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THE PULSE: Let That Sh*t Go


We're using this week to check in with ourselves, and we're encouraging you to do the same. As we get closer to the Spring Equinox on March 20 -- it's really time to do "spring cleaning" in your own life. What's no longer serving you? Whether it's repeated thoughts, old routines, unhealthy relationships...what's standing in your way of being your most fulfilled self? Make the time this week to look back at your intentions for 2023...what can you release that isn't helping you achieve your goals? This is the week to do it! The astrological energy is here to support the purge.


Speaking of releasing. Take advantage of today's Full Moon in Virgo. There are so many astrological factors that make this an extremely healing time. The Universe may even intervene and suddenly push you in a certain direction this week. Once you have that "spring cleaning" list, energetically let all of it go.

And the other major astrological update is Saturn, the planet that represents karma, structure, obligation, accountability, teacher, and challenge is moving into Pisces, where it will be for the next 2.5 years. Pisces is a water sign, representing all things mystical, sensitivity, mental health, and flow. During these next few years, we'll be called to create new relationships with forgiveness, spirituality, intuition, boundaries and love.

Ohhh, this is so up our alley! We'll be leaning in and we hope you do too.


There’s so much uncertainty in our every day – and with the constantly changing energy all around us, having a way to tap into our Spirit Team…and our Soul’s whispers can be life-changing. In this week's conversation with Erika Gabriel, she helps you discover the power to connect that lives within yourself.

In this week's podcast, meet Erika Gabriel. She is a professional Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Wayfinder whose calling is to help people find purpose, direction, and clarity in life. She is also the host of her own podcast, “You Are Not Alone,” which explores our collective search for answers about life, death, and everything in between.

Over the course of her 15 year career, Erika has performed thousands of live readings for individuals from all over the world and all walks of life. Robyn experienced a reading with Erika and found it to be divinely timed to give specific messages, and to validate where she is and is going on her life's path.

Erika is a firm believer in the power that exists within each of us. So much so, that she has developed a set of online resources and teaching materials designed to empower you on your spiritual path. No matter your cultural background or beliefs, we all share a universal connection to spirit.

Erika's mission is to help as many people as she can discover this life-changing power for themselves. Her latest on-demand course, “The Way,” gives you grounded, concrete steps to help you grow, activate your path, and empower yourself to walk towards your dreams.

And did we mention Erika is just flat out cool and “normal?”

On this week's podcast, we dove into all things connected to spirit as well as how we can be connected to Spirit Guides on our own.

Here are a few highlights fromthis week’s podcast:

Robyn + Karen: We often use the words Medium and Teacher to describe Spiritual Practitioners. You also refer to yourself as a “Wayfinder.” Can you talk about what those definitions mean to you?

Erika Gabriel: It's such a great question because we hear all these different titles: “Medium…Psychic…and Spiritual Teachers.” I'm a deeply spiritual person and I mediate information from the spirit world to our world. I'm available and open to sacred messages which can come from our Spirit Guides, our Angels, our loved ones who've crossed over. I don't refer to myself as one thing.

I'm available to mediate information in a safe, grounded way, with clear boundaries. That's the Medium component. Along with that has evolved this spiritual teaching. I have this incredible privilege of sitting in and listening to thousands of readings with people all over the world. So after hearing all these messages, I'm able to teach some of the powerful universal things that I've heard for the last 15 years. Through these readings, I have become a “Wayfinder” and someone that serves people in finding their way.

R + K: Which actually is the perfect segue to talk about your course, “The Way.” Can you talk about what it is and how it came to you?

Erika: I had already created a course that I love, which was all about getting to meet your Spirit Guides. It took me a year to finish that course, and I was like, “That's it! That's my course! This is my life's work!” Not too long after that, my Guides were like, “Okay! Are you ready for the one that's gonna really help a lot of people? I'm like, “No, I did it. I don't have another course in me.” Ha! Self-doubt! And my Guides were like, “ Let's download!” So I would come to my office. And I would lay on my floor. And then I'd watch a little Netflix on my computer. And then I'd go get a coffee. And then I'd put on makeup. And I was just not ready for it.

And then finally I was ready for it. I had big whiteboards in my office and I literally downloaded the information and just started writing it all out. Things that I'd never thought of. Ideas that I had no idea about putting them together in that way. And I asked my Guides, “What am I writing here?” And they literally told me, “You're writing “The Way.” And it happened really quickly.

R+ K: Love that story and how you had to just let go and allow the information to come through you! Why do you think your Guides were so insistent that “The Way” be downloaded at that particular time?

Erika: I think “the why” that came out of that was because so many people were having wonderful and sacred experiences during readings and connecting. And that was amazing, but now what? Now how do I get to that job that Erika mentioned? Or how do I move my life forward? I still don't have the tools.

The Way is a three lesson plan that helps you identify the blocks in your path. Many of us are feeling stuck and helpless. It helps identify the blocks and then Spirit has given specific tools how to move through those blocks. And then from there, how to elevate your energy, visualize what you do want, (not what you don't want), and then align with those things. It's a journey and it's something you can take with you for the rest of your life.

R+K: People need that right now, in all aspects of life. It's like a guided tour to your own soul!

Erika: It is! Spirituality is meant to help our journey here, not escape from it. When you find your purpose and you get clarity, you are able to activate this incredible potential in yourself and shine that out. And the more people that are shining out, the more elevated we are and the more beautiful the tapestry of the world is.

The Universe responds to the nature of your song. It feels your energy. So finding your passion, finding your truth, and shining that out affects the entire consciousness of the planet.

R+K: So beautifully said! Thank you Erika for your wisdom, for sharing your incredible gifts and for listening to your very insistent Spirit Guides!

For more about working with Erika or taking the course, The Way, visit You can also follow her on Instagram @Spiritualmediumerika and on Facebook @SpiritualMediumErikaGabriel.

SECRET POWER: Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Erika Gabriel says that working with your own Spirit Guide is the best way to connect with other Spirits. “I don't do any reading without them. They talk to other people's Spirit Guides, and they prompt me and help me. They are foundational to be able to understand and connect to the other realms.”

If you’re looking for ways to tap in and deepen your connection to your Angels and Spirit Guides, try these three clarifying steps the next time you want to call in your team.

#1 - Get Grounded: Erika believes that setting the intention to connect with Spirit begins with remembering our connection to the Earth. “If you want to elevate your energy and go into higher realms and you start detaching from the body temple or the energy here on Earth, it's really uncomfortable,” she told us. “Find ways to ground yourself, whether you do that through walking in nature, yoga, or just through a few minutes of deep breathing.”

#2 - Quiet Your Mind: According to Erika, “If you can't quiet your mind, it's very challenging to be open and receptive to other information.” Try visualizing a calm waterfall sunset for a focal point. Or if visualization is hard for you, try just sitting with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath. Even if this is only for a few minutes, do your best to eliminate any stray thoughts to open your mind, heart and consciousness to receive.

#3 - Turn Within: Put forth an intention just to connect with your own Spirit Guide. “Start there.” says Erika. "I would not start going into different realms of Spirit if you have not made a connection or contact with your spirit guide yet. Through that connection you'll start to know what your Spirit Guide feels like. You'll start to trust each other. Then you can begin to create a sacred space with your Guide to work with them where you can really tap into other realms of Spirit.”

Erika reinforced the importance throughout this process of being clear with your intentions. “Who are you talking to? Who would you like to connect with? You can say, I'd like to work with my highest and best available spirit guides and connect with only white light energy. That's the best way to begin.”

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Pay Attention to the Whispers

Our Downloads for everyone reading THE WEEKLY remind us that there are messages and signs coming in to keep us on our specific soul’s path – and that there is new energy coming in to support us on this journey. Read on.


The messages from the Universe are growing louder and louder. And within their frequency of energy, there might be confusion on which messages are meant for you.

The confusion can come in different and conflicting forms and emotions. They can feel like disappointment or discomfort, anxiety or uncertainty. They can come in waves or in whispers. They may instill doubt in your decisions, or leave you feeling unbalanced, or unsure where to take your next step.

Recognize that every day, there are opportunities for these teaching moments, for the signs to signal for you to pay attention to bring you the clarity that you are seeking. And while it might be tempting to discard or ignore them, these are messages that are meant for you.

The signs are not always joyful and affirming. To get your attention, they must be louder. They must amp up the emotion. Do not run from them. Seek them. Sit with them. Talk to them. And most importantly, listen to them. They are your Guides. And they are there to help you find your path.

This is the beginning of a new time. New light is coming in to help erase the darkness. At times it is like hot water being thrown on ice. There is fog before the thaw. There is contrast that leads to the change.

You are light, helping to reshape the world's energy. Every day you remember more why you are here. It is about leading and being led.It’s about feeling from the inside out. It is about releasing any doubts or fears or connections to the illusions of time.

Remember that when it feels the most uncertain not to question what our heart knows. The noise is only a distraction. Trust yourself and listen carefully to your intuition. And when the noise comes, ask your Guides to make themselves known. Ask for them to be seen so that there is no doubt that they are there for you. And that any pain or uncertainty reveals its teaching moment for you and then releases.

While the journey can be both a joy and a struggle, it is only because we think that our actions are the outcome. There is so much magic waiting to reveal itself and you are on the edge of all of it. Be still. Feel into the emotion. Sit with them. Listen to them. Your Guides will show you the way.


The frequency. The ripples. They are becoming more pronounced.

Waterfalls. Fresh rain. Large raindrops falling off of the leaves. We're getting cleansed...cleared and renewed to welcome in a whole new energy. It's like waiting at the airport to go on vacation. You're at the airport in anticipation of all that's to come. It's exciting. We should all feel this excited right now. We're using this week to prepare and release anything not needed for this trip - this next chapter. We get to start anew. We can approach this next chapter with fresh and excited eyes. Where will it take us?

You are equipped for all that is to come. You are equipped for releasing this week. It may feel strange at first, but then it will come into focus. You are ready.

Don't doubt yourself. Trust the process. Trust yourself. We're aligning with our highest frequency in order to move forward on our soul's path.

You may feel like you are in the thick of a forest but the path will become clear.

Embrace this journey. You can question all of it because it helps in the growing, but continuing moving forward. You will come to see you are not alone on this journey. The other fellow seekers are finding you -- you are all finding each other now. And you are all ready to help others see the world differently.

Embrace change. Change helps us grow. Change is part of the journey. We must come together to create change.

Remember that you no longer need to hold onto old beliefs, old stories. You have permission to let them go so that you can create anew. You can step into the fullness of who you are and help to create new opportunities for yourself and others. When you show up as more of your authentic self, you help others do the same.

Remember who you are and help others remember who they are as well.



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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