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diving into your subconscious mind

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


Well, hello on this Tuesday morning! The birds are chirping and we are right in the midst of today's Full Moon in Sagittarius. Full moons are all about releasing -- and this full moon has us releasing the layers within you that most of us don't like to acknowledge in general. They are unconscious beliefs that have most likely been a part of us for decades, if not lifetimes. They are the silent judgments we have about ourselves and the world around us.

So don't be surprised if you have certain feelings or thoughts come to the surface that surprise you. Pay attention to what comes up. Are there themes that you need to explore further? Conversations that you need to have?

Get quiet at some point today. Exhale. Take a look at our "Secret Power" for this week. It's the perfect day to start it!


Diving into Your Subconscious Mind with Jennifer Jimeno

In this week's podcast, we loved our conversation with transformational guide and intuitive, Jennifer Jimeno of the High Tide podcast. Jenny has dedicated her life's work to guiding others to help them feel heart and soul aligned so that they can walk their path to healing and expansion. Jenny’s own journey to this work is fascinating, relatable, and full of inspiration. Jenny, can you share how you come into your own abilities, as well as your curiosity and interest in spirituality and tying that to nature, science and beyond? Jenny: I've always been so fascinated with energy work and chakra systems. There's such beauty in ancient wisdom and what indigenous people have always known that we're just starting to see now. The more I dive into it, the more I see how beautiful it is to know that nature has our back, and that we have access to so much beyond the constructs of what we see in Western medicine. That’s not to say that there isn't credibility behind the Western world. I'm just saying it can be both. I found what’s so beautiful about the Eastern practice is that it's really natural and holistic. It’s energy based. It's not what happened to you, but what happened for you, and how you can recognize them on an energetic frequency. If we could suspend our 3-D linear way of thinking, and approach it in a way that our life’s currency is how we showed up energetically. So not by what life looked like, but how we felt and how we made people feel in our everyday transactions. It's as simple as that quote, “some people go outside and get rained on, and some people just get wet.” How you want to perceive the world is so true. You can either expand into this possibility, that it will just open up so much love and connection for you, even through pain and struggle and really learning from that, or it will really keep you in a small box and divided from a whole universe of growth and expansion. Every person that gets aligned is a bridge between those that are not. And that creates even more possibilities for a connection of healing throughout the world. Do you have advice for those who may be at the beginning of their spiritual journey? Jenny: I was thinking about the word pause the other day. I'm someone that loves to channel and then take a pause. I really encourage people to explore the big pause in their lives and not to be in such a rush to fill those gaps because it's in those pauses that yield us some really important information about our inner nature, especially when, when we're triggered and wanting to rush into filling those, those spaces that can really let us know more about ourselves. It can be an invitation to explore self-reliance. It's an invitation from your highest-yield-self coming to you in the form of frictional relationships or places where you struggle. It can be the place where you ask, what's the message here? Do I really need to integrate this energy into your life? Does it feel expansive, or can you let it go and heal? For me, the pause was presence, acceptance, understanding, surrender, and exploring energy. When you're feeling in chaos or like the world is falling apart, it's time to slow down. The more you're open, when you let yourself relax, you open that pathway to new energy to come through. So for those who are out there wanting to explore and find their own spiritual spark, but might be hesitating to make the leap, what would you tell them? Jenny: I think when we're on the pinnacle of discovering something exciting about ourselves, there's always this element of hesitation and trepidation. What I encourage everyone to explore is don't mistake readiness for preparedness. If the nudge is there and you have that inkling, it's because there is some creative divine use that has chosen you as the vehicle through which to express itself creatively. And if you wait too long, sometimes it'll just move on to the next person. This can lead to the birthing of our greatest ideas, our exploration of wanting to start a podcast, starting that business that feels so resonant in your heart, or going after that person that you believe you feel a strong connection with. These are all creation, materializing through you, and more often than not, it's bigger than what we actually think it's about. So I really encourage people to explore that if they feel safe to do so. And if not, to work with someone that will help them create pathways that can feel safe for them to learn more. Thank you Jenny for your wisdom and this beautiful conversation. Listen to it now. We can't stop thinking about it! You can find out more about Jenny, and how to work with her, plus the High Tide podcast at You can also find her on Instagram at @hightide_mama

YOUR SECRET POWER: Two-Minute Brain Dump

We love Jenny's daily practice. It's quick, easy and meaningful. We're adopting it into our own lives.

Jenny: I think it's really important to learn who you are, even if it means sitting by yourself for two minutes a day in silence and just allowing whatever wants to come up, to come into that space. And one of the rituals I love, it's called Two-Minute Brain Dump.

I always have two minutes. I'll start my day and set a timer for two minutes and I'll ask my higher self a question. What would you like me to learn today for my highest good or should I take that trip or whatever? And I just free flow and channel whatever wants to come through for two minutes.

And when you consistently do this, you would be surprised at the wisdom that you are gifted in that space. It's really powerful. And all I think is sitting in that silence allows you to create a pattern disruption from what the moment was before that, where you can kind of hunker down and be with your whole self. And so there's no interruption in the way of that stream of consciousness that wants to come through.

So Two-Minute Brain Dumping is really beautiful. And if it isn't about getting an answer to something, it's about releasing something and dumping out from the brain, what you wish to no longer occupy in your emotional real estate. So just cultivating that space so that you can create mo

re room for openness and daydreaming and just all the things that light you up.

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Beneath the Surface

In our conversation with Jenny Jimeno this week, we talked a lot about the role of the subconscious mind and how it can create repetitive patterns and behaviors that we can be totally unaware of. She reminded us about the analogy of the iceberg as a symbol of the conscious and unconscious mind. Consciousness is represented by the ice that you see on the surface, which is only about 5% of the entire iceberg. The other 95% below the water’s surface represents the unconscious mind, where most of where our operational behaviors come from. The idea of our subconscious minds having so much power really got us thinking, and also filtered into our downloads as we both asked the question, “why?” As usual our guides had some ideas of how to explore the answers for ourselves. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD We are so happy to talk to you. There is much to be said. You and Karen are right about talking about the subconscious. There is so much that lives just beneath the surface and it needs to be dug up and unearthed and released in order for people to live their fullest lives and walk the path that after meant to walk in this lifetime for their soul’s growth and evolution. It is painful to stay with it buried deep within. We are giving the tools and ways that you and Karen talk about every week that can help people dig in and lift out those thoughts and beliefs. Forgiveness is key. Forgive themselves and others for these thoughts and beliefs. And this idea of no judgment is important as well. Don’t judge these thoughts and beliefs, it is time to let them go. They are what they are. Don’t assign more weight to them than needed. Think of them like balloons with weights — cut the weights and let the balloons go so you can feel lighter and more true to who you are. The full moon is a good time to start to do this work. Of course it all takes time, but be brave and begin. Start going deeper. You need to understand the whys behind where you are right now and then reprogram yourself by letting go of these deep rooted beliefs that no longer serve you in this present day. You need to look at the little you and remember the things that shaped that little you. What was hurtful and sticky and remained. Start by writing down what comes to you when you tap into your heart. And then use the resources you and Karen are providing to do the work to let them go. There is so much richness that this life can provide for your soul. You want to start really experiencing that rather than staying stuck in patterns that don’t work for you, but it takes some work to get to that. You need to want to change things. You don’t want to stay comfortable in the misery and the yuckiness. Life can truly feel magical if you let it. Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you. Start to uncover the layers and see the golden path to harmony and love. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD With the understanding that so much is in the subconscious, what can we do to tap in and learn more? We’d like to give you an exercise to explore the question. Picture yourself in a darkened room with a spotlight shining from the top of your head that illuminates through your body. Picture the light going all the way from your crown to your toes and then extends through the dark earth into the ground below you. Imagine this is where your subconscious lives. You can, in your mind's eye, ask to shine the light and ask your subconscious what it would like to show you. If you allow your mind to relax for a moment and follow the light you will see glimpses of things. Objects, moments from your past. Some things may not make sense to you, but allow them to come and show themselves to you. The images will come quickly at first, so ask them to slow down so you can spend a minute with one subconscious moment that has meaning for you. For me, I was shown a moment of me sitting on the beach. I was about 13. It was a cold foggy day, and I was worried about my life and if it would have any meaning. I wondered who I would be and where I would end up. I felt powerless. I didn’t feel in control of my life. I wanted to figure a way out of feeling that way but I didn’t know where to turn. Somehow I knew this was a root that grew into something more. It was a familiar feeling of loss, disconnection and loneliness. The seeker within that was uncertain where to go next. “Know that the answer is within.” is what I heard. “Keep asking the questions. Your intuition and your subconsciousness are always connected. They are the light within you.” The message for this week is powerful for all of us as we wrestle with the mysteries of our subconscious. Keep asking the questions. Your intuition and your subconsciousness are always connected. Start to uncover the layers and see the golden path to harmony and love. Have a beautiful week!



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