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proving the power of mediumship to heal grief

THE PULSE: Hello September!


It feels like Summer is over…although the Autumn Equinox isn’t for a few more weeks. However, September 1 is the meteorological end of summer. Lots of mixed messages…which leads to mixed emotions, right? We’re not quite ready for the warm days and nights to be winding down. And for many of you, new routines may be starting today which is exciting…and overwhelming at the same time. Whichever way this week may be impacting you…there feels like a collective shift even before the official change of seasons. We’re sending you so much love and positive energy!


We’ve been noticing swarms of dragonflies over this past week…which can represent new beginnings and transformation. We wanted to mention that in case you’ve encountered more of them than usual in your own life. Let them be a reminder that you are doing it…whatever IT may be for you. You are on your right path and you have so much support!

YOU FEEL THAT FULL MOON? Can we discuss that full moon last week?!! WOAH! Not only was it exquisite and the brightest, almost blinding full moon we’ve seen in quite some time…the energy that followed in the days after was bonkers. We still have Mercury in Retrograde and Venus is finally out of Retrograde this week. So to put it lightly, for most people it’s been intense. Karen and I have definitely been feeling it BIG TIME, what about you?

According to Refinery 29, “Money matters are likely to gradually improve this week, due to Jupiter, the planet of luck, beginning its retrograde in Taurus on September 4. Jupiter will remain retrograde until December 30th, prompting us to reevaluate our values and priorities, while also acknowledging our relationship with material and non-material wealth.

Since Uranus, the planet of surprise, is also retrograde in Taurus, plot twists will abound this week too. Our mission is to release our need to always be in control by reminding ourselves that control is an illusion. Focus instead on being patient, and present."

And, we have to add one more astrological note from Cardsy B, she says "as Mars, the planet of action moved into Libra, it's important to look at where we are open to collaboration and receiving (Libra) versus the solo 'I have to do it all myself' energy many of us have been in."

In our next free session together, we’re focusing on unapologetically stepping into the light of your truest self. We're tackling the fear of being confident. It's time for you to be your boldest self. No more hiding your awesomeness. Our work together will have you unabashedly being who you really are.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release old energy (that you didn't even know you are carrying around)! It's time to live your best life yet!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, September 15 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Miss our previous sessions or want to experience it again?

How do science and spirituality work together in healing through grief and trauma? Dr. Lenore Matthew is normalizing, destigmatizing, and evidencing the clinical viability of mediumship and intuition for healing through trauma and grief. She's a Doctor of Social Work with training as a researcher and practitioner, as well as clinical expertise in evidence-based practice with trauma and grief. When Lenore's late husband Bruno suddenly passed away, her ability of psychic mediumship opened up and life as she knew it changed forever. Not only was she thrust into the deepest pain she'd ever known, she also began receiving messages, signs and insights from a dimension that she had never had a reason to believe existed. Lenore was called to become a trained, evidential psychic medium. Today, she melds scientific training as a researcher and a practitioner with her intuitive abilities and experiences. She says mediumship and other intuitive practices saved her life and opened her up to her life's purpose. She aims to bring mediumship and other intuitive practices into the clinical mental health world and show through the data and lived experiences just how transformational working with intuitive gifts, spirit and the soul is. Lenore says, mediumship is mental health. Intuition is mental health, spirituality is mental health. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn +Karen: Let's start with how did your intuitive abilities come into your life? What happened? Dr. Lenore Matthew: My late husband, Bruno, ended his life without warning in March of 2020. We were together for 13 years. We were in our thirties, with good jobs, a stable marriage and living abroad. I didn't see the immense pain that he was hiding, which is really quite common as I've gotten to learn more and more about suicide loss. The night after he passed, he came to me quite viscerally. I was in a hotel room, and in the middle of the night, the window slammed open. All of a sudden, I'm just overcome with his energy. I can feel him telepathically, like we’re talking to each other one-on-one. All of a sudden, in my mind, I'm on the bank of a river. I recognize it immediately. It's his hometown, the place that brought him a lot of happiness. I see friends that are dressed in flip flops in soccer jerseys. I smell barbecue. I hear music. And I know that he's telling me this is where he wants his celebration of life to be. R+K: It’s incredible how you were able to connect with him so quickly while you were in such a deep state of grieving. How did that lead to your first session with a medium? Lenore: It was very early on in my grief, but these experiences from Bruno kept coming multiple times a day. So six weeks later, at the suggestion of a friend, I saw my first medium. This is completely against all of my belief systems. I'm a data scientist! But I wanted validation. That medium very quickly identified Bruno. He recounted the exact same scene from the river that no one knew except for me. And he said, “you understand these details and that Bruno wants this as a celebration of life?” That was my validation. So that's how it began. R+K: So how did this lead to doing research on the impact of mediumship on grief? Lenore: For some, when they think about mediumship, it's like you have one reading and it's “one last hello or one final goodbye.” And for me it was an open door to an entirely different way of existing. This is not a hello or a goodbye. This is an, “okay, let's go!” So, the first study I did was to see how mediumship affected a widow’s experience with grief. In their view, mediumship was an indisposable component of their healing. It brought them hope for the future, insight, and clarity. It had a significant impact on their mental health, their ability to fall asleep, and having hope for the future. It also gave them a confirmation of their loved ones, not only their existence, but the way in which they and their spouse were continuing to work together going forward. R+K: So what has this experience taught you, and what do you think Bruno’s role has been in this? Lenore: Since then, I've really come into a place where I’ve decided that you don't have to be a scientist and believe in data OR be someone who's spiritual and intuitive. As human beings, we can be all of these things and we really are. And that's the journey. Being willing to address it. Spiritually, emotionally, therapeutically, we start to build a different relationship with those emotions. And it's by allowing ourselves to go through that experience with each layer, we iterate to a new version of ourselves. R+K: Lenore we could talk to you all day. We're so grateful for the work that you're doing, and we're grateful to Bruno too. Thank you! Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM DR. LENORE MATTHEW

  • You can find out more about Dr. Lenore Matthew’s work, upcoming events and resources that she recommends at In addition, you can check out her articles and blog.

  • You can also follow her on instagram @drlenorematthew

SECRET POWER: Managing The Grief Journey

Anxiety, overwhelm, disconnection and uncertainty are just some of the emotions that can accompany us on our grief journey. If you or someone close to you is experiencing a traumatic loss right now, Dr. Lenore Matthew shares some ways to help navigate through it. Find Your Support Team: Lenore says, “while it’s different with every person, the first step can be finding safety. This means having a nurturing physical space around you so you are not alone in your grief. Find someone to help you offload. It could be a loved one or therapist, someone you trust that understands grief to help you work through the difficult emotions and to hold space for you.” Make Your Bed: “This is so simple and so basic, but I told myself every day, I'm going to make my bed. If that's all I can do today, if I don't even get to the shower and brush my teeth today, that's fine. What it did was give me a little bit of normalcy.” Move Your Body: “I would use a yoga app and just do gentle yin yoga and do little movements. Sometimes I would just cry for the full time or listen to the music, but it was just being in my body. That's where I could get out of the swirling mind, and that's where I could start to really release and understand what I was feeling.” Hydrate: “We're at the lowest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs when we're in grief. Make sure that you are nurturing yourself with the very basics, like drinking water. Crying is part of the grief process, but is also incredibly dehydrating and exacerbates painful feelings when we're in the midst of them.” Do What Feels Good: Lenore encourages doing what feels good to find the light. “I walked outside every day in nature and I would see Bruno in the birds and in the clouds. It might be exploring mediumship, it might be watching a bad reality TV show. I spent so much money on during that first year! Do whatever you have to do to stay alive within means. And most importantly, forgive yourself and just be really gentle with yourself.” Lenore is quick to point out that these are not “cures” for grief. “It doesn't mean doing something fixes your grief, because that's not possible. It begins with little things we can do to move forward. Grief has to run its course.” For more on how to find support for traumatic loss, including psychic awakenings that can happen to you in the grief process, visit Dr. Lenore Matthew’s blog “Where to Get Support for Traumatic Grief and Intuitive Awakenings after Loss."


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week, Robyn shares messages to light your way. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Look out at the horizon. The feeling of expansiveness awaits you. We are ever expanding beings, Isn’t that beautiful? We have such potential. Each and every one of us. It is limitless. We are here to remind you of this expansiveness, of your own capability to be all that you desire to be. There is truly nothing that you can’t do. The question becomes what feels good to you? What DO you desire? And it’s not about material wealth or things. It is about soul-level desires. What does YOUR soul desire? It is so exciting to make the time to truly think about that question.

You can start by looking at your day. What gives your the most joy? Is it interacting with others? Is it journaling or writing? Is it being in nature? What is it? Is it all of those things? And what can you do more of? If you ask yourself that question and you say NOTHING brings me joy. That is valid. Let’s look back then, what HAS brought you joy in the past. When was the last time you truly laughed? Or truly smiled? What were you doing? What do you believe brought you that joy? We want to to tell you that joy doesn’t come from the outside. It isn’t someone else that is going to bring you joy. It is an inside job. It is what were the conditions surrounding the time that brought you that joy? What energy helped to evoke that emotion in yourself?

The only person that can truly bring you joy is YOU. Which is the same for healing. The only person that can truly heal yourself is YOU.

So think about that joy — because we want you to have more of that. The more joy, the more expansive you will become. The more what you wish for will come to you. There is so much opportunity for you to expand while you are in this lifetime. That is why you came into this lifetime. When you expand your own soul, you help to expand others because we are connected. When one rises, we all rise. Notice that when you think about the joy. Think about how contagious joy can be. It goes the other way as well. When you’re upset or fearful…we imagine there are others around you who are as well. So let’s concentrate on the joy so you can find what you truly desire and do more of that. Ask for more of that. We will put the opportunities in front of you when you ask.

Life is meant to be full of joy. It will have its highs and its lows…and the lows serve as reminders to come back to joy and expand into all of the possibilities that await you.

We are so grateful that you are reading this and that you are open to continuing to be all that you are here to be. With love. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Why do we sometimes fail to be fully present in our happy moments? And why are we so fully immersive in our sad moments? Why are we so often unable to enjoy our most beautiful days, even when they are at their sweetest? Why is it sometimes hard for us to savor the moments when things are good and happy? And really FEEL them? We can be sitting poolside on a beautiful summer holiday, and instead of savoring it, project ahead to the final moments of our vacation, the back to work, the ENDING of our bliss…sitting in the loss of what hasn’t even happened yet? And then on the other side, why is it that when we are in our saddest moments, we SIT STUCK in it. We IMMERSE in it…clinging to it like a life raft riding waves of our most jagged emotions, riding though every second of the ebb and flow and can’t let go? Ah this question shows that you are really ready to DO LIFE! This is the big recognition of the very reason YOU ARE HERE! And it is the only real lesson that you have come to learn. You captured the key when you said “riding though every second of the ebb and flow.” THAT is it EXACTLY. That is what you are here to do. The emotion of grief, loss and sadness are our toughest teachers as they invite us to experience the raw emotions that carry us as far away as possible from the essence of who we are, which is love. Those experiences send us away from “center” which is the place where all experiences are observed, measured and defined. And while it can be hard for our human brains to understand, we invite all of these radical emotions into our experience to have this fully varied and immersive lifetime…this incredible, co-creative walk on Planet Earth. And we have been so lucky to have been given this opportunity at this particular time to be here! We are not novices. We have all been here before. And we know what to do. We’ve just forgotten. So stop yourself right now. Wherever you are. Whatever state of emotion you are currently in. And know that yes, this EXACTLY, is why you are here. You are here to sample the happiness pie, the shit pie and the humble pie. The good, the bad and the ugly….you did not come to sit in a corner and watch the world go by…you came here to LIVE and DO and FEEL and GROW and EXPERIENCE. The sweet and the sad. Say to yourself: I am allowed to enjoy the moment without worrying about what’s next or whether something will go wrong. I am LIVING. I am Alive. I am here in my now. I am strong, worthy and able to claim all within my experience. I am always love and I practice my Being-ness. Happiness will always be more powerful than my fear. This is how you do it. You get up from your slumber every morning. You place your feet on the ground and remember that you are a timeless soul having a human experience. You are filled with opportunities to FEEL. And Feeling is your oxygen. Feeling is your reason for BE-ING a human being. And Feeling is Life.


SEPTEMBER 5:Proving the Power of Mediumship to Heal GriefWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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