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We can now say that almost everyone is feeling summer vibes. Most schools are out-- some kids have already started camp. We're IN summer mode -- and tomorrow we will be summer official! It's Summer Solstice time!

The Sun will reach its highest point and northernmost point in the sky on Wednesday, June 21 at 10:57AM ET and will bring us the longest period of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. And just in case you were wondering, the word Solstice stems from two Latin words: 'Sol'(sun) and 'systere' (standing still).

The Summer Solstice also coincides with the pagan holiday of Litha (also referred to as Midsummer). Our friend and previous Seeking Center guest, Heather Wright Fitzgerald from Tea + Tarot created an entire FREE ritual guidebook to bring in the Summer Solstice. Check it out!

It's an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature -- and nourish your soul with the light of the day and the season.


Not only do we have the Summer Solstice, we say goodbye to Gemini season and hello to the first water sign of the year, Cancer.

According to PopSugar, "Ruled by the moon, which serves as the emotional compass of astrology, the cardinal water sign Cancer is all about getting in your feelings and bonding with your nearest and dearest. It's no wonder this is a time when we're particularly focused on enjoying downtime with loved ones, whether we're going deep during summery getaways or by taking in a glimmering fireworks display."

The takeaway is that you may feel more emotional than normal. You may crave nurturing yourself -- and being nurtured by those you love the most. And if you are feeling more sensitive than your norm, accept it and be gentle on yourself. Let the feelings flow.

In our next free session together, we’re focusing on the fear that there is something wrong with you...that you're broken. It's hard to admit that we have these feelings, however many of us walk around with them -- and they are NOT true. You are NOT broken.

It's time to clear that belief out so you can feel the wholeness and power of who you are. Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, July 14 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Miss the first two sessions or want to experience it again?

Setting and staying true to our intentions is an integral part of our lives. We’re always looking for ways to keep our intentions at the top of our minds. We know firsthand that living with intention helps you live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life. On this week’s podcast, we’re sooooo excited to introduce you to our friend Natalie Glover, who not only feels the same way, she's taken things to a whole new level. Natalie has spent over 20 years helping organizations discover the potential that lies within them, their people, systems, and ideas. She is the founder and creator of LumenKind, which is a system to help you shine your brightest in every moment with simple and beautiful reminders to be present and true to your intentions. We’re obsessed with LumenKind’s signature product, Mindful Marks, also known as meaningful temporary tattoos. They are a fun and brilliant way to keep you connected and present to what matters most. And they work! We're talking about intention, staying present, centering yourself -- and share practices that will help you illuminate your brightest being! . Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Natalie, let’s start at the very beginning. What is LumenKind? Natalie Glover: LumenKind is an open invitation to be yourself, to be in the moment. Even if you've been practicing mindfulness for your whole life, every day is a new invitation to step back into your breath and the beauty that's around you. LumenKind is about reminding us that if we are stepping into the present moment, we're stepping into our highest power, our brightest being. And that's where the LumenKind Mindfulness Marks came in. They're little tangible reminders that help people in a very simple and quick way, take the opportunity to ask themselves, what is my intention? R+K: Intention is one of our favorite words! It really does guide a lot of the things that we do every day. Tell us your definition of intention and how it's impacted you. Natalie: Thank you for that question! Often, we think about intention as a future aim. Intention as a purpose. Intention as your goal. For example, I have an intention to be the greatest doctor in the world, or I have an intention to create this successful business. And those are beautiful and wonderful intentions. I've also realized that oftentimes when I think about the longer term intention, I can get caught up in the how, and then I'm missing the moment. So for me, intention is about how do I want to show up in the world? How do I want to be in this next moment? So now, I’m focused more on the virtue of who I am as an intention, versus the outcome of my work. R+K: How do the LumenKind Mindfulness Marks or “temporary tattoos” help us with daily reminders of intention? Natalie: For a lot of folks, intentional work is a new thing. For some people this is the first time they've asked “what is my intention?” Or they will ask, “what is an intention?” They don't even know where to begin. To help, we offer some themes and ideas for getting them started to think about and really articulate their true intentions. And from there, how to work with them on a daily basis…of being able to say, “OK, now that I have selected and am wearing these little temporary tattoos. How do I make them part of my intentions practice?” Oh, and by the way, we don't have to get so heady and scary about this! They're also cool! And they're fun! Then when you’re back in the real world, you have this reminder that you carry with you. And then bit by bit having these intentional moments add up and put you on a path that feels more true and authentic for who you are. That leads you to your true and brighter being. R+K: Natalie, we are loving and using our Mindful Marks on a daily basis! Thank you for allowing LumenKind to come through you, and then creating and sharing this with the world. You are truly lighting up the planet!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU For our Seeking Center: The Podcast listeners and The Weekly newsletter subscribers, Natalie has generously offered a free trial of LumenKind for a limited time while supplies last through this secret link, If that offer has expired, use the code SEEKINGCENTER at for 15% off your first order. You can also follow LumenKind @Lumenkind on Instagram.

SECRET POWER: How to Set (and Manifest) Your Intentions

LumenKind’s Natalie Glover “Mindful Marks” are tangible, daily reminders for your intentions. So how do you go about choosing the best intentions for yourself? Here are some “oh-so-simple” ways to amplify your dreams and wishes and see them come into fruition in your reality! START WITH ONE: Deciding what intention to focus on may be a challenge at first. To begin, we suggest choosing one feel good intention.


Spread love and kindness.

Go with the flow.

Pause before reacting.

INTEND FOR TODAY: As Natalie told us in this week’s podcast, you don’t have to commit to a long-term intention! Allow yourself to practice one thought, for just one day. See how your energy can shift as a result.


Today, I strive for joy not for perfection.

Today, I protect my energy by setting boundaries.

Today, I listen to my intuition and let it guide me.

AFFIRM IN THE PRESENT: Stating your intention in the present tense is a powerful way to claim that it is already part of your experience. Using the words “I am” versus “I will” brings your statement into an active and affirming vibrational frequency.


I am on the right path to achieving my goals.

I am attracting loving relationships into my life.

I am guided on making the best decisions for myself.

Regardless of what intentions you make, know that you give them more energy if you can speak them out loud, repeat them silently to yourself, or post them in a place where you can see them often.

Your words are powerful and send signals out to the universe for what you want to be experiencing. Release any expectation of the outcome and see what magical manifestations come to you as a result!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD As Spirits in human form, we can often feel the need to do more, be more, have more. It is inherent in your earthly belief system that it is in the DOING that we RECEIVE. This is not the case at all. Yes, it is true that in the doing we often put ourselves in the ALIGNMENT of acquiring things - like money, job titles, relationships, experiences. But in the keeping of busy-ness, in the accumulation of activity, in this FOMO world as you call it, you can lose yourself. You can forget who you are and why you are REALLY here. When was the last time that you were able to give yourself the space to follow your bliss? Bliss meaning to just be in the FLOW of appreciation. Remove the need to have a report card of activity, of always trying to be doing things and instead, allowing yourself to sit in nature. Breathing in the air and the beautiful sky - and be in the believing - and Be-LIVING, meaning, fully knowing that you are ALIVE and you are ENOUGH. You are here having your earthly experience and doing JUST FINE. Because YOU ARE. All that is required in this lifetime is for you TO BE. And wherever possible, to simply radiate the LOVE THAT YOU ARE. Yes, it is true that there are the daily things that we must do. There is that laundry list of daily requirements that formulate the so-called “reality” of our immediate moments. Your POWER is in your ability to shine through those as the light that you are. To keep your focus on JOY - of everything that you may want to be, have or experience. And instead of making your wishes with an open heart with the feeling of LACK of having it, do so with the knowingness that everything you want to be, have or experience, is ALREADY YOURS. Here is the formula. ENVISION FROM JOY. FEEL the JOY of embodying your wish. And then LET IT GO knowing it is SO. You are a POWERFUL creator - who is capable of MIRACLES. Know this is so - try the magic and see. BELIEVE - BE LIVE! You are ALL - and so very loved.

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD You have come to realize that you set your reality. You create your reality. You have the ability to change the course of your life. You have the opportunity every single day to change your life, if you choose to do so. You are not trapped. You are not boxed into a corner. You have the opportunity to change your perspective and then change your life. You can use intention to do this. Intention allows you to focus. You must feel into the intention in order for it to take hold. Once you feel it, it is then activated. Intention can help you change your life. Use this time of year to shine the light on what you most want to change in your life. The brighter days will illuminate what change is needed. Change is exciting. It means there is growth. You may not see it as such in the beginning, however your soul will know it is expanding, it is learning and it is growing. Your reality can take on a completely new appearance. You can go from what seems mundane to looking at everything through a brand new lens. Become more conscious of your choices each day. What is bringing you joy? What is not? Where can you make new choices? Where can you look at something differently? Think of yourself as an artist. Each day you have the opportunity to draw or paint a new picture. What will your painting look like tomorrow? What will your theme of the day be? How do you want to approach the day? It’s your choice. When you take responsibility for showing up for work, your family, your friends, yourself — and own that these are your choices, life will appear and feel differently. You will realize that you are more in control than you think. You create your reality. We can’t wait to see your masterpiece tomorrow. They are all masterpieces — they are all exactly as they should be. You can’t do it wrong. You can only do it as you feel and as it should be for your life’s path at this exact moment. Keep drawing. Keep waking up to the new opportunity and cherish every moment.


JUNE 20: What You Need to Live Your Life with IntentionWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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