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THE PULSE: Shining Bright


June is only a few days in and yet there feels like so much is being illuminated already. The light is shining bright in all areas of life -- even the ones that you try to avoid. Are you feeling that?

This month is brimming with opportunities to uncover more of who you are and experience the world with a brand new lens. I know in my own world, it's being able to adapt to a whole range of situations and be conscious of the choices I make in each one. I routinely ask myself, how am I showing up? Am I being present in the moment? How am I being of service to myself and to others? I find that awareness takes practice -- and the more I am aware, the more my days are fulfilling and meaningful no matter the circumstance. Try integrating those questions into your routine and see how awareness works for you!


Illumination continues to be a theme after the full moon this past weekend. What was uncovered for you? What was in the shadows? Or what came to light that you didn't think was possible?

This week is all about LOVE. According to Refinery 29, "Venus, the planet of Love, entered Leo yesterday and will be there until October 8. This first week of Venus in Leo amps up the drama, passion, and flair in the cosmos, allowing us to pursue our objectives with boldness and courage." Feel into that!!


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Miss the first session or want to experience it again?

Watch Getting Unstuck: Free Yourself from What Other People Think


Tap into Your Soul's Wisdom + Discover What You Were Born to Do

We’ve had the privilege of knowing Jaymi Bauer for years. Some people call her a “marketing mystic.” She has led marketing for a huge range of brands, including Xbox and its portfolio of games, and Gaia, the conscious media platform – and she’s also a renowned inspirational speaker.

Jaymi now runs Vaquera, working in the sweet spot where the practical and the mystical meet - the place where visionary brands are born. She is the creator of Resonance Design, a catalytic brand-building method created from her first-hand understanding of what separates legacy brands from everyone else: a relentless devotion to genius and truth.

This week we’re talking about connecting with your purpose, personal brand, and the power of resonance. Plus, the power of energy, vision, and what it means to truly GLOW. After this conversation, we have a feeling you’re going to look at yourself, your story and your life in a completely different way.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Robyn + Karen: Jaymi, congrats on your spectacular TEDx Talk! You’ve been described as a “visioner for the visionaries.” What is your definition of the word “vision” and how do you help people translate their vision into a business with real purpose?

Jaymi Bauer: A vision is not just what somebody sets out to do. It's the work that they've been born to do. Those who are called to do something extraordinary often have had some version of their calling their entire lives. They can go back to their earliest memories and actually follow the threads of their vision through their story from their earliest years into who they are today.

They understand that they’ve got this purpose and that they are also blessed with their own zone of genius. And when they can combine purpose with their personal brand of genius that is vision. And that's the work that I help people articulate.

R+K: Can you talk a little bit about what you mean by genius? We’d bet many people wouldn’t label themselves that way.

Jaymi: There's magic when you find the intersection of your passion and your zone of genius, which is your superpower. I credit Gay Hendricks for this, who writes about this in his book, “The Big Leap.” Your zone of genius is the thing that comes naturally to you. When you're in the genius zone, you forget to eat. You cannot wait to get to it tomorrow. You’re extraordinarily good at it and it just comes easily to you. Talk about the Universe conspiring. When you are endeavoring in the zone, it's like everything moves out of the way. It does exist! Finding your way even for a moment to glimpse it just feels really incredible. And so that's where the GLOW starts to come back into your energy.

R+K: That’s the perfect segue way of asking you about how you define energy. And how does that tie into resonance?

Jaymi: Nicola Tesla says,”If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think about it in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Albert Einstein says, “everything is energy…” And that includes us. Before we have words, we feel an energetic connection. My whole premise in my work as a marketer is that we feel each other. When we live so much in the head and we don't connect in the heart, we’re never going to create bonds that last.

We know this is as humans. We energetically feel each other. And so I was like, “why don't we do this in business?” Why aren't we building brands from this where we resonate that energetic signal. Let's come back to the truth and tell those stories. That's resonance. And that's turning story into currency.

R+K: Let's talk about “GLOW.” What does it stand for?

Jaymi: GLOW stands for Genius Light and Original Wisdom. It came to me after a day of mountain biking in Vail. My partner and I had just left the bike shop where the guy who rented the bike to us, wanted to hear everything we had done. He was all lit up, literally glowing. He was living in his Genius Light.

My work is to bring you back into this kind of genius, this light, and this original wisdom. I take leaders through the Resonance Design immersion that people call the “brand sean

ce.” We go deep. We get our feet on the earth and just tap in. And then it's coming back into the current of you. That's the current that's been beating since you were in the womb. And that's the current that will beat until it stops. We’re all

bringing our genius light, whatever it is. Our GLOW.

Can you even imagine what that could look like if we actually all did that? If we all lit up, what would we see?

R+K: That would be magnificent. And it's the potential in every single one of us. We just have to light up! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Jaymi, your GLOW and for lighting us up! Listen to the full conversation.


You can listen to Jaymi’s TEDx Talk, find out more about Resonance Design, and her brand and business design agency, Vaquera, at

SECRET POWER: Plugging into Your GLOW

In this week’s podcast, we loved everything Jaymi Bauer told us about how we can tap into our GLOW (Genius Light and Original Wisdom). She’s made it simple, fun and OH, soooo powerful!. Try it for yourself. We believe it’ll help you remember your inner light and GLOW in a brand new way. Here’s Jaymi’s GLOW exercise in her words: 1. Close your eyes and invite two people to sit with you in your mind's eye. 2. The first person you invite is the little you. The you before the shoulds. The you of about four years old. Imagine watching yourself playing. What are you doing? What are you wearing? Are you barefoot? Are your knees skinned up? Be really specific in what you are doing. See yourself enjoying what you are doing. This is your original joy. That's the light of your GLOW. 3. The second person you invite is the hundred year old you. This one at your end of life. You have lived your life. Your hair is different. Your skin is different. And so now you're flanked. You've got this little one in this light - original joy, and you've got this old one with this original wisdom, and you're reminded of your genius. 4. Look into the eyes of both of your selves. Imagine your littlest self playing before you knew “should,” and sit and invite your hundred year old self to sit with you and just listen. 5. What do they say to you? Write it down. 6. They will tell you that you're a genius and there’s a purpose that they will remind you of. 7. Pay attention and be generous with yourself there. Feed yourself there. Indulge yourself well there, and then watch what happens. And for a final “wow,” we’ll share the Howard Thurman quote that Jaymi used to end her TEDxTalk. “Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs are more people who have come alive."

That’s GLOW everyone. Time for all of us to LIGHT UP!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week our downloads remind us that we are all miracles and the stars of our own movies -- and that obstacles are the juicy parts of life. They are the point. Read on. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Let's shine the light in all of the places that you don't want to see both in yourself and in the world. It's time to face it all head on. No looking away anymore. You must confront whatever it is. You will find once you do this that all is possible. There is truly nothing that will hold you back because you got this -- you've got it!! You know how to navigate this life. You have all that it takes -- don't doubt it or you're being here for a second. Life is full of these obstacles -- that is the point. There is no coasting here. Everybody has obstacles -- EVERYONE. And the light shines for everyone where they need it. This shows up differently for every single person. No journey is the same. That is on purpose. There are no two people that are exactly alike. You are a miracle. A full-fledged miracle. Remember that every day. You came in at exact moment, in an exact place on purpose. You spend your life remembering that purpose -- that is the fun of this journey!!! Obstacles are the point. Laughing, crying, yelling, dancing, smiling -- that is the point. It's all of the above! Live this life fully. Experience it all. Do the thing that you thought was impossible. Show up fully in all moments. Be kind. Be humble. Be love. Be in awe. Remember to always be in awe. You are an eternal soul incarnating in this body, in this lifetime for a reason. You chose this body to experience this life. What did you come here to learn? Look back at life so far. What has life given to you in terms of experiences? Do you see the obstacles as purpose? Can you see that now? How are you going to look at life going forward? What does your journey hold? Isn't it exciting to not know how it all plays out? It's your own movie. Your own never-ending tv series and you are the STAR. You are the main character of it. Who are the other players? What roles are they playing? What roles are you playing in their movies? It's fascinating to think about. It's also helpful in terms of moving forward. Be the star. Shine your light so bright. Take in those lessons with gratitude. Know that your soul is expanding and it's all on purpose. You made of love. You are LOVE. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD As we wander through our lifetimes trying to navigate the world, it can seem like we are receiving an endless, external loop of feedback on our successes and failures. Through this outward measurement structure is not us, but rather an earthly creation, we can feel constantly evaluated, measured and tested. It is that outward voice that questions who we are. Are we succeeding or failing? Are we doing it right? Or are we completely lost without any idea how to get back to our joy? And we urge you, with the most gentle kindness, “do NOT drift into this trap.” We assure you that there is no such thing as measurement of “who you are” at all. It is not about what you are DOING. There is no judgment of these activities at a soul level. It is only about HOW YOU FEEL. HOW YOU FEEL is the energetic essence of you. It is the teacher and guider for your life force. And it is not regulated by your so-called wins and losses. It is not conditional on the reactions of others. It is always there for YOU to decide. Remember that little you. The innocent you. That joyful you. The you before the shoulds and the expectations you adopted, that were never part of you. In this moment you CAN choose a completely different energy for yourself. To be at peace with all AS IT IS. Relinquishing control and expectation. Of just BEING who you are. Of accepting every beautiful choice and situation as yours. Your life. Your experience. Carry it not like a backpack of weight around your shoulders. Simply drop every heavy pebble on the road and leave it behind you. Only bring what is LIGHT. Where would this kind of journey lead? What would be the real you you’d encounter? Let go of everything that isn’t light and carry only the light of the real you.


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