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guidance from a psychic channeler

THE PULSE: The Halfway Mark


​​It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of June. Soak it up! Use this week to let yourself dream into possibility. We are! Now that we’re about halfway through 2023, it feels like a good time to check in with yourself. Take a moment to reflect on these past six months…and then ask yourself what can the next six months bring in your life?

If you didn’t have anything you think you “should” be doing and you an unlimited supply of money…what would we be doing? We love asking ourselves that question. (The answer is THIS and more!) So, what ignites that spark within yourself? What would get you jumping out of bed in the morning? Feel into that. Just knowing what lights you up will get you on the road to creation.


Astrologer (and soul sister) Stevie Calista recently shared her brilliant wisdom and guidance around this Cancer season -- and we had to share it. She says, "this is a time to spend with family or those who feel like “home” to you. This is a time to sit by the fire inside or outside and connect with our truth. Think inward energy, think going into your crab shell energy, think about connecting to your roots…. your ancestors and your past.

This season of your life will have a Neptune like flavor. It may feel dreamy, floaty.

Like asking yourself “who even am I!?” and feeling kind of confused about that. This is because Neptune is the great dissolver. He brings us back to the energy of everyone is everything and everything is everyone… we are all connected. And that can feel weird to us humans as we are individual sparks and we have an ego that makes us separate from each other. Allow yourself to float and flow. Let yourself feel, take time to nurture yourself… like really nurture." Thanks Stevie!

And this week in particular, according to The Astro Twins, yesterday "chatty Mercury flies under the radar in Cancer, encouraging heart-to-heart connections with your innermost circle. Since all sorts of emotions are bound to well up between now and July 11, these aren’t the kinds of discussions you’d want recorded for public consumption. Make sure the people you’re opening up to have genuinely earned your trust."

Good to keep in mind this week!

In our next free session together, we’re focusing on the fear that there is something wrong with you...that you're broken. It's hard to admit that we have these feelings, however many of us walk around with them -- and they are NOT true. You are NOT broken.

It's time to clear that belief out so you can feel the wholeness and power of who you are. Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, July 14 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Miss the first two sessions or want to experience it again?

Ok, so today we’re going to go THERE. We soooo are. We’re talking about psychic channeling, energy clearing and tuning into Universal guidance and messages that are available to help us make the most of our time here on Earth – as humans. Meet psychic channeler and energy alignment intuitive Laura O’Malley. Back in 2014, Laura was teaching elementary school and she had everything she needed and wanted. The job. The husband. The kids. The house. Her life looked picture-perfect and YET, she had never felt worse. And that is the beginning of this chapter of her story. She will tell you how she went from that to now channeling Spirit for individuals and the masses…and facilitating energy clearings. It is a magical unfolding!

We dive into how all of this works – and Laura even introduces us to the collective Spirit that flows through her. We believe you’ll hear just what you need to. There’s such divine love and support all around us if we’re open to receiving it. Laura knows that this miracle, this connection, is available to every single one of us! Laura is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness. She loves what she does, is committed to bringing happiness & enlightenment to all those who find her. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Laura your energy is radiant! It's like being in the warmth of the sun! You’ve shared that you have not always been in the positive energetic state that you are in now. Can you talk about your journey and how this transformation began? Laura O'Malley: Oh yes! When this started, I was in and out of happiness, and at some point I started to be unhappy all the time. Nothing that I was doing was bringing me joy. I was keeping this a secret because everything looked so good on the outside. And I had so much guilt about it. I was also dizzy and exhausted.I went from doctor to doctor and nobody had an answer. Everybody thought I was crazy. They all just kept telling me, there's nothing wrong with you. As I continued to forge forward, I came to understand that I was not listening to my guidance system. I was living completely from a place of fear and my Guides were trying to rescue me. They were leaving me breadcrumbs. Once I started recognizing just what that guidance system was, everything changed for me. R+K: So what was the breakthrough that made the difference for you? Laura: I went to the library one day to get books for our family vacation and I chose one that talked about meditation. I had tried meditation before and thought I was supposed to be thinking about nothing. And it was like, 'I can’t do that, so I dropped it.' But at that moment I was ready. I started meditating for longer and longer periods every day. And the place that I went to, I wasn't feeling the depression. I wasn't feeling the anxiety. It was my escape from this horrible feeling that I was feeling the rest of the time. Now I recognize that I was getting help and they were bringing me to this moment, and who I am and what I'm doing for other people. R+K: So how did meditation lead you into channeling? Laura: The channeling first started coming through during my journaling. I picked up a pen and a notebook, and I started asking questions and the answers started coming! The channeling came through when I wasn’t writing fast enough. Then the voice just came through. I recognized that it wasn't me pretty quickly, but I didn't really understand what it was fully. Because when you're channeling, they're not speaking words. They're downloading energy. And somehow my body knows how to decipher that hunk or chunks of energy and turn it into words. They talked to me for a really long time before I even admitted this to myself or came out and told people about it because it was so weird. Now I love the weird! I've never been more happy than I have been since I've been doing this. This is my purpose and why I’ve come here. R+K: Let's talk about the word “vibration.” What does that mean to you in how we perceive reality? Laura: Every single thing in our awareness holds vibration. Every single thing that you can think of. Everything that you can see. And so our job is to come here and experience. We want to be the highest vibrational level that we can be. So we perceive our reality. And in the moment that we are perceiving it, we immediately begin creating a thought about it. This is our God power. This is our Source power. This is our power here as human beings. The creation of our thought. We're all source energy beings. We vibrate high at our natural state but when we create any thought which isn't the truth of who we are, guess what shows up? Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, all of those emotions that we don't like. The purpose is our Higher Self, our Guides, everybody back home, they're trying to alert us by making us feel crappy. This is guidance. Every time you feel crappy, it's because you as a creator are thinking about something that isn't true. Anything below contentment, all the way down to fear, are the “goodies.” And this is why we come here. We come here to experience all these goodies. It's called variety. We know ourselves better when we have the option to experience the variety or the opposite of the truth of who we are, or a better vibrational frequency that is tied to the true nature of who we are.

R+K: So how do you work with people? Laura: The basis of what I teach is how to start standing in your power and recognizing that your emotions are not something that you are a victim to. Set your watch for every hour to remind you, I'm a Source energy being, having a human experience. Because the more you start to trust this, the more you start to understand that everything coming into your experience is coming to help you or serve you. Every single thing, even all the stuff that you don't like, all that stuff called contrast. Contrast is coming into your experience in order for you to have expansion. R+K: Thank you Laura! We loved hearing about your journey, and for sharing your story with us. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM LAURA -Visit to find out about working with Laura. -Laura hosts "In the Light" on News for the Soul the first and third Tuesday of the month at 4pm CST - 5pm CST. SEE LAURA IN ACTION Watch Laura channeling Dearest, The Council of Light and The Lumineers for guidance that applies to all of us on Instagram @get.into.the.light and on YouTube

SECRET POWER: Set Your Watch to Experience the Present Moment

One of the many ideas that we received from our conversation with Laura is as simple as it is powerful. We know, because we’re now doing it ourselves! Make your smart device your BFF reminder to reconnect with your soul to remember who you really are. Here’s Laura’s description of how + why she uses this daily practice.


Step 1- Set your phone or watch (or any device that you carry with you regularly) with a gentle alarm for each hour during the day. You can put this on vibrate if you are in meetings, or customize the reminder with a distinctive tone that you recognize comes from your “higher self.”

Step 2 - Set an intention for this reminder.

Here are some examples for intentions:

-Be present and be in the moment.

-Focus on an affirmation

-Take a second of gratitude

-Dedicate a personal moment just for you

Here’s how Laura puts this practice to work for herself:

"I use my Apple Watch and after I've been alerted with my little alarm I just reset it every hour. I do this practice every day because it keeps you so present and so conscious. For example, one of the things that I'm working on is releasing fear, and gaining trust that everything is working out.

And so I say, “I am a Source Energy Being, having a human experience.”

Then I take that it a little bit further. I feel love. I feel how I'm loved. I feel my ability to send out love. And then I intentionally send love to every person that I otherwise would be worrying about.

If I'm trusting and projecting that trust into the collective consciousness of the planet, that's going to affect everybody, including my own reality. And it truly does!”

Thank you Laura for giving us this beautiful way to remind ourselves that we are always lovingly connected to and guided by the Universe.


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Imagine yourself sailing through this life. There are many days where the water is still and the sky is blue without a cloud in the sky. There are other days that are stormy and you bob up and down, riding out the storm. Life is like this — it is part of the natural ecosystem of Earth…up and down. And you have a choice. How will you choose to show up in all of these moments? Will you TRUST that all will work out for your highest good or will you try to control the ups and the downs out of fear? We ask you, can you control the weather? The answer is no. You can control how you react to the weather on your planet…and prepare for the weather, but at this time you do not have the ability to control it. Your life is similar. You may think you can control things, however the only thing you can control are your thoughts and your trust in all situations. Will you come from a place of love and knowing that all is in divine order for your highest and best good in this lifetime? Or will you choose to come from a place of anger and fear when things don’t seem to go your way? It’s all your choice. We recommend to you that choosing to flow with the current of your life will be infinitely more enjoyable, fulfilling and fun. If you can be aware of choosing trust and love — you will continue to get even more adept in it and life will feel soooo much better. When you fight against the current…it is so tiring — and you are missing the joy. Free yourself by letting go of “control.” Allow for the experiences, the wisdom and the love to come to you. The Universe wants to flow with you. Co-create with you. Life will be so much more fun if you choose to allow for the ebb and flow and twists and turns. That’s the exciting part!! There’s a precision to your life. You’ve come into this form for specific reasons. Allow yourself to be guided and for the natural unfolding. Trust your gut. Follow your intuition at every moment. Your feelings are the real deal. And when fear bubbles up — know it is your system getting your attention and asking you to make a different choice in how to respond in that very moment. We love you. KAREN'S DOWNLOADSo many of your day to day experiences cannot be understood fully because they are happening for you at a Soul level. This week, you are being asked to let go of any judgments you may be making about yourself, others or what is going on around you and instead, release it all to the universal power of LOVE. Believe in yourself and your INFINITENESS - you are a spiritual being having a human experience. So much of what you “see” is just a reflection of the world and not a reflection of who you ARE. You are a supreme being - and at your core, no matter how flawed or uncertain you may feel in the moment, you are an ever unfolding being of light. You are making choices based on preferences, and you always have the FREEDOM to choose AGAIN. If you could truly see yourself through the eyes of your soul you would understand that there is absolutely nothing to fear. If you could let go of reasoning with your mind, and feeling with your heart, you would truly be FREE. Release any doubt that you are SAFE. Release any doubt that you are Guided. Release any doubt that you are alone. If you could only see the army of loving beings that surround you….that SEE you…that KNOW you…you would never doubt yourself again…If you could let go of all expectation…all orchestration…all frustration, you would only be able to feel the high energy frequencies of the truest emotions - contentment, joy, expectation, happiness, MIRACLES! You are more than ENOUGH - everything you will receive will be ENOUGH - everything you have done, are doing and will do - is ENOUGH. LET GO - BE - BREATHE - Feel the joy of being in your body - in this lifetime - for all of its mysterious and adventurous experiences - knowing that you came for all of them. You are GOD-Force - You are light and you are eternal! Bathe in your own light!


JUNE 27:Guidance from A Psychic Channeler That Will Change Your Every DayWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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