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THE PULSE: Peace. Love. Now.

A NOTE FROM US We are horrified by the attacks on Israel this past weekend. We stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Over the past few days, we reflected on our own beliefs, that we are all souls living in a human body. As a soul we are made of energy, which you can't see, however you can FEEL. At our truest essence we are love. However, many are disconnected from this love. We pray for peace. We ask that you send love and healing to ALL that are part of this latest war -- and to all of those at war around this planet. We also ask that you send love and healing to all of those at war within themselves.


Today marks the end of a five-month retrograde for Pluto. Bring on the transformation! According to Refinery29, "Pluto is the Planet of Transformation so its shift direct in Capricorn (for the final time in centuries) will have a significant effect on us on a personal, psychological, and collective level. We should aim to be more patient with ourselves or others this eclipse week rather than projecting our fears, worries, or insecurities onto them. Yes, everything is changing, but remembering that change is the most constant truth in life can bring us relief."


Eclipse season begins this Saturday, October 14. Chani Nicholas breaks it all down, and here's the gist, "This eclipse will highlight our relationships and the interpersonal dynamics we’re ready to shed or shift. Letting go of connections that no longer serve us and transforming old styles of relating is what creates room for us to build bonds that honor our true desires, passions, and strengths, after all. But — as is always the case with eclipses — easy does it. Resting up, laying low, and allowing the cosmos to work its mysterious magic will be the best protocol for welcoming in healing catharsis and closure."


In this episode, Karen shares a story about a friend who is struggling with the loss of her relationship with her 22-year-old son, who has chosen to break ties with his family due to differences in beliefs. How does one handle this type of a situation? And what does it meant to grieve someone that is still alive? Here are our thoughts.

In our next free session together, we’re focusing on the fear of being left out. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Ugh, it's one of the worst feelings. It can send you down a not-enoughness spiral and layer in many more upsetting emotions. Let's banish that for good. It's time to really know your tremendous worth.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release that old energy so that next time you feel that fear coming on, you're empowered to push right past it because you know you're one spectacular soul!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, October 20 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Oh, this week's conversation is soooo good! Courtney Beck worked as a strategy director in advertising before a spontaneous spiritual awakening forced her to jump off the corporate ladder into the spiritual world. She now works as a spiritual author, channel, and healer, helping everyday people expand in supernatural ways. She wants you to think of her as your supernatural wingwoman. She works with spirits to solve problems people can't fix. Just as we have specialists in the real world, her spirit guides are specialists too, removing everything from anxiety and negative beliefs, to amplifying confidence, creativity, and courage. We can attest that our work with Courtney and her team has been transformative. And we're talking about it all! Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Courtney, let's start with your journey into this work…as well as your abilities and this knowing. When did these whispers start? And what happened to have this spontaneous spiritual awakening? Courtney Beck: It actually really started when I was a kid. I would see spirits as a child. It was really terrifying because I didn't have a teacher or a guide. I didn't want anything to do with it. I ended up going into the advertising world, which I guess was my very logical human method of escaping my abilities and gifts. I got my dream job where I could have been set for life, but when I got into that chair, it was this total feeling of emptiness. I trained as a Reiki Master and logically decided to start meditating, because I thought if I can't do this super intense role in my career anymore, what am I going to do? I was down by the water on Sydney Harbour and was meditating and had what I think was a Kundalini awakening. I felt a spiral activation up my spine and I felt like someone else was in my body. I also felt my arms and hands light up like I just wanted to write. I sat down at my computer and started typing and what came out of me was all of this information about the universe and Shiva and Krishna. Now I came out of the womb really anti-religion, so I've never dabbled into the religious space. That night, we had dinner at a friend's place and I said, can you read this? And she said, “Courtney this is Hindu Cosmology. Where did you get this? Then the next day I asked who it was and I got that it was Krishna. Basically he said that I needed to get myself out of advertising and that I was going to spend the rest of my life writing these books. And what came out of me that day was the first two chapters of the first book that we wrote together. R+K: Can we talk about who Krishna is? We’re guessing there might be a lot of people who don’t know. Courtney: I had no idea either. When all this was happening, I purposefully didn't look into who these names were because I wanted it to just remain as pure as possible. So Krishna is the Hindu deity of love, compassion, and tenderness. He's a really popular deity, very loving and kind. And I joke that he's like my spiritual Dad now. He’s been a really great teacher and I think I needed really gentle teachers because I was very apprehensive about giving myself over to this work. R+K: There are many different gods, goddesses and deities that come through you during a reading. Can we talk about your process? Courtney: For me personally, I find that it's best for me to write. I know a lot of practitioners work face to face, but for me, it's just easier to manage if I can just completely tune in and do the work with them without trying to be in two places at once. So I just open up my laptop, and I've got my client notes of what you'd like to work on, which is normally how you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. And, I’ll note if you have a question. When I close my eyes and tune in, I almost always see us in a rainforest. I see the client lying on a white stone healing table. Normally it’s Krishna who takes the lead, and then the spirits take over from there. R+K: The write-up that you share after the session is incredibly detailed! It also includes beautiful illustrations of the all gods, goddesses and deities that come through in the reading + healing session. Courtney: Basically, I see my job as a documentarian and I just give myself over to it for that period of time. And I don't filter anything! It's like when the spirits finally get an opportunity to speak to you, they don't tend to do it in breadcrumbs. They'll throw loaves of bread at you for an hour to try and get your attention on the things that maybe you haven't been ready to talk about or see or hear. I often hear from people that it's about a year later that everything that came through in the healing really makes sense. It takes time to percolate and for everything to drop. So it's a longish process, but I feel really privileged to be a part of it. R+K: Thank you Courtney, we can truly say that for us, our readings with you have been among the most profound and resonant that we have ever experienced! Thank you for being vulnerable and telling us your story and for all the guidance and wisdom that's come through you. We're truly grateful. Courtney: I'm appreciative of having supportive people like you both in my life. It helps to keep nudging me forward. So thank you! Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM COURTNEY BECK

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Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Note: For today’s download, in the spirit of the incredible conversation we had with Courtney, I decided to set the intention to go back to the forest where Courtney’s reading for me began, and call upon the great god/father friend Krishna for guidance. He came to me in a beautiful golden light of love, friendship, gladness and peace. I share this as a reminder that we can all call upon these great gods and goddesses for help and guidance, and to allow for the possibility that we can all hear them if we ask. The forest is bathed in deep green. Dew drops on the emerald leaves shine like diamonds in the sunlight. The canopy above me feels alive and filled with a luminescent energy. There’s a gentle breeze fragrant with the rich aroma of earth and growth. This is truly a place of vibrant life bathed in calm, unspoken wisdom. Krishna appears larger than life like a happy sunbeam. He sits on a log in front of me. He is such a full presence. His face so joyful with eyes that sparkle as he looks at me. I feel so SEEN. He is so happy to be called upon by me. It’s as if he has been waiting for this day when I would “remember” that he was always with me. “Yes it is true.” he says quickly, reading my thoughts. “I am always here. For you and for all. The team here supporting you is large. We live to serve. We need but your intention.” Just like our angels and guides, I thought. Call upon them and they are there. I was taught there was only one God. “God is source” Krishna says. “God is all. We are all part of the oneness. We are just in different forms. We all part of the divine. We all have wisdom that we are here to share and be our unique souls. I am here to offer my loving kindness. To nurture you in your questions. To provide you with both protection and inspiration. Moving forward on this human journey can be scary and painful. You are, however, never alone on this journey. More and more are remembering that they are here to spread love. To simply be love. I am here to support you and help you amplify this love. I ask about love on the planet, which seems in a battle with hatred. This morning, I awoke to news headlines reflecting anything but love today. Wars, kidnappings, earthquakes, political unrest. A world toppling over itself on seemingly hateful and terroristic acts. “Headline stories are a focus.” Krishna responds. “They are an amplifier. They are not reflective of everything that is happening in the whole world. There is so much more love happening in the world today that will never be communicated in the media. It is easy to get caught up in the fear. If each of us could just hold on to loving kindness, it would help us remember who we are, and what the intention of being here on earth is all about.” My meditation in the forest with Krishna continued for another 20 minutes. I had glimpses of other spirits that were with him. Being there in this golden loving presence of light reminded me of what the healing release of breathing into the present moment feels like. Breathing in light and exhaling love. I imagined my breath releasing little pink balloons into the air and drifting into the sky towards the wars, and the earthquake and kidnapping victims. I send the balloons to help light up those places of darkness. I imagined them going to the soldiers, and the wounded, and the angry and the grieving. “That is your gift,” Krishna says. “That is your calling and the calling of all of us who remember that love is all there is.” Thank you Krisha. Thank you Courtney…for our reading and re-introducing us to those light-seers who help remind us of who we are. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD You need to know that you are not alone. You are never ever alone. Trust in this message. There are times that feel like there is no one that is there for you or that would understand, but we do and we are here supporting you, even if you can't see us. What is my purpose? Your purpose is being you -- just authentically you. This lifetime is truly made for you. You are the star of this lifetime and we want you to start to live with that knowing. You are the star of your movie. With that knowledge, how do you live your every day? What do you want the script of your life to be? With this perspective, how do things change for you? Your purpose is trust to BE. Some days you may feel like doing, being and completing many activities and other days you may just want to be still. There is no right or wrong -- they are all important and all YOU. Your purpose is YOU. You are enough right at this very moment. Breathing is purpose If you can feel breath, you are living and that is enough. Now you can further this purpose and feel good. Feeling good puts positive energy out into the world -- that in itself is serving a greater purpose and raising the vibration of this planet. How can you find ways to feel good - even when things around aren't ideal? Find the little things. Your awareness of the small joys will be a catalyst for more joys. Yes there is much more you CAN do, however if you always come back to these simple basic principles, you are fulfilling your purpose. We remind you that you chose to be in this incarnation and you are magnificent. You are meant to be here -- this is your purpose. You are here during what feels like seemingly challenging times on the Earth. Earth is always full of challenges. Your being can be one of adding positivity and love which always combats fear and anger. As souls we are love -- in this incarnation you may feel other emotions and forget that at your core you are love. Love is the answer. Love for all -- even those that you believe aren't worthy of love...they need it even more. Find it in your heart to send LOVE To all. The world needs your love and your Being at this time. The world is so fortunate to have you on the planet right now. Even when you don't feel like it, you are needed and you are on purpose with purpose at this very instant. You are so special. You are reading this at this very moment because you need the reminder. You matter. You are brilliant. You are love. You have purpose. You are LOVED. You are supported. Reread this as many times as needed. We love you and are with you.



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