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how you can heal + free yourself from the fear of death

THE PULSE: September Feels


Life is a wild ride, right?! In one day you can feel such magnificent joy – and you can also feel fear, uncertainty and then back to relief, security and laughter. It’s what we signed up for! The past few days of having equal hours of both day + night…is a time that whether we realize it or not, our souls find that balance of both introspection and enjoyment.

We’ve been reflecting on all of the resources that we’ve been blessed with over the past several years – and how they help us each and every day. We hope you feel the same! We continue to gain new perspective and appreciation for this journey and are in such gratitude that we get to seek together!


Our go-to astrologer, Stevie Calista breaks down the energy of the next month. “Libra, ruled by Venus, is all about creating harmony and beauty in our world. It encourages us to seek balance in our relationships, to appreciate aesthetics, and to prioritize self-care and self-love.

Libra is often called the "season of relating." It reminds us that balance starts within. Sometimes, creating harmony in our relationships means spending time alone to reconnect with our inner selves, our values, and our desires. It's about finding that beautiful balance between self-care and social connection.

As we navigate this season's energy, let's remember the importance of intentional action. What do you truly value? What brings harmony and beauty into your life? Use this season as an opportunity to align your actions with your values, whether that means nurturing relationships or taking time for self-care.

This Autumn, let’s embrace the wisdom of Libra, finding balance within ourselves and in our relationships, creating beauty in the world, and taking intentional steps toward what we hold dear.”


It’s a full moon in Aries (also known as the Harvest Full Moon) this Friday, September 29. According to Yoga Journal, “this full Moon in Aries helps us recognize anything that is in the way of us pursuing our purpose and then propels us to release it. Aries brings us courage and motivation. Feel these vibrations this full Moon and let them assist you in letting go of habits, projects, and other energies that block you from aligning with the life your soul wants. Feel the warrior spirit of Aries and decide what you are willing to fight for in your life. What battle is worth your energy? This full Moon is also a time to look at how you may be battling with yourself. Are you fighting your soul’s calling? Are you ignoring it? Notice if you are instilling doubts in yourself that block you from pursuing your life’s mission.”

THE CONVERSATION: What It Feels Like to be Seen + WTF? Men & the Roman Empire

We're talking with Lizzi Cutler about:

*The Love-Yourself challenge -- new ways to show up and show yourself some love

*What it feels like to be "seen" + how to show up as your TRUE self

*The Roman Empire + Men - Taking the TikTok trend a step further

*Expanding the capacity to give + receive love

RSVP! GETTING UNSTUCK: Never Feel Left Out Again

In our next free session together, we’re focusing on the fear of being left out. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Ugh, it's one of the worst feelings. It can send you down a not-enoughness spiral and layer in many more upsetting emotions. Let's banish that for good. It's time to really know your tremendous worth.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release that old energy so that next time you feel that fear coming on, you're empowered to push right past it because you know you're one spectacular soul!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, October 20 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.


Life After Loss: How You Can Heal + Free Yourself from the Fear of Death

On this week's episode, we sat down with a spectacular soul! Elizabeth Boisson is the President and Co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, a non- profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents. Through its support and resources, Helping Parents Heal aspires to help individuals become “Shining Light Parents,” which means shifting from a state of emotional heaviness to hopefulness and greater peace of mind. Helping Parents Heal goes a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and afterlife evidence in a non-dogmatic way. Two of Elizabeth's children have transitioned to the other side; her daughter, Chelsea in 1991, as a premature infant, and her son, Morgan, in 2009 at age 20, from severe altitude sickness while on a student trip to the Base Camp of Mt Everest in Tibet. Immediately after Morgan's passing, Elizabeth created a Facebook support group. And then in 2012 she joined forces with another bereaved parent, Mark Ireland, to form Helping Parents Heal which has become THE resource for parents dealing with the loss of a child. It's hard to imagine life after such a profound loss. And yet Elizabeth and all that are a part of Helping Parents Heal have helped thousands of people find hope and purpose. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn and Karen: Elizabeth thank you for all of the work you are doing to connect parents with their children on the other side. Tell us what makes Helping Parents Heal different from other grief support organizations? Elizabeth Boisson: One thing that sets us apart from other support groups is that we believe that it's truly possible to heal. We also believe that our loved ones and spirit are helping us from the other side. A lot of people have a tendency to believe that if they are not sad and if they aren't grieving, then they're doing a disjustice to to their children. But their kids are still right here and they're watching everything that we do. The last thing in the world that they want is for us to be sad. They want us to go forward with our lives and to honor them by healing and doing things that we enjoy doing as well. R&K: Let's talk about how you got that perspective. You lost two children and at different times in life. Can you tell us about Chelsea and Morgan? Elizabeth: I would love to. I was six months pregnant with Chelsea and they hospitalized me because I couldn't stop the contractions, even being on an IV. She was born at about six and a half months. When that happened it was completely tragic. It was very difficult for us, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as having an adult child pass. Morgan was on a student exchange program and they decided to go to Tibet. They went straight up Mount Everest to base camp. That night when Morgan went to bed, he had a splitting headache. He kept getting up during the night and wandering around and calling the kids by the wrong names. This is a sign of altitude sickness, but no one understood. The next morning one of the kids saw that Morgan hadn't gotten up, so he went to shake him and realized he was foaming at the mouth. They put him on the bus and started down the mountain and then he stopped breathing. By that time, I had gotten a call from the director of the program that something was wrong. I got Morgan's roommates’ cell number and when he answered, he told me that Morgan wasn’t breathing. When I heard that, I asked him to put his phone up to Morgan’s ear. I told Morgan that we loved him and that we were proud of him and not to be afraid. And then I felt him hug me as though he was right here in the room with me. In an instant, I realized that love lives forever, that Morgan was going to be with us forever. And everyone that I have spoken to since this happened, who is involved with the Afterlife Community, has told me that Chelsea grabbed his hand and led him to me, and that's why I got the hug. R+K: We’re both holding back tears, honestly. We can feel the energy of your love and we can feel Morgan. This is such a great example of the powerful connection our loved ones have with us throughout our lifetimes. Can you tell us what led you to creating Helping Parents Heal? Elizabeth: Oh my gosh yes. I really don't know how I was able to formulate that understanding at that time, but I have never doubted it since. A week later, I started a Facebook group because I wanted to see if other parents were having these same experiences that I had with Morgan, because I'd never heard of it before. The only support groups that I could find at the time wouldn't allow anyone to speak about the experiences that they were having with their children or their loved ones in the afterlife. That really set me on the road to eventually creating Helping Parents Heal. R+K: What is the role of mediumship in the healing process? Elizabeth: I think that mediumship is really a wonderful tool for parents to be able to connect with their children in Spirit. I don't think that there's any more healing tool than to sit down and be able to hear from your son or daughter. The most important thing is that any group that might have mediums working with them, that the mediums be vetted. And, it's really important for us to be able to make sure that the team of people who are helping us make it clear that our kids are happy, healthy, and home. Thank you Elizabeth for the impact that you're having, not only on parents, but entire families who are now learning and teaching their own children how to deal with their grief. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM HELPING PARENTS HEAL

  • Visit Helping Parents Heal to find out about the incredible tools and offerings they provide

  • Life to Afterlife, Helping Parents Heal, The Book

  • Life to Afterlife Mom, Can You Hear Me

  • Recommended Providers

  • Follow them on Instagram @helpingparentsheal

SECRET POWER: 10 Ways to Heal from the Passing of a Loved One

During the podcast, Elizabeth Boisson shared a beautiful excerpt from her book, Life to Afterlife: Helping Parents Heal, The Book. In it, among incredible stories from grief to healing, she offers “10 Ways to Heal from the Passing of a Child.” We were moved by the resonance of these words, knowing that this wisdom can be applied to all of our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

  1. Know that your child/loved one is not gone. The veil that separates you from your son or daughter is as thin as a sheet of wax paper. When we see them again, we will feel as though no time has passed.

  2. Take one breath at a time, then one minute at a time until you are ready to move forward. Everyone's journey is different. Don't compare yours to anyone else's. You are unique just as your child is unique.

  3. Know that your child is happy, healthy and “home” and we are still “in school.” And we have so much to accomplish before we can hug our kids again! But for now, they walk beside us, holding our hands and leading the way to healing.

  4. Surround yourself with friends who understand. Be around people who you can talk to about these incredible synchronicities and validations and signs that your children are sending you.

  5. Be kind to yourself and to others. Once you move forward on the path to healing, reach a hand back to help others forward.

  6. Express gratitude. Look for signs that your children send you and be sure to thank them. This will automatically bring more gifts.

  7. Express forgiveness for yourself and for others. We can't heal without letting go of the feelings of guilt and anger that hold us back.

  8. Live each day in honor of your child or your loved one in spirit. They are so proud of us, and they share in everything that we do.

  9. Raise your vibration by eating healthy plant based foods, practicing yoga, meditation, taking long hikes, take off your shoes and connect your feet to the earth, use crystals and essential oils, use sound meditation and breathing exercises.

  10. Communicate with your child in spirit. Connect through tools like automatic writing, guided meditation, the pendulum, dream visits, mirror gazing, forest bathing, Reiki, and much more. We can all do this! And our kids high-five each other when they see us smile!

Special thanks again to Elizabeth Boisson for her wisdom, courage and commitment to helping us navigate our grief and to remember that we always have so much support from our loved ones on the other side.


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD We are so proud of you. As you look upon the weeks and months ahead, know that you have the opportunity to accomplish all that you desire. There is nothing that is holding you back except from the lack of belief that you can't. “Can't” needs to be omitted from your vocabulary. If what you desire is with love and good intention -- you can. Make the time to reflect and review all that you appreciate. What are the common themes you find when you look at this list? What do you desire to put into this world that you haven't as of yet. And when we say what is can be as simple as being more kind and more patient to others. Don't think this must feel lofty -- although if that is your desire let it be so. As you move forward, do so with love. What can you do this week that will bring more love into your life and into the lives of others? How can you put aside judgment both for yourself and for others? How can you be pure with intention and love? What if you were to look at each day as a new opportunity to both serve and to learn? What can you do to remind yourself of this each morning? Can you set the intention before you go to sleep each night? What would it take for you to have this desire and excitement for life? The days are what you make of them. Each day provides a different snapshot of life. Some days will feel super packed and extremely "productive," others may feel slower and with less "to-dos," that doesn't make them any less important or productive. Please know that. As we said, it is what you make of them and all of those days are equally important. This journey is one that is full of variety -- ON PURPOSE. We are here to experience it all. So experience it. Look forward. Take the past and learn from it. There is so much opportunity and promise to do as you desire. We support each moment and we love you. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD If you are having a day that is leaving you to feel uncertain, or lost, or just unsure of how to move forward, did you know that you can offer it to your “spirit team” to handle? Did you know that all you have to do is ASK for that support and guidance, and that it is always, ALWAYS is there for you? We know that you have heard this before, but do you really KNOW it? Do you really trust it? We are so trained that we ALONE are the ones in charge of our life, that we can forget how truly supported we are. That we have always around us, a dedicated, loving, trustworthy, wise soul team who are always there and are ready to help us. We just need TO ASK. Try it today. It doesn’t have to be with anything big/overwhelming that you might be struggling with…in fact, we suggest you try it with something small. Ask us for a parking spot. Ask us for what to wear today. Ask us for what you should focus on in the last 10 minutes before you go to sleep. The ask can be a prayer. The ask can be a question. The ask can be an exhale of surrender. The ask is just your willingness. Try to think too hard about it. Try to just listen for a feeling vs. words. Thinking brings in the EGO mind which almost always is associated with “should’s.” What we offer is inspiration - which is always intuition. Intuition is the knowing that comes from your heart, not from your head. It may not come to you at first. It will take some time and practice for you. The promise from us is that we will always offer you guidance that is always best for your soul. It is one of those beautiful keys of power that you always possess. And it is our purpose for being with you. We are your team. You chose us to be with you in this lifetime. And we never leave your side. EVER. So if you have those moments today, where you are busy “guiding your ship.” When you are doing your best to navigate the currents and the waves and the weather of your day, remember we are here to help. We want to help. We are focused solely on being YOUR HELP. You are the creator of your own experiences. You are in charge of your FREE WILL. And we are your team to help you through all of it. No matter where you go. No matter what you do. You are divinely loved and supported ALWAYS. You are unconditionally loved. And you are the focus of OUR UNIVERSE.


AUGUST 29:“Bad Day” Makeover + Why “That Shit” May Be A Gift

SEPTEMBER 5:Proving the Power of Mediumship to Heal Grief

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SEPTEMBER 18: The Ultimate Energy Combo: Feng Shui + Numerology + Chakras

SEPTEMBER 26: Life After Loss: How You Can Heal + Free Yourself from the Fear of DeathWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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