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reporting from the other side

THE PULSE: Ride the (Energetic) Wave!


Oh this energy! While our stories are all different -- there has been some fire turned up in all of our lives. And doesn't it feel like there's not enough time in the day?

We're just calling it as we feel it.

Karen and I constantly have to remind each other to do whatever it takes to ground ourselves -- and do our best to stay present. We try to not get too caught up in the past or the future (which honestly takes work!). All of our Seeking Center resources come in handy -- and we continue to stick to our daily practices…which are unique to each of us...but let's just say even putting on our crystal bracelets is part of the grounding!

Just know if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed -- you're not alone...and this too shall pass. As Amy Eliza Wong said on last week’s podcast, "It's going to work out -- and it's going to be great."


The Sun + Uranus meet up today. Uranus is all about change -- usually happening unexpectedly. As astrologer Michael Lennox says, "as we move from the beginning of this week to the end of it, there may be radical changes that come up out of nowhere." While uncertainty seems daunting…the thing is almost NOTHING is certain. We all have a false illusion of control in our lives…so try to roll with the energy this week. How can it help you deal with uncertainty in general? And if something does come up out of seemingly nowhere, know there is divine timing at work.

Also, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spends one more week in Aries -- which adds productive energy to this week. Use it to take a chance on something new!

And by the way -- only one more week of Mercury in retrograde. YAYAY!!

Getting Unstuck: Free Yourself from What Other People Think

For those that listened to our latest episode with Lizzi Cutler -- we announced that we'd be offering a transformative series to help you get unstuck. The offering will be FREE, virtual and we'll be live with Lizzi onFriday, May 19 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PTfor an hour to get over the fear of being judged. We can’t wait to work with and experience it with all of you. RSVP NOW.

We are forever curious about finding ways to communicate with Spirit. We know from our own experiences that everyone has their own way of translating messages, which help to facilitate healing and provide guidance to those that are in need. Meet Tina Powers. She’s a former news anchor and reporter and says her career now as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive is “reporting from the other side.” In addition to her virtual private readings, Tina travels around the world conducting lectures and workshops on intuition and regularly holds private sessions at the world renowned Miraval Resort. We had the privilege of having a reading with Tina and it blew us away! Not only did we receive validation, guidance, and healing, we laughed, we cried, and we came away feeling motivated and lighter all around. On this week’s podcast, we take a deep dive into Tina’s abilities, specifically from a reporter’s perspective, and we get her advice on how we can all tap into the power of intuition. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Tina, you have truly been on a Seeker’s journey for most of your life! Let’s start at the beginning. You refer to yourself as a sensitive child. What did that mean for you? Tina Powers: I always say that I’ve had a couple lives within one lifetime. I think we all have, really. For me, sensitivity has been a challenge and it’s also a gift. As a child, I didn’t know what Spirit was. I just knew that I would sometimes hear people talking clear as a bell and I couldn’t see them. Sometimes I would see like a hologram of somebody that I didn’t recognize. And also picking up other energies, which I didn’t understand and didn’t have anybody to talk to about it. R+K: That sensitivity had to be really challenging when you became a reporter. Did you shut that down as you got into adulthood, or were they still with you? And what happened in the newsroom that ended up having you leave your job as a reporter? Tina: I shut them down. I think many of us have done that. Like, oh wait, I’m not in control here. And that was part of my job as a reporter. The day that all changed for me was one day I was called to cover a drive-by shooting. A child had been murdered and I was one of the first people on the scene. I was also there when the father arrived and it was just so beyond witnessing the pain and rawness of that. I thought, what am I doing? I am taping this. We’re going to go on air with this. I felt ashamed. But then I also woke up. The empath in me ended up crossing the line. The father invited me into his home with his family and we sat there and mourned for several hours. He asked me to please not follow him around and I gave my word. When I went back to the news station, they said they were sending me back out to the candlelight vigil. And I just looked at the producer and I said, “ I can’t. This man is in such grief. And I gave my word that I would let him and his family be alone and grieve, and I just simply can’t go back on it.” At that moment, I scurried to find my own way out before somebody else took the power to fire me. But if it weren’t for that night, I know that wouldn’t be sitting right here. R+K: It takes such bravery especially at that time in your career to stand up for the integrity of your word! How did that moment send you down the path of fine-tuning your abilities as a medium? Tina: Eventually, I ended up moving to Indiana. Outside of Indianapolis, there’s a place called Camp Chesterfield and all these mediums lived there. I went to the Spiritualist Church there and my mind was blown! They were doing gallery readings and they were talking to dead people! They did something called psychometry, which is when a psychic or medium reads the energy in an object. It might be a watch that belonged to somebody or a ring. They had a basket and I put my ring in it. I was the last one to be read that night and the woman pulled out my ring and said, “you’re going to school.” And I said, “I guess I’m going to school!” So I stayed and got my degree in mediumship. R+K: Love that! We know for every Reader and Sitter, the experience can be very unique. During a reading, how do you receive messages? Tina: I have a prayer that I always say before each session, and it’s not religious. It’s just asking for the highest information possible. And then I just open to Spirit. I have clairvoyance and clairaudience, which means sometimes I hear Spirit talking or sometimes they’ll flash a picture in my mind’s eye. I explain that it’s like when we dream and we see pictures. It’s called mental mediumship. My main intention is that I never want to hurt anyone or bring any more grief. Is it a perfect science? No…it is literally different for every reading. And for me to do this full-time, it had to make me feel confident in what I was receiving to do it for people. Is it perfect? No. It really is all about the translation and the ability for those I read for to really receive the messages. I had this great teacher that said, “for as right as you can be Tina, don’t be afraid to be wrong.” And that has been such good advice for keeping me a calm, clear channel. The calmer the channel is, the more the information expands and comes through. R+K: Any regrets about leaving the reporter desk behind and going to do this “reporting from the other side?” Tina: No regrets! My intention is to tell stories and use this skill as a reporter in a different way. I report the stories of our loved ones on the other side to be a facilitator for healing and for good. R+K: Thank you Tina for having the courage to be this incredible facilitator and interpreter for guidance and hope for all of us on our seeking and healing journeys. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM TINA To find out more about Tina Powers, her books, or to schedule a session with her, visit You can also follow Tina on Insta: Tina Powers

SECRET POWER: Tuning into Your Intuitive Guidance System

If you’ve been inspired by Tina Power’s journey, you might also be wondering how to up the connection to your own intuition. “We all receive messages,” Tina told us. “I believe that we’re all born with an internal GPS system. We all might register it differently, but we all have it.” What can you do to get your inner GPS working for you? Here are a few of Tina’s practices that might help expand your own skills as “a reporter from the other side.” 1. Get Quiet: According to Tina,” this is Is big because external noise is coming at us all the time! We can forget who we are and our connection to Spirit and our Guides. We can also forget that we have Helpers who have been specifically assigned to us.” Getting quiet is where we can experience the signs, sounds and messages from our soul team who are always with us. 2. Tune In Before Getting Out Of Bed: Early mornings are a great time to tap into our intuitive messages. Tina says this so well! “This might seem a little lazy, but when I first wake up and I’m still in between worlds, I will lay there for another 10 minutes and ask my Guides if they have a message from me for the day. I notice when I do this, I’m more intuitively connected and aware, because I’m starting my day listening, rather than reacting. 3. Take A Beat For Yourself: Another thing we are not always taught is to take a few minutes of rest or pause during the day. Tina’s advice? “Even if you can take five minutes in between meetings to close your eyes and go inward, you can use that time to be more in tune with your intuition.” 4. Ask for Clarity: If you and your intuition are just getting to know each other. Tina advises that “you’re allowed to speak and ask direct questions. And, if you feel like what you hear isn’t clear, or doesn’t feel right, ask for clarity and real details to come through that will help affirm that you are really connecting.” It’s all about practice, and feeling into what resonates with you!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week's download is a message for the new paths being forged for all of us -- and the fact that we can all shepherd a birthing process. We are all creators. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD You are on the precipice of birthing something new. The old ways no longer serve you and it's time to forge this new path with partners and support and love. Make room for the new. Be open to the birthing process. You've been in the gestational period for quite some time and now the actual birthing is going to happen. How do you prepare for the birth? You allow it to do its thing. You've done so much of the work already. Now it's about to take form and come out for all to see. You've nurtured. You've created a safe space for it to grow. And now you will nurture differently. You will create a new space in order for continued growth. You will protect differently. You will co-create as it truly takes on its own life. All of this birthing mirrors this time of year where flowers are beginning to bloom. Nothing in nature should be rushed -- and so it is with projects, ideas, and so on. There is tangibility in all creations. In order to help the blooming and the birthing and the moving forward, you must continue to support whatever it is you are growing. Keep up your practices around bringing it alive. Take care of yourself in this process too. You must stay grounded, as well as connected to what you cannot see. How are you doing that? Is it through meditation? Long walks? Visualization? Conversations? Focused work? Keep going. You will see all is coming to life. Keep nurturing yourself. Keep yourself open. You are entering a whole new phase of this life and you have the Universe backing you. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD You are going down a new path that will ask you to really dive into the essence of who you are. It is ok for you to be honest about everything you feel. This is not about perfect, or right, or expectations. It is about you and the journey you have chosen. What if you could let go of everything you thought you should be doing and just relax and go with the flow of life - how would that feel - would it be possible for you to do this just for a day? We invite you to try this experience and see what it brings to you. It will put you in another phase of alignment that might be surprising. You are giving birth to new ideas and new ways of living. Honor the feelings that you know are your intuition, your heart compass, telling you which way to go. There are so many layers to life, living and experience, that we can not always understand. It can be easy to look at things for their “face value” without being able to fully grasp why it’s happening - for what purpose. Always and in all things, no matter what the appearances, know that you are safe. You are strong. You are everything you are supposed to be and more. Work on your energy - keeping it open and non judgmental. Anything is possible at any time. All is well. Shine your light. We are here not to be light keepers but light givers. Set your intentions to only breathe in positive energy today. As you look ahead to Mothers Day, know that all of us have the potential to be Mothers in our own way because we are all creators. We can be mothers of children, mothers of ideas, mothers of peace. Let this be your intention this week. To allow the creative light of the universe to come through you and manifest into the world. To give birth to offspring of lumination and love that will go forth and multiply it across the earth. In every action, in every moment, in every day, you can be a “mother” to your soul - to what you do, feel and offer to the world. You are the nurturer, the protector and the manifestor bringing forth the energy of YOU.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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