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THE PULSE: Almost Summer Official


Last week felt like a doozy and a mix of both excitement and unexpected bumps in the road. Hopefully you were able to take a pause at some point over the past few days and have your own mini-reset. We sure did! This past weekend felt like an unofficial start to summer. You can now appreciate the light that makes our days feel longer and act on the impulse to be outside more. We can’t get enough of these days!

We saw so many people planting in their gardens and couldn't help but think of planting our own seeds of intention right now! Take the time to reflect over the past few months and set intentions for these upcoming summer months.

We know these weeks continue to be filled with so many endings and beginnings..all which push us to explore new paths and parts of our own beings. And while all it can be exhilarating -- it can also be uncomfortable and even emotional. We're in it with you. So, remember to take moments throughout your day to reconnect with the essence of who you really are -- and let both light and love in. These moments are a hug for yourself! Consider them self-hugs. Who doesn't need more of those? And know that we're hugging you!


Gemini season is in full effect. The buzzy energy continues and lots of emotion in the air. We mentioned a few weeks ago that Jupiter is now in Taurus -- which is exciting and helps all of us in achieving what we came to do in this lifetime. On Thursday, June 1 this energy has a significant meet up with the symbol of our higher destiny according to Refinery 29. Pay attention to what comes up on this day.

Then, on Saturday, June 3 there's a Sagittarius full moon. Full moons are all about releasing anything no longer serving you -- and illuminating your path forward. This particular full moon is about focusing on your own personal growth. What can you be doing to take steps towards achieving the intentions you've been setting for this summer?

In our second free session together, it's time to get a better handle on life. Take your power back! Bid the fear of being manipulated farewell! Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, June 16 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

Miss the first session or want to experience it again?

Dr. Therese Rowley is a force! There is truly no one like her. She is a business consultant, skilled intuitive, innovative educator, healing practitioner, and spiritual medium. For over 30 years, Dr. Rowley has performed thousands of intuitive readings and facilitated energetic healings for business leaders and professionals, as well as those on a spiritual or conscious path. She's developed The Rowley Method of intuitively reading and healing in the quantum field. Her intuitive coaching and readings employ quantum physics theory to engage your energy remotely. And she facilitates healing and realignment through a process she calls “quantum entanglement.” Dr. Rowley has a Ph.D. in Organizational Transformation from Union Institute and University, an MBA from Northwestern University and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Denver. She has also done extended study in somatic psychotherapy and over 50 different healing modalities. She's the author of Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence. In it, she says there is a map of reality that lies within each of us, and when we can learn to use it, we can transform pain and persistent challenges into inner gifts and positive life purpose. Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: Therese, we love all the innovative terminology that you use in your book. Let's start with intuitive intelligence. How do you define that? Therese Rowley: I really appreciate that people are asking that question these days because there was a time when intelligence only meant academic intelligence. Since then we've learned that there are many different kinds of intelligence. There’s social and emotional intelligence. We know now that leaders are better leaders if they're emotionally intelligent compared to if they're only academically intelligent. What's less emphasized is what's underneath emotional intelligence, which is intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is really understanding all the ways “we know what we know,” so that we can better access and make better choices in the decisions that we make. R+K: In the title of your book, you talk about “mapping a new reality.” How can using our intuitive intelligence help us map a new reality? Therese: Great question! I call it mapping a new reality because I think all of us live in a reality that sometimes has been bequeathed by our families. If we continue to live in the context we've always lived in, that's the world we always know. That becomes a map of reality that has boundaries. Maps of reality tend to be expansive the more we understand through intuitive intelligence. The more we understand our capacities to grow in different ways, to perceive in different ways, and to include the understanding of different contexts, we can map new realities. The idea is to bring it from the invisible to the visible so that we can make new choices, and we can define our map of reality differently. Through those new portals through which we perceive reality, the bigger our world can be. Through intuitive intelligence, I expand my map of reality. R+K: Tell us about your sessions. How do you work with your clients? Therese: When I do a reading, I primarily use clairaudience, which means I get information through words. I'm repeating what I hear. I can get everyone's file by the sound of their name. I ask them to repeat their full name three times. I get holographic information about thoughts, feelings, beliefs, just from the sound of someone's name. I don't need to know anything about them. There's a unique signature, like a signature in space, and I'm tuning in through a sound of a name to the signature in space that you are. The objective of a session is usually, “I'm having these symptoms and the deliverable is, I'd like to experience life this way.” So I'm going to look into the quantum field, into the place in which the root of that belief, fear, and fear-based belief are preventing you from moving in that trajectory in your path. And then I'm going to look at all the stories that keep you holding on to those fears. We go in and move that fear out and you decide with your free will, that's no longer relevant to my learning. You’re going to learn a different way and a new path and forgive whatever you’ve done or whatever's been done to you and move on. Then you can resonate with that as an old map of reality and let go of it and open to new possibilities. Robyn: Since our session together I've been doing the work that you suggested and I feel different. There's a lack of fear that I have that I notice. I feel more grounded than I've ever felt. Therese: You have mapped a new reality because you chose to be brave enough to look at your fear, even when there's no evidence that it's safe around you. This spiritual evolution really gets to one goal. And that is to become more loyal to the trust that you are here to enact a purpose of your own making. R+K: Knowing that your journey was sparked from a religious childhood tied to the Catholic faith, we’d love to hear how you differentiate between meditation and there a difference? Therese: Meditation allows us to move into neutrality so we can open to the possibility of everything in life. It clears the field because typically in meditation, you're allowing space for the things that the noise and distraction cover up. That includes things that I'm afraid of. Meditation is a great opener. I found it to be helpful in being able to perceive things with greater neutrality. It trains the mind to value silence. It makes space for creativity. Prayer is more active and it's also more partnership based. You're entering a relationship with Spirit, if you will. This is a relationship with Spirit that allows our hearts to grow. Prayer says this is a safe place. And from there we can go deeper. We can go into a place that we trust. In Spirit, there's always a sense that this presence comes to us that engenders trust and safety, that helps us to move from the sense of unsafety to a sense of being beloved. And then from there, all things are possible. That's what we call a miracle. R+K: Wow! Thank you for clarifying that and defining it in that way Therese. That's a beautiful way to end today. Listen to the full conversation. MORE FROM DR. THERESE ROWLEY For more about working with Dr. Therese Rowley, her books and all of her offerings, please visit Check out Mapping A New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence

SECRET POWER: Strengthening Our Intuitive Intelligence

Our conversation with Dr. Therese Rowley got us wondering how we amp up intuitive intelligence in our own daily lives. She shared this simple practice that can help you better hear and act upon the loving intuitive wisdom that is always with you. Here’s what she suggests: Get quiet. Relocate your attention to your heart, and just say hello to yourself. Breathe and stay there for a moment. You can ask yourself any question that you want. Be kind enough to yourself and wait for an answer. Trust what comes up, even if you don't understand it. If a crazy image appears, stay with that picture. When you stay with the picture and say thank you to it, it'll start to unfold. It will start to give you more information. Stay there and trust. If you get a feeling, pay attention. And if you get information, don’t be afraid to act on it. Even if it’s take an umbrella with you today. And you think, 'oh, that's crazy. I don't need an umbrella. There's no rain.' Take your umbrella anyway. Not because it's going to rain or it isn't, but because you're telling your unconscious mind, 'I'm willing.' You're telling your intuition. 'I'm willing to trust you.' And that's continual practice that will strengthen until the voice becomes so much louder that you can't ignore it. That’s how you strengthen your intuitive intelligence. Thanks Dr. Rowley! Let those intuitive reps begin. See how connecting with your inner voice enhances the loving guidance you can receive every day. And don’t forget that umbrella!

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Eternal Energy Seeking Experience

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week our downloads remind us that we are eternal souls choosing to having this Earthly experience right now. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Can you for today, in this very moment, lean into the knowing that you are an eternal being? That even though in front of you, you see “evidence” of a dense and factual time based reality, it is truly only the set of a stage in the play you have written for yourself? This recognition should make you smile from the inside out. It should release your anxiety about your to-do list. It will help you drink in the joy and beauty of where you are sitting, knowing that none of it can impede you or harm you or even influence you without your permission. Can you in this state of this recognition, really see yourself for the powerful, effortless creator that you are? You have put yourself on this very place on the planet, within this group of people and situations, knowing that in doing so you will have brought yourself to exactly where you need to be. In this way, there is nothing that you can’t lean into for learning. For even more self-awareness and discovery. To be aware, is to be acutely perceptive. To perceive…feel..savor..sample..inventory…encounter..discern…choose…feel. It is like immersing yourself in a beautiful, gently churning sea. With steady movement, ebb and flow, bubbling around you. It is never the same from one moment to the next and yet it permeates your soul. You must feel it! You are a soul that is eternal. You are a seeker and explorer of experience. You are IN IT!! It is not about strength or courage or acceptance or acquisition. You are a perceiver and curator of energy. And that energy is ALL variations of the only real vibration which is LOVE. So as you look around, knowing that you are an eternal being…an energetic vibrator and conveyor of love - you can be grateful for all of the experiences you encounter. You came here to feel it all. The sun on your skin. The joy of laughter. The tastes of food. The exhilaration, the disappointment, the anger, the bliss. Place each in your backpack and carry it with you as souvenirs of your soul. You CAN take it all with you. And you WILL. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Do your best to stay connected to the Earth, as well as all that is around you. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Stake your claim and beingness on the Earth plane because you chose to be there eat this time. You are important. You create your reality and you impress on other people’s realities as well. You must remember this is your life. Your perception. We are guiding you and the Earth has energy that it is flowing through you. Everything is energy — the water…the air…all has vibrations and all impact you. Which is why it is important to ground yourself…truly connect so that you can stay on the path that you plotted out for yourself before ever arriving in this lifetime. And once you connect in — then you are also connected to ALL…to everyone. So many people forget this connection to the Earth and to each other. They become obsessed with their own beingness and own reality. What if you changed that perception and realized the impact you all have on one other — truly realized it. Could your reality shift? Could your perception shift? Throughout your day remind yourself that you chose to be on Earth at this time. There is a reason you came there now. How are you using this time? What are you learning? Patience? Compassion? Love? Humility? These are just a few of the reasons you come to Earth. You don’t come to acquire THINGS. That is not the point. Please remember that. And all will not always feel easy — that is also important to remember. Flow in the reality of your beingness. That is the goal…to feel the flow. To trust the feelings. To learn that when you don’t trust the feeling and do something anyway…that is an experience for you to learn and grow. Emotions are your turning signals. Trust them. Follow them. Allow them to flow through you — they are for you. Connect with others and the Earth and all that the Earth holds. This life is a gift and while it may not always feel like a gift…you will realize that it is all serving you and you chose to be here. We love you. We support you.


MAY 30: Map A New Reality: Discover Intuitive Intelligence WE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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