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new year astrology forecast: what's in store for 2023?


We’ve heard from many of you — you released stuck energy or old beliefs that were holding you back, whether it was with last week’s Full Moon or over this past weekend. And while there’s room for something new to grow, it’s unclear what to do with that space. What seed should you plant? What will offer a breath of fresh air into your life?

Here’s what we’ve gathered from our own intuition and astrology reports…most of this week may not lend itself to clear answers or direction. However, come this weekend, the figurative clouds should clear and an alternative path should reveal itself. We will be looking and hopefully you will be too!


It’s no coincidence with all of this murkiness that we’re talking about what to expect in 2023 in this week’s podcast. Read on.

One of our favorite souls who happens to be our favorite astrologer is back. Stevie Calista is here! We’re looking back at 2022 from an astrological perspective –as well as looking ahead to 2023. What’s in store? How can you incorporate and utilize astrology in the New Year? Plus, Stevie is talking about her latest life-changing program.

Here are some highlights from this week's powerful conversation:

ROBYN + KAREN: Stevie, as we say goodbye to 2022, has anything surprised you from an astrological perspective?

STEVIE: When I went back to look at my written post from last December, I'm not really surprised by what went down this year. 2020 as we all know, was a big catalyst year of change. Then 2021 and 2022 echoed those themes. 2022 was all about push versus pull, old versus new. Our old versions of ourselves trying to go back to normal. But “normal” is gone. We're here for “the new” essentially.

This year had a lot of really expansive spiritual and healing callings for people. And in order to do that we have to go into our shadow. Maybe even be shoved there sometimes.

The Nodes were in Scorpio all year. And I remember writing about that and thinking, what is this going to feel like? When the Nodes shift, we all collectively really feel it. They're like the head and the tail of the dragon. It’s the push pull between what we're letting go of and what we're moving towards. We were in the Scorpio tail of the Dragon, which is our trauma and transformation and going into the caves with the flashlight and being like, “Really? This again? I thought I’d dealt with this?” It’s layers and layers of transformation, like peeling the onion. Scorpio really holds that energy around power struggle. Where we've given our power away and who controls us, who manipulates us and how we've been playing in these structures and systems that we've desperately wanted to break free from. And we're not quite there yet.

We're moving into Taurus energy, which is all about what makes us feel safe and secure. And Scorpio says sometimes you have to be shaken and traumatized to feel and bring it into your body, to then renegotiate what safety means to you.

R+K: Are there any common threads or themes that you found from the charts that you read in 2022?

STEVIE: What I noticed is there were so many people being on the edge of their quantum leap. Of being like, “I just want to jump, but I'm so scared, but I have to!” The Universe responds and says, “Okay, now you're going to be pushed.” And so the job ends, the relationship ends, the house, something happens. These really extreme things happen where we think we're grounded in our reality, and then we are shoved.

And people are just needing support, To be told that “you can do it and you're safe.” And even though it feels really scary, you can still give yourself a parachute, and a life jacket and whatever else you need to jump. And trusting in your higher self and whatever energy you're in, or letting go of whatever in your reality is no longer serving you. Not to negate the suffering or the trauma. I never want to spiritually bypass the feelings, because those feelings are like a version of you that really wants to be seen. They are pushing you to move forward, and to try something new.

R+K: Wow! Can we resonate with that! Now for the big question. What does 2023 look like astrologically?

STEVIE: A lot is changing in 2023. It's not a massive change, but it's the taste of the new. One of the biggest shifts is actually in March. We have Pluto going into Aquarius. Pluto and Aquarius bring the power back to the people. Pluto brings light to the shadow. He’s like Scorpio in that you’ve got to go into the caves to bring things to light so that we can actually make the change, and die and be reborn.

Whenever you have a planet, especially Pluto shift into a new sign, it's a really big shift. But it's only until June. So from March until June it’s like this new feeling. Aquarius Energy does hold what's best for the group, best for humanity. Unity consciousness essentially. Pluto will show us where people have lost the power. So I'm assuming that means more structures are crumbling.

We're still going see those themes that we had from last year in this year with a different flavor. The higher vibrational energy with Pluto in Aquarius is everyone coming together. It's using technology and finding new ways to connect with each other and about each other. Like healing technology, innovation to heal and unify people. A quality like taking care of the group, but not losing your individual heart-centered voice. This is a 20-year cycle that we're moving into, so that's a really big deal.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is that we start the year with Mars and Mercury retrograde. We're going be instilled with that retrograde energy. It's very introspective, at least until the middle of January. So, don't beat yourself up if you're not feeling like you really want to make changes, or it feels like you're in that molasses energy. That's just because it’s how we start the year.

So let yourself really take the holidays and ease into the year. Slow it down and spend time going inward. And give yourself extra planning time to do the goals. You're still going to be motivated to take action, but it's not gonna be as fast as you might want it to be.

R + K: This is all fascinating and it makes us want to dive in even deeper on these details. Which is the perfect way to talk about your Soul Blueprint Alchemy Program. Can you tell us more about it?

STEVIE: I would love to! I was doing readings for a long time and sometimes I get to talk to people multiple times in the year. But then I just don't know what happens to them after the readings are over. And I wanted a way to go deeper with people. So I created a program called the Soul Blueprint Alchemy Program. And it's a four-month program where we get to talk once a week for four months. And we get to do quantum leaping together. We get to change your reality. We really go into your beliefs about yourself and your identity and we attach your birth chart to it.

Where do you get roadblocked? Where do you want to feel free? Where are retrogrades in your chart? What does an eclipse mean for you? So it's really a program where you get to know yourself on a very deep level. It's like a magnifying glass to every passenger on your bus. The Blueprint really shows us all of these things. It's been the most beautiful, rewarding work I've ever done because people literally walk away as very different people– it's true alchemy!

R+K: Sign us up Stevie! We love all of this wisdom that you continue to share with us.

If you want to find out more about the Soul Blueprint Alchemy program and working with Stevie, visit You can also follow Stevie at Farmhouse Moon on Instagram.

SECRET POWER: Using Astrology Every Day -- What You Need to Know

We asked Stevie how to incorporate astrology into our daily lives. She reminded us that our two illuminators, the Sun and the Moon, impact our lives well beyond our astrological signs. There are practical ways for tracking their impact and harnessing their power. Here are some ways to follow how they impact you.

1. Follow the Sun Signs of the Seasons: Stevie reminds us that astrology is about studying patterns and that the seasons also reflect the energy of their astrological signs. “Astrology is really here to help us use the seasons for the times and stop trying to push yourself when the flow isn't there. Take time to feel this seasonal energy. It impacts everybody differently. Thanksgiving, for example, falls in Sagittarius season, which is the time of gratitude, family, fun and telling stories. If it's a Fire season (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you can get lit up with the fire energy. If it's Water season (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), it's time to feel your feelings. If it's Earth season (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you can get things done. Virgo season, which is an Earth season, is about everyone getting into routines and back to school. If it’s Air season (Gemini, Libra, Aqaurius), it’s about thinking about new ideas or starting new things. Watch your own pattern. Do you feel really tired during a certain season? How do the different seasons impact you? Are you energized by the Sun? Take time to notice its seasonal impact on you. You could even journal for 30 days and watch the patterning in your experiences. You don't need to be an astrologer or to watch your patterns. 2. Track Your Moon Sign Energy: The Moon is the second of our two luminaries and is our feeling body that also really affects us. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days and it changes phases every three to three and a half days. So we're constantly ebbing and flowing with her. There are lots of apps and websites that track the Moon to tell you what astrological sign the Moon is in (My Moon Phase or Full Moon Phase). Try journalling to track your feelings along with the Moon phases. For example, if the Moon is in Cancer, how does it make you feel emotionally? Is the Moon full? Is it new? Is it crescent? You'll notice your own pattern will emerge. You can also experiment with setting intentions with the New Noon or when the Full Moon comes. According to Stevie, the Moon helps illuminate our intentions, and we are true co-creators with the planets when we work with them. To learn more about Stevie or get your own personalized birth chart from Stevie, visit

THE DOWNLOAD: Coming Home + Becoming More of Who You Are

Our Downloads this week are a reminder to own your unique, sparkly essence -- and find what will continue to make you shine. When you stand in the truth of who you are anything is possible!


When you came into the world

you knew it wouldn’t be an easy place to shine your light

That not all would accept it

That some would ridicule it

That others would try to turn it into darkness

And yet you came to shine anyway

You had the courage to know

that at times

you would not always be seen

That you would be misunderstood

That you would judged

But you came to shine anyway.

You came knowing that the world needed you

to help illuminate the darkness

To overcome fear and step out of the shadows

You knew that you could give your light to those willing to receive it

To others who would also shine anyway.

We are all different

We are all sparks of light

We all have come into the world differently

But we are here to share and amplify

To illuminate

To glow

To be a witness of the reminders of who we are.

Despite the darkness and because of the darkness

We stand bravely in the truth

Of sharing what we have come for

So that those who are seeking

can become part of the collective.

Be true to your light - which is love

Remember who you are

Remember why you are here

Stand in the beautiful authenticity that is you.

Shine anyway.


Restore yourself before you begin your new chapter. Get centered. Listen to the whispers. They are becoming louder. Move with the flow. There are new beginnings being presented to you. You just have to take the leap of faith and begin. Feel the ease.

Flow. That is key. This word has come up more and more recently. Pay attention to it -- especially now.

Your next steps are organic. They don't require so much planning and your intuition. Trust your instincts. They will not fail you. Need not worry about the how you will do something, focus on the what.

What is the sunshine that is presenting itself to you during the cloudiness of winter?

Feel the vibration as you are going about your day. What feels right to you?

Create opportunities from the vibration. When you feel good -- follow it. What is making you feel full of joy? How do you get more of that?

As the year comes to an end, what have you learned so far? What brought you the most joy? Are there instances that are illuminated for you over this past year?

How do you dance with life? How do you stay in the moment? How do you feel connected?

What are the old habits and old ways that you can give up? Take inventory of yourself.

What is one new ritual you can incorporate into your day that helps you start something new? Your something new can be a huge shift or a small shift. Change is good. Change is growth. Don't shy away from change. In fact take the power in your hands and initiate change on your own. It makes it less daunting. We promise. And we are around you supporting you in the background. You've got this! Start the work now.

With love and support.



DECEMBER 13: New Year Astrology Forecast: What's in Store for 2023?WE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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