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coping with loss & messages of hope


Holy sh*t! It’s almost 2023. You made it. Whatever was thrown your way during this year, you are still here — experiencing, growing and breathing. Yasss!! We're celebrating your magnificence.


We officially welcome Winter on Wednesday, December 21 at 4:48pm ET. In the Northern Hemisphere, it's both the shortest day and the longest night of the year. As seasons change, so does your life. Winter is notoriously known as is a time to go within and focus. Elite Dailyremarks, "the winter solstice in particular tends to be the ideal time to pursue goals you may not have had the resilience to accomplish before." There's something about this time! You can get quiet and come up with the plan to take action in the New Year. Use it!

And we love what Nylon says, while this time "is marked by darkness, the winter solstice is really about light." Too true. From this point on the days will start to get longer once again. YAY! And we like to think about how our hopes and dreams will be come illuminated and brought to life.

The winter solstice also marks the beginning of Capricorn season, which Refinery 29 says, is "the initiator." Start thinking of your intentions for the New Year.


On Friday, December 23, start putting thinking about how to take those intentions and make them a reality going in 2023. Solidify them. Start updating or making a new vision board. You can begin to make a plan of action, however with other astrological transits taking place, InStyle says "take your sweet time, resting, reflecting, and allowing yourself the space to listen into your inner voice before speeding ahead."

Bottomline: Use the next few weeks as we go into 2023 to focus. We'll enter the New Year with Mercury and Mars in retrograde, so there's no rush, however momentum will pick up towards the middle to the end of January and you'll start to see all of your planning and positivity pay off! (Of course, much more on that next month!)


We want to make getting through the holidays easier. Spiritual Medium Jaime Breeze is back with practical ways to help you manage grief and loss during the holiday season. Plus, experience a profound live reading with one of our dear friends who recently lost her daughter. Listen now or read on.


This will be our last “The Weekly” for 2022. We will be taking a few weeks off to recharge and do our own intention setting. We are so honored to be on this journey with you. Thank you for seeking with us! We'll be back with new episodes and "The Weekly" starting on Tuesday, January 10.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays. Here's to all of the magic to come in 2023!


Coping with Loss: Messages of Hope + A Reading with the Other Side

We’ve brought back the incomparable Jaime Breeze who is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic and Animal Communicator. Jaime offers practical ways to help manage the grief and loss that you may be feeling at this time of year. She offers ways to to incorporate signs and memories of your deceased loved ones into potentially new and meaningful holiday memories with them. She also shares messages of hope from her experiences working with the other side.

In this episode, Jaime also does a live reading right here on Seeking Center! Jaime had no idea who would be calling in.

Here are some highlights from this week's powerful conversation:

ROBYN + KAREN: Grief and loss can hit us especially hard around the holiday season. What is it about this time of year that can make it both harder and easier to connect with our loved ones?

JAIME: Holidays are so hard when we have lost someone and can flare up a lot of deep emotional triggers for many of us, just at a time that feels like it should be focused on celebration. First, it's important to acknowledge and be honest about the grief you are feeling.

The interesting thing about Christmas and Hanukkah is that the winter solstice is around us. A lot of Spirit activity naturally happens in the month of December. This time of year the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The air becomes more damp, moist, and permeable. So this is a very conducive time of year for spiritual connection.

R+K: For those that might not be feeling that connection to their loved ones right now, and who may in fact be feeling an even larger void of loneliness than ever before, can you explain why that might be happening?

JAIME: Yes. Humans love physical things. We love to touch things and see things, because that’s how we have been taught to define what’s “real.”

And if we're not seeing something physical, we may be inclined to believe that it doesn't exist. When our loved ones transition and go to the other side, they just lose their physical body, but their spiritual body is still there. There can be emotional reasons why our loved ones may not show themselves to us spiritually. The most difficult part for us may be the trusting and surrendering to the energies around us.

Some people say “if my loved one would just show themselves to me, it would heal me and I'd be better.” But it's actually quite the opposite. When we are in a state of grief, and if Mom, for example, comes forward and shows you herself in a spiritual form, it's going to trigger a lot of emotion for us. They don't want to upset us. So they take a step back, until our wall of grief lowers a little bit.

R+K: That brings up a question that comes up a lot. Signs! How can we recognize signs from our loved ones?

JAIME: When we’re sad and depressed and grieving, it lowers our vibration. And so for Spirit, it's harder for them to give us the messages. If we can find some peace and joy in doing the traditional things that you normally do on these holidays, it will lift our vibration up so we can recognize the signs that we are receiving.

Looking for signs from your loved ones can be the best way to communicate with them. They may do so by showing themselves to you or smell of their favorite cookies they used to make, or the turkey in the oven that they used to be in charge of every year.

If there are little ones in your house that maybe haven't met Grandpa or Grandma and they're not around this year, tell stories of your childhood and what they meant to you in that time. And then make that cookie with them to pass along that tradition of love that they gave to you – this can raise your vibration. The more that you share those experiences, the more signs you'll notice. The more family that's around, the energy's going to be bigger, and so the signs are gonna be easier to receive as well.

R + K: Thank you Jamie! We'll be looking for signs from our loved ones in all of our holiday moments this season! To book a session with Jaime or take one of her courses, visit You can also follow her at @jaimebreeze on Instagram.


During our conversation with Jaime on this week's podcast, we had the honor and privilege of having our friend Kate Doerge call in. Tragically, Kate lost her daughter Penny this year from Neurofibromatosis (NF). Jaime was able to connect Kate with incredible signs and messages from Penny that not only assured her that she was safe and sending signs to her family from the other side, she was also a very proud supporter of all of her family’s efforts on the newly launched foundation in her memory, “Penny’s Flight.”

To hear more of this inspirational session, listen to this week’s podcast. And please consider donating to Penny's Flight, the foundation was created in Penny Doerge’s memory to advance medical research in NF1 and its related disorders, as well as inspire others to live with positivity and humor and find beauty and joy in all situations.

SECRET POWER: Signs That Your Loved Ones Are All Around You

Jaime Breeze reminded us that our connections with our deceased loved ones are always there, and that they will often send us signs to show us that they are still around us. Here are a few simple ways that you can proactively connect with those you love on the other side.

1. Invite them to Connect: Take a moment of silence within yourself and invite your loved one to connect with you. Whether it’s a few minutes when you wake up in the morning or it’s right before you fall asleep, take a few deep breaths and reach out. Jaime says, “I promise you, every thought or word you send to this individual on the other side is received. They hear and see everything we do and our request energizes this connection with us.”

2. Write A Letter: Setting the intention by physically writing (or typing) is a very powerful, intentional tool for you to use. Write that letter and tell them about your day–and that you miss them. Such action helps you to send the message to Spirit with an invitation of our emotions, feelings and memories.

3. Journal the Signs: If you are going into the New Year grieving, a New Year's goal could be to proactively make the commitment to look out for and recognize those signs of Spirit throughout the year. Journal any messages, symbols or signs that you get–however big or small. This will not only help you keep a record of these signs, but it will also help you create the habit of looking for them.

4. Reinvent Your Traditions: Remember that your loved ones are always there in the holiday energy of your family. Keeping them as part of your celebrations is a way of continuing your connection. Call upon them for help as you recreate their favorite dish or dessert. Tell the story of their favorite holiday memories or your holiday memories with them. Share their favorite seasonal song. Invite them into your rituals and know they are still there with you, quite literally, in Spirit.

5. Say Thank You: Remember that your loved ones are always there in the holiday energy of your family. Keeping them as part of your celebrations is a way of continuing your connection. Call upon them for help as you recreate their favorite dish or dessert. Tell the story of their favorite holiday memories or your holiday memories with them. Share their favorite seasonal song. Invite them into your rituals and know they are still there with you, quite literally, in Spirit.

THE DOWNLOAD: Looking Back + Moving Forward

Our Downloads this week remind us to acknowledge all that we've accomplished this year -- as well as honor all the years that have passed.

They celebrate this sentimental time of year. And they give us messages for entering the New Year with the most positive vibes possible!


Golden path. There is so much to come. Let’s look at how far you’ve come. Look back and you’ll see how you’ve weathered so many storms this year and now it’s time to move forward with more wisdom, grace, and understanding of who you are and the world in which you are in. You’re ready for the next step of this journey.

And before you step forward, it’s important to stop and get quiet. Be in gratitude for all that is, including your own awesomeness. Honor yourself. Love yourself. So that you can love others authentically.

You have so much to celebrate. There is so much to come and it’s because you’re dong the work. You’re paying attention, you’re making the necessary changes, and you’re making choices that are more aligned with your soul’s purpose. It is something to see! We are proud of you. We want you to be proud of you.

What can you do to celebrate? What can you do to honor yourself? What can you do to honor those that continue to lift you up? What small gesture can you do to let them know how much they mean to you? Spread love and compassion.

The world needs more of it.

We head into this New Year together — in community. How can we help one another? It starts by saying thank you. It starts by acknowledging one another. You are seen. Help others be seen as well.

Feel the vibrations all around you. You may not be able to see the energy, but you can feel into it. And if you want to super charge it, put on music that brings you joy. That simple act will amplify the good vibes. Put it on your to-do list this week — to amplify the good vibes.

These next few weeks offer opportunities to both go within — and also be out and about spreading positive energy.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be — and you are on your right path.

Sending so much love and support.


Lean into this season of living in the past.

For what are these holidays

If not the rekindling all that has been already celebrated

And bringing it back to be celebrated again in the present.

In this moment remember all of the memories

that brought you joy and wonder

The glimmering lights, the glittering snow,

the crackle in the fireplace,

the smell of peppermint and pine.

Lean in to believing in magic.

Of elves delivering toys and flying sleighs in the air

Of making lists from wishes

And having dreams come true.

Believing is all about be-ing and living

The re-emmersion into the savoring love of family

The unwrapping of the gifts of possibility

The re-enacting of the traditions of seasons past

And reliving it all over again.

Bring whatever once was

Back into your heart.

And for those who are no longer here

Miss only their presence but not their spirits

For they are just as they one were

Dancing in the memories with you

Set a place for them at the table

Place their ornament on the tree

Their stocking over the fire

For they have never left

They are with you ever more

Smiles from heaven still

In every song, in every present and every picture


Be alive.

Live and Let Be.


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