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craniosacral therapy: what is your body telling you?

THE PULSE: Stealthy October

Our hearts go out to our friends and fellow Seekers impacted by Hurricane Ian. We're sending love and support your way.

And with all that has been going on, we almost didn't even notice the transition from September to October. Do you agree? How strange. It felt much more stealth than the August to September transition. And here we are!

We're happy to report that Mercury is officially out of retrograde -- and Pluto will be out of retrograde on October 8...which is a week of progress! According to Refinery29, communication will be steadily improving (and hopefully your tech problems too!), and we'll feel lighter energy all around. Forward progress is upon us.

We're entering this week with new perspective -- we have a choice each and every day to decide how we're going to show up. How will you be the light of your own life? And how will you light up other people's lives as well?

This week's podcast guest, Jenny Lorant Grouf, helped us look at our lives, and our bodies with new perspective as well. We think she'll have you doing the same. Listen in. Plus, our downloads...soul quests..oh wow! Read on.


Craniosacral Therapy: What Is Your Body Telling You?

For nearly 20 years Jenny has blended Eastern and Western healing philosophies and techniques to nurture, heal, and empower women. Through biodynamic craniosacral therapy, bodywork, massage therapy and education, she guides women in all stages of life. Each session with Jenny brings her understanding of structural anatomy, physiology, the workings of the nervous system and various layers of your metaphysical makeup. She approaches the body as a whole and honors that every aspect is interconnected - body, heart, mind and spirit. Jenny believes that we are constantly receiving messages from our bodies about our wellbeing or lack thereof. When we pay attention, we become facilitators in our own healing process. She is able to help you to access the messages that your body is communicating. You'll learn all about each aspect of her work and how it can help you release the buildup of trauma stored in your body. Plus we discuss Shiatsu, Ayurveda and other practices that you can incorporate into your life in this week's podcast. Here’s a snippet of our conversation. Robyn + Karen: Jenny, What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy? Jenny Lorant Grouf: Craniosacral therapy is a very light, noninvasive touch therapy that aims to support the re-regulation of the nervous system. A big part of it is establishing safety in the system. So that areas that have held inertia, whether it's from an injury or a heartbreak or something emotional that was held in the gut, wherever it is, our aim is to hold the system in such a way that we are supporting the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest, digest, and restore mechanism so that the body can start to release some of these held areas. The biodynamic piece basically says that we are looking at an individual as a whole system. It is the more energetic end of the spectrum, although it really is very rooted in the anatomy and neurology and physiology. The other component that I need to mention about the biodynamic perspective is that I don't come in with a specific protocol like some other therapists. My job is to show up and get out of the way. R+K: What is the experience when someone comes to you for craniosacral therapy. Is it a physical touch, like massage therapy?

Jenny: It is a physical touch. When a client comes, I usually dedicate a good amount of time for intake. We do some settling practices. And it's done on a table. The recipient is fully clothed and it's really not massage. I'm holding different areas of the body. It’s also about establishing safety, it is really important that anyone who comes to me knows that this is their time. They are the expert of their body. I've studied, but I'm not in their body. I can only recognize things within the system and I don't go looking for things either. I'll often begin by asking if they would like me to begin in a specific area. And if they don't, I might just begin holding their ankles or their feet. There are three sections typically to a session, which is settling something we call the holistic shift, and then integration. And the beginning, it's just a very spacious time to listen. Sometimes the body needs to express things and then it will quiet and then I'll move on. And the holding is really a big part of it, And I think especially for adults, how often are we held? R+K: Are you then feeling into the hum of their energy so that you then know where to move next? How does that work for you? Jenny: I love that you said “the hum.” I think the way we describe it is different for everyone. There are very subtle energetic movements that we can sense that are not necessarily structural. There's something called potency, which often to me appears like a tide pool. And we're listening for tidal movements. It feels like the water is coming upon the shore and then receding very gently. The long tide is one which is similar, but instead of receding back into the ocean, it just continues and goes on and on. Often from there, we can sense something called dynamic stillness, which feels exactly as it sounds. It is a stillness that is pervasive and that's often where a lot of healing is experienced for someone who is receiving. And there are also some really structural movements that we can feel. Craniosacral emerged out of osteopathy. It was the osteopaths who noticed that the cranial bones, which were thought to be fused, had a slight pull-like pulse to them. When this cerebral spinal fluid is circulating, it does feel like a pulse. The other would be something we call inhalation and exhalation. You notice inhalation the structure of the body, even though you can't see it. In my hands if feels like there is inflection or inward rotation, and then exhalation is outward rotation and expansion or extension in the sacrum. If it's independent and in a healthy place, it will rock a little bit. It's so subtle. As I'm saying this, I've been practicing for eight years with the biodynamic work. I still hear myself saying, is this crazy? It really is a trust thing. It's so subtle. But it blows my mind every time. R+K: Jenny, YOU blew OUR minds with that explanation! You have such an incredibly intuitive healing gift based on such specificity and knowledge of the body. Thank you for sharing what you do with us and for all you give to others. Find out more about Jenny, her services and her Santa Monica-based private practice at She also has links to resources on the different areas we covered today as well. And to find a Craniosacral therapist in your area, visit:

SECRET POWER: Take Care of You

We asked Jenny, what advice would you give to people who are trying to better be in tune with their own bodies and take better care of themselves? Jenny: I feel that resourcing ourselves can be so simple , it doesn't have to cost a thing actually. So it is a pretty basic practice of noticing what nourishes us. On a simple level and daily level, what's accessible to you? Is it walking barefoot in the grass? Is it walking through your urban landscape? I do think nature is a huge resource if that's nearby, if it's simply getting outside. Seeing or connecting with friends is a huge resource. Having a good laugh or just simply hearing their voice can be so nourishing. Another beautiful piece within the craniosacral therapy practice, is something we call, "follow the health." So where's the health? What feels good? What feels nourishing? And notice that. It doesn't just have to be an internal body tracking practice, although that's a good one too, and also totally free and in everyone's hands to do. Just notice those nourishing aspects of your individual life.


Our download’s this week offer two different perspectives (there’s that word again!) for moving forward on our soul’s quest . Both offer confidence, love and the encouragement to trust…and feel your way through this lifetime.


You are on a small boat on the moonlit water. You feel the cool mist of the wind and the vessel under your feet blowing you forward. You are one with the glowing moon, the dark sky and the lull of the calm sea beneath you. Strong in strength. Supported, galient, determined, facing forward towards the darkness yet seeing that path clearly as if marking a luminescent trail ahead. You will soon find what you seek. It is so very quiet, but you are not alone. You know where you are going.

You extend your hand forward and invite the future in. And the light pulsates more as you travel. The moonlight becomes a golden road beckoning you to the path that you know has always been yours.

Can you feel the steadfast certainty of this journey? This is a choice that you have made that goes back longer than time. Glide through this water and know with certainty that you are exactly where you need to be - at a steady speed making your way on the trail that has been marked for you.

You are not a lone warrior fighting a solitary fight. You are on a soul quest. Like so many that have gone before you. You are blazing your own trail through this night sky. You cannot not see your destination and yet you know exactly where you are going. This is the current of intentional love…and light is taking you there.

Go fearlessly. Go patiently. Go knowing that you are following the light that is already in you. The light that will take you to the dream of your own making. A manifestation of space and time that you have created within yourself to give to the world. It is your gift to give. It is your gift like no other. It requires a different kind of courage…persistence…and never giving up.

Feel again the steadfast safety of the boat under your feet - knowing you are carried safely forward. And that your destiny is in the making. You, the brave pioneer, the explorer, who will become the finder - who has gone seeking what your soul sees.


See floating in space.

See the beautiful earth from a distance as if we are the astronauts or looking in from a distant planet or star.

We are made of stardust, remember that.

And look upon this planet that we're living on. Go from the zoom out to the zoom in. What is the shift in perspective? When you are in the far distance looking upon the planet, what are you thinking? What questions come to mind? Are you wondering what your soul and being is doing on the planet? What are you thinking about? How are you feeling?

We imagine you care more about what you are FEELING when you are looking from that distant place.

Now zoom in, enter your body on this planet. Are you more consumed with "the doing?" So what you are "doing" each moment, rather than what you are feeling?

This is so vital to understand. You must tune into what you feel to fully experience this life on Earth. It is the point of this life’s experience. Feeling is everything.

We all need to be more in tune with what we are feeling, rather than what we are doing. The “doing” keeps us busy, it keeps us distracted, but the feeling is how we grow. We ultimately want to feel love and joy...however sometimes we feel sadness, frustration, anger, loneliness...we come to experience those feelings, but we must know it is in the container of love. Love will infuse us with joy.

If you are reading this, you are curious enough and open enough to look at the perspectives. You have the ability to look in from that very distant perspective, from the incarnation of our soul and realize the zoomed in is very much about experiences and reconnecting with FEELING rather than just the doing.

We know you must "do" in order to survive on the planet, but it is not the whole purpose, it is an action not the lesson or reason for coming to experience this planet. We must feel. Feeling attracts energy and we come to experience all kinds of energy. Energy comes in all forms, which means different people and experiences to fulfill this lifetime's journey.

This week tune into the feelings...try to separate from the doing. It will help you clarify your next steps and path to move forward.

You are loved.


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