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releasing shame + using the akashic records

THE PULSE: March-ing On

It feels like we snapped our fingers, and February is over! However, February felt productive and hopeful overall. We like to reflect back, as much as we like to look forward -- and as we reflect on the energy of 2023 so far, it continues to feel different in an extremely refreshing way. How did February treat you?


We're fully in Pisces season -- and this week Mercury, the planet of Communication and logical thinking comes in. According to Jordane Maree in Yoga Journal, "the pairing of Mercury and Pisces calls for meditation and prayer, and all the dreaming and visualizing you can fit into your days. This transit offers a highly intuitive perception and knowing. It’s a beautiful time to really lean into intuition, inner knowing, and trusting your perception that exists beyond logic."

Ohhh, this is so up our alley! We'll be leaning in and we hope you do too.


Speaking of leaning into intuition, this week's conversation with Victoria Nielsenempowers you to realize that you are your own medicine and healer -- and that you are so much more than the things that have happened to you.


Moving Through Pain, Releasing Shame + Using the Akashic Records

In this week's podcast, we welcome back Victoria Nielsen, who is one half of the fabulous and magical Spirit Mamas duo. Victoria is an Akashic Records reader, Breathwork facilitator, Intuitive Energy Practitioner and is now an Author. Her new book, “Find Your Way Home: Moving Through Miscarriage,” is not only for anyone who has experienced the devastation of a miscarriage, but it is also for anyone who wants to know that there will be good again in their lives.

Her vulnerability and wisdom have created a loving companion for anyone looking to reconnect to their inner light. We talked about some of the universal truths and lessons she's learned and the tools like the Akashic Records and Breathwork, that she used to not only come out of despair, but to shine brighter than ever.

Here are a few highlights from this week’s podcast:

Robyn + Karen: Victoria, congratulations on this beautifully written and important book!

Victoria Nielsen: Oh my gosh! Just your reference in the intro to me being an author…I had to take a moment and really go inward. It feels surreal! I felt such a connection with you both last time that it felt so natural to share the book here on Seeking Center. Not only did I know that you would understand and resonate, but that your circle of listeners would also really get it.

I feel like now is the time. We were just talking about sharing our truth and our deepest things. Maybe those that may have brought us shame in our lives and how bringing that to the light has such a beautiful ripple effect to not only your life, but the lives around you. Show people that it's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to feel, and that's the way through anything.

R + K: Can we just touch on the word that you just used, Victoria, “Shame,” because I too have had a miscarriage. I think that's a word that does describe some of what we feel as women who go through this experience.

Victoria: Yes. I felt like my body betrayed me. Like I did something wrong and there was a lot of shame in that. And then there was a lot of shame afterwards of not being able to get pregnant right away.

Shame. It's just something I think that's unfortunately ingrained in women. But when we can name it, then we can choose again. I think that's when we can begin to rise above it. Feeling it is part of the process, but then not holding onto it. Saying, okay Shame, I recognize that you're here at the party with Despair, Grief and Anger.

How can you make friends with them and invite them in instead of saying, “Oh no, I don't wanna feel that.” It's going to get buried somewhere in the body and your body is going to remember how you treated it in that moment of shame, whether you chose to give it love or you chose to really believe that false story.

R+ K: What was it about the Akashic Records experience that led you to feeling that it was a safe place for you to trust whatever messages that you received?

Victoria: At the time, I was not even really following signs from the Universe, but in an Oracle deck I had, I kept pulling the Akasha card. And then I had just started listening to spiritual podcasts and my now mentor was a guest on one of those podcasts. And I decided to book a reading with her.

She envisioned me leading circles of women and described it so viscerally that I was able to tap into the feeling and the visions that she was getting. At the end of the reading she invited me to a training class that she was teaching on how to read the records. The “aha!” moment for me was being able to tap into The Records at any time. I really came to see it as a trusted companion. The more I trusted, the more I received.

R+K: If someone's drawn to working with The Records, how do they even start? And can anyone access them?

Victoria: I absolutely know that anyone can do it. It's really just coming from a place of love and opening yourself up and raising your vibration. There's a prayer that you say to open The Records. You say the prayer, open your heart and then just start asking questions.

At first it can feel a little like screaming into the void. I tell my students to trust and dispel any disbelief. We do a lot of automatic writing at first so that you're able to turn off the mind and just let the pen flow.

The Akashic Records could contain messages from your Ascended Masters who have never had an earthly body and tend to speak from the higher realms. Then you have your Teachers that are specific to you. And then your Loved Ones, who you may recognize because you have met them in your life. I also tell my students, don't get so attached to what you hear. The Records are based on your energy. So any energetic work that you do to change your frequency, any choices that you make will change the outcome. The Records will tell you what you need to know in the moment, and that's what I love about them.

R+K: Thank you so much, Victoria! There was so much in this conversation that we hope will help release and celebrate the light that is in all of us.

Sign up today to pre-order Victoria’s Book "Find Your Way Home: Moving Through Miscarriage." Visit to learn more about working with Victoria, purchase the Spirit Mamas Oracle deck, and their membership community. You can also follow Spirit Mamas on Instagram.

Listen to this week's full podcast.

Listen Victoria's first time on Seeking Center:

Birth a New Version of Yourself with Help from the Spirit Mamas

We all have experiences that can bring us grief and sadness. If you are finding yourself in a darker place at the moment, here are a few suggestions from Victoria Nielsen that can help you step back into the light.

#1 - Write It Out: According to Victoria, one of the easiest ways to confront grief is journaling. “Getting it out on the page is really important. It doesn't even have to be words. It could be angry scribbles.

#2 - Shout It Out: Victoria says that energetically releasing your feelings even if it might feel you’ve gone “too far” is key. “I honestly feel like a rage scream is a great place to start. Really letting yourself do a primal scream moves so much energy through you and allows you to acknowledge how big this thing is that you feel.

#3 - Stomp It Out: Physically letting out your emotions is another way that Victoria says prevents negative emotions from building up in your body. “When I was little, I used to stamp my feet when I had to let out my feelings. You can do that as an adult. It's something my husband makes fun of to this day, but it's a great way to move your energy.”

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Choose All Versions of You

Our Downloads for everyone reading THE WEEKLY remind us that we must be brave and recognize all the versions of ourselves that reside within. They are all us – and we have the power to illuminate these parts of ourselves and our paths going forward. There is light within and all around us. Read on.


We walk this path together. We see all versions of you, within you. The versions that are in pain, the versions that are full of joy and confidence. They are all versions of you. We must experience all of these versions in order to grow, in order to live. Embrace all of yourself. And remember you are all of these versions, all of the time — some just rise up and you can feel them more at a particular time.

Ask yourself who you are today at this moment. How do you feel? Tired? Happy? Confident? Joyful? You may be all of these things throughout your day. How do you continue to grow and learn about life each day? You tap into these versions of yourself. You access them. And you grow each day. When you only choose to be one way most of the time — that isn’t using the full catalog of your YOUness. Remember that. We didn’t come here to only be sad or tired or happy or confident. We came here to be a good healthy mix of all these throughout our lives. That is the truth. You must be brave enough to tap into all of these parts of yourself. We ask you to do so — to trust that all of these versions serve you…they are you.

Continue to be brave. To walk this uncertain path. Follow the light. Follow the beams of light that are illuminating the right next step for your journey. It’s as if someone is holding a flashlight amiss a dark path, guiding you in a certain direction — that is what you want to follow. Sometimes that light will appear around a person or a place — it may not be visible to your human eye, but it is a feeling -- the brightness of someone or somewhere feels like it is actually in 3-d. Trust that. Those are the flashlight moments. Or you may hear a whisper in your own voice, in your own head telling you to talk to someone or go somewhere. Trust it. Whether it tells you not to move forward, not to go in somewhere, not to turn down that road — LISTEN and trust. You are always being guided. Think of us as the bumpers are guides and guardrails in a bowling alley — we are keeping you in the lane meant for you.

There is so much ahead of you. We get giddy with excitement to think of all the awesomeness to come. Keep moving forward. One step at a time. One day at a time. Take advantage of each day, and always ask us for help — we will always find a way to answer, just be open and aware of the lights illuminating the answers and your path forward.


You are free. No matter what is on your list of things to do, or be, or think about today. You are always free to choose.

Feel the sovereignty in the power that you have to decide how anything can feel. Right in this moment, no matter what range of feelings are in your heart, you are always the light-bearer. It is the essence of you - who you are. Who you have always been. And who you have come to be.

Remember that love is truly the only emotion worth carrying. Everything around you are just things with their own set of energy reverberating through earth. You alone are the vessel of yours. And you are a vessel of light.

We see how easy it is to forget this. How much noise there is distracting you to look away from what matters. To bait you into comparisons with things that seem “more” than you. It is not so. It is a trap that will only imprison you from the light.

Remember you are free to choose. And you are free to choose again. Ask yourself as often as you can during your day. How do I feel? And if I am not joyful, if I am not feeling good, why? Trust us when we say, less than good about oneself, is always a perceived judgment of lack. And every treasure you have is not outside of you. It is within.

Breathe deeply. Remember this is all a very short journey. And you are so very powerful! You are the captain of your soul. Your story is yours to tell – one emotion, one action, one decision at a time.

You are free, always free to choose.


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