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THE PULSE: Standing Our Ground


​​Well helloooo! While we don’t normally talk about weather in The Weekly…this past week has been full of extremes. If you’re in the USA right now, you know what we mean. It’s intense in all different areas of the country. Extreme heat, flash floods, tornadoes and even smoke from forest fires continues to impact several states. We don’t have any control over the weather, however we do have control in our reaction and our perspective. So how do you stay grounded…and “centered” amidst these extremes? How do you trust all will be well?

The weather is a metaphor for life. We think we have control in so many areas of our lives…and the truth is that we don’t. However, just like with the weather, we continue to have that control in our reactions and our perspective.

I was thinking about that as a friend and I drove through treacherous weather late last week. I felt deeply grateful for my daily practices – most of which we’ve shared over the past few years in this newsletter and on the podcast. My daily practices keep me centered and continue to give me the faith that it will all work out…no matter what.

Psychic Channeler Laura O’Malley recently shared this channeled wisdom,

“FEEL the truth

Can you FEEL IT?

It comes quietly from WITHIN

Quiet your mind in order to hear it

Quiet your mind by becoming present in the moment, by paying attention to NOW, by releasing

any focus upon the past, the future, and BEing in THIS moment

This moment is without fear

This is how you release FEAR

And when all is lost, all is found”

What keeps you centered?


Yesterday was a big one! We had a New Moon in Cancer and we had the North + South Nodes of the Moon moving into Aries + Libra for the next 18 months. We touched on this last week!

One of our soul sister’s + go-to astrologers, Stevie Calista gave the full run down on this major energetic shift . She says it “invites us to embrace the lessons of self-discovery, authentic expression, harmonious relationships, and finding balance within ourselves and our interactions with others.

The South Node, representing our past patterns and experiences, has completed its transformative voyage through Scorpio. During this time (since January of 2022), we delved into the depths of our emotions, underwent profound inner transformations, and explored the mysteries of our souls. As we bid adieu to the South Node in Scorpio, we carry the wisdom gained from these transformative experiences, ready to embark on a new karmic path.

With the South Node entering Libra, the sign of balance, diplomacy, and harmony, we are called to release past tendencies of seeking external validation or relying too heavily on others' opinions. The lessons of the South Node in Libra invite us to find inner equilibrium, prioritize self-worth, and foster healthy relationships based on mutual respect and fairness. It reminds us to strike a balance between our personal needs and the needs of others, nurturing connections that bring harmony and growth.

Simultaneously, the North Node begins its journey through Aries, the sign of individuality, assertiveness, and courageous authenticity. With the North Node in Aries, we are guided towards embracing our unique identities, expressing ourselves authentically, and pursuing our passions with unwavering determination. This shift calls us to step into our personal power, to take risks, and to assert ourselves confidently in the pursuit of our goals and aspirations.

Let us embrace the transformative energies of this celestial shift, aligning ourselves with the new karmic pathways that lie ahead. May this transition lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, meaningful connections with others, and the fulfillment of our true potential?”

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Do you have a complicated relationship with money? If you answered, YES – well that makes you human. However, Money Expert, New York Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Intuitive Guide Ellen Rogin says it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an art to prosperity. When we understand how to work with money and break free from our unsupportive beliefs, money becomes a powerful energetic force that helps us realize our dreams and create abundance in the world around us. By tuning into what your money wants you to know, you can create the life you’ve been waiting for. Ellen can help you listen. We had a reading with Ellen and we can tell you that she tapped right into what we most needed to hear when it came to money. Ellen has made her life’s work educating, counseling, and guiding people from looking at money stress to money confidence to create prosperity ON purpose. On this week’s podcast, Ellen shares a new way of looking a money, including how our thoughts and beliefs truly create our money reality. This is a BIG topic and one that impacts all of us. We’re talking about what may be causing your money anxiety and how to begin to break-free from it, plus the energy + magic of money – and priming your mind for prosperity. It’s time to build the life you truly deserve! . Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Ellen, you started out as a financial and investment advisor and began to notice certain patterns in your clients beliefs and emotions around money. Besides that it feels bad, why is having money anxiety and such a problem? Ellen Rogin: When I started as a financial advisor, it was fascinating to me how people thought about money and it didn't have anything to do with how much money they had. Some people had lots of money and were really on track for their financial plan but were also worried they were gonna lose it all. Other people had more modest means but felt completely secure about their money. Money stirs up the fear of not knowing enough, of not making a good decision, of not having as much as your neighbor or someone else at work, or not making enough money. In my intuitive work, I hear all the time from Money. “Please stop worrying!” Worrying about money is like having the parking brake on and trying to drive. It doesn't make things better. R+K: I'm sure people just caught how you gave Money an actual voice or personality in your process. Can you talk about how you look at Money as energy entity rather than just tangible currency that we use every day? Ellen: For many years I was in entrenched in the science of money, or the asset allocation. I realized that when you combine the science of money with the art of prosperity, which is about how we think and feel, that's where the magic happens. I find it really helpful to look at money as energy, or another entity you have a relationship with. I actually do have a relationship with Money. I talk to Money. It talks back. What I hear over and over from Money is that it doesn't want us to worry! Money wants to be used as a force for good. Money loves when people are generous and that generosity can look different for so many different people. Maybe being generous is investing in a business that's serving many people. Maybe generosity is helping family members or people with less. And money also wants us to know you're gonna be okay. R+K: Can you give us an example of how you have a conversation with money and how do you work with people with your Messages from Money offering? Ellen: When I have a session with someone, I get some information from them ahead of time. One of the questions I ask is, “What would you want to know from Money?” That way I can be really focused on that. Ahead of the meetings, I spend time talking with Money on their behalf. And the way I talk with Money is I journal, meaning, I set the intention of getting answers to specific questions and then I write out wherever answers come through for the people that I am meeting with. I've learned to totally trust what I receive in those messages. Sometimes they're very tactical, like, “have you done your estate plan? “ More often than not it's things like, “I really feel like you don't trust me. Why is that? Could we have a better relationship if you just trusted that I'd be there for you?” These messages are affirming and helpful. I have never had a message that came back that said “you are destined to a life of poverty!” Money is a really good energetic force people can work with and can totally be a force for good in the world. R+K: Ellen, thank you so much for introducing all of us to this wisdom and how we can all energetically partner with money to bring more positive abundance into our lives. MORE FROM ELLEN ROGIN

  • Work with Ellen both personally or with your business at

  • You can find her books, Picture Your Prosperity and Great with Money on her

– and you can even download a free copy of Great with Money at

  • Ellen also has a new book coming out in September aptly named Messages from Money.

SECRET POWER: How to Talk to Money

As we learned from Ellen Rogin this week, we can invite Money to advise us and help transform our financial fears into attracting more abundance. If you’d like to step into your Secret Power and initiate your own conversations with Money, here are a few suggestions from Ellen on how to connect and receive these messages. Set the Intention: Begin by purposefully setting your intention to energetically connect with and communicate with Money. Ask that you receive guidance specific what you need to know f

or yourself right now. Ask A Question: Ellen recommends asking, whether in your mind or in meditation through journaling, “Money, what do you want me to know?” According to Ellen, “when people answer that question, it's always something that makes them feel really good and supported.” So you don’t have to worry about the answer. It will always be the right guidance for you. Do a Money Belief Retro: Ask Money to help to identify beliefs that no longer serve you. One way to start exploring this is to look at your earliest money memories. For example, what was the money situation in your house growing up? Did you see your parents arguing about money? Was it not talked about at all? All of these things come into play. As Ellen says, “This is not to blame our parents. It's to just notice that we interpret beliefs through a subconscious beliefs that started when we were very young.” Ellen, thank you for teaching us that our relationship with Money is always collaborative and stronger when we work together!

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Unlimited Opportunities to Shine

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Allow yourself. Can you take a quiet pause in this moment to ALLOW yourself to just silently BE? Yes, you have permission to stop. To put down the phone, the laptop, whatever distraction or responsibility you are holding onto…to sit quietly and tune into the soul of you. You are there, resting quietly in your breath. You are a resonant presence. Full. Energetically vibrant. Vibrating in your ever-ness. Allow yourself to feel that you. This is what it means to be present. This is where you sit in your true-ness. This is where your power always resides. Allow yourself to feel that power. There is no emotional imbalance in this place of now. All distracted thoughts are set aside. Quiet ambience. The peaceful calm, flowing consciousness, expansive awareness, brings. This is the true state of you. Allow yourself to be the true you. This is what prayer is. This is meditation. This is Be-ing all that you are. You are in this world but not of this world. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are eternal. Allow yourself to remember who you are. It is in this state you can release all of your judgments about yourself. You can let go of the fear, the worry, the doubts, the criticism. Here you reconnect with the essence of who you really are - you are love. You are light. Allow yourself to feel your light. This is your true sanctuary where you can reconnect and rekindle your fire. You're shining, knowing, connected to source, blazing to live your truth and purpose. Stand in the reflection of that gorgeous, glowing luminous you. Let it fill you back up. Absorb it. Be it. Reflect it. Allow yourself to glow. Rekindle your strength knowing who you are. That anything else is just life. Just experience. Just the doing that you have come to “try on” knowing that you are always learning and always teaching yourself more. There is no other purpose. So glide. Frolic. Dance with the wind and feel all the feels. It is your journey. Allow yourself to shine today. Allow yourself to shine the light of you. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD

We all have a seat at the table of our lives. We get to decide what this reality will be. How do we want our lies to be? We may think we have no control, and yet we do. In every moment and within every day we have a choice last to how we will process that moment. Will we choose to look at it as an expansion of this life or will we choose to look at it as a contraction within our life? As something that is making it “harder” or “more difficult”?

If we choose to look at it as expansion, it will continue to open up to further expansion. If we choose to look at it as contraction…we will continue to close ourselves off to more opportunities and create more isolation for ourselves and less joy.

We are meant to live this life with others in some capacity. We can grow and expand more with others. We encourage you to choose expansion. Try to look at circumstances as opportunities. This takes practice. We are so programmed to look at certain situations in a certain way…it’s like a comfy blanket — we fall back into that rhythm…it will take practice to look approach things with new perspective — and in the long run it will be so worth it.

How can you look at this new day with fresh eyes? How can you truly appreciate the opportunities this day gives you? How can you look at the same view outside of your window with a new perspective? What’s something new to notice? Just practicing this new outlook there. By starting there you will begin to co-create your life differently. You will begin to take responsibility for this day, for your life.

Remember that you can do this with Money as well. Money wants to be your partner. Money wants you to live the life of your dreams. Begin to look at Money with this new perspective and your life will change.

We have so much more power than we could have ever imagined to truly live with ease, joy, support and love. Each of us has a different path with different players and different scenarios — this is on purpose. And yet the common denominator is that we have choice and we have power within our own lives. Each of our lives is supposed to look differently from one another because each of us is a unique soul, a unique miracle.

There is an unlimited amount of resources, opportunities, and abundance for all of us. Start living your fullest most fulfilling life today!



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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