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mastering the power of your thoughts

THE PULSE: Energetic Take Off!

We’ve noticed the birds chirping a bit louder, the bees buzzing excitedly and the sun shining brighter over the past few days. It’s also feeling like a vortex of “busy” right now. Does that ring true for you?

We’ve noticed the birds chirpin a bit louder, the bees buzzing excitedly and the sun shining brighter over the past few days. It’s also feeling like a vortex of “busy” right now. Does that ring true for you?

Perhaps if you have kids in school, it’s the end-of-year sprint and wrap up or for those that don’t…it’s the anticipation of summer and the desire to get the every day "stuff" done earlier so that you can enjoy summer days and summer daze. There is so much to celebrate this month — achievements of all kinds…we put birthdays in that category as well! Here's to staying present in those moments and enjoying as much as you can!


It's officially Gemini season. There's a slightly lighter feeling in the air. We love what Chani Nicholas says, "This is a green light to pursue every facet of your interests. From playing with multiple buzzing flirtations to starting multiple businesses, choosing a lane isn’t the directive now. Pursuing what you find most intellectually delectable is. Let interest and intrigue be your guides."

And then, according to Refinery 29, "This is also Jupiter’s first full week in the sign of Taurus, and since the energy of the Taurus New Moon will continue to be felt until the end of the month, it’s an ideal week for setting your new moon intentions. Get crystal-clear about where you see yourself six months from now, around October 28, when the Taurus lunar eclipse will strike."

Please join us for a special online Wishcircle with Wishbeads Founder Alexa Fischer. We'll breathe together, meditate together, and make wishes together.

Alexa will lead you through a visualization where you can see, feel, and experience your life as if your wish has already come true. You'll be surrounded by others just like you who are ready to make their wishes come true—and ready to support you and cheer you on!

In our second session together, we're helping you be in control of your own life. We're helping you take your power back! It's time to confront the fear of being manipulated and bid it farewell! Friday, June 16 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Miss last week's session or want to experience it again?

We’ve been so fortunate to be connected with inspirational practitioners from all over the world. One such bright light is transformational, coach, intuitive and advanced angel healing practitioner, Aman Hora. Aman joined us on this week’s podcast from India. Aman has the power to help transcend the very core of issues that you may be facing and help you get back into alignment with your soul's path. She’ll be sharing tools and techniques to harness your inner power, achieve your dreams and open you up to all of the possibilities that life has to offer. Aman will help you release limiting thoughts and old beliefs and help you take your power back. She believes in the philosophy of ‘Loving Yourself is a part of the solution, regardless of the part of your life you want to change’. With a dream to serve humanity, Aman started EMPOWER 2 B THE BEST. As its Founder Director, Aman conducts numerous programs around the world that bring forth the best in everyone. By intertwining the threads of life philosophy and spirituality, she guides her clients onto the path of happiness, self-fulfillment and success. Aman is going to help you master your own minds – and give you steps to live your life to your fullest potential in this episode. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Aman how did you come into this work? What actually started you off on your path? Aman Hora: I've been an intuitive person my whole life. When I was 13, I got connected to my inner wisdom, or to what you may call “higher consciousness.” I would hear direction and follow it. I have immense faith and trust in a higher power has been unwavering. Ten years back when I started this work, I kept asking, what am I meant for? What's my life purpose? So I went and studied and now I am an internationally certified life coach by Louis Hay. The biggest learning for me was that everything's about how you think. Thinking changes your life or creates your life. And when I saw that transformation in me, I really wanted to help empower other souls who are out there and really need it too. R+K: How do you work with people in your practice? Do you intuitively help them see where some of those stumbling blocks are in their lives, and then help them recreate their thoughts? Aman: Exactly. The number one solution to whatever challenges people are facing is to be in awareness of what thoughts they are thinking about. Everything starts with a thought. Your thought creates a feeling, and the feeling creates an emotion. People don't even know why they're feeling what they're feeling. They're living every day, not realizing that they're not working from their fullest potential. They're habitually getting ready, going to the office, coming back, and not understanding why things are not working. This work that we do together on their thoughts, helps them to get into the core of the issue of what area of their life they're struggling in, and how to overcome that. R+K: Can you talk about limiting beliefs or the old beliefs that are stuck somewhere in our minds? How does someone start to even clue into what those might be? Aman: Our belief systems are adopted from our parents or teachers' belief systems. We don't realize that what we’ve learned in kindergarten has become a belief that has been subconsciously trapped in our minds. We are holding it all this time and now we’re 50 and not catching the ladder of success because I am being held back by this limiting belief. My job is to get people to ask themselves, where did this belief come from? Do I have to still believe it? Would I be better if I dropped this belief? These are the self-reflections that we do, which ultimately helps to get to the deep core issues. R+K: Why is visualization important in this work? Aman: The trick is to feel, see, feel and believe what you do want in life. So many of us only talk, feel and believe what we don't want. Where the focus goes, energy flows. You also need to be willing to change. No one else can do the work for you. If you're not willing to change. You have to release resistance to what is holding you back. R+K: Thank you Aman for joining us from halfway around the world to share your tremendous wisdom and help us master the power of our thoughts.

MORE FROM AMAN You can find out more about Aman’s offerings at Follow Aman: @amanhora1111

SECRET POWER: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Energy

As we learned from Aman this week, our minds are very powerful. Every thought that we think, every emotion that we feel, has a direct influence on what we experience and the world that we create for ourselves. We also have the choice in the selection of these thoughts in every moment of every day. Aman shares these suggestions to help you identify negative thoughts as they happen and reshift them into powerful positive energy that can transform your life. 1. Awareness Antenna: According to Aman, the first thing she teaches her clients is to be mindful and catch yourself when you are reacting to a situation. One way to help train your mental awareness of those thoughts is to practice mindful meditation. “Meditation is a time where you can quiet the chatter of your mind so that you can listen to your inner wisdom,” says Amara. “It does not have to be complicated. Just follow your breath. Breathe in and out, four to five times and you'll see how calm you are to be able to receive the clarity that follows.” 2. Flip the Negative: The next very important step is to change the automatic negative thoughts that your mind runs on a daily basis. “The universe responds to what you are saying and to the energy associated with that emotion. It delivers to you what you’re thinking.” says Aman If we are saying, “oh, I'm tired, I'm exhausted, I'm anxious,” change it to, “I am feeling tired, I am feeling anxious.” The moment you add the word, “feeling,” your mind will understand that it's a feeling that will go away. It's not YOU. 3. Visualize What You Want: Being very clear of seeing and feeling what we want is a very powerful tool to master your mind. If we can visualize negative situations, we can visualize the positive ones too. “Visualizing the day full of success with positive outcome in all areas of my life, how wonderful and how high on energy I will be.” 4. Start the Day with Gratitude: Aman also believes setting intention at the start of the day is a powerful way to positively energize our thoughts. “A very powerful practice which I do every day in my life and has really changed my life, is that when I get up early in the morning, I pay my gratitude for the beautiful day ahead in advance. It is a great way to embrace positive energy at the start of my day.” 5. "Invite the Light In" Meditation: This was a beautiful guided visualization meditation that Aman did for us on the podcast that we wanted to also share here with you. It is a simple and uplifting practice that incorporates visualization and meditation with light. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Deep breath out. Another deep breath in. Deep breath out. See a beautiful golden light coming from the top of your head. Slowly and gradually, it's covering you from top of your head to the bottom of your feet. As the light is moving, it is relaxing every cell in your body. The light is going in the flow calming you more and more. Now, see yourself smiling. See yourself laughing, smiling, happy. Be in that energy. Feel the feeling of how happy you are at this moment. This light around you is a shield which is going to be there with you, wherever you go. Now, as you are covered with this light, send this light to your loved ones. See who comes in your mind. Who needs this light today? Be a giver of Light. And now send this light to your workplace. See yourself prospering, achieving your goals, finding solutions. Feel the success. See yourself taking actions and opening to possibilities. And now send this light to your home. Once you are done, Pay your gratitude to the light. Thank the light. Know that the light will always be with you. Open your eyes. Aman says, “If you practice for a few days, you will see the difference in how you feel, think, act and experience.” Thank you Aman for those beautiful, easy practices. We can’t wait to see the impact of these beautiful lights and positivity to help us master the power of our thoughts.


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week's our downloads illuminate the importance of following the light, that there are no accidents and staying in joy. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD "What you seek is seeking you." --Rumi Clear the decks the inspiration and information is coming. All will be revealed this week. Be in the noticing that all is being revealed to you. Take each morsel in. Keep your eyes, ears and inner knowing open to receiving. Have fun in the knowing that you are supported and protected and there is no wrong way. You simply can't make a "wrong decision." All paths will lead you back to where you are supposed to go -- some may just seem to take longer and others may seem like they are happening lightning fast. The perception of fast -- and things happening quickly just means you are paying closer attention and your awareness is peaked. You are following the feeling and that is leading to more of those knowings more quickly. Remember to enjoy the journey. Be in the moment. Frolic. Play. Dance. Laugh. Remember the vibration of that joyful frequency. It's contagious. It can snap you back out of fear. What's your go-to joyful moment for the day? Have one handy so that if you need a quick energy booster -- you think of that joyful moment and you achieve a new level of frequency. It can be the same joyful moment for weeks -- it's whatever gives you the feeling of pure contentment. “While I know there's no wrong path, how do I know I really know that I'm seriously on a somewhat aligned path?” Ask and then see what is revealed within an hour or so of that Ask. What pops up for you in your sightline, your email, your text, your TV, a license plate, a billboard...the answers could be everywhere...however you'll know it's for you when you see it. It may be small, but you'll know. It may even be an inspired thought or idea that pops in your mind. When you wake each day -- know that your energy is purposefully there. There are no accidents. You are important. You matter. You are special. Treat yourself with the same love and affection that we have for you. You are a miracle! KAREN'S DOWNLOAD

We are walking through this experience of life knowing that it is on purpose. As the sun makes its glorious journey from the horizon up into the sky, it is with the knowing that its light is here to illuminate your path and be your companion on this journey. There will always be those who claim they know more than you do. They will judge from a place that is tainted with the opinions and the limitations of their own minds. Do not embrace or resist their influence. It is not yours, no matter how much they insist on their wisdom. Walk on with the sun, knowing that the light will cast shadows behind you and there is no influence that can stop the force of your energy, love and determination. You have the power to guide your ship in any direction you choose. They are not the wind or the water or the compass. You harness your sails to the call of the Universe and the love within your own heart. There is no need to look ahead or behind you. Every day, you are learning. You are achieving all you have come here to do. Each time you choose love you can let go knowing each breath has passed though you with purpose. It is not the things, it is not the actions. It is not the achievements. It is in the giving of your light you will know, understand and experience the reason you are here. Breathe in the light. Bathe in the light. Be the light. Amplify its white glowing luminesse from the very cells of your soul. The tangible growing part of you that burns your love brightly for all to see. Rise higher like the sun awaking the sky each morning with its rosy determined glow shining its spotlight on the clouds. You are proud. You are determined. You are strong. You are fearlessly on your path. Glow and radiate all you are and blaze your trail across the planet. This day is yours. Shine on!


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