.” Can you talk about that as well as the Oracle deck that you have created to practice working with the Rays? B + D: The first Ray that we were introduced to was the Violet Flame Ray of Divine Transmutation. And it's pure magic! Just calling on the Ray of Divine Transmutation, transmutes all old wounds, all energies that are stuck, anything that's no longer serving you. For us, that Ray was the gateway to learning about other rays. The easiest way to explain the rays is that we all have just this infinite potential. And the rays are all about recognizing our potential and living to our fullest potential. We wanted to create an Oracle deck that would do that for others, that would reprogram the subconscious. And we also wanted to infuse the distance Reiki symbol in each card. So through graphic design, and our spiritual artwork, we were able to put the distance Reiki behind every single card so that the person working with the deck is actually receiving Reiki as they're working with it. R + K: How do you call upon that Violet Ray? How do you do that? B + D: It's really simple and it's unique for each person, but you can just say “I call on the highest, most divine energy of the Violet Ray for my highest good.” It's really as simple as the thought and the intention behind the thought. Your intention gives permission. Sit with it for a moment, and then feel within your system. The vibrations coming in. Feel whatever you are needing to be transmuted. Allow it to help you let it go. Just like with all energy modalities, it's invisible, but you can feel it. That's the beauty of the flame. R + K: Indeed it is! Thank you Brittany and Danielle. We can’t wait to lean more and practice with the Ray’s ourselves. Listen to the full podcast. Work with Danielle + Brittany To work with Danielle and Britney, or to find out more about their classes and pre-order their Oracle deck, visit them Get Danielle's Summer Grilled Veggie & Quinoa Wrap with Citrus Tahini Dressing Danielle + Brittany's Sound Bath Spotify Playlist

SECRET POWER: The Chakra That Can Improve Your Immune System

According to Danielle and Brittany, most people are unaware of our thymus chakra, also known as your higher heart chakra, is located between our throat and our heart. And our thymus gland is basically in charge of our immune system. Your thymus is a small gland in the lymphatic system that makes and trains special white blood cells called T-cells. The T-cells help your immune system fight disease and infection.

They suggest a simple technique you can do right now. Tap on your thymus gland in between your throat and your heart and just breathe. Allow it to open. This helps you also speak from your heart. It opens the channel, and it actually works with your T-cells in that area.

According to D+B, as we age, the thymus gland kind of shrinks. So here's what you can do, just tap on it every day. Try tapping for 30 seconds every day. Make it a ritual. You'll notice that you actually feel a little burst of energy. You'll feel the life there because it's right there with our immune system.

BONUS SECRET POWER: Sound Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

One other secret power of the week relates to our discussion about sound healing with D+B. Sound has frequency and can help to attune our energy. One useful sound bathing resource are the Solfeggio Frequencies.


AUGUST 23 Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays, + Sound HealingWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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