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numbers, tarot, & signs from the universe

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Are you ready for 02/22/2022?!! We’re rather excited to be living during this mirror date, also called the “Six Twos Day.” As you may have guessed it’s called a mirror date because 02/22/2022 is a palindrome and can be read the same both forward and backwards. It’s one of only 60 mirror dates in our millennium – which is 1000 years!! Wowsa. In addition to it having six twos, it also falls on a Tuesday, the second day of the week. If that doesn’t scream, “Pay Attention,” we don’t what does.

Numerologists believe it’s a magical date. Two symbolizes relationships (not surprising!), love + balance. It can also be the symbol of your soul mission and purpose that you have in this lifetime. When you see 222 it can symbolize positivity, joy and possibilities. It also means you’re right on track. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re in harmony with your divine path. So with six twos…can you imagine?!


Use the energy of the day to help you manifest! Make dedicated time to tap into your inner knowing and inner voice. What do you hear? What do you want for your future? Visualize it. What is the story you want for yourself? Write it out as if it has happened. What is the very next step you can take towards making this dream come true?

What signs are you shown on 2/22/22 to support this dream? Be on the lookout. There’s some real “extra” in the Universe on this date – so use it!

INTUITIVE TAROT: It’s Your Witchy Bestie aka Cardsy BMeet Rebecca Szymczak, also known as Cardsy B. She’s an Intuitive Tarot Reader and Divination guide. You have probably heard of Tarot – especially if you listened to our former podcast "Seeking with Robyn." As we all know every practitioner has their own unique way of reading. In addition to her own special connection with Spirit, Rebecca has a unique ability to infuse pop culture and bring Tarot down to a level you can understand. The other part of Rebecca’s secret sauce is that she sprinkles in astrology and is known for giving you projected timelines in her readings. She's also the creator of "The Badass Bitches Tarot Deck," and she's just an all around badass soul. (Listen to the full podcast with Rebecca here.)

What’s the difference between a Tarot reading and an intuitive Tarot reading?

I think that one could argue that not all Tarot ratings are intuitive. You can learn data and analytics behind cards and read very literally. It doesn't mean that there's isn't truth in that, but I think that for me, I identify as an Intuitive Tarot and Energy reader because I work with both. I learned the Tarot when I was quite young. It's like learning a language as a child that you put less rules and rigidity around how to read. You're kind of like, this is the card. What am I seeing? How does it make me feel? Later in life was I built in studying more deeply about the numerology behind each card...the astrology. So I think that that's the difference between an intuitive and a more literal reading.

One of the unique aspects of your readings is your integration of Astrology – how does that work together?

All of the 78 cards have an Astrological or Elemental ruling. So for example, the major Arcana are mostly ruled by a planet. All of the minor Arcana are mostly ruled by astrological placements. So if you're already versed in Astrology, that's one of the things that has helped me because it helped me understand deeper layers and gives more data points in a reading.

I'm known for reading timelines and astrology does help guide me in that sometimes things will come through in a matter of weeks or a matter of months.

Can you pull a card for the energy for the week of 2/22/22?

We have the Nine of Pentacles. I feel like this is claiming our independence.

I think there's been stories of when we take care of ourselves, it's selfish. We have a concern for the collective and the balance between the two. The Nine of Pentacles is when we stand in our truth and we take care of ourselves and we just be in our true essence, which empowers others to do the same.

So I think that this week, ways that we can take care of ourselves, do things that may not be "productive," it doesn't have to be about an end goal. Does this light you up? Does it bring you joy? And in doing that, it's going to inspire others to do the same as well.

With the Pentacles aspect of earth, energy, and abundance, the more that we celebrate, what feels like us, our true signature...there's going to be a reward from that. And it's also going to inspire other people.

Nines are ruled by the hermit. So there's an aspect of being able to be vulnerable with the hermit of not always going all the way within, but being able to share and be out in the world. So I feel like there's going to be aspects of sharing our vulnerable selves with our romantic partnerships, members. Where can you really show up as the true essence of you this week?

There's going to be rewarding moments and going to happen almost instantaneously when we do it.

Visit to book a reading or learn more about Tarot with Rebecca. You can also buy her Badass Bitches Tarot Deck for yourself and check out her other witchy products.

Plus you can listen to her weekly podcast, "Hex and the City" on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

You can also follow her @cardsyB on Instagram.

THE DOWNLOAD: Open the Door

We set the intention to receive messages for everyone who's listening's highest good for the week of February 21st.

In her visualization, Robyn immediately saw a huge golden door, heard "level up" and then "open your mind to the possibilities of what is." There was a knowing that these messages relate to the 2/22/2022 date. She could feel an opportunity of new energy coming to help us recognize the light within and all around us.

There was a visual of being a kid in a candy store...the excitement, innocence and awe. It feels like anything can happen at any time – and a reminder to have a childlike approach to the world. You can dream it, believe it, feel it. We come into these lives on purpose. They are an opportunity to level up our souls. We go through these trials and tribulations as well as all be joyous moments on purpose, really, to evolve on a soul level.

There were images that reminded us that we are all connected. And that we shouldn't be spending our time worrying or in fear or comparing ourselves to others. Karen and Robyn are here to nudge you to remember who you really are -- your true essence. To shine the light within that connects you to all the other lights around you.

Harness the power of 2/22/2022 and open your golden door and step in. And even for a moment, think about what the effervescent light and feel like a little kid again, does to your soul.

And level up! Once you open that door, you've stepped into your inner light...what else comes? What do you start to think about? Are there images of what makes you happy? Is there anyone in your vision with you? What does that feel like? Is their light just as bright as yours? Does it make your light brighter? If you see darkness, does it begin to dim because your light is shining brighter?

Ride the joy. Harness the power of two. We weren't meant to be alone, and it also speaks about the duality of who we are too.

Use that big, beautiful golden door as a tool. You can open that door at any moment and literally be there. Let us know what you all see when you open the door and you step into your light.

YOUR SECRET POWER: Play with the Universe + The Signs All Around You

Have you ever asked for a sign? All signs are different because they are personalized for you.

We can’t believe we went through decades without noticing that the Universe was sending us signs all of the time. What do we mean by “signs?” We’re talking about validations or guidance from the Universe that come in a variety of unexpected ways. You can think of it as playing with the Universe. The Universe will show you that you are never alone…and you are heard.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, think of what may remind you of them. What are some of the first things that come to mind? Open yourself up and be on the lookout as you live your day. (It’s important not to make something’s the kind of thing that when you see it, you just know!)

And for those of you who haven’t lost someone super close and don’t need a sign from a deceased loved one...the Universe is still around you and speaking to you. Always. It's important to know that you are never alone.


You can set your intention to get a sign from a deceased loved one or from the Universe. You can even just “test it out.”

Karen wanted play with the Universe and ask for a really specific, almost ridiculous sign. So, she asked for two pink elephants. Then, she forgot about it. And they showed up in the strangest way. She was going through Penn Station in New York City. She popped into to get birthday card at a store that only sold cards. She went to pay and there was a little discount tray under where you swiped your credit card and in it there were two pink elephant little coin purses. That's all that was in there. Just two little pink elephants facing each other. Karen had to buy them. The validation was just unquestionable.

As you go about your day, your signs will be messages that make sense to you. They may be on license plates, people you randomly meet -- like the name of a server at a restaurant, or on billboards, etc.

Another sign is seeing pennies or dimes. In today’s world we don’t use “change” in the way we used to in many years in the past. And so when you see a random penny or’s most likely not so random. It is validation from a deceased loved one or your Spirit Guides.

Other signs that bring messages are repeated numbers. Do you ever notice that you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? For instance when you see 111 or 555. Do you always notice the same time of day? Street addresses? It’s not just a coincidence. Many people call them Angel Numbers. My favorite is 444, which according to several sources means that there are thousands of angels all around you -- I’ll take that!!

Number signs don’t always have to come in repeated numbers. Robyn would get 11:17…and she realized it was her dad’s way of communicating with her because that was his birthday.

Play, ask for signs and let us know what happens.

A good resource for signs is Laura Lynn Jackson's book called "Signs."



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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