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coming out of the spiritual closet

THE PULSE: Feeling the Fire (Fire Energy That Is!)

There's so much happening this week energetically -- we're feeling the motivation and confidence for real progress..hopefully you're feeling it too. Plus, our podcast guest this week, the dynamic Elizabeth Rosenberg, walks the walk. She shows you what it means to step into your fullest self -- and she encourages you to do the same. See highlights below and listen to the full conversation.


Yesterday was the astrological new year and the Spring Equinox, which we touched on last week. Can you feel the ability to start anew? To shout your dream aloud, and take action to move forward? With the addition of today's New Moon in Aries you have even more Universal energy to make it happen.

As Astrologer + Soul Blueprint Alchemist Stevie Calista says, "Aries season offers a get it started... go do it... the time is now sort of energy. Here we can take a new idea and run. We can strategize and get excited about the start of something. We are braver and bolder. New Moon, New Year, New start!

This is the first of two new moons in Aries, so two opportunities to use this Fire energy to set big, life-transforming goals.

As Stevie says, "Think of this as the perfect opportunity to redo your New Year's resolutions and actually it's the best time to do it."

And Astrologer Michael Lennox asks you, "What would you do if you were guaranteed success? Well, we are never guaranteed success, but I implore you to set intentions right now as if you had this sort of confidence."


This is a big damn deal! The last time Pluto was in Aquarius it was 1798 -- so we haven't experienced this energy in our lifetime. We talked about this major shift with Stevie as we discussed the Astrology Forecast for this new year.

In 2023, Pluto's move is from March until June -- and then in 2024, Pluto goes full on into Aquarius. Stevie says, "Pluto brings light to the shadow so that we can actually make the change and die and be reborn. And usually you see the shadow first because it's new. We have stuff to pull up, so with the shadow of Aquarius, it would be detachment and leaning too much on technology or being really hyper-intellectual almost to the point where you detach from feeling and you're just in the information. Aquarius energy does hold what's best for the group, best for humanity, unity consciousness essentially. But Pluto will show us where people have lost the power period. So I'm assuming that means more structures crumbling, more corporation stuff and the media and things where we've lost control.

And the nodes will still be in Scorpio and Taurus. So we're still going to see those themes that we had from last year in this year, but with a different flavor. The higher vibrational energy or the invitation with Pluto in Aquarius is everyone coming together with healing technology, innovation to heal and unify people. It's taking care of the group, but not losing your individual heart-centered voice. That's also the shadows, where we lose our individual voice and we just do what's best for the collective, which isn't always the best because we lose our freedoms when that happens. It's really using technology and finding new ways to connect and care about each other essentially. This is a twenty year cycle that we're moving into. So March 2023 until June 2023 will feel very different.

Listen to the full episode with Stevie, "New Year Astrology Forecast: What's in Store for 2023?"

LATEST PODCAST: Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: Integrating Real Life with Your Truest Life

Elizabeth Rosenberg is a personal branding expert, communications consultant, visionary, and the founder of The Good Advice Company. For the last twenty plus years, Elizabeth has defined her career in marketing and communications. Now she's finally sharing a side of herself that very few have seen.

She's “coming out” as an intuitive, medium, and advanced Akashic Records reader. Elizabeth's own extreme case of corporate burnout led her on a journey of wellness and self-discovery, which led her to unlock abilities and make sense of knowings that she'd always had. Everything started to click, and over the last few years, she's found a way to combine her corporate self and her authentic self while tapping into spirituality and her intuition.

Now, she's working with top executives at Fortune 500 companies, startups, individual entrepreneurs and consultants on building their personal brands. Even if her clients aren't spiritual, she's able to help identify and connect with their soul's purpose and then, help them actually live it.

And she's sharing how you can find your own Aha! Moments and get to the heart of who you really are. Listen to the full conversation.

Robyn + Karen: Elizabeth, let's talk about what led you on your seeking journey and then uncovering your own abilities. How did you go from a corporate communications executive to an Akashic Records reader?

Elizabeth Rosenberg: I've had a long career in communications and marketing. A few years ago I experienced severe corporate burnout where I had a migraine so severe that I lost all of my motor skills. My burnout experience was different in that I was in a job that I could not have loved more. I was thriving in my career.

But due to the migraines, I really started to seek and started my own health and wellness journey. I tried every Eastern, Western practice that you could possibly think of, and through that, I think I really started to untap some abilities that I had always had.

I ended up quitting my corporate job right before the pandemic hit. I had been practicing the Akashic Records, after meeting with an advanced Akashic record reader. I then ended up taking her class, and then something just clicked for me.

R + K: How do you define the Akashic Records?

Elizabeth: The easiest way to explain the Akashic Records is that they are a library of your soul's journey.

I call them “Light,” but it's also your Guides and your loved ones. When I tap into the Akashic Records, I'm hearing people that sound like professors that use words that I would never use or think of. Also, the fun people come in, like your Grandma who has passed, or people from your lineage who want to come in and share a message.

It's almost like hearing a stereo. And the world, which was like the right side of the stereo, gets turned down – and the spiritual world gets turned up.

R+K: So how did you integrate that into what’s ultimately become “The Good Advice Company,” and what you are doing now?

Elizabeth: During the pandemic my abilities became more heightened. In 2020, I did over a hundred readings for C-Suite leaders. And no one was paying me for these, I was just doing them to practice.

It wasn't until I was doing a branding session working with this amazing woman who was very open to a spiritual path, and her Guides busted through in the middle of the session. It was never my plan to make these two things work in tandem. It was always, this is a side hustle. But they came together in a really beautiful way and I realized that I could tap into my intuition through the Akashic Records and also the 25 years of experience that I have in marketing communications and figure out a way for them to weave beautifully together and would be quite powerful. So I ended up doing some beta sessions and lo and behold, it worked really well.

R+K: How do you work with people to uncover their soul's work and incorporate that into their “personal brand?”

Elizabeth: I think a personal brand is presenting your authentic self to the world. As a corporate communications person, I think it's important that you're presenting that authentic self while threading the needle between who you are as a person and what you do for work.

The biggest Aha! Moment for me was as people were passing away during the pandemic from Covid or other things, obituaries were reading like resumes. And I was like, “Oh good Lord, if I die in the next year, and people only say that I worked for this company and they don't say anything about the type of person I am, I will come back and haunt everyone!! That cannot be my legacy!”

I work with a lot of people who are at a point in their careers where they're thriving, but they're also so bored and they're purposeless. They just don't know why they're doing what they're doing and they don't know how to weave in the things that they love and what they actually want to stand for – with what they have to do to make it in their jobs and careers.

So I really wanted to be on this mission to reimagine what your personal brand looks like when you're presented as who you are, not just what you do. It's been a really fascinating process of putting together this methodology because more than half of my clients have never had any kind of reading or are not spiritual at all, but are also all in this place where they're willing to look and explore something different to get answers that they have been searching for.

R+K: Elizabeth, thank you for having the courage to “come out” with us! You’re not only helping to change the way people see ourselves and their personal value, you’re also helping transform the way we look at the real impact we all have on each other and the world.

You can find out more about working with Elizabeth Rosenberg at The Good Advice Company or you can find Elizabeth on LinkedIn and her article “Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet - Overcoming the Stigma Around Spirituality in Corporate America."

Listen to the full conversation.

SECRET POWER: Two Questions to Help You Define Your Purpose

If Elizabeth’s conversation inspired you to tap more deeply into your authentic self and better define your purpose, here are two key questions that she suggests might bubble up some big “Ahas!” in your life. Have fun and dig deep!

1. What are the three things in your life that you're most proud of?

According to Elizabeth, the really significant things that we’re proud of tend to be really small. “When I tell people the three things in my life that I'm most proud of, it was a dinner party that I had planned. People were crying, laughing, and dancing. Everything about it felt like it was a personified version of me. The other thing I am so proud of is all of the news that I've kept out of the press versus what I've actually gotten into the press. And the third thing is the bravery that I've had to make this pivot and to talk so freely about. Things in my life like burnout… like being an intuitive. Stories that actually resonate with people and standing in the power of the impact that those are making.”

I hope that helps, because once you uncover those, you can thread the needle on the why those made me so proud. What was the joy that I was getting out of those things that I can recreate in some way?

2. If you had all the money in the world and you could take one year off, what would you do?

I always feel like the answer to that question is really what we all should all be. And then how do you incorporate at least some of that into what you're doing in your daily life? If I had all the money in the world right now, I would be in six different countries, two months in each country, learning all the healing modalities of everybody in that area. And then I would also just explore all that culture and of course, the food!

And we would be right there with you Elizabeth! Let’s get out those passports and dream big!

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Keeping the Faith

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY. This week reminds us to continue to have faith on this life's journey -- and that the answers will continue to be revealed on this adventure. Read on.


Having faith can be the biggest challenge that life can offer you…but it is the source of your power.

Remember always that it is not about the destination! It is about the journey…and every second along the way counts. Every moment offers you choices and that is where you have the power…in your now.

How you feel is exactly equal to the emotion that you choose to experience. It is as simple as that. And all those seconds and moments and choices and emotions, add up to the YOU of your life.

Forget the timeline. Know that you are always exactly where you should be. That everything that you need is right where your feet are. If there is discomfort, uncertainty or sadness, know that it really is your opportunity to see or learn something powerful. It is a beckon for exploring. And yes, it is the reason you are here.

If you can learn to trust the uncertainty…welcome it into your day…you can ride it like a magic carpet and ask that it bring you wherever or whatever you need to learn. Think of it as an adventure in the making that will take you to places that you will later talk about. That you will later share with others on your return from your triumphant adventure into the unknown. Go with the trust that all is always unfolding for your highest good and that this experience will not only strengthen you, but it will be a gift that you will give to others.

Imagine the story you will tell of yourself as that mighty explorer who…

…ventured out without a GPS into the unknown.

…followed the whisper of inspiration.

…decided even though there was no map, no promise of anything, to take that leap of faith anyway. Because life was about reaching for more.

…answered the call of the seeker…into the curious, untethered world of hopeful, meaningful experience.

It’s ok to be afraid sometimes. Or have doubts. Or want that feeling of certainty. But we are here to tell you that if you immerse yourself in the waters of life, you will be rewarded with the gifts of courage, love and understanding. You will share the story of a warrior's journey of your own making.

And through it all remember that you are never, ever alone. You are surrounded by angels, guides and ancestors who know your soul and will help remind you with signs from the universe to keep going…to keep exploring…to keep being and becoming.

What a story you will tell! What memories you will so proudly share.

Own your hero’s journey - the quest of your own making. It is yours. It is you. It is the reason you are here. And it is magic! Have faith in yourself and the loving universe of love that surrounds you.


What is the song of your soul? What is the story of your soul? We are on the journey to discover and uncover what feels like these secrets within ourselves. Allow for the answers to be revealed — to be unearthed. We are in the season of unearthing — of rising above the ground and discovering newness within our own selves. It is time to allow.

Who are you really? This is slowly revealed to you over many lifetimes and we now have a chance to discover more of who we are. Pay attention to what becomes available to you in these coming weeks. Be open to the signs, to the invitations that may pop up. You will have new doors open up for you. Go through these doors. There is so much more to do. You need to remember that you are constantly being guided — even when you feel lost…your team is figuring out a way to signal to you that you aren’t alone and they are trying to help you get back on your soul’s track so that you are in alignment. Trust this process.

We know that is easier said than done.

This week will bring more change, more opportunity to set into your BEingness. You have choices in how you react, in how you move forward. It’s very exciting. Forks in the road will appear…which way will you go? You will feel drawn — TRUST your intuition. Trust the feeling. There will be illumination. The time to begin again is here. Joy is here. Hope is here. The groundedness will give rise to BEingness, which will help to connect to the Universe and ALL.


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