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reparenting yourself: healing your inner child



How are you doing with the changes that this time of year brings? There’s a change of pace, a tangible summer-y feel in the air and the beginning of new routines for many. June is also a time of transformational shifts…moves, weddings, graduations. They are exciting times…and they are also times that bring up the big “life” questions like, “Am I on the right path?” “What is my purpose?” “Who am I, really?”

We’re here to tell you that if those questions are bubbling up – even during spectacular milestones in your life…it is completely NORMAL. That is what seeking center – and Seeking Center is all about. Pondering those questions is all part of this life’s journey. Hopefully our weekly conversations, magical people and resources help you trust your truth. And we’re here to remind you that sometimes it's not knowing what to do next that’s part of the answer.

Take at least a few moments during these June days to “just be” and see what happens. What do you feel? What comes into your mind? What whispers come to you? Let us know!


Over this past weekend, Pluto moved out of Aquarius for the time being, and back into Capricorn. According to Refinery 29, these next six months of Pluto, astrological planet of rebirth and transformation, being in Capricorn, will help us restructure our priorities and better define our core values. That seems helpful!

In addition, Mercury, the planet of communication, entered Gemini. According to Chani Nicholas, during this time, fascinations multiply and your sense of intellectual curiosity naturally expands. This placement gives the mind a prismatic quality: your ability to be riveted by every angle of an idea is magnified. Follow the feelings that go with these ideas -- where do they take you?

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Miss the first session or want to experience it again?

How often have you thought about your “little self?” the very little you that was unknowingly taking everything in and also approaching everything with love and wide-eyed curiosity? That little self has a big impact on your current self and on this week's Seeking Center podcast, we talked all about it with Christine Ryan. Christine is a transformational life coach based in magical Sedona, who has been helping people move from where they are unhappy or stuck to where they are at peace and in alignment with their souls' journey. She uses emotional clearing and healing practices such as Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), breathwork, hypnotherapy, counseling, action plans and divination tools in her work. Christine can especially help you get to the root of inner child wounds and begin to reparent yourself so that you can live your most joyful and fulfilling lives. We've both had an opportunity to work with her–she’s a wealth of wisdom on making meaningful shifts in your life. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Christine, you are living in truly, one of our favorite places. Sedona! For those who've never been to Sedona, how would you describe the energy there? Christine Ryan: I will tell you after 35 years of living in Sedona, I still get emotional when I come back from a matter how wonderful it was. This is home for me. This is my energetic home. Sedona has always been considered sacred. Even for the First Nations that lived here. They still come down through Sedona to Montezuma’s Well and get water for their sacred ceremonies. From early on, people have been drawn to live here. It has been the home to explorers, visionaries, healers. And Sedona has offered a real connection to spirit here for a lot of people and is almost an entity in herself to hold in that sacred Energy. R+K: We're gonna dive into the inner child and what that means, but we also wanted to recognize all of the different practices and tools that you have in your toolbox. Do you use them all when you're working with people as an intuitive life coach? Christine: I use the tools that are appropriate for where the person is and what they're open to. One of my favorite sayings is, “I'm a believer that you can have it all, just not all at the same time.” I didn't start out to be somebody else's life coach. I started off to be my own life coach. It all evolved from doing my own work, and then learning the tools that I felt were really valuable for me, and that really shifted things for me. R+K: So let’s talk about your inner child work. Why is inner child work important? Christine: Not all of our “inner child” is wounded, but there are wounds that we unknowingly carry around with us, and can really get in our way. I believe these inner child wounds are what we’ve come to learn and grow and evolve through. To me, there is nothing more important than that we leave this planet understanding and embodying self-love. So inner child work is not always about fixing something that’s wrong. It's an opportunity and an invitation to grow.

R+K: So how do you work with someone in this process? Christine: There are different approaches. It's really through conversation and questions, and over time, noticing themes. It almost always boils down to some form of unworthiness. A lot of wounds are instilled. We call these “imprints.” Teachers, coaches, other kids, siblings, parents. They all teach us beliefs that they have that we come to believe as our own beliefs. And they are really not part of who we are at all. We're very complicated beings, but just being present with what is going on within and understanding how they came into our experiences is what brings in the healing. R+K: Thank you Christine for helping us to remember that no matter how old we are, that we always carry our inner child with us. Listen to the full conversation. MORE FROM CHRISTINE RYAN You can find out more about working with Christine at

SECRET POWER: Reparenting Conversations with Our Little Selves

Not only is Christine Ryan a skilled intuitive and coach for helping identify long held wounds from our childhood, she also helps her clients release those beliefs in simple and gentle ways. Here’s quick exercise that Christine shared on our podcast that helps give a new perspective on the impact of negative self talk, and how we can release those wounds and heal ourselves. 1.Picture Your Little Self: Close your eyes and gently imagine your four-year-old self standing in front of you. Imagine your big wide, innocent eyes. Imagine your curiosity and openness to what people are telling you. 2. List the Self-talk: Next, from your current, adult self point-of-view, think about some of the negative “self-talk” or critical beliefs that you might tell yourself.

  • You’re dumb.

  • You’ll never amount to anything.

  • You’re fat.

  • You’re ugly.

  • You don’t deserve love.

  • You get the idea…we all have those lists. Be honest with what you have on your list–and the feelings that go with them.

3. Tell Your Little Self: Now, picture your adult self, saying those very same phrases and words on your list to your little four-year-old self. Imagine the reaction this four-year-old would have to those words. Would you ever actually say those things to a child? Of course not! The truth is, when you practice negative self-talk, you're not just talking to your adult self. You are talking to that beautiful little soul inside you and repeating hurtful, wounding things. You can stop that right now! 4. Ask Your Little Self Their Opinion: Another way to interact with your little self is when you're uncertain about a decision. If you’re not sure you trust your own intuition about something, a way to get a clear response can be to go to that four-year-old self and ask them! A four year old has no problem saying, “I don't want to do that.” Again, visualize yourself asking the question and see what kind of response you get.

According to Christine, reparenting is really about honoring the wisdom of the little you, and treating them with love. She says, “We are really old souls, and we know how powerful we ar

e. And yes, I’m going to be honest…that inner child work is hard work, but it really is an inside job. No one can do this except me.” Thank you Christine for offering your wisdom and guidance and really practical exercises that we can all do every single day. We all need to have these reminders of our little selves to help us remember the pure light and love that we are.


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week our downloads remind us that there is no wrong way in this life. We came to explore and to FEEL our way through it all. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Don’t wait another minute to step into the light that is you. The YOU that is the REAL YOU. The you that remembers why you are here. The you that leans into love - always, ONLY love. You question whether you are on the right path. And we say, you are ALWAYS on the right path…because you have come to be an explorer. You have come here for the experiences…and yes, DEFINITELY for the roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings. This is why you are here. And there is no wrong way. It is like the GPS in your car - you programmed a destination of where you wanted to go before you were born. And you set out on the journey at birth. And you moved forward based on your choices, your preferences, and the things that you learned from others. And each time you put your foot on the gas you moved in the direction of your destination. And so if you made a turn not toward that destination, even if it took you in the so called - wrong direction (which there are no wrong directions) your soul GPS recalculated. It offered another way of getting to where you intended to be. And so THIS IS LIFE. You are on the road of exploration and you can go ANYWHERE you CHOOSE. It is all about the choices. And the best ones are the ones that make you FEEL GOOD. Feeling good is GOOD. It means that you are going in the right direction. FEELING BAD means that you are going in the wrong direction. It really is that simple! So for today, use your GPS to move you ANYWHERE it feels good. If calling a friend makes you feel good, do THAT. If petting your dog makes you feel good, do THAT. If sitting out on your front step watching the clouds go by feels good, do THAT. Not every moment of every day can be all about making you feel good, right? Ha! We say it can. If you are stuck in traffic, and whistling makes you feel good, DO THAT WITH IT. If you must clean your house and rocking out to music makes you feel good, DO THAT WITH IT. Balance the not so good with GOOD. You can always make something feel better - ALWAYS. It is a CHOICE. So Feel Good today. Follow your GPS towards GOOD - and it will take you to where you need to go. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Feel the waves. The up and down and the low tide and the high tide. There is an ebb and flow and there is a connection to the moon and the stars and the whole Universe. All is on purpose It is by design. There is an energy that you can’t see that keeps all of this working and you are a part of that energy. You have a magnetic pulse all your own. Sending signals and receiving signals back and you aren’t even aware. You came in to achieve certain lessons and you are constantly being reminded of that…for you this comes to you in the form of FEELINGS. Your FEELINGS are the manifestation of the signals. Are you paying attention to your feelings? Are you following your feelings or are you ignoring them? Burying them deep down? Do not bury them. They will catch up and it will be so much more difficult to deal with them because you will be sooo far off your course of action in this lifetime. Follow the feelings. Go with the flow. If you’re reading this then you have an openness and an understanding of the importance of flow. It is key to fulfilling what you came here to do. It doesn’t mean that all is EASY. It just means that you are following the natural course of what you planned to accomplish in this lifetime. It is by design, just as the functionality of this planet is by design. All is on purpose. How can you trust your feelings? We all have a subtle way of knowing. It’s what you hear or feel immediately without any outside judgment or influence. If you haven’t paid attention to it lately — now is the time to restart. It’s never too late. Truly. You can always begin again. That is the beauty of this lifetime. If you set the intention to feel, to trust, to know — YOU WILL. Try it. And for those that are already doing this…KEEP GOING. KEEP FOLLOWING THE FEELING. You will know that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment. You will achieve fulfillment more quickly. You will feel joy. You will feel love. You will connect with the Earth and all of its patterns more easily. You will feel in flow with all and you will be more aware of how all of the Universe is working with you — supporting and guiding you in every second in this lifetime. You are loved and supported. FEEL.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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