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how to make your wishes come true

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Sloooow Down + Get Ready to Bloom

Ohhhh k! We've got some energy updates for you this week.

We're entering our second Mercury retrograde of 2022 starting TODAY! So, remember if you find communicating, technology and travel to be all kinds of wonky through June 3...there's a bigger astrological reason.


Here’s a quick reminder: According to Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck,"Mercury normally moves faster than Earth around the sun. But when Mercury is retrograde, it is moving slower than Earth around the sun. (Mercury usually moves 88 days around the sun versus the 365 days that Earth does.) This creates an optical illusion in which we think that Mercury is moving backward."

So from an energetic perspective, since Mercury is moving slowly, it's a good time for us to pay more attention to certain areas of our well as take our time and slow down ourselves. During this retrograde, Mercury will pass through Gemini (May 10 - May 22), and then Taurus (May 22 - June 3).


Lisa Stardust, also says that this particular Mercury retrograde will allow us to understand the power that our words have. "Being that it starts in Gemini and heads back into Taurus, we are understanding that we can hurt, heal, love, and cut with a single phrase," she tells Refinery29. "Therefore, it’s important to understand that we should be kind with the way we choose to express ourselves in order to keep the relationship going smoothly. To do this, don't make any assumptions about a person or a situation until you know all the facts.”

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to revisit where you are on your journey. It can offer you clarity to wrap something up or start planning for your next chapter. Just remember to catch yourself in those moments of frustration...and know they are there to level you up.

FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE: MAY 15, 2022 + MAY 16, 2022

Then, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which is nicknamed the Flower Moon this upcoming Sunday, May 15 (PT) + Monday, May 16 (ET) depending on your timezone. As we've talked about with the solar eclipse a few weeks ago, eclipses can bring sudden changes or awareness into our lives. According to Nina Kahn at, “the spiritual meaning of May’s lunar climax reminds us that going from seed to bloom requires a full transformation, and that kind of rebirth isn’t always easy.

Lunar eclipses in astrology are associated with rapid growth spurts, major changes, and surprising revelations. Because this fierce lunation is peaking in the transformative sign of Scorpio, the spiritual meaning of the May 2022 full moon lunar eclipse is about facing the truths that lie beneath the surface of our lives — and thus allowing our true selves to come into full bloom."

Woah. See what we mean? There's a lot to process as we enter mid-May.

So, for right now, we encourage you to slooowwww down and have your radar up. Life isn't happening to you, it's happening for you.

And we have spectacular inspo for you. Keep reading!


Making Wishes Come True, One Heart at a Time

"Wishes are "hope in action." –Sandra Magsamen

In this week’s podcast, one of our wishes came true! We talk to a dear friend and mentor of Robyn’s, Sandra Magsamen. Sandra has touched millions of people with her products for over 35 years, one heart at a time. As an artist, art therapist, mom, and best-selling author, Sandra uses her own creativity and spirit to design gifts, books and collections that help people express themselves and connect with one another. She reminds and teaches us to explore and experience each day with more heart, meaning, purpose and joy.

We caught up to discuss her In her latest book, “I Wish, Wish, Wish for You,” her global mission and her journey to building national lifestyle brands with heart. It was one Aha! Moment after another.

Here are a few highlights:

Sandra, congratulations on your magical new book, “I Wish, Wish Wish for You.” We never really thought about the origin of wishes. Tell us how you define “wish” and what you’ve learned about wishes from your research.

Sandra:A wish is different than a prayer, and it’s different than a dream. I always say that a wish is hope in action because the wish will allow that hope to be manifested. A wish isn’t always granted exactly the way that you envision it, but it is important to put it out into the world, recognizing it, owning it, letting other people hear it, and believing in it. And that's part of this wish project, it honors a human being and it asks them to begin to look at what matters to them.

As I was working on this project, I thought, where did we start wishing? Where did that idea come from? As I did my research, I uncovered that the origin of wishes started over 2000 years ago by the ancient Greeks. They were looking for a way to communicate and connect to the gods and goddesses. For example, they worshiped the goddess Artemis, who is the goddess of the moon. So they would bake cakes in the shape of a round moon with white icing. They would place a candle on the cake and make a wish and blow the candle out, allowing the smoke to be the vehicle to take the wish up to the goddess Artemis. And now of course we do that every year on our birthday. So many of us have been wishing to the goddess Artemis without even knowing it!

We love that story and will never look at our birthday cakes the same way again! Tell us about your journey. We love to talk about how the “whispers” of the heart start when we are young and lead us to our purpose. Was that true for you?

Sandra: On the book tour for “I Wish, Wish, Wish for You,” I was asked, when did you start wishing and what did you wish for? And I can say that honestly from the time I was a very little girl, I always wanted to be an artist and I always wanted to be an illustrator.

When I was a little girl words really did fail me. It took me a lot of years and trauma for me to begin to integrate words and imagery together. And of course, that's what an author, an artist, and an illustrator does.

When I was 12, I was in a very severe accident. I spent the better part of a year at home and in a hospital school, which meant that I was on a headset, learning my lessons with other children who had cancer or had been in accidents and couldn’t attend school either. And I had to learn to speak because I was on a microphone with other kids.

That year, I learned the most valuable lessons that I've taken with me my whole life and that really are the core of everything that I do. Number one, is that love is the most powerful thing in the world. And the second gift that I learned is that we aren't promised tomorrow. We're only promised today, because many of those children passed away from cancer who were on that call with me. I was given the gift of life and was able to continue on.

So if you look at all the things that I've done in my career, the focus is on love, and it's always the message from the heart. There's a perseverance and a continuation of trying that comes out of that survivor story, And that's what came out of mine. I learned how to communicate from that, and realize so many of us need support and assistance in communicating and really saying what we most want to say, because at the end of the day, we just want to be connected. We just want to belong, and we want to love.

And so all the work I do is about helping people find ways to belong even more closely, to connect more tightly and to love more largely. That's really what I care about. That's what my work is about. It's about love.

That’s so beautiful…and it is clearly "at the heart” of all of the work that you do. Would you consider that in some ways, channeling?

Sandra:Yes. I try to remain as open as I can to the Universe and to Spirit. Before I do anything, I just say, make me an instrument, help me share what's most important. Whether I'm speaking to a group of kids or whatever it is, I want to be in service to help another human being. Perseverance is definitely something that I think is a super power.

I also think that at some point in my life, because I didn't use words well, I was a good listener. Through listening and honoring and hearing, your body and your Spirit synthesizes what matters the most, if you really listen with your heart. And so that's what I try to do is slow down and listen and then see how I can be of service. That's what matters.

Find out more about Sandra, her books, products and specifically her "World of Wishes Campaign" at

You can also follow Sandra on social:


Make Your Wishes Come True + Your Personal Mission Statement


Step 1: Make a wish – listen to yourself and hear the wish that matters the most to you.

Step 2: Believe! Believe in yourself and in your wish.

Step 3: Study – this is where the work comes in! You have to learn, study, practice and manifest.

Step 4: Support. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your wish and help you make it come true!

Sandra says, “Certainly there's magical thinking, but there's also a practicality of making a wish come true. And we looked at lots of kids in the world who have done that, like Greta Thunberg. She was a young woman in high school who really believed that her country needed to pay attention to climate change and they needed sustainability or school needed sustainability practices.

And she really put that into play. She studied it. She made the wish that she wanted to make the world a better place. She believed in her wish. And then number three is asking for the ability to study. And she did that very well. She studied intently on the real facts of what's happening on the planet. And the fourth is to ask for support and she has, she's asked from countries, she's asked from her school. She's asked for the United Nations in 2019, for every single leader in the world to come together and do something.

So those four steps, we see them over and over again. You can apply it to almost any wish that you put out there.”


Do you have one? While many of us may have one for our business -- and that's key, we don't often think to have one for ourselves. Sandra has inspired us to think differently!

Sandra told us, "Well, I always say this to entrepreneurs, and to women and men who write me today, I asked them to write a mission statement.

And that's what I did. Any work that I did was in the service of helping people connect one heart at the time. That's my mission statement. And it doesn't matter if I'm baking bread to go to a friend's house. It doesn't matter if I'm designing a greeting card. It doesn't matter if I'm designing flowers for 1-800-FLOWERS. It doesn't matter if I'm designing fabric. Doesn't matter if I'm designing a book, it could be anything I do. I'm working on an Airbnb project and I want people to connect one heart at a time when they come and stay for a weekend and reconnect with their families or their friends. I design into that mission of helping people connect one heart at a time.

So there is no modality. There is no way to do that. That's off the table. I mean, anything would work if it's authentic and I can use it in the service of connecting people one heart at a time."

Yasss, right?! Now think about your mission statement. Feel into it and hold yourself to it!

THE DOWNLOAD: Allow + Grow

And as usual our downloads tie directly into all that is going on energetically. Without intending it, we found that a common thread within our downloads tied to Mother Earth, and it just so happened to coincide with Mother’s Day celebration within the United States. The irony isn’t lost on us!

For Karen, the metaphor of “Mother Earth” with how we uniquely grow through our life’s experiences. And For Robyn, the symbology of our Earth’s ocean waves. The rise and fall of the tides remind us of the ebb and flow of who we are, and to allow ourselves to float with the waves versus fighting the current. Both clear messages that we are here to give and grow and be innately our true selves…if we can just allow. In addition, we were astonished at how closely they tie into both Mercury Retrograde + the upcoming Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse. Seriously, sometimes we’re left with our jaws on the floor!

KAREN'S DOWNLOAD: Seedlings from Our Earth Mother

I’m watering seeds in the ground of very sparse thirsty soil. The sun is shining. I am smiling. I am optimistic for the growth of these seeds…enjoying the work. And then the clouds come…and suddenly the rain comes…gentle at first and then with a windy, stormy urgency. My hair blows across my face and I watch the seedlings cling to the clay colored ground…holding fast while at the same time enjoying the nurturing water soothing their parched surroundings.

Watching this summer storm unfold I see that each little seedling has a little spirit sprite standing beside it - getting drenched beside the seedling in the rain. It’s like a visual orchestra of light and energy and steam and sunshine all playing out together. And then there is a rainbow.

The message? I ask. It comes almost like a quiet whisper from the field.

Ultimate in bravery - of steadfastness, of protection of service. Of complete and utter uncertainty wondering if we are up to the task. That is a mother’s work. We are given roots to carry on, to make unique what they have given us.

We are all creatures of light and energy who are here to have their momentary dance, living of, with and in the earth. We are all children of it, given life by our earthly mothers, to offer our gifts through living on this planet, for co-creating with it and being in it. We are of our mothers, but not our mothers.

Know that you are so significant and so unique. You are more than just a physical presence here. You are the decedent of those who had the courage to give you life…to co-create you into this journey and offer you a place to begin your experience here. No matter what role or influence your earth mother played in your life, you are always the son and daughter of the Universe. Remember this “grounding” of who you are…part of the earth, but also part of the sun and sky and stars that surround you. You are always growing. Always becoming something more.

What is coming is always the opportunity for you to evolve and bloom into your full self. Look to the energy of the seen and the unseen. The tangible and the imaginary. It is all part of the co-creative magical evolution of you. You are so loved…and always growing. Enjoy “the fruits of your labor,” and know that we are doingthe dance of life with you.There is a wonderful harvest of full rich experiences ahead!

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD: Riding the Tide of Change



They represent life, the back and forth, the high and lows.

Back and forth.

Can you hear them? Can you hear the sound of the waves? Smell the ocean air. We’ve chosen to experience the tides and the swells and the awesomeness of it all.

Don’t fight against the current, for it will cause you to go back.

Then, I’m shown Disneyland. What is that feeling of pure joy for you? What allows you really to let go of everything? Letting go of all of the to-dos and you just feel the energy? The innocence, the being, the beauty, the presence? What is that for you? How can you allow yourself that feeling for 5 minutes a day? That should be your goal this week.

Because the tides may feel like they are turning and they may cause you to feel like you’re going backward, but if you have that feeling of presence, of joy, it will help you get through.

Remember one foot in front of another.

You can handle anything that comes your way. You are built to sustain and grow. The energy may feel a bit heavier than usual this week because there is so much growth happening.

Remember to look at yourself and know that you are not your body, you are energy. And you chose this body in this lifetime to experience all of this. And we all chose to be together at this time. It's a perspective we don’t often take and it is a good reminder, so that you can have compassion for others and for yourself.


Wishing you love + illumination during this extraordinary week ahead!



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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