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reading the energy of your soul

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: “Out with the Old, In with the New,” We don’t typically send our newsletter on Wednesdays, however we’re practicing what we preach. We’re giving ourselves grace. The last week has been so full of opportunities for connection, as well as blessed obligations that we’ve been burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. Have you felt that energy too? It’s that energy of “there’s too much to do and not enough time in the day.” And for the most part, it’s full of goodness, just a lot at once, right?!

The energy of this week is also one of “in with the new,” and “out with the old.” Recently, we’ve talked a lot about the energy of stuff. It’s a THING!! Karen happens to be moving this week, and as she gets ready to spend her first official night in her new home, she describes the “lightness” she feels in her new space. As we “unpacked” (see what I did there?) this notion, we realized it’s because she purged a ton of items that no longer serve her current life. She let go of that energy. And when we discussed it even further and talked about the clothes that she gave away in the process of the move – we realized so much of it was the letting go of the “old Karen.” Karen’s in a new phase of her life and she needs to have room for all of this new energy to come in.

I realized I’m ready to do the same, even if I’m not moving homes. I look at my closet and all of the clothes I’ve held onto, that in so many ways represent the “old me”. And by the way – old me/new me that’s all ME, however we go through phases in our lives.

Getting rid of the “old stuff,” feels right energetically and allows me to invite new energy, which is exciting. It welcomes a new chapter – and sometimes you know when it’s time.

And by the way, letting go may help someone else – for real. When it comes to our “stuff,” if we’re giving it away – that energy and that item may be just what someone else needs. Think about that! It’s all energy exchange. Isn’t that cool?

What can you shed to invite the new you? Here’s your invitation! Ride the wave of this energy!

It’s no coincidence that so much of our conversation about the pulse is around energy – our conversation with the spectacular Dustin James is this week as well. Electric!!

DUSTIN JAMES: Reading the Energy of Your Soul

In this week's podcast, we introduce you to another member of our soul fam, Dustin James. Dustin is an intuitive, clairvoyant and energy reader. He can see the energy within and around people which allows him to pinpoint blocks so that he can help them gain clarity around personal relationships, career paths, or or whatever is holding them back from moving forward.

Dustin has spent his life using his abilities to guide and inspire thousands of people, including business leaders, to make their impact in the world.

We’re talking all about energy. Plus, we talk about auras, biomechanics, kinesiology, and our body as a bio-computer.

From his own experiences growing up with these abilities to ways to clear and protect your energy that don't cost a thing, you’ll want to listen to our conversation. Here are a few highlights.

Dustin, how did you come into your gifts and how did they end up impacting your life's journey so far?

Dustin: I've spent most of my life running from my gifts! I'm very good at reading the energy dynamics around things and how that's going to impact the people involved and the world around them. It really started when I was three years old. Throughout my childhood my mom and I would

have this game, “Just ask Dustin.” If you lost your keys or if the neighbor was having boy trouble, my Mom would pull me out of hide and seek, and say, Dustin, what do you think?

With my neighbor, I remember looking over and seeing her sitting on the porch crying and I could feel and see impressions. It looks to me like liquid energy. It's very, four-dimensional in a sense, almost like watching a movie, Then I would get a flood of information. In this case, I quickly looked at her and said, “No, break up with him because of X, Y, and Z.” And then I’d say to my mom, “can I go off and play now?”

It’s incredible that those visions started at such a young age! Did this gift run in your family?

Dustin: We lived in a home that was very spiritually active and I didn't know what that meant at the time, but there were definitely forces and ghosts around us that you couldn't see. I believe my mom shut down her abilities, but my grandmother actually was super aware and she would bring the kids in and do seances to feel out the impressions in our home.

It wasn’t until later that I went to see a psychic and he said that I was also psychic. “You can do all the things that I'm doing,” he said. “You're also very clairvoyant and all the clairs are there.” I ran home and called my mom and said, “a psychic told me I'm psychic.” And she was really quiet and finally said, “Yeah, I believe that.” My clairvoyance literally kicked in at that moment.

Can you explain what clairvoyance is?

Dustin: Clairvoyance is clear vision. It's when you see things in your mind’s eye. I see things in imagery. I also hear things and that’s called clairaudience. That’s when you'll hear something in your mind. It’s like when you leave the house and there's a voice in your head that says, “better grab a jacket. It's going to be cold later.” And you're like, it's 80 degrees. It's not cold. And then later on you're at dinner and the temperature suddenly drops, and you’re like, shit, I should have taken that jacket. For me, the visuals have always been there, and the others play a part as well.

We love how you've integrated all those different modalities into what you do. Give our listeners a sense of how you work and what a session is like with you.

Dustin: I have a very tailored approach to each person. I work off of someone's needs, so it’s very much of being of service. I can do

a lot in 15 minutes. When someone comes in, I can see these things around them. I can see something blocking the shoulder, or in the stomach or digestion issues, whatever it is. We can detect things and create custom solutions and we can help clear them.

I often use my clairvoyance abilities. I can see certain things being stored in the energetic field or your aura because your aura is this big archive of everything you have ever done or felt.

I typically start with the colors in and around someone because whatever you think, whatever you allow in your air space, which is your life, whoever you allow in whatever you're doing, it creates an energetic color. The energy spectrum runs from high to low, just like a color spectrum.

So the more pastel colors I see around somebody that they house in their energy field the more illumination, the more high vibration or harmonious vibe that is. And then the lower energies I may see a deep, dark red in and around their heart with a bit of black in it. So much can be read within these aura energies, without knowing anything else, because energy doesn't lie.

Too true. Thank you Dustin! We learned so much this week!

For more about Dustin and to book a session with him, go to

You can also follow him on Instagram @mrdustinjames. And Dustin has generously offered to give our readers and podcast listeners 30% off if they mention “podcast fun” when they sign up for a reading!

If you work with Justin, let us know about your experience! (Email or DM us!)

SECRET POWER: Clear Your Energy

With all of this talk about energy – it’s important to know how to protect your precious energy. You may be surprised at how differently you feel – and what you attract into your life by starting a daily or weekly energy clearing practice. It can be 2 minutes or it can be 30 seconds. It’s what you make it…and what you need on a given day.

Dustin – and Karen share the practices that work for them.


Dustin: I imagine my own light coming out of my sitz bones (bottom part of your pelvis) and then going into the Earth, and going into the core of the earth.

And then I'll imagine white light coming out of me and shooting out of my head and tapping in going through the sky through space and tapping into that white light source power, that divine essence. And through that, I'll pull that energy down and I'll meet them halfway. And then from there, I take a deep breath in the nose, breathe in that white light all the way through my body, and then a lion's breath out.

And when I do that, I say 'all stress out.' So I breath all the stress out. I do that a couple of times, and typically I see the imagery of what that stress is. And then after I breathe that out, I'll let that light charge move through the whole system, into the earth, cleansing and clearing all the energy.

And I'll actually picture people that I've talked to or people that I've feel like I've connected with in a wrong way. I'll imagine a cord out of my stomach, almost like a plug that you'd plug into a phone. And I'll imagine two of these. Coming out of the stomach and out of their stomach and I'll just watch it evaporate. And so it's a way to unplug because every time you speak with people, there's cords that are created. And this is how people feed on your energy. This is how energy vampires come in and they deplete you. They leave with your energy. Or a different way to think about it, is you know when you detect people that call before the phone rings? They're sort of tapping on those wires that you're connected by. So people will have a lot of these plugs in them, all these open energy sources. So to me, it's about cutting the cords.

If you're not cutting the cords and clearing programs or energy that is no longer needed, it's sort of like these smartphone apps that are in the background of your phone that are running, that you don't need, and they're pulling your battery power every day.

It's very much a conscious thing to clear those cords and your energy and then allow that white light to come through you.


Dustin: Another way to clear energy is as simple as taking a shower at the end of the day. It cleans and cleanses that static that is in your field and your aura, it cleans it, and it lets it go. It's washing the day away. And when you lay in bed and you can just imagine all the people or conversations that you've had. And visualize, a bundle of wires just coming out of your abdomen and theirs and take them out, and see them dissolve.

It's just saying, I need to recharge my batteries now. And so getting in a habit of doing that daily, even if someone that you've talked to at the bus stop or an Uber driver, or, a nonchalant conversation with a salesperson, just however brief or however long, imagine clearing the chords and allowing it to go. So they can also move on and they're not affected by your end either.

Karen: My mom once told me, imagine when you're taking a shower, the water is white light coming down and that it's cleaning you out of all the negativity that's in your body. And that's all going down the drain as you're taking your shower.

And she used to say, "cleanse me and clear me and fill me with light."

THE DOWNLOAD: Leaning into the Vibration of Love

In this weeks download, the theme that came through is love is always there for us. So often, we forget that love is who we are…it is our essence, and that we can call it back into our lives to re-energize and re-center.

Love is an energetic vibration, and as we were reminded by Dustin, is part of our energy field that can actually be seen in our “auras.” Knowing that love is always there for us can help give us the support and guidance we need to navigate our lives. Tapping into our souls for guidance and listening to our own inner voice is the way to stay connected to who we really are…which is and always be, “love.”

Robyn’s download is a call to tap in to the frequency of love in our daily lives:

We come with love. Love yourself. Love each other. Love the planet. Love the universe. It all comes down to love. We have to remember that we are made from love. We forget when we are in these bodies. We let our so much become barriers for our love and energy. You have to connect with the love for yourself first and then you can spread that to others. Remember compassion for yourself and then to others. Learning about forgiveness is also key. Love is a vibration, it is a frequency.

Can you try each day this week to wake up and say I love you to yourself and then put the I love you out into the Universe, so that you are spreading that love vibration and energy. What if we all did this? Could we raise the vibration of the planet? We need more love in our lives. Sometimes we forget and we must remember. This is your reminder.

How can you show love?




Do you feel rushed each day and feel you don’t have time for that? That is the flag. If you are feeling overwhelmed how can you slow down and be intentional so that you can show yourself and others love? What can you say no to so that you allow yourself a few extra minutes here or there?

Now I see sitting on a fun amusement ride hands up feeling carefree. We need more of those moments of feeling carefree. We know that there are so many realities that you must attend to, but your spirit needs to free for windows so that you can love. You can embody love. Take a moment. Go outside and feel the energy all around you. Take a shower and replenish your energy. This will allow you to better connect with others' pure energy. And then you can see the beauty of each precious moment. Like a beautiful rosebud, allow yourself to open up and be your most beautiful and loving self.

Karen’s Download is a reminder that we are loved and supported always and that we simply need to release expectations and lean into the love that is within us.

Ahh…big exhale. Lean in to release.

We are here feeling the weight of your earthliness…all the “shoulds” and “coulds” that you think you are in control over. Ask and it will be given, but releasing expectation of the outcome is key to allowing the universe to serve you and well being of all. We remind you that we are always here and are supporting you in this journey. Cut the chords to those things in this world that do not serve your highest good. It is easy to get tangled up in things that seem important but prevent you from seeing what is really there.

Breath in and breathe out - savor those big gulps of life force fully present. Imagine your breath as golden light - fueling your energy and pushing out any of those gray areas that do not need your attention now. Know you are being heard. That your voice matters. Your questions matter. Don’t be frustrated by those who can’t hear you yet…your ask is being heard daily…just release the expectation of the outcome and be easy about it…this is after all..”just life.” If you could only see the crowd of supporters who are behind you at this very moment, you would never doubt your value and the love that is always there for you. No matter what your struggle, we are always here. Call upon us to help. Feel the hug we are giving to you at this very moment. You are the center of our universe…and you are on the right path.

Robyn and I send our love to you for a wonderful week. Know that you are love…and are always loved.


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We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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