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pain as your spirit guide

THE PULSE: Magnificent Moon Momentum

As we soaked in the glorious Full Moon this past Sunday, October 9 the energy felt ginormous. We don’t know about you, but over the past week, life has gone from zero to sixty with no signs of slowing down. There is an energy and a momentum that feels exciting, productive — and supportive. YESSSSS!!

As Astrologer Michael Lennox says, the energy of this Full Moon "can burn through the most stubborn of old, wounded consciousness that blocks you from receiving more love. Dive into the fire, and trust there is a beautiful phoenix in your heart, ready to rise again, only higher."

There's a thread that this Full Moon perpetuates as we enter this week. Where can you love yourself even in turn you can love others more as well? Where can you find those areas within yourself that need to be released and replaced with love? What does this Full Moon help you illuminate?

Which leads us to this week’s must-listen podcast covering a subject we’ve all experienced: Pain. We're talking about both emotional and physical pain – and how to both cope and look at it in a completely different way. Everyone can relate. Read on.

We recently had an intuitive session with our friend, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive and Reiki Master, Elizabeth Furest, and within our conversation, we started talking about what Elizabeth aptly called “The Pain Teacher” or as we ended up calling it, “Pain as your Spirit Guide.”

The three of us have learned a lot from this tough teacher, and we have a feeling you have too. How has "The Pain Teacher" or "Spirit Guide" showed up in your life and what can you do with these lessons? You may change your whole perspective on pain after listening to this episode.

Here are highlights from this week’s podcast.

Robyn + Karen: Let's just dive right in Elizabeth. What do we mean when we talk about "The Pain Teacher?"

Elizabeth Furest: The term actually came from Paul Chek, if you're familiar with his work. When I heard it, it just resonated because I believe that we have a lot of different teachers in life. We have our teachers, when we study in academia, we have our teachers as our parents. We learn from our friends in all different forms.

Pain is one of the main energetic components that I've looked at, and it's what we do when we have pain that really can decide whether or not we heal. Pain in a way, is its own Ascended Master to come in and teach us how to move through things that are physical, emotional, mental, pre-birth, that are in our relationships. It hits across the board.

R+K: What can people do to get their power back if they are dealing with severe illness or emotional pain?

Elizabeth: I think when people receive diagnoses and there's unquestionable amounts of pain both physically and emotionally, it goes back to keeping our frequencies high and from an energetic standpoint and how we handle it mentally.

Because we know by law that energy follows thought. I would say in a case like that, it's so important to watch the beliefs and the thought forms. Retraining the mind to “I will get through this. “My body can heal itself” using the visualizations of running higher frequencies, bringing more light into the body. “Dis-ease” is the inability to have ease within the central nervous and limbic system.

And so by bringing in more light, you create more illumination in the body. And if it's paired with a belief, and staying at a higher frequency of “I'm stronger than whatever this thing is,” that will start to change the relationship with the emotions and then the physical body will follow.

Some of the most positive people I have ever worked with and witnessed are those in tremendous amounts of pain, but they have worked so diligently mentally to be in a place of gratitude and to also feel stronger than whatever it is they're battling, that they're able to get through their treatment and come out on the other side, or just have a different perspective on life because of using those tools.

R+K: It really is about leaning into our own power, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah, and I think that's the law of being present, when we're present with our pain, we can understand it, we can see what it's necessarily tied to. And there's wisdom there. When we take a moment to look at pain, that's when we are operating from a place of our own power.

R+K: What about the pain teacher in emotional pain?

Elizabeth: In emotional pain, when I've seen people that stay in the same cycles of something like codependency, as soon as they take that moment to be present and say, “You know what? This really is painful and it's not working. I'm going to do something else or, I'm going to break this, or I'm going to choose a different path.”

When they do that, the healing starts happening immediately, and then eventually through the work of courage, they're in a different place and they'll look back and say, “Wow, I will never repeat that again. I will value myself more than that.”

And that's The Pain Teacher coming in and moving us along our path. It's there to help us evolve, even though in the moment, our human side thinks, “it sucks, because it hurts.” That's why we run from it, but it's inevitable. So it's better to face it and do the work around it.

R+K: It really ends up showing you how much courage and strength that you have, when you are willing to face it and walk through it.

Elizabeth: When we choose courage and strength, even through the pain, or even through the uncertainty or the unknowing, more light comes in. So there's less dis-ease in the body.

R+K: Oh, we hope everybody is visualizing that. And so any time you start to feel pain.

Elizabeth: Use that. Even just bring in light. And use the word courage. It could be an unlocking for you of the light.

If you'd like to work with Elizabeth check out You can also follow her on Instagram @SolitaryConnection

SECRET POWER: Pain As Your Teacher

This week we learned from Elizabeth Furest that pain can be one of our strongest teachers. We can look at these pain experiences as “Guides,” who are helping us use these painful moments as a bridge to understanding what we are here on this Earth to learn, if we have the openness to look at it that way. Here are a few suggestions from Elizabeth, that might help you find the “lesson” in your pain. 1. Emotional Pain - Break the Pattern: If you are experiencing emotional pain, consider if this is a recurring situation that is playing out in your life. Ask yourself if you are going to stay in that pattern where the pain keeps playing out? Or are you going to say, “This is no longer serving me, I'm going to choose a different path.” 2. Physical Pain - Sending It A Message: If you are experiencing a physical pain or injury, know you can speed up healing when you choose not to be angry with it. Send your power to that injury and send a message to the pain that you don’t need that energy to stick around. And you can shift out of that pain faster. 3. Sending Light to Emotional or Physical Pain: If you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, you can pulse the source of it with light and start to move it out. Choose to be stronger than whatever pain is coming in. You can manipulate it out and take your control back over it. 4. Retrain the Brain: You can retrain the brain and the cascades of emotions that follow emotional or physical pain. You disallow it to take you to a place of despair or anxiety and practice that over and over again. And then you will get to a place where you're going to say, “Oh, I've done this a million times. I can get through it.” 5. Use Courage as Your Momentum: How do we react to our pain? If we fall victim to it, we give it control. But if you look at it and say, “You don't really belong here.” It'll start to dissipate. That's where people choose to heal.

THE DOWNLOAD: Moon-spiration

This week our downloads were infused with moon-spiration! Our guides offered messages reminding us of the power that we all have to be lights, ESPECIALLY in the darkness. As we reflect on the influence that the moon has on our earth, our tides and our emotions, we can embrace this magical symbol of love and reflect its power by shining our light for others and for ourselves.


As we usher in the luminescence of the full moon, we need to do the same for ourselves. To shine our light fully into the darkness.

Be unafraid to be big and bold and vibrant,

even in those moments of doubt or loneliness.

To let all that is you be fully seen.

With more bravery than the sun,

is your willingness to shine

even when all around you is a big, black abyss.

Use the darkness as your canvas, your purpose.

Reach further than you think you can.

Extend your rays as far as they can go.

Feel yourself amping up your power to cast away the shadows.

To be the vision that can inspire others

to shine even when they feel alone.

The moon is a compass to navigate the night.

The moon sets the clock of the earth’s rhythm.

It is the orchestrator of tides.

It is the cornerstone of the stars.

It is a symbol of love.

And while the moon my not be a star,

It is the reflector of the ever vibrant sun

Reminding us that there is always light

Even when we can’t see it…

Even in the darkest night.

So if you can’t be light…reflect the light.

Give the light the power, the presence over darkness.

Shining for those who are also seeking.

A companion to illuminate their path.


Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.Take a moment to just be. Re-center. Ground yourself into wherever you are right at this moment. Remember you are supported from the ground (Mother Earth) and above (Divine). Isn’t that miraculous? You are fully supported.

Now let’s look at this week. We have the full Moon which will have brought some healing and richness to your life. There is an energy of abundance and love.

The energy for this week is about love of self and how that spreads to others. If you love you - -then you can spread that love to others. How can you show love to yourself? How can you be kind to yourself? Catch yourself in those moments where you may be hard on yourself. These may be brief moments, but they are meaningful if you break the cycle.

This week feels like some kind of wish will be granted. There is an energy of magic and of things being blessed to move forward. Each of you will see this show up differently in your lives, yet you will feel that energy..that clarity and magic you’ve been seeking will appear and be felt. And you will feel magnetic, which in turn will help others feel excited and energized as well.

You must continue though to stay centered and grounded knowing that you are in this body on this planet — and yet you are made of energy and are a soul in the body. You have the capacity to be light and show light which is what will be magnetic. Stay in the positive vibrations so you can attract more positivity through opportunities, people and information. We move so quickly and must take the pauses where needed. The positive momentum though is with you. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Follow the gut, instinctual feelings to guide you. The sun is shining so very bright upon you. Soak in that beautiful light, loving energy and use it to fill you up each day.


OCTOBER 11:Pain As Your Spirit GuideWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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