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is your life's plan on a palm leaf in india?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022


Can you feel energy shifting? Some of us turned our clocks forward, and while we lost an hour of sleep -- the days are longer. Yasss! For this week, we have two energetic spotlights.

Full Moon on Friday, March 18

Friday's full moon is ruled by Virgo which is tied to Mercury, the planet of communication. And since we're still in Pisces season -- you will probably find you're talking more about matters of the heart. Speak your truth. Be vulnerable. You are supported by this energy. This full moon is also about finding balance in your every day. What are your days like? Are there places that you need to make some adjustments? How do you imagine your days could be more fulfilling?

Full moons are always an opportunity to wrap up projects or to release something that is no longer serving you. What is on your list to wrap up or have "that" conversation? Keep this in mind because the timing could truly benefit your own personal transformation.

Spring Equinox on Sunday, March 20

We're talking more about balance. Day and night will share equal time on this day. And it also relates to bringing more balance into your life -- it can't be a coincidence that it's the same week as the Full Moon bringing energy around balance as well.

And with Spring arriving, we're celebrating Momma Earth coming alive again after the darkness of Winter. What makes you feel alive? Are there dreams that you have? Use this energy to start planning how you can bring these dreams to life. What do you want to manifest?

And brighter days are coming. Literally! They'll be more light each day until the Summer Solstice. And you can use this light and apply it to your own life as well. How can you shine your own light even brighter? For real. What can you be doing each day to bring your light to the world?

Use this day as a reminder of all of the possibilities that await you. As the energy brings in rebirth -- how will you use it to create new opportunities for yourself?


Oh, this is fascinating!! Are you ready?

Oh, this is fascinating!! Are you ready?

On this week's podcast Robyn and Karen talk to Dr. Q Moayad, co-founder of the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute. Robyn and Karen had an Indian Palm Leaf reading, also called a Nadi Astrology reading, in 2021 and were completely blown away. Here are a few highlights. Listen to the full podcast.

What is An Indian Palm Leaf Reading?

Indian Palm Leaf Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and future lives of many of humans were foreseen by Hindu sages and recorded on Palm Leaves two to three thousand years ago.

Dr. Q: The reader gives you a likely trajectory of your life from the moment you get the reading. So that's that day until you die, or I should be more precise? Until there is no more writing on your leaf, which could mean that is the end of your life, but not necessarily.

And in our case, we only offer whole life readings, which means all aspects of life. That means partnership, relationships, kids, grandchildren, education, career, money, spirituality, health, you name it..the whole nine yards.

And any area of life that is important to human being. So it gives you the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have free will and choice, so nobody's life is set in stone. It just gives you a trajectory that you can utilize. That you can do something about to create a better life trajectory for yourself.

Why should anyone get a reading?

Dr. Q: The whole purpose of a reading is for you to create a better life for yourself.

The most powerful part of the reading is the Pooja part, which are the remedies or your homework. For each challenge that's identified in your reading, you get homework or remedies called a Pooja to help you shift the energies within yourself so that you can attract different energies.

Each Pooja addresses a challenge or block and obstacle identified in your readings. So each one of them is here to help you to untangle the energies that you have inside of you.

According to the Indian Palm Leaf Institute, the exact number of Palm Leaf Prophecies stored is unknown, as there are no written records about Palm Leaf Prophecies. Most readers estimate that there are about 20 million bundles stored throughout archives and libraries in India.

Each Palm Leaf bundle holds up to 108 Palm Leaves (and thus Palm Leaf Prophecies). If you calculate 20 million bundles times an average of 50 leaves in a bundle, it would mean that there are about 1 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies; calculating with 100 leaves per bu

ndle, there would be about 2 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies. The current world population is about 7.5 billion people. The chances of you having a Palm Leaf is therefore very high, increasingly so if you are drawn to find it, as experience shows.

Dr. Q: When I was in California, I met a gentleman who is into crypto and blockchain, and he also became a seeker. And when he looked at this bundle that I showed him, he said, 'Oh my God, this is an original blockchain.'

That is exactly what a blockchain in today's world. And then he said, 'blockchain is all about securing data,' and each leaf is a person's data, a person's life on a small piece of dried Palm leaf and the only way to access it is through your thumbprint.

If you are at a crossroads and is looking for guidance validation, visit t

o find out more about the process and getting a reading for yourself.

YOUR SECRET POWER: Smudging - Clearing Energy Around You

To shine your brightest light you want to make sure that the energy around and within you is free of anything that might bring you down. Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual meant to clear a space or people of negativity. It is also thought to promote healing and purify the energy around you. We love both of these articles that dive into what is needed and the technique to smudge

Once you have your sage or chosen smudge stick, here's the mantra that Robyn + Karen use when smudging:

For Clearing Your Energy

"Clear me of anything that

will not serve my highest good. Bring positivity, love, light peace, strength, hope, clarity and connection with spirit for my highest good, so I may fulfill my soul's purpose."

For Clearing Your Space

"Clear this space of anything that will not serve my highest good. Bring positivity, love, light peace, strength, hope, clarity and connection with spirit for my highest good, so I may fulfill my soul's purpose."


This week, as we set our dedicated time to tap into the “collective consciousness” of the universe, we again welcomed some serious synchronicity. We’re always awed by the loving wisdom we receive in our messages and the common threads that tie our individual downloads together. The theme for this week emphasized tapping into our inner light which is amplified when we connect with others.

When Karen closed her eyes, she found herself sitting in front of a huge glowing bonfire encircled by people… arm in arm…hand in hand…swaying together as if to some unheard music. It was a collective community of souls that was inclusive, supported and unified. And it offered meaning about the role our earthly companions play on our life’s journey.

Karen’s Message: “Your Earthly Soul Guides are here to amplify your light.”

It's time to come together as one community. A problem is not owned solely by one person. It’s a challenge shared by the collective. Each has a role to play in our circle of life's experiences. It is no longer a time of isolation that has shielded us from one another. We must take the risk of fully being seen. To shine our inner light so it can be amplified into the world by others.

We are here to be earthly guides for each other. We can call on our angels and spirit guides for support, but the physical souls who are with us on this planet are also here to embrace and assure us that we are not alone…toe to toe, heart to heart. As we reach for strength, let’s not forget our flesh and bone companions that we are here to help us. Let them see you in all of your confusion, fear and need for connection. Let them reflect your light when you have forgotten it. This will help you remember who you really are.

Robyn’s Message: “Shine your light so that others can find you.”

Robyn was met by one of her spirit guides that she calls Merlin, who she has seen in her meditations many times. “Let’s walk,” he said, and they made their way to a hilltop ledge overlooking vast miles of mountains and fields. “This is what endless possibility looks like,” he said.

“For everyone listening, know that you are chosen. You are important. No matter what is going on, it is on purpose. It may seem unlivable, but you will eventually see how it is here to serve your soul and the evolution of other souls. Don't give up, even though you may want to. Remember there are endless possibilities. There are endless ways of changing direction. You have to ask for help. Asking is important.”

This is where the themes of both of our visions come together.

Robyn’s vision shifted to a circle of souls offering a similar message on how to amplify our light!! “Each one of you,” Merlin said, “has hundreds of thousands of souls helping to guide you each and every day. Even though you don't think you deserve it or you need it, you are never alone. We know that being human is not easy. You put so much pressure on yourself. You compare yourself to others and you have to learn to let that go. Dark leads to light. It's not the other way around. Shine your light, so that the other lights can find you.”

Two dual visualizations with such similar wisdom! Try this for just a minute. Feel your inner light, really feel it. Does it feel like love, appreciation, laughter, grace, pure joy? What if you could stay “lit up” in that energy? What would that affect be on others, and on you?

Focusing on the light takes practice and it’s the reason why we’re here! It's not the resumes, achievements or accolades that are meaningful. Our real "jobs" are learning patience, forgiveness, love, kindness, and compassion. This is the work we actually came to do in this lifetime.

So go ahead…”lighten” up and watch your world shine.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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