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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Moving Forward

So have you felt any forward motion yet? The energy is just starting to change course. You should feel a bit better this week than last...and the momentum should be picking up by the end of the week. PHEW!

Karen and I are just starting to feel a bit lighter than we did in May -- and life in general feels full -- almost overwhelmingly so. It's times such as these that we are grateful for all of the spiritual and wholistic resources that we've collected over these past several years.

One practice that we use on a daily basis is to let ourselves feel, really FEEL. Whatever is coming up -- excitement, frustration, anxiety, pride...feel it fully and then release it through your body, so that you can keep your feelings, aka energy, flowing. This way, you and your energy won't get stuck. This practice keeps us balanced and grateful...and it can do the same for you. We thought we'd share it with you as a reminder to keep your energy flowing.

And this week's newsletter and podcast are continued inspiration to connect with yours

elf and your Soul Team. If you're reading this, you have it within you to do it!! Don't doubt, just try it.

THIS WEEK'S PODCAST: "Guided" with Laura West

Meet this week’s podcast guest, Laura West! Laura is an energy healer, psychic medium, intuitive and Registered Nurse who is dedicated to both science and spirituality. She is also the author of the book “Guided” and the host of the podcast: “A Guided Life.” Laura's spiritual journey and path began over 20 years ago. Through her own experiences and abilities to channel messages from Soul Teams and deceased loved ones, she's been able to transform her own life. Laura sat down to share the messages, lessons and tools she's learned, so it can help your life flow more easily and lead you to your true purpose. Laura, let’s talk about your definition of Soul Teams. Who are they and does everybody have their own dedicated soul team? Laura: Such a good question! Yes! everybody has a Soul Team. And when it comes to who's part of the Soul Team, there are no limits when it comes to spirit. Spirit Guides and Angels are examples of members of your Soul Team. Some people may resonate better with working with Jesus or Buddha because they would be considered Ascended Masters. Some people have mystical creatures like dragons and fairies and mermaids, extraterrestrial beings, celestial beings… it’s so limitless! Deceased loved ones, even ancestors can be part of your Soul Team. If you feel like your mother who has passed is helping you every step of the way, then she is part of your Soul Team. You just have to honor that feeling within you and know that what you're feeling is right. The bottom line is, everyone has a Soul Team and it could be any number of entities on the other side. The main thing to remember about every single one of them is how much they love you unconditionally and are there to support you and guide you no matter what they look like or how they appear to you. And would you say that your Soul Team changes during your lifetime? Do different members your Soul Team come and go or play different roles? Laura: Yes, absolutely! From what I've learned and from what I've picked up on for my own self is that I will have certain guides that come and go depending on what it is that I need. And the need could be physical. Like if I'm attending school and I've got a guide dedicated to get me through the school journey. Or it could be emotional…I'm going through a hardship and I've got a guide who's going to give me the strength to get through that. I've had guides come and go through my different life experiences and it just sort of depends on the situation. But honestly, if you wanted any of them to come, they'll be there for you, always and no matter what. Thank you Laura! If you tune into our podcast this week, it may be because your Soul Team wants you to be aware that they are there and wants you to try and communicate with them in some way. And if you're not comfortable yet, just start looking for signs. Your Soul Team will show you that they are there! Explore more with Laura, including her book, podcast and sessions: Follow Laura on Instagram and Facebook

YOUR SECRET POWER: Meet Your Soul Team

Inspired? Want to meet members of your Soul Team? Here are Lau

ra's suggestions:

1. Ask for them to come to you in your dreams. And remember to set the intention to remember your dream!

2. Guided Meditation: You can try this guided meditation from Laura specifically for meeting your Spirit Guides. You can also find other guided meditations on Insight Timer. If you go the meditation route (which we recommend!), trust what comes to you. Don't second guess yourself. Trust your intuition.

3. Channelled Writing: This is similar to what we suggested last week with Karen's mom, except this time you are asking specifically to meet members of your Soul Team. Set the intention and trust what comes through you. According to Laura, "Channel writing or channel typing is so great because it gives your brain a task It gives it a task to help keep it out of the way when you're wanting to see what comes through outside of you, externally."

Let us know what happens! (Email or DM us your results!)

THE DOWNLOAD: Enjoy the Ride!

Within the spirit of everything we learned from Laura this week, our downloads felt channeled directly from our Soul Guides. The theme that came through was that we are are love and always have the unconditional love of our soul team around us, rooting us on!


Purple. Night sky with purple hue. Being drawn into the starry sky, Traveling through the cosmos.

We are on this ride together. We are made of stars. Enjoy the ride.

What dreams may come to those who wait and create? Live. Enjoy. Have pride in all that you do. There is only one you. You are unlike anyone seen before you or that will come after you. Embrace all that comes from being you. You are created on purpose, for purpose. However big or small that may seem in this lifetime. Your contribution is your beautiful essence of being you. Be unapologetically you. You could travel the whole universe and never find another like you.

We are here to pump you up. Remind you of your unique essence.

When you look in the mirror, really look inside. That is what matters. That is the true essence of you. And let that essence shine bright.

Keep becoming more of you. Spread you throughout. Choose kindness. Compassion. Even when it feels difficult choose kindness and compassion. Love always wins. Always.

May you continue to become more of who you are. We are so in love with you.


First, we thank you for reaching out to us. We are with you always and are so happy to help. All of us are here dedicated to your well-being and are experts in giving guidance. Every soul does in fact have a team assigned to help and are called upon for higher roles, at different times depending on the actions and activities of life that are happening. Think of us as a band of strength that can come in and provide inspiration and emotional support whenever you need it most.

It can be hard to trust in things that you cannot see. So we suggest you do try us. Ask for a sign so we can show you how we can show up for you. We are also most powerful when we work together in conjunction with you. If you can take a moment in the course of your day to close your eyes and breathe, we can use this opportunity to offer you “thoughts” that may help you better feel the compass of what to do. It is an easy exercise and can be done at any time. Similar to a meditation. Just sit with your eyes closed. When you breathe in…visualize a pink light around you and inhale love….and as you exhale let go of anything that feels like fear, confusion, sadness anger. If you can do this for as little as 90 seconds, you will clear your energy in a way that will immediately reset the course of your day and therein – how your day will be experienced by you.

When you have completed this exercise, take a moment, and formulate a question in your mind for us. With pen to paper or in front of your computer, whatever is most simple for you, pause for a moment, and then write down anything that comes to you. If you allow us, we will answer.

Here is a universal message for all of you reading this today.

You have come into this time, this body, this experience to learn all you can about how to love better. How to love yourself, your friends, your family, your acquaintances, you life, all that is you. Be “full of yourself” because you are full of love. No matter what comes your way this week, know that this love is with you and surrounding you. It never wavers.

And if you need help – call upon us, your guides. Give us the task and see what happens.

And there you have it. Be full of yourself always! May you continue to become more of who you are each day. Love always wins.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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