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feng shui + numerology + chakras

THE PULSE: Time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


We’re now at the time of year where it may be tank top weather one day – and sweater weather the next. This Saturday, September 23 we officially welcome Fall, which is also the Autumn Equinox…which means we’ll have equal time of day and night. It’s time to break out the hot cocoa + s'mores and embrace the change of seasons!

In regards to Fall, we love what PopSugar says, “It's a time of year when we reap the fruits of our labor from past months, gain clarity around preserving the things we want to hold close, and allow aspects of life that aren't serving us any longer — be that unhealthy habits or problematic bonds — to fall away before closing out the year.”

What is coming to fruition for you? What can you truly let go of before the end of the year? Use this time to do more of what you LOVE!


If they haven’t already…things will start to feel more “in flow” because Mercury is finally moving in a forward direction. Life should be in sync once again…and technological shenanigans are hopefully in the rearview mirror.

We also enter Libra season on Saturday, the same day as the Autumn Equinox. More on that next week! For now, embrace the energy of Virgo season – get organized in some aspect of your life – and focus on taking care of YOU!


In our next free session together, we’re focusing on the fear of being left out. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Ugh, it's one of the worst feelings. It can send you down a not-enoughness spiral and layer in many more upsetting emotions. Let's banish that for good. It's time to really know your tremendous worth.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release that old energy so that next time you feel that fear coming on, you're empowered to push right past it because you know you're one spectacular soul!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, October 20 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.


Make a wish and join our friend Alexa Fischer, founder of Wishbeads, to say your wish out loud and tap into the power of unity. She is creating a sacred space where dreams are nurtured, intentions are shared, and wishes are amplified. Prepare to be immersed in an atmosphere of hope, positivity, and limitless potential. Sign up now.


The Ultimate Energy Combo: Feng Shui + Numerology + Chakras

If you’re interested in transforming your life in both large and small ways…this may be THE episode for you. On this week's episode, we’re honored and excited to introduce you to Gina Nicole, a Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, and both an Energy Healing + Feng Shui Practitioner. Gina works with empaths, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and business owners struggling to activate their innate abilities. She believes when you learn how to manage the Divine connection to source energy, you can come into full alignment and live a passion-filled and purposeful life. She was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome and auto-immune at 26, married at 27 - divorced at 28. She faced MASSIVE problems, felt no one understood her, and her body was SCREAMING for help. To top it all off, she thought she was going crazy once she started to see angels! She was scared, and turned to Feng Shui and healing arts, conquered some big fears, and overcame huge personal obstacles. Now helps others to overcome their own fears in less than half the time it took her! If you find yourself stuck in the same place, month after month, she says there’s only ONE person who can change that. YOU. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: You spent a lot of your young adult life navigating health challenges. Was it the physical pain that made you turn to something “different” to help you? Gina Nicole: So much of my twenties was spent trying to flee. I just didn't feel like the Earth was my home. While I was navigating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I was trying lots of things to feel better. I went to an acupuncturist. Then I met a Feng Shui practitioner. She came to my home and we did some tweaks and I started to heal. I was like, “Oh my gosh, what is this? What's going on?” I dove in headfirst. I left a very high paying job to work as an admin at an Acupuncture college in San Francisco. And I just had this year of miracles and I finally felt at home in my body. R+K: That also led you to studying Feng Shui as well. What’s your definition of Feng Shui and how have you used it in your own healing? Gina: The term Feng Shui translates to “the way of wind and water.” Just as the wind moves water, everything is energy. In Feng Shui we look at how energy is moving through our home and through our life. And we can use all of the different frequencies to magnetize and manipulate this energy in a healthy way. I practice something called BTB Feng Shui, where we use a Bagua Map. You place this beautiful Bagua map over your home and the different rooms are divided into different sectors, and they connect to the different areas of your life. Each part of the Bagua map also links to a different body part. Just like your mind and your body are connected, your home is also in the mix of this. You can also apply the Bagua to your career and relationships. When I was ready to manifest love, I literally did my bedroom this way and I met my husband three weeks later! R+K: You have shared the work you’ve been doing with your mentor, Cyndi Dale, who is a renowned chakra expert, researcher and teacher. How has your training in chakra work impacted your sessions? And for those not familiar with chakras, how would you define them? Gina: When it comes down to it, chakras are our feeling centers. They are our energy centers. It's how energy moves through our bodies. So when the energy is flowing and properly aligned, we have a high frequency. But there are things that can trip it up…like negative beliefs, emotions, people. For me, you can think of chakra centers in terms of your home as well. When you move your stuff, in sync with moving the energy in your body, your whole life can change. I created a course Chakra Feng Shui that helps to look at where your chakras live in the home. These energy centers move through your home, just like you want it to move through your body. Nicely and in flow. Thank you Gina for sharing your incredible wisdom with us and all you are doing to help others. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM GINA NICOLE

  • Find out about working with Gina and all of her programs + offerings at

  • Follow her on Instagram @Gina_Nicole_B


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Feel the support and the love from all around you. We are giving you a huge, warm hug. Can you feel it? It’s always available to you. Lean into this knowing that there is always the support and guidance you yearn for right around you…always.

Allow the energy in. You already have energy flowing through you and we are connected. That is why when you hear the term “oneness” it is so very true because energy isn’t contained…it is all connected. We all flow into each other. So, when you hear the phrase “your are the energy you bring to the room” it is truth. You impact other people’s energy, just as they impact your energy. You can feel other people’s joy and other people’s sadness or fear or anger just by brushing against them. Become even more aware of this and then focus upon yourself…what are you bringing to each room you walk in?

Even in your own home…what are you impressing upon yourself, as well as others that you either live with or that visit you. Become more aware. Your awareness upon your own energy will help you improve upon your joy, your happiness…your releasing of fear. There are so many resources at your fingertips to release this negative energy…it is a constant in this life to have energy that doesn’t serve you — the key is the knowing of how to release it. Movement, visualization, acknowledgment and then releasing it is all you need to do. You can also use sound frequency to help realign your system. Use this week to be more aware of your energy and how it impacts yourself and others around you.

You will also notice that this week brings a flood of happenings…many opportunities to evaluate paths forward. Which will you choose? Tap into your knowing and your feelings! What feels good? Trust your initial response before going down the what would be deemed more logical. Trust your feeling and go with that…that is living in flow. There is so much possibility to live in your flow with fulfillment and joy that is presented this week…keep your awareness of your energy and your feelings…your intuitive hits at the forefront — this is your guidance.

We support you. We love you. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD You are going into the time of harvest. The weather is getting a little colder, days are getting a little shorter. It is like the Earth is able to exhale, releasing the heat and haze of summer. It’s time to lean into looking at the next phase of your journey. It is a new season. There is ease. There is flow. There is a knowing that everything is right on time. What were you expecting to see in your basket when this autumn came? What is it that you were looking for as evidence, or as a result from your labor? What is the definition of your success, your dreams, your accomplishments from this year? Perhaps it is different than you had hoped? If it is, let yourself take inventory of all you have accomplished. Look at all that you have given your attention to. Was it your true heart's desire? Did it waiver? Were there too many things demanding your attention? Where did you succeed? Where were you challenged? Where did you FLOW? Sometimes our results that come from our intentions are not what we may expect. At times, we may feel that the seeds of what we’ve planted have not taken root. Rest assured, throughout it all, the Universe hears, and responds. Divine timing is just that. It is in its OWN TIME. Everything in our environment impacts our growth. It can be a distraction or an incubator. It is the garden of our harvest. Our Earth is our home and teacher. It is the place where we begin and end. It is the light and darkness that governs our sleep and activity. Trust in the goodness of what is truly Divine Order. No matter what you may see around you…it is all operating for your highest good. ALWAYS. And while we may not always feel that the “fruits of our labor” reflect our original vision, if we wait, and allow the Universe to show its magic, we will find we have in fact created everything that we desire and need.


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